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It has been two weeks since Celtic Park’s last outing as a football venue.  From this week, it becomes a socially=distanced dinning location for around 250 people, including frontline NHS staff.  The Celtic FC Foundation’s initial response is to provide £150k to stock local foodbanks and support charity partners in their efforts to cater for out most needy in this time.

For the time being, Celtic is no longer a football club; it is a source for good to a community that needs it, just as it was in 1888, when the first ball was kicked.  No other club is Britain has responded with the same resources or vision, but no other club has our heritage.

Today, most of us are concerned about our immediate families and there is nothing wrong with this.  But some people are ‘out there’ in our name.  There may be little you can do for this effort today, but we will have the opportunity soon enough.  Be proud of your club and know that, as Celtic fans, we have a social responsibility, otherwise, what’s the point?


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  1. DBBIA



    Sorry, all big lorries are needed for essential deliveries at present.



    Cheerio for now.

  2. Mind you, wee alex is a bit of a looker.



    Can understand jealousy among a lot of wimmen.

  3. I see there are three new types of toilet rolls on the market……….












    AWE FOR F****S SAKE……….

  4. South of Tunis



    Hope you and your family are in good health and remain that way.


    I wish to mention the help, humanitarian and overall kindness of Russia in their effort to help Italy’s crisis. Fantastic. It has to be said, that the big Beast from the East, does indeed have a heart and this should be welcomed by the West, but will it be?


    On another topic, we are so ,(rightly so I suppose) engrossed with Covid 19 and no news surrounding the hundred;s of thousands refugees in Syria who are under the cosh of that bastard Assad, but hey ho, that sadly is the world in which we live.



    Stay safe my friend




  5. Alex Salmond’s not guilty verdict raises more questions. :-


    Taking the verdict at face value, Why did all these ladies of the Scottish government and SNP workers tell porkies ?




  6. To cheer myself, I have watched a couple of You Tube videos of that hun clown, CJ Novo 992.


    The guy is a twat but mildly entertaining I must say.




  7. South Of Tunis on

    Covid19 -Italy -23 3 20


    Cases -63,927




    601 people died in the 24 hr period between 6pm-on 22 30 20 and 6pm today.

  8. South Of Tunis on




    I’m healthy -hope you and yours can say the same


    We have been self isolating big style.Not hard to do when your nearest neighbor is @2km away !

  9. SOT


    At least that’s a reduction in the number of deaths for the second day in a row.


    Hope it continues.

  10. South Of Tunis on




    Yes – experts giving a cautious welcome re the last 48 hrs..Message is ramp up the lockdown /stay at home.2 important dates for the epidemiologists -the end of this month ,/the middle of April.

  11. SOT


    Meanwhile we are still not sure whether we should have a compulsory lockdown. Up to present it is obvious that the public is reluctant to voluntarily comply.

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