This is the world Celtic has to operate in


There was a fascinating and completely unfounded angle to the Daily Record’s story today about Celtic’s forthcoming AGM, “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly”.

Oh no they don’t.  This is an incredible dose of poison to inject into the Celtic family.

The matter in question is a resolution before the AGM urging Celtic to write to the SFA and Uefa regarding club licencing for season 2011/12.  As a result of this resolution Celtic’s written response to the AGM confirms that they questioned the SFA’s licensing at the time directly with the Association, a fact which had not previously been revealed.  The matter was also raised with Uefa.  Both bodies backed the SFA actions.

I knew how this played out at the time and I was keen for the matter to reach the AGM, where questions could be asked and responses given, but lines like “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers were dealt with fairly” are put out just to mess with you.

The Record addresses another point in the same article, “the Scottish champions are also acutely aware of how official action would heighten tensions between fans of the two clubs”.  If you think Charles Green was the only one on the receiving end of threats and intimidation last year, when these matters came to light, you’re wrong.

Celtic pursued the licencing question as far as they were permitted to do, this is quite different than insisting Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly.  The SFA are not interested and Uefa are not interested.  As a result of this resolution, this issue can be properly examined in front of the supporters.

The club’s public comments, or often, the lack of public comments, put the safety of their employees and supporters, which was already acutely in focus, first.  Not so long ago office staff at Celtic had to go through training on how to open the mail following specific attacks.

Despite popular mythology, Celtic don’t control the SFA, re-orientating that organisation will take a while.  The issue of licensing in 2011 was pursued as far as the club were allowed to do so.  Get along to the AGM, look the board in the eye and ask your questions on this.  Celtic also have a responsibility – and a lot of formal security advice – to staff, each other and all of us when it comes to public comment.  This is the world Celtic has to operate in.  The sooner we are out of here the better.

Sean Fallon: Celtic’s Iron Man, drink in the legend:

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  1. Good evening



    Received AGM papers today which has prompted me to have a look at the accounts. I am not an abacus man but always enjoy a quick look. Not the headline numbers, in particular, which have been previously well reported but more the notes which can often often reveal some “hidden” gems. If there is one thing my schooldays taught me is that the answers are normally at the back!



    I have previously elected not to receive a paper copy of the report (doing my bit for reducing costs) and rely on accessing the information online. However the report published via the website seems to be preliminary results and not the full annual report. Does anybody know when the full report will be available online?



    It appears that we are taking an exceptional hit of £1.8m which PL states is a “provision for onerous leases in certain loss making retail shops”. Provision outstanding at year end was £1.2m. Not aware of any shops closing so unclear of background.



    While there is mention of demolishing the school, moving the ticket office and landscaping the area there is no detail on the costs involved. I would hope that the Games will contribute.



    The breakdown of season and non season ticket income is interesting. Season tickets £13.3m (almost 40,000). Non season ticket including CL over £10m. Highlights the importance of CL income over and above the TV revenues.



    Reading back it seems the AGM will be worth attending this year (credit to all involved). I have not been since the Fergus era. Now that was entertainment. Sitting in the main stand, freezing and watching the Man deal with angry questions from the floor mainly concerning player quality and results on the park. Well when I say deal with his usual solution was to switch off the microphones! Not amusing at the time but looking back absolutel brilliant!



    Re the McCanns. My view for what it is worth although not seen the programme..We all know that your children are the most precious thing in your life. Would the McCanns have treated a bag full of cash in the same manner? While my heart and my prayers go out to them it always mystifies me why two intelligent people behaved in the way they did.



    à bientôt

  2. there will be many versions of the truth from the Hun……………..I hope there will be one version from our side …PMG has made a good start ….but you can feel that alot of scribblers have been a scribbling ….and maybe a few more recordings…hahahaha turkish bath meetings etc etc ,,,,but The Celtic will shine on ….cos thats what we do …full stop….Braw

  3. John O’Neil




    22:51 on 14 October, 2013




    Baldrick, were the parents of Ian Brady’s victims culpable? Were all those parents in the 60s who let their children roam culpable had something wicked occurred?





    You mistake my meaning. I’m trying to highlight the double standards involved.



    This whole case highlights the idea that culpability and blame depend on your standing in society….and of course the fact that the level of help you get depends on how much money you have.

  4. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar on

    Clifftonville, cant remember the time, sorry




    One hundred percent!!!!!




  5. John I think that if we are down to not pursuing corruption because we are scared of social unrest then Scotland is in a very very bad way indeed.



    Its time to stand up to the bullying and intimidation.

  6. Baldrick, apologies for the earlier catty comment. I suspect you have a class agenda. It is not relevant here. They made a mistake. The disgusting Express newspaper poisoned many minds. Not suggesting yours or anybody’s here though.

  7. Zbyszek mówi, trzymaj się Oscar on

    John O’Neil



    I doubt Alexandr Burdonsky or Yevgeny Dzhugashvili is Celtic supporter. I doubt they are interested in sport. Yevgeny Dzhugashvili is 77 now and I guess he would leave more victims than his grand da if he only had same possibilities.

  8. thomthethim for Oscar OK on





    Thank you.



    There has been an inordinate amount of garbage spouted on here today. Some of it from people whose opinions ?I usually respect.



    A lot of it based on articles from the MSM!



    EDB debunked that kite, but not before every anti Board, inverted snob had their tuppence worth.



    The stench of begrudgery and inverted snobbery has been nauseating.





    Why is there such a resentment amongst our support for anyone who appears to have risen from humble beginnings, like most of us and become successful in their chosen profession?





    Perhaps it is an inbuilt inferiority complex, manifesting in an, “I’m no good and neither are you”.



    I think Gordon Strachan was right when asked why he thought the Celtic support booed him and wanted him gone.



    He said it was Fear.



    I think Fear is driving some of the outrageous comments on here recently.

  9. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar


    22:56 on


    14 October, 2013


    excathedra44, 22.44



    I agree exactly with all thoe sentiments, God just ti let you know Lily is the light of my life, shes only turned 2, the pain they go through is without doubt unbearable, at least to me, its just such a horrible case, and as someone else mentioned, what happened with young Ben Needham, his mum was a single mother !








    Thank you for your reply.Lily is indeed fortunate.



    Tonight,remember those with less dedication.



    Take Care.

  10. unionbearBhind



    Unfortunately, only Spanish wines here, at least the places I can afford to shop.



    On occasion there is an Italian or an Oz wine, but at least there times the price of the Spanish.



    Still, through painstaking research, I have found a few Spanish vinos that are no bad, hard work so it is, but someone has to do it.




  11. We should all have a class agenda, John.



    (In my opinion, it applies here and the level of help they receive should be available to all in their situation)



    No need for any apologies by the way.

  12. A lot of us are, or were, Christians.



    ‘ Judge not,..lest you be judged.’



    ‘ Father, forgive them. They knew not what they were doing.’




    Wise old Mahatma Gandhi said,…



    ‘I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.’



    23:03 on


    14 October, 2013





    Tis all down to Mrs TET, she is the class act, brains to burn, a wee bit have been gathered up, thankfully >}






    aye looks like she,s got you down as a work in progress! :)


    but its a braw life is it not ……aye ….am having a wee Grafensteiner from the local wee shop ….German beer is jist the biz ….see the Bundesliga have sold there TV rights to 20 century Fox …5 year deal in the States and 2 years elsewhere in Europe ….nobody saying how much dosh is involved though …

  14. The McCanns left their means to have a party. End of …



    Could you not think up something a bit more cruel?

  15. NegAnon2


    23:05 on


    14 October, 2013


    John I think that if we are down to not pursuing corruption because we are scared of social unrest then Scotland is in a very very bad way indeed.



    Its time to stand up to the bullying and intimidation.





    I think it was a union leader who said,


    ” Maybe if we stop running away, they will stop chasing us.”

  16. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    ernie lynch


    22:58 on


    14 October, 2013


    It’s interesting to consider how news is managed and a dominant narrative established through the use of PR companies and threats of legal action.



    You sometimes wonder if we’ll ever find out the truth about things.






    True, but for the benefit of slow folk, like me, whats your point

  17. John O’Neil



    22:51 on 14 October, 2013



    Just a general observation about how things seem to work in the modern world.

  18. Zbyszek,


    Great grandson? He studied in Glasgow. The article was in a respected newspaper and it wasn’t April Fool’s day!

  19. thomthethim



    I think fear is the driving force, we are all in fear of their return, cos we all know what it entails.



    Their is fear that within a year or so, they will be back to winning the league, and the riches that brings, fear that the sfa will carry on doing what they do best, fear that the referees will carry on with their honest mistakes, albeit at a higher level than we have seen before, cos they can all can do so with total impunity.



    The fear that the club won’t speak out, and not just our club, all the other clubs as well.



    What are they scared of ?



    Why the fear ?



    Had the club been in fear when they were at their inception, there would be no club.



    The club is losing it’s being, money is the god these days.



    I would rather there be no club if we are to cowtow to the fear.



    It’s not the Celtic way.




  20. Excuse my ignorance on this matter.



    A very good mate is a shareholder.He never misses a Celtic


    game in this country.I told him at the weekend about


    Canamalars resolution.He cannot make the AGM.


    He does however want to support it with a vote.



    What are his choices? Vote by post ? Or can someone


    represent him at the AGM ?

  21. why is abidy afearded the day ? ….yer definetely no taking in the Google earth picture of Hundom…..they are going doon anither twa or fourr notches….braw

  22. The moral high ground judgements on the McCanns are nothing less than repellent. Jesus, they lost their child. If anyone merits compassion, it’s them.

  23. I’m a bit shocked at some of the posts re The McCanns. Of course they were wrong and they don’t need anyone to tell them that. Having a child stolen from you must be one of the worst possible things to happen to anyone. How anyone can say they don’t give a f*** about the McCanns is beyond me. It is one case that has stuck in my mind, I have and will continue to pray for both Maddie and her parents.

  24. John O’Neil



    23:26 on 14 October, 2013



    ‘Forgive me Ernie but class warfare usually ends up with gulags and dictatorships.’






    It’s a good job we live in a classless society then isn’t it?

  25. Zbyszek mówi, trzymaj się Oscar on

    John O’Neil



    Ahh, you mean this guy Jacob Jugashvili http://www.jugashvili.com/index.php



    You can ask him the question by sending him email or leaving it on his facebook website :-)


    Contact details on Stalin’s great grandson website.

  26. lilys grandpa-Me and Lily backing Oscar on




    I understand, but ffs they left those weans alone,




  27. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on

    I like this


    @TaxLawPlebeian: According to TSFM, there wasn’t a single sports journo at today’s Sevco hearing. Be interesting to hear what’s printed tomorrow





    George Ryan-St Johns Doyle RIP


    thoughts and prayers with the loved ones



    Night Night n


    Hail Hail

  28. JimmyQuinnsBits on

    John O’Neil


    23:26 on


    14 October, 2013


    Forgive me Ernie but class warfare usually ends up with gulags and dictatorships.






    I guess the trade union movement, and (old) labour movement which helped to lift my family out of poverty, were wrong then