This is the world Celtic has to operate in


There was a fascinating and completely unfounded angle to the Daily Record’s story today about Celtic’s forthcoming AGM, “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly”.

Oh no they don’t.  This is an incredible dose of poison to inject into the Celtic family.

The matter in question is a resolution before the AGM urging Celtic to write to the SFA and Uefa regarding club licencing for season 2011/12.  As a result of this resolution Celtic’s written response to the AGM confirms that they questioned the SFA’s licensing at the time directly with the Association, a fact which had not previously been revealed.  The matter was also raised with Uefa.  Both bodies backed the SFA actions.

I knew how this played out at the time and I was keen for the matter to reach the AGM, where questions could be asked and responses given, but lines like “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers were dealt with fairly” are put out just to mess with you.

The Record addresses another point in the same article, “the Scottish champions are also acutely aware of how official action would heighten tensions between fans of the two clubs”.  If you think Charles Green was the only one on the receiving end of threats and intimidation last year, when these matters came to light, you’re wrong.

Celtic pursued the licencing question as far as they were permitted to do, this is quite different than insisting Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly.  The SFA are not interested and Uefa are not interested.  As a result of this resolution, this issue can be properly examined in front of the supporters.

The club’s public comments, or often, the lack of public comments, put the safety of their employees and supporters, which was already acutely in focus, first.  Not so long ago office staff at Celtic had to go through training on how to open the mail following specific attacks.

Despite popular mythology, Celtic don’t control the SFA, re-orientating that organisation will take a while.  The issue of licensing in 2011 was pursued as far as the club were allowed to do so.  Get along to the AGM, look the board in the eye and ask your questions on this.  Celtic also have a responsibility – and a lot of formal security advice – to staff, each other and all of us when it comes to public comment.  This is the world Celtic has to operate in.  The sooner we are out of here the better.

Sean Fallon: Celtic’s Iron Man, drink in the legend:

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  1. Just in to say…



    I do hope that the seekers of the truth at the AGM get what they seek.


    Now, I’m not a company architect not by any stretch of the imagination, so I’m not too privvy to the workings of ‘share-holdings’ etc….members of my family and, in-laws have shares n stuff. Me…I’m joost a bloke who stood in the ‘Jungle’ for almost 2 decades before it was made all- seated to comply with the – Taylor Report – after the Hillsborough tragedy.



    I still found it strange though that – after a series of ‘sack the bored’ chanting sessions in the ‘Jungle’ that the old ‘bored’ in their wisdom, decided to seat that part of the stadium 1st ? Why not the miles away from the pitch Cellic end ? Hmmm.



    Anyway – I think that the Cellic support of the 90’s had more of a ‘rebel-streak’ aboot them


    than the modern day Cellic support – the Green Brigade apart – far too many have been kidded-on by this current situation wiith the animals, thinking that the huns died ?



    NAW they didny !!!


    They’ll NEVER be allowed to die in this country – NEVER !!!



    I mean, in 2 years time they’ll be back in the same League getting everything their ain way again and it’ll be as if they’d never been away. imo



    The hate-filled animals where on the slab in the mortuary awaiting the ‘stake’ through the heart in 2009/10 season when, denying them CL money would have sunk them and, before ye know it – ‘hey presto’ the ole Cellic ‘bored’ f#cked it up. Ye couldny write it.



    Ye see – I think there are 2 levels of duplicity here imo.



    1. Buy a SB = Vote the ‘bored’ in.



    2. Buy shares in an entity where – YOU’LL always be on the ootside looking in.



    All the uproar about the SFA corruption etc….has to be the 2nd port of call, NOT the 1st.


    To conquer the demons who want to be rid of us – we 1st have to conquer the demons who reside within the club. imo



    Don’t mis-interprit this post as being from the annals of the ‘blow-hard’….


    nobody hates seeing Cellic fans being shafted anymore than I do. NOBODY.



    But, what has to be defined here is – Who are the biggest nemisis of the Cellic fans



    1. The Cellic ‘bored’ ?






    2. The SFA ?



    My conclusion is that – we have to defeat our inner demons afore we attack our outer demons.



    Anyway – away Off oot tae deal wi ma ain demons…..laters


    Hail Hail n God shine yer light on the McCann family.

  2. Quite right Zbyszek. Euphemism of the night came from FRITZSONG: “Stalin trimmed the population”. In more appropriate words, Stalin and the left murdered tens of millions.


    Camamalar, don’t tell me you are also a useful idiot? Your example was very weak in your attempt to defend an evil ideology/reality.

  3. Clink\o/ 10.10.. Totally agree. I remember watching on TV and having to see the replay as I was not convinced of what I had just seen. World class and must be up there with the very best.

  4. Zbyszek mówi, trzymaj się Oscar on

    Not sure I understand what you mean?


    Backing none of the systems. None in here knows who I’m voting for but will be blaming Fascism and Communism as similar disasters. Will be doing it forever.



    In the context of religion? Did Jesus not say:


    “If your brother sins (against you), go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have won over your brother. If he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, so that ‘every fact may be established on the testimony of two or three witnesses.’ If he refuses to listen to them, tell the SFA”

  5. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on

    Mr Z..,


    My point is/was it is a free and popular vote.


    You going into a rant does not make reasoned argument, everything you described under the common banner you portray as communism and fascism is happening now under capitalism, yet you live in denial and blame all the bad things on communism, very simplistic and bigoted argument. Communism in Kerala works for one simple reason it is there by choice and can be voted out at any time and probably has and will be but it its still a major part of the democratic demography, they have one of the highest literacy rates in the world, the best health service in India and the lowest crime rate, yet your bigoted argument would deny them the right to self determination as you declare communism is a scourge to be wiped out, and consider yourself a champion of freedom.

  6. Zbyszek mówi, trzymaj się Oscar on

    Okay, it was probably not Jesus but Bob Dylan who said that.


    No more politics or religion from me today.

  7. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Scotlands shame



    The other teams in Scotland consider us as the same coin (i.e The Old Firm) and who can blame them after what they have witnessed these last three years. I tell you what go and have a look at the voting structures these last 20 years and that will tell you all you need to know. The other teams know that our PLC are happy to be cheated as it generates the ever defiant Celtic fan (i.e the ever paying Celtic fan). They have been maligned to the extent that they have to fight for scraps. They know that the SFA supremely supports the one team and that team needs its nemesis to generate the cash. That can easily be identified by how we treat our fans that come to Celtic Park and how we treat Rangers fans that come to Celtic Park. There can be no reasonable explanation for that behaviour other than to confirm Old Firm collusion.



    Forget integrity.



    Its all about the money … regardless of how much you boast about how much you give to charity.




  8. Yep, in the context of a defence of Communism Camalar, you are one of the useful idiots who defends an abhorrent system. Naturally you will never live in a Communist country for any prolonged period of time. Apologies to the blog for politics but supporters of this evil must be challenged.

  9. Auldheid:



    I wasn’t knocking what you were saying other than the way I read it – you’d be happy with and admission of incompetence, an apology and lets move on.



    Do you remember an e-mail I sent you around the time of the Hugh Dallas departure, in it I said that it meant little to me. I didn’t share the euphoria that was rampant. I said then Campbell Ogilvie did not deserve to be in office, he needed to be outed in every way. I stand by that, but post Lord Nimmo Smith, and especially the acceptance of the biggest pile of gash ever heaped on an inquiry by Mr. Sandy Bryson, I’ve now come to the conclusion that if we are ever to get a level playing field from the SFA we are going to outsource to India or Malaysia or Venezuela.



    They can admit what they want but to my mind if they ever admit they knowingly serviced Rangers out with the rules to the detriment of Celtic or any other club, then they should be subject to the full force of law.



    I’m all for reconciliation when sincere contrition is has been displayed. To my eyes, the only thing they are sorry about is the fact that they have been caught.



    I am confused as to why the SFO did not follow up on their initial investigations, especially so now that so many revelations are in the public domain; and the jury on the perpetrators is not an Edinburgh one, it is the whole people of Scotland, and the reputation of Scotland does not need anymore accusations of bigotry and sectarianism (proven or not proven).

  10. Zbyszek mówi, trzymaj się Oscar on




    Smile, Sir.New day without Rangers. It’s just opinions we talk about. Why call me a bigot?

  11. So Jonathan Coates thinks the holy goalie blessed himself because he has a “liking for incitement”.

  12. Tom McLaughlin @ 10.05



    A new low indeed, class based prejudice or just plain rampant hunnery?



    MWD @ 2.20 countered it perfectly, but sadly this site needs a moderator, for more


    than language violations.

  13. scotlands shame on

    Awe naw not disagreeing my point wasn’t bout the other clubs boards i mean the fans, if 500 at each club in top 2 lges publicly petitioned the sfa to discuss the rangers situation over last 2 yrs then maybe the sfa wud have to do something or at least wud be in the public domain that Scotland wants answers. Just a thought, Im prob more in ur an canamalars camp than any other but don’t presume Im right or know all the answers, just don’t think labelling people who think slightly diff as stupid is particularly helpful that’s all.

  14. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    scotlands shame



    Ok apologies. Its not helpful I could have been more measured.




  15. Maybe that is why Celtic don’t want to get too active regards what the SFA are purported to have facilitated. If what is being suggested was proven correct, then Celtic would have no other avenue than the courts.



    And we all know what UEFA think about member clubs taking member associations to court.



    What was that guys name again, the guy with guts, yeah! I got it Jean-Marc Bosman, I wonder if there is any suitable vacancy at Parkhead for a guy such as that.

  16. Bourne soup, there were class connotations there.


    Who hit the bar in the 7-1 game? You told us about that but without the details.

  17. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Its an indication of how tabloid CQN has become.



    Numbers more important than quality.



    Straight from the school of Dermot Desmond and his disciple Peter Lawwell




  18. Auldheid:



    apologies if my earlier appeared to confuse the Ibrox tribulations and lies with the Hampden tribulations and lies, but to be honest, as each day passes, the two of them appear to be so intertwined that I find it increasingly more difficult to differentiate between them.

  19. Has anyone seen a full copy of the annual report together with all Notes? The one online ends abruptly at note 7 stating “Copies of the Annual Report & Accounts together with the Notice and Notes of the 2013 AGM will be issued to all


    shareholders in due course.”



    I noticed that is the same as previous years. Does anyone know if you only get the full notes to the accounts if you take a paper copy?

  20. bournesouprecipe



    10:40 on 15 October, 2013



    ‘Tom McLaughlin @ 10.05



    A new low indeed, class based prejudice or just plain rampant hunnery?’







    Or maybe just healthy scepticism.



    Time will tell.

  21. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Plenty buoyancy around my torso..



    Mr Z.


    Man is at fault for all injustices be it in the name of capitalism communism or religion..

  22. Did anyone else watch one of the best sports films/documentaries last night on BT sport “The two Escobars” if you can watch it somewhere/sometime then plaese do.


    An astonishing tale of politics, football ,corruption ,money laundering and bent referees to an astonishing scale in Columbia…thank goodness that couldnt happen here!



    hold on…



    wait a minute …..

  23. Kitalba




    We are on the same page although I am not looking for an apology I am looking for corrective action.



    To use an analogy. I’m Superman and walk into cave (not TET ‘s cave by the way which is amazing, the bushels of earth that must have been moved there that TET hides his l many talents behind)



    I digress.



    In that cave there is a lump of kryptonite that immediately weaken’s me. I crawl out and construct a lead shield that I put in place to protect me.



    I do not try to change the chemical construct of the kryptonite I just take steps to protect myself from what it inherently is – harmful to me.



    Of course were I really Superman I’d just fly away and find somewhere more friendly and less hostile to live. :)

  24. John O’Neil



    McPhail (sitting on a hat trick) passed up the chance to take the penalty for goal 7.



    Mochan (sitting on two ) also passed up the chance of a hat trick.



    Wille Fernie stepped up – and scored.



    Who hit the bar? – Let me check………………………………………………………………………..



  25. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on

    Mr Z…,


    The correct meaning of the word bigot is someone who refuses to acknowledge/accept there is a counter argument, dont get lost in the common mistake that its a religious expression, there are religious bigots, sectarian bigots and political bigots, political bigots who dont accept counter arguments by definition are totalitarian.


    I myself am a bigot on a few subjects one being child abuse, I could never listen to any argument promoting that.

  26. googybhoy ♥ Celtic


    09:10 on


    15 October, 2013


    @Sco2hot: Congrats to #Celtic youth player Calvin Miller named The World’s best youth player today. Same award Neymar’s won. http://t.co/Z9RajgZTRz




    Lets hope Chelsea didnt read that!..HH

  27. scotlands shame on

    Awe naw no apologies due to me. Ur my type of fan an id prefer to have beer with u than most posters on here, hail hail

  28. ernie lynch



    You don’t do apologies, as your weekend offence proved.



    I’ve never called anybody a name, let alone a moron on


    CQN – but I might think it.

  29. Michael



    I asked similar question last night. Paper copy will be full report and I would have thought that this would be now published online yet only preliminary results available.

  30. Richie #TeamOscar on

    (old) Russia ain’t communism. Neither is North Korea, or India, or even Cuba. But they are all different because of Man’s interpretation and execution (sic) of the ideology.




  31. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again


    10:28 on


    15 October, 2013



    I’ve a passing interest in Indian politics, having been there (albeit in the North, rather than South).



    So as you suggested I googled Kerala’s politics.



    You do realise that the state has pretty much flip=flopped between Communist coalitions and those aligned to the National Govt at every election since 1957 when the Communist parties first took control.



    I’d also question whether living under Communist State Govt within a Non-Communist National Govt really is truly experiencing Communist rule.



    West Bengal has had a far longer unbroken run of Communist State Govt than Kerala as it happens but the Communist coalitions lost the state in 2011.



    Pure communism is against human nature anyway. It’s requires an evolutionary change.

  32. bournesouprecipe



    11:01 on 15 October, 2013



    As I say, time will tell.



    And I’m sure it will.