This is the world Celtic has to operate in


There was a fascinating and completely unfounded angle to the Daily Record’s story today about Celtic’s forthcoming AGM, “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly”.

Oh no they don’t.  This is an incredible dose of poison to inject into the Celtic family.

The matter in question is a resolution before the AGM urging Celtic to write to the SFA and Uefa regarding club licencing for season 2011/12.  As a result of this resolution Celtic’s written response to the AGM confirms that they questioned the SFA’s licensing at the time directly with the Association, a fact which had not previously been revealed.  The matter was also raised with Uefa.  Both bodies backed the SFA actions.

I knew how this played out at the time and I was keen for the matter to reach the AGM, where questions could be asked and responses given, but lines like “Celtic’s directors insist Rangers were dealt with fairly” are put out just to mess with you.

The Record addresses another point in the same article, “the Scottish champions are also acutely aware of how official action would heighten tensions between fans of the two clubs”.  If you think Charles Green was the only one on the receiving end of threats and intimidation last year, when these matters came to light, you’re wrong.

Celtic pursued the licencing question as far as they were permitted to do, this is quite different than insisting Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly.  The SFA are not interested and Uefa are not interested.  As a result of this resolution, this issue can be properly examined in front of the supporters.

The club’s public comments, or often, the lack of public comments, put the safety of their employees and supporters, which was already acutely in focus, first.  Not so long ago office staff at Celtic had to go through training on how to open the mail following specific attacks.

Despite popular mythology, Celtic don’t control the SFA, re-orientating that organisation will take a while.  The issue of licensing in 2011 was pursued as far as the club were allowed to do so.  Get along to the AGM, look the board in the eye and ask your questions on this.  Celtic also have a responsibility – and a lot of formal security advice – to staff, each other and all of us when it comes to public comment.  This is the world Celtic has to operate in.  The sooner we are out of here the better.

Sean Fallon: Celtic’s Iron Man, drink in the legend:

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  1. saltires en sevilla supporting wee oscar on




    13:41 on 14 October, 2013


    “Celtic pursued the licencing question as far as they were permitted to do, this is quite different than insisting Rangers (sic) were dealt with fairly. The SFA are not interested and Uefa are not interested.”



    OK from the above, we are given the impression that Celtic had the same concerns as us fans but the SFA/UEFA etc were not interested. Indeed the SFA may have just ignored the issue.



    So if we are to believe this to be true why did Celtic not , at the very least, abstain from the vote on the election of the SFA president earlier this year? Or put forward their own candidate.









    Of all the questions



    That is the one




  2. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on



    That is a serious concern, will be asking the legal about that too, thanks for the heads up.

  3. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on




    We are coming from the same place. My point is we need to ensure fairness (as applied to published rules) are applied to all.


    I think our previous maltreatment certainly reinforces our position on the moral high ground..





  4. My AGM Invite not yet arrived.



    Can anyone post the date please so I can plan time to be there. Assume it’s the usual 11am start time. Thanks.

  5. Che (Standing Beside Wee Oscar) on

    canamalar prays Oscar can do it again



    email sent to computershare asking when the online proxy was closed, and why it was closed prior to shareholders receiving AGM papers, will let you know what they come back with

  6. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Seems they only wish to accept it on certain terms.



    Their own.



    Not really doing themselves any favours,IMO.



    All it does is raise the question-why?


    « Prev










    Next »




    Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar




    13:47 on 14 October, 2013







    “The issue of licensing in 2011 was pursued as far as the club were allowed to do so.”



    What does that mean in real terms?



    remember FERGUS going to SFA.re GEORGE C’S registration two times and getting the same answer.well remember what happened when a Q.C. got THE BANDIT in the witness box.3 mins he lasted and the SFA threw the towel in.FERGUS should have gone for the jugular and got the people who did the two times investigation sacked.



    So now PAUL tells us CELTIC board did ask the SFA re the deid lot getting lisc.to play in EUROPE.can i ask who spoke for CELTIC, THE SHARP SUITED MAN “torn arse suited man ” as he was once described or the same QC who represented CELTIC in the CAD case??? did they have the information that AULDHEID has posted and if not why not ??.how can a retired civil servant come up with all that info and CELTIC with all their contacts and resources cant.??if they had gone with all those facts EUFA and SFA would have caved in.



    DR writing rubbish re the AGM.whit’s new.will the “journo” who wrote it be at the press briefing on friday at CELTIC PARK???



    will P NEVIN who uttered all that tripe about CELTIC SUPPORTERS singing sectarian songs be allowed back .has OOR PETER been in touch with the BBC re the incident and told them that it was the product of JACK IRVINE’S perverted mind???has he demanded that it all come out in the open and demand an apology?????




    right rant over FISH FIR TEE the night we are doing a green brigade protest !!!!!!

  8. Kojo




    15:50 on 14 October, 2013



    Fur ye are .. well..Ah Hate tae say this. .but Ah Must



    Ye are OBSESSED wi’ Hating the Rangers.. and ye Jist Canny Let it Go.





    I am obsessed with wanting to watch a game of football knowing the result will be determined on nothing other than the sporting merits of the teams playing.



    I can do that watching amateur games because I am not paying and it matters not if cheating is taking place, although it would be a rarity.



    You might be happy to pay to be cheated but that is your problem not mine.



    Do yourself a favour check this link






    read the article then tell me you got me wrong for you most definitely have.



    My consistent theme has been reform of the SFA to make football a sport to be enjoyed without thinking something is not right. I’ll save you the time of checking if this is true by not supplying the links, but there are quite a few.



    I seem to have misjudged you Kojo, by the same margin as you have misjudged me.



    I’ll not do that again.

  9. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on



    My advice is that they cannot change the wording without agreement and if they are not happy with the wording they need to challenge this legally, or make an amendment at the AGM

  10. This is a really disappointing lead article.


    The gist of it is:


    that the board tried to challenge the licensing issue but never told the people whose interests it is meant to serve; fans and shareholders;


    that the board kept everyone in the dark because it feared for the safety of staff and fans.



    What was done?


    What were the reasons given by SFA and UEFA for rejecting the challenge?


    Who advised that this should be kept secret?


    Which members of staff have been subject to threats?


    And, given that safety and security is the reason given for not publicising the approach to SFA / UEFA, what action would have been taken had the licence been revoked? Would it have been kept secret?


    My final disappointment with the lead article is the revelation from Paul67 “I knew how this played out at the time”. Sorry Paul67, I know this may sound deeply offensive but that sounds like Chic and Spiers.

  11. HT



    We were told from the moment that administration, never mind liquidation became close that


    “it was important that they continued” in the ole “very fabric of Scottish society” speech, by Alex Salmond, from behind the grassy knoll.



    MSM, the establishment, and some spivs have managed to prolong the fan base, whilst Celtic and the rest of Scottish Football have sat motionless, and powerless.



    The jelly and ice cream we had, was as good as it will get, you need to live and function in Scotland to feel the tension of the hurting B Division aggrieved suppurating zombies, – they are obvious and everywhere, in society, some of them are silent.

  12. Istanbulcelt Oscar's Green & White Army on

    Evening guys, is the final draft of the motion put forward to Celtic available. I remember it was going back and forth on here. Does anyone have a copy?






  13. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    There’s a lot of anger displaying itself on this site today,much of it borne from frustration.



    Much of it,indeed,from sources who are normally much more reasoned in their approach.



    Not a bad thing,IMO. I hope this anger continues unabated. Though harnessed,obviously.



    We have for too long put our faith in the powers that be,expecting justice to prevail.



    It hasn’t. It never could.



    So it’s up to us again to continue the fight on our terms,not theirs.



    Once again,a long game. We’re good at that.

  14. An Tearman



    Here is full resolution. The bit in bold is the part requesting Celtic to act.



    Resolution (and supporting statement) proposal for the 2013 Celtic Plc AGM under the terms of the Companies Act.



    Celtic Plc AGM 2013 Resolution for CFCB investigation into SFA Licensing Administration. Page 1


    This AGM requests the Board exercise the provision contained in the Procedural Rules Governing the UEFA Club Financial Control Body Article 10 with jurisdiction and investigation responsibilities identified in articles 3 & 11 (Note 1 ), by referring /bringing to the attention of the UEFA Club Financial Control Body (CFCB), the licensing administration practices of the Scottish Football Association (SFA), requesting the CFCB undertake a review and investigate the SFA’s implementation of UEFA & SFA license compliance requirements, with regard to qualification, administration and granting of licenses to compete in football competitions under both SFA and UEFA jurisdiction, since the implementation of the Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations of 2010.



    Supporting Statement We the undersigned request this course of action, from our clubs custodians and corporate representation, responsible to protect our interests in line with corporate law. We consider the SFA governance has displayed a disregard for the rules and spirit of fair play, contradicted FIFA, UEFA & SFA mission statements and acted in contravention to the spirit of the rules of fair play outlined in FIFA, UEFA & SFA Rules, Regulations and Supplementary documents of which the SFA are signatories, such as;


    FIFA Code of Conduct Article 3 – Eleven principles for behavior and conduct of the FIFA family. (Note 2)


    FIFA Standard Cooperation Agreement of 2004 Article 2.1 – Basic Principles, which states;


    The basic principles governing the organization, administration and financing of football are as follows: football statutes and regulations, democratic election of governing bodies, legality, competence, dignity, probity, mutual respect, responsibility, trust, communication, transparency, fair play, solidarity, protection of sportsmen and sportswomen’s health and promotion of friendly relations.


    A number of recent examples of this including but not limited to the following;


    1. Unprecedented transfer of membership and granting of license to operate to an unqualified new club, facilitating queue jumping into the lower professional set-up, at the expense of existing qualified clubs, who had applied through the recognized process. 2. Secret cross governance agreements to facilitate point 1. above, which took place during the preparation and contrary to the ethos of the SFA’s own published mission statement Scotland United A 20/20 Vision 2012, regarding trust and respect, as part of the future governance of the sport. Further the process for the above agreement is in direct contravention of the FIFA Standard Cooperation Agreement of 2004 Article 2.1 Basic Principles, which identifies Associations responsibilities outlined above. 3. Participation of a new club in an SFA affiliated domestic club competition without proper registration compliance. 4. The participation of the SFA, in an inquiry on improper player registration, an inquiry the SFA declined to initiate on the grounds that; the SFA required to be neutral, maintaining appellate authority status, then not only compromising that neutrality by participation but providing an interpretation on player eligibility that UEFA and indeed FIFA should examine.


    These in our opinion are just some of the more blatant contradictions to the spirit of fair play, however, far more serious, and the main thrust of this resolution is the granting by the SFA of a license to participate in European Competition in 2011, to a club who prime facie did not qualify specifically under the non-payment of social tax requirements identified in the FFP 2010, still outstanding to date, a decision that had a direct financial impact on our CFC Plc’s financial well being. Our concern is directed at the governance of the game in Scotland, the SFA, and its apparent disregard for the licensing system that was designed to protect against such commercial impropriety and to ensure sporting integrity; we wish to eliminate the opportunity for possible future indiscretions and insist this problem requires immediate action through investigation by the FCFB, to restore trust and respect in the governance of Scottish football. We have no confidence in the SFAs governance within the current framework, to satisfy our concerns and therefore request the Board supports this resolution. If the Board cannot support this resolution, we require a response in writing before the AGM, followed up with a statement addressing this issue at the AGM, justifying any such reticence, as to why it is believed the SFA’s actions or lack of, in granting the UEFA license without due rigor, has not had a detrimental financial impact on our club, also justifying why there were no license administration irregularities if that is the Boards contention.


    We ask you to support this resolution and the written statement above circulated to shareholders in advance of the meeting, in the interests of a stronger Celtic . I/We (Name/s)__________________________________________________________________________________________________


    Of (Address)____________________________________________________________________________________________________


    being an Ordinary shareholder of Celtic Plc (the ‘Company’) and/or a convertible Preferred Ordinary shareholder of Celtic Plc support the above resolution and supporting statement and wish the resolution to be considered at the Company AGM




    Resolution (and supporting statement) proposal for the 2013 Celtic Plc AGM under the terms of the Companies Act.


    Celtic Plc AGM 2013 Resolution for CFCB investigation into SFA Licensing Administration. Page 2


    NOTE 1


    Article 10 – Tasks of the CFCB chief investigator


    1 If a case falling under the jurisdiction of the CFCB in accordance with these rules comes to the attention of, or is referred to, the CFCB, an investigation is conducted by the CFCB chief investigator.


    2 The CFCB chief investigator establishes the facts and collects all evidence.


    Article 3 – Jurisdiction of the CFCB


    1 The CFCB is competent to: a) determine whether licensors have fulfilled their obligations and whether license applicants/licensees have fulfilled the licensing criteria as defined in the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations ; b) determine whether licensees fulfill the club monitoring requirements as defined in the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations ; c) impose disciplinary measures as defined in these rules in the event of non fulfillment of the requirements set out in the UEFA Club Licensing and Financial Fair Play Regulations ; d) decide on cases relating to club eligibility for the UEFA club competitions to the extent provided for by the regulations governing the competitions in question.


    2 When a case seems to come under the jurisdiction of both the CFCB and the Control and Disciplinary Body, the chairmen of the two bodies decide in their own discretion which body shall deal with the case. If they cannot reach an agreement, the chairman of the Appeals Body decides in his own discretion. Such decisions on jurisdiction may only be appealed against with the final decision of the body to which the case was assigned.


    Article 11 – Collection of evidence


    1 The CFCB chief investigator may, on his own initiative or, where appropriate, at the request of the defendant, convene a hearing as part of his investigation.


    2 All means of evidence may be considered by the CFCB chief investigator. This includes, but is not limited to, the defendant’s testimony, witness testimonies, documents and records, recordings (audio or video), on-site inspections and expert reports.


    3 The defendant may consult the case file.


    4 The CFCB chief investigator may set a suitable time limit for the defendant to submit its observations and/or submit or request complementary evidence.


    Resolution (and supporting statement) proposal for the 2013 Celtic Plc AGM under the terms of the Companies Act.


    Celtic Plc AGM 2013 Resolution for CFCB investigation into SFA Licensing Administration. Page 3


    Note 2 3 Eleven core principles for behavior and conduct of the FIFA family As a member of the FIFA family, we shall at all times comply with the following principles:


    3.1 Integrity and ethical behavior We all behave ethically and act with integrity in all situations, keeping in mind that a reputation for integrity is of the utmost importance to FIFA and its objectives.


    3.2 Respect and dignity We treat everyone with respect, and protect the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of every human being.


    3.3 Zero tolerance of discrimination and harassment We are committed to a diverse culture. There shall be no discrimination as a result of race, ethnicity, origin, skin colour, nationality, religion, age, gender, language, physical appearance, sexual orientation or political opinion, or engagement in any kind of verbal or physical harassment based on any of the above-mentioned or any other criteria.


    3.4 Fair play We believe in the importance of fair play guiding us at all times in all our actions and decisions.


    3.5 Compliance with laws, rules and regulations We comply with all applicable laws and adhere to internal rules and regulations, including respecting stakeholders’ interests.


    3.6 Avoidance of conflicts of interest We act always in the best interests of FIFA and its objectives. It is the personal responsibility of each member of the FIFA family to avoid any conflict of interest.


    3.7 Transparency and compliance We seek transparency and strive to maintain a good compliance culture with checks and balances.


    3.8 Social and environmental responsibility We are committed to taking our social and environmental responsibility seriously. We want to contribute to positive social change through football, and aim to minimise the negative impact of all our activities on the environment and to promote sustainability within our sphere of influence.


    3.9 Fight against drugs and doping We want to play a pioneering role in the fi ght against drugs and doping in sport. We are strictly against drugs and all doping practices.


    3.10 Zero tolerance of bribery and corruption We reject and condemn all forms of bribery and corruption.


    3.11 No betting or manipulation We do not take part in betting connected with football and do not tolerate any form of manipulation or unlawful influencing of match results.

  15. Cultsbhoy



    Pal.. Ah know that you Are a Smart Cookie, because ye know the Difference


    between a Loaf and An Elephant..



    and Because of that..



    Ah wid Hiv Nae qualms.. Oan sending you oot fur An Elephant.


    Fur… ye widnae bring me Back a Loaf,instead~



    Ah wiz really no talking tae YOU ,per se..in Ma Last Submission, tae You..



    Ah wiz jist ..









    Ah dae that.. and Ah Apologise tae you ,pal..



    fur.. well.. Daeing that.



    Ach.. We are awe sufferin’ fae the Same Thing.. jist noo..oan here



    It’s Called..



    Celtic Match Day. With-Drawal!



    It always shows up oan the Blog. .. during These days o’ Boredom and Ennui..


    Which Mak up the Fourteen Days of International Break.



    Ah hate it.



    Chiefly, because.. Ah miss the Excitement that Ma Weekly Fix of Looking Forward tae..and Watching, Ma Team at the week end..or bettah still..oan a Week Day…



    Two Weeks withoot Ma Medicine..



    Kin Get me Doon in the Dumps…and Ah don’t like being in the dumps..



    And ..Well.. that’s whit this Forum is Strugglin wi’… right at this MINUTE..



    Jist whit tae talk aboot .. Fur awe they Good Guys are no Different fae Me..



    They are Also.. Weltering, in A Brown Study!( Whit?…e)








    How tae Pass those Dreadful Fourteen Days of The “Dumps”.



    Ach.. Ah Hivta go noo..






    Nice Chattin






  16. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on



    BSR… Spot on. The opportunity to deliver the fatal double tap to the head of Oldco was never taken ..



    I regret this every day I read and listen to their bile and psychophancy ..

  17. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    Far from expert on this,but is the resolution valid if presented differently from its original form?



    Could they use that as a means of disallowing it on the day?

  18. Big Happy Monday To My Dear Friend…Kojo$



    Legend Of The Vegas Strip….



    Last Of The ‘Rat Pack’……



    The Man Who Was ‘Stunt’ And ‘Body’ Double For Gene Kelly….



    For The Dance Sequences In “Singing In The Rain”…..



    Your Faith That Amido Balde Will Come Good Is Touching…..



    He Might Be Composed Of India Rubber…



    But He Appears To Lack Basic Ball Skills..



    He Is A ‘S-T-R-E-T-C-H’ Version Of Bang-Bang Bangura…..



    Or A Non-English Speaking Version Of Chris Killen……



    $$ Ah Will Remind You That Chris Killen Scored 15 Goal In 25 Appearances For Hibs…..



    Many After Coming On As A Substitute…



    In The Season Before He Moved To Celtic…



    Where He Scored The Grand Total Of Two Goals…..



    In 26 Games,Over 3 Seasons….



    [ TSD….Remember He Scored The Last Minute Winner Agin’ The Livingston..


    Mind !…..Ed]



    It Appears That Celtic Did Not Read His ‘User’s Manual’……



    And Failed To Keep Him Topped Up Wi’ WD40……..



    However,Remedying Amido’s Malfunctions May Not Be So Straightforward…?



    Yer Pal….Who Always Thinks Ye’re $well

  19. Che (Standing Beside Wee Oscar)


    16:51 on


    14 October, 2013


    canamalar prays Oscar can do it again



    email sent to computershare asking when the online proxy was closed,




    For your info.


    I tried on evening of 12th October and it was closed.

  20. Paul 67


    This being the case i.e” the board took this as far as they could” and still UEFA were not interested to review the actions of the SFA, then the game is finished , this mob will get away with anything even when evidence exsisits in bundles.


    The SFA must be forced to recruit refs from outside associations with no interest in the outcome of games here otherwise will they get away with knobbling refs.


    Your last line of getting out of here is the only way the game has a future with Celtic in it.

  21. Auldheid,


    In a day of some high excitement on here maybe you missed my questions to you at 15.18 today (page 3)


    Basically suggesting that each board member be sent your excellent crystal meth article ahead of the AGM.


    They can then either answer by letter or on the day whether they think your analysis is incorrect or not.If so,why? If they cannot find fault in your argument,why don’t they support the resolution?


    The question of whether CFCB have been approached by Celtic FC should also be asked imo as,if they haven’t wouldn’t that contradict the notion that all avenues had been tried and exhausted.


    There is also the matter of relevant “new” evidence in the form of Charlotte fakes revelations re Mr Regan and his draft press release which RFC told him to withhold (which he did) and the subsequent cosy dinner with Ogilvie,Regan,Whyte and Russell.Shouldn’t this be sufficient grounds for CFC to re-open their interest?


    What do you think?


    As a matter of interest and having dealt with you on numerous occasions on this matter,I can honestly say I have never doubted your integrity or saw your quest as being motivated by anything other than wishing to see fair play.


    Best Regards



  22. Che (Standing Beside Wee Oscar) on

    the sentiment of “us getting out of here” is one which im sure the vast majority of us agree with, but….IF UEFA have been and indeed continue to be complicit in this cheating then it matters not a jot what league we play in, the game is corrupt.


    Game over.

  23. Paul 67 et al



    What we have here is a failure to communicate…



    And the ever present influence of poppycock.



    Roll on the Tangled Web Weaving.

  24. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    17:28 on 14 October, 2013



    Just cos its your job ..it dont make it right boss




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