This, my friends in Celtic, is what you call a journey


The heat was suffocating, it was 35° and city was heaving.  On the long walk out of town some enterprising locals were selling water or cola to the increasingly dehydrated caravan of people.  I passed a few, not willing to succumb to extortionate opportunism, but soon gave in.

I walked into an orange tree earlier that day.  Caught between taking directions from a policeman and setting off in a new direction I’d overlooked the towering obstacle a yard in front of me.  There’d been a spring in my step, I must have bounced into the bark.  Trees are hard.  I fell.

The return journey was made in the cool of the night.  For the first few miles we were a uniformed flow of humanity but eventually the crowd thinned.  We walked through residential streets with locals at their doors and windows.  They applauded as we passed.  Few of us are ever part of something substantial enough that uninvolved observers openly applaud you.  Such memories endure.

I’d an early rise and a long drive with a full car ahead the next day.  The bedroom was packed, floor space was given over to spare bedding, the hotels must have shipped mattresses in from a hundred kilometres radius, so with the others in the bar, I took myself off for a shower.

I met a German couple in the elevator.  “Are you disappointed?” the woman asked.  “No, we played well and were beaten by a good team.”  It was the perfect answer.  These people must have been horrified when they noticed the throng which would dominate their trip, but they’d become part of the story, part of the throng.  The answer was honestly given, although disappointment would come later.  I went on, “We lost a minor cup final nine years ago, that was real disappointment”.

I surprised myself by what my memory spontaneously threw up when asked about disappointment.  Looking back now, that minor cup final is no more than a touchstone, and indicator of where we were before the Generation of Domination got underway.  It’s lost its power to inflict negative emotion.  If I met the German couple once more I could again tell them I wasn’t disappointed with that day in the blistering heat.  It’s one of my proudest memories, and we soon learned we were beaten, narrowly, by a great team.

This, my friends in Celtic, is what you call a journey.

I spoke to fan liaison manager John Paul Taylor yesterday and mentioned I’d not renewed my season ticket yet.  I promised him I would today and that I’d pass the message on.  Deadline is tomorrow, after that people can ask for a move into your seat.  Consider yourself reminded!  We walk the next mile of the journey soon, with hope in our hearts, as always.

Many thanks to those who donated to Mary’s Meals yesterday, and to Magners.  The money raised in one day alone will feed over 30 of the world’s poorest school children for a year.

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    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    12:09 on 21 May, 2015





    Was she undercover? That’s great news,mate. Get herself back to yer favourite love-nest restaurant for a slap-up celebration!



    Call you tomorrow,bud.

  2. Last post on previous thread


    From BBC


    Fifa: Sepp Blatter’s rival Michael van Praag out of election



    Fifa presidential candidate Michael van Praag has withdrawn from the election, leaving only two people rivalling the incumbent Sepp Blatter.


    Van Praag, 67, who is president of the Dutch football federation, says he will support Prince Ali Bin Al-Hussein of Jordan in the election on 29 May.


    Former Portugal midfielder Luis Figo, 42, is the third man in the election.


    Blatter, 79, is expected to win a fifth presidential term and remain in charge of world football’s governing body.


    Each of Fifa’s 209 member associations have a vote in the election with the Football Association intending to support Prince Ali, although the Scottish FA had previously said they would back Van Praag.

  3. Steinreignedsupreme on

    South Of Tunis 11:59 on 21 May, 2015



    Watched Ra Bomber turn a walk across the concourse of Glasgow Central into the Magical Mystery Tour – this was about three o’clock on a Friday afternoon.



    Absolutely hammered, to the point his mouth was almost in a natural position rather than on the side of his face.

  4. I never saw the McDonald sending off, so I’m assuming that the compliance officer has, and is saying that maybe the fourth official was being a little economicall with the truth, well, well, the Apple doesent fall to far from the firkin tree does it?


    Dirty little rat bag B…..d. Scum bag and an apprentice wrong yin. Level playing field my arse.


    aw naw,we gonnae get BOMBER PISHED OOT EES SKULL stories for the rest of the day.




  6. WeefratheTim on




    I hope this doesn’t mean yer branching out.



    Weefra HH praying to Wee Oscar.

  7. Neustadt-Braw on

    dinae forget Hoopy P67………….cheeky I know ….



    I spoke to fan liaison manager John Paul Taylor yesterday and mentioned I’d not renewed my season ticket yet. I promised him I would today and that I’d pass the message on.





  8. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    11:46 on 21 May, 2015




  9. Paul67



    If you are speaking to JP Taylor any time soon I had sent the Ticket Office a mail regarding a solution for a season ticket for me and the Bhoy and they haven;t got back to me yet. It would be a new ST holder so expect a response after current holders get there but if you want the details please let me know. Shared them previously before. Just a gentle reminder for another response would be appreciated. I think if they can work something out on that front it could help a lot of punters in my shoes out and the club.


    I don;t work Friday’s from next month so me and the Bhoy will be making a trip through soon to the TO.







  10. angelgabriel



    09:24 on 21 May, 2015



    The Sportsound podcast reveals the mind set of a true blue.


    If you ask a relevant question of why King was granted access to the throne or even some transparency on the decision making process then your basically a Rangers hater in their eyes.


    A built-in sense of superiority prevailed.


    Bomber is aggressive and rude.


    We pay a license fee for the privilege of listening to a guy you wouldn’t share a pint with.


    As for Gary Ralston…..he who speaks from the heart. His heed is empty.


    Level5 puppet.


    They know their audience.


    Think Bomber.





    Is Resolution12 our last chance to prevent insanity ?


    Have a nice one.HH




    The last voice of the “free” in the SMSM…died when Gerry McNee hung-up his pen…the week after the huns wrecked the Manchester.


    Since then…it’s been a laptop-loyal love-in.


    The last remaining “Tim” in the media – Hugh Keevins – was banned from Celtic Park for ‘daring’ to portray the Celtic hierarchy in a true light….a light which would portray them as the money-grabbers that they are.


    Alas…Keevins got the Parnell treatment from the collusive Celtic board.


    Various ‘plants’ on here would circle the wagons to have you believe otherwise…the same ‘plants’ who will try to insult your inteligence and convince you that, Celtic’s hierarchy are ‘not’ looking the other way whilst every trick in the black-magic-box is being employed to get the huns back into the same league as Celtic.


    The same ‘plants’ who’ll try to further, insult your intelligence by, trying to brow-beat you into agreeing with them that – ‘THIS’ – is the best time ever to be a Celtic supporter….whilst the stadium sits half-empty.`


    Know what else….the best and, only way that Timdom would have seen the huns having true justice delivered….the Hugh Keevins method.


    HK suggested that, the huns shouldn’t have been put out of the SPL in the 1st place but….should have been retained with a fixed-penalty of having to play each season with a 25 point deficit until “ALL” of the £140 million was paid back in full!!!


    Now…think about that for 1 min…how many League titles in a row would Celtic have won had that been the case….?


    Me….I think that, Keevins’s old-twisted-Celtic-hurting-Tim-mind…wanted to ensure that he’d die happy.


    Ah mean just imagine it…all those League titles in a row(including hun-skelpings)…WOW!!!


    And, not just that…think of all the skelpings that the huns would have got off all the other teams……WOW, just WOW!!!!


    And, further still….all those skelpings….AND….having to pay back….”ALL” the money that they stole!!!!


    I say….with a nind like that…Hugh Keevins should have been appointed Celtic FC’s official ORACLE-HUN-SKELPER-EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!


    But…alas…this SB-renewal period is Celtic supporters last chance to save the entire game.


    So, what will it be….roll-up and give yer money to a kow-towing board who’ll look the other way whilst your being cheated….?


    Or,…meekly-head-bowed-take-your-seat-at-the -back-of-the-bus….?


    That’s it….oot.

  11. Saw Ronnie last night in a restaurant in Glasgow, out with one of his daughters it looked like.



    Didn’t interrupt his evening other than to say ‘enjoy Sunday’ as he was leaving, he was kind enough to say ‘thank you’ in return.



    I would say to you all ‘enjoy Sunday’ and lets have a good old Celtic party !

  12. This article depresses me.



    It is just a stark reminder of how far we have fallen.



    Unless we get into the EPL Celtic will never reach these standards again.



    The current Celtic side is within budget ,but our budget now only allows us to target very mediocre and unproven players .



    Celtic are my team ,but I find it very hard driving in the slow lane.




  13. “Hugh Keevins – was banned from Celtic Park for ‘daring’ to portray the Celtic hierarchy in a true light”



    That’s a lie, the no mark was banned for being lower than a slug and dissing a true Celtic hero.



    Didn’t read the rest of the rant, that just caught the eye.

  14. TinyTim


    12:57 on


    21 May, 2015





    Often thought about Milan beating us narrowly (in Milan) a few years ago on their way to the CL final.


    If we had had a scorer of goals that night it could have been us………….It’s a game of fine margins at times.


    We can do it again, I really believe that, we need to have a type of football to play that others can’t cope with.

  15. From Twitter…



    RRFC Official @RaithRovers_FC · 53m 53 minutes ago


    The formal naming ceremony for the Turnbull Hutton Stand will take place on Wed 22 July when we face Celtic XI in a friendly, KO 7.45pm

  16. Geordie Munro on




    Whodathunk back in ’94 we’d be in a European final within 10 years?

  17. tonydonnelly67



    12:52 on 21 May, 2015



    More ravings from Jeanette Findlys pimp :)






    LOL. He’s CQN’s very own Bomber Broon.

  18. West End of East End on

    Auldheid – Since you’re on, I’ve just listened to the podcast with Tom English, Jim Spence and Brown, do you think that attitudes are changing and that Res 12 will be spoken openly between journo’s now looking for transparency from the SFA ? From reading your previous I’m assuming that they are some of the journo’s who have seen a copy …..

  19. Still great memories of Seville 12 years on. One of the best Celtic experiences of my life. Just imagine what it would have been like if we had won! I firmly believe only the Celtic support could react to a defeat in such a way and recognise the occasion for what it was – a unique gathering of the Celtic family from all over the world in a Spanish city. An occasion which has now become part of Celtic folklore.

  20. So Damien Dallas’ testimony fails to convict Skippy.



    Oh Damien, you little LIAR.

  21. themaestro72 on

    “I spoke to fan liaison manager John Paul Taylor yesterday and mentioned I’d not renewed my season ticket yet. I promised him I would today and that I’d pass the message on. Deadline is tomorrow, after that people can ask for a move into your seat.”



    I sent my renewal pack in 3 weeks ago and it still hasn’t been dealt with yet due to “high level of forms still to process”. If I haven’t heard by end of next week I’ve to get in touch again.



    If I’m moved seat me and the kids won’t be happy.

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