Thistle: every dog has its day


A lot of water has flowed since September, when Celtic eliminated Partick Thistle from the League Cup.  Celtic went on to win the Cup and claim their 10th successive trophy, topped their Europa League group, but slipped last time out, Thistle have dropped into the play-off position, second bottom of the Championship.

Despite this, tomorrow’s Scottish Cup opponents beat second placed Inverness home and away since they lost 5-0 at Celtic Park and recorded a win a Dens.  So they are a team who can get their act together on occasion.

Celtic should be in peak condition after the winter break.  Firhill is a ground most of the team will be familiar with, the only note of caution will be our performance against Dunfermline at Celtic Park in August.  Dunfermline are only three points ahead of Partick but took Celtic to extra time in this season’s League Cup, the only side in four seasons of domestic cup football to be level at the end of normal time.

Thistle, on the other hand, are likely to remember what happened when they faced Jock Stein’s Celtic in the 1971 League Cup Final.  Every dog has its day.

It will be good to see our former player, Kenny Miller in a Thistle shirt, the fourth Glasgow team he’s represented.

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  1. One more sleep!


    On the Morelos card thing, has anyone seen anything that’s more official than the article in The Sun? Is it still possible that the SFA or whoever will dismiss the story and say there was no such “3rd card”? I wouldn’t expect our Board to issue any comment solely on a newspaper article. On the other hand, if a card was issued and was confirmed in the referee’s report (I assume both clubs get a copy if that) then why the complete silence?



  2. Wonder where the Jags`players trained for the last couple of weeks? We want to see the benefits of all that holiday and vitamin D money reflected on the park.

  3. Another Blackadder pencils up the nose article, getting cheated every week and we get a Rory Bremner type line about Kenny Misser ffs

  4. Just read CBN’s report on the forward line. Really interesting and fuel for thought on those, like me, who’ve advocated moving Bayo on loan.



    Actually feck it, let’s play a top 3 of Eddie, Polish Paddy and Bayo for the 2nd half of the season. I’m in.

  5. Another Morelos mystery.See al these clubs “Scouting him interested in him,considering an offer for him”,from the EPL to China,where do they all go to when the transfer window opens ?


    Feeling great I get to see the Hoops tomorrow.Feeling slightly ashamed,I might look in on the Huns tonight hoping for injuries.My bad.

  6. Celtic should not have to say anything about the punishment to other players. It’s the sfa’s job to step up, if they don’t do their job there should be an independent (outside scotland) panel set up to look into such issues.







    I have no doubt any other governing body looking at some of the incidents would act accordingly. It does not take that long to review the behaviour that took place and to take action. A yellow card after the game for inciting violence having been sent off for 2 prior yellow card, aye ok champ.







    The rule makers need checks and balances too and if they are not doing the job then they need replaced by others who will. Celtic would not need to address this if the sfa were doing its job. If I were celtic I would be loathed to step in cause then it becomes about them vs. us rather than the main issue which is poor govern of the game.







    Ps if we have a compliance officer s/he should be writing a report about all significant incidents during a game and brought to task if there is any inconsistencies in that report I.e. s/he does not get to pick and choose which violent acts/ assaults s/he brings into the report rather it is his/ her job to bring all in and offer reason why action should/ should not be taking otherwise it’s a pick and mix. Also if action is taken at the time by referee that should not be the end of the matter. If it is clear that it’s worth reviewing again then it should be. The notion that a bad decision should be allowed to stand because it was seen during the game is stupid. If I got done with assault then the guy died would it be unfair to change the charge to murder? I know extreme example but there you go.






  7. Jobo,


    Was saying the same end of last blog.Finding it hard to believe.The Sun I mean,not that the SPFL could botch a cover up.

  8. There was a strong rumour, that the wee ugly had kicked Christie in the baws after the game and that Kennedy subsequently decked the wee clown. However that was subsequently rubbished by Kennedy who said there was no incident whatever.


    Now the Sun has come out with the 3 card trick story, if it’s true it has to be called out and an investigation held, but are we jumping the gun, there has been nothing official yet from any source so maybe we shouldn’t go ballistic yet.

  9. JOBO



    It looks like a planted story. They’ve been in overdrive trying to control the narrative (to use a hackneyed phrase) ever since it happened.



    One story in one tabloid, nothing from anyone else and an immediate comment from them telling the world that it is now finished.



    It strikes me that they’re trying to either bully the SFA and the referees or showing them an easy route out.



    Could be wrong.

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    So if P67 is ignoring it it’s either made up shite or he’s waiting for direction

  11. The chances that Alfredo Morelos put Ryan Christie in hospital and nobody has spoken about it is 0%



    Made up stories

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on



    CQN has a piece today, see the sidebar at the rhs of this page.


    I assume this article has Celtic Board approval.



  13. Maybe Morelos did get a third yellow. Maybe it was for the fracas in the tunnel, that never happened (?). And maybe it’s being conflated with the throat slitting gesture.



    Reporter: Did you give Morelos another yellow card after the game had ended?


    Clancy: Yes


    Reporter: Thanks, that’s my article verified.

  14. CaddingtonCommon on




    Re your analogy regarding an assault charge being changed to murder charge.


    There is legal precedent for this provide there is evidence the subsequent death was attributable to the assault injuries.


    Hail Hail

  15. Based on the laws of the game posted by someone in the previous thread, the throat-slitting gesture sits firmly in the red card category.

  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Cheers, apparently P67 has confirmed it or has had it confirmed going on his opening sentence.



    So it’s just not very important would appear to be the direction

  17. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Celtic Start reporting that Ismaila Soro is flying to Glasgow today




  18. The Celtic Blog shows a picture of moreloss and Willie Collum and says the game was 4 weeks ago.

  19. From FatherPaul_Stone



    Can you even book a player after he’s been sent off? https://twitter.com/scotsunsport/status/1217937141310939136



    Reply from Owensyboy



    @FrPaul_Stone @stephenmartin27 Obviously even after Clair whyte says she was still looking into it on January 5th. Liars



    From FrPaul_Stone



    Celtic need to take the SFA to task for this.



    Compliance officer on the 5th Jan days they’re looking into it.



    Referee “forgets” he gave a yellow card until the 16th Jan?



    🤥 https://twitter.com/owensybhoy0/status/1218139230955884546



    They said we were paranoid.



    The last 10 years have only shown we haven’t been paranoid enough.



    This Morelos business is proof the SFA has no shame and will do anything to see their Sevco survive. https://twitter.com/frpaul_stone/status/1218140611506778117

  20. Referee Graham Poll was laughed out if football for giving 3 yellow cards to same guy in a WC game

  21. Do we know if Kent received a retrospective yellow for his equally inflammatory gesture or do we have to wait till next month?

  22. A year or so back I posted that the club should grow a “Fergus McCann” pair and intimate that they intend to issue the regulatory 2 year notice to resign from the SPFL ( i.e. now in summer 2022 and before the end of this league season).


    This should sharpen the attention of all member clubs plus the SPFL and SFA. We could not rescind this but the membership can invite us back.


    Failing that, DD in FAI and PL across Europe have powerful links and could we see a fundamental change in the football landscape with us playing in another association.


    The gnashing of teeth emanating from club Finance Directors And increased sales of Imodium would surely force someone’s hand ?


    Just a thought …

  23. CADDINGTONCOMMON on 17TH JANUARY 2020 12:44 PM Stephbhoy



    Re your analogy regarding an assault charge being changed to murder charge.



    There is legal precedent for this provide there is evidence the subsequent death was attributable to the assault injuries.



    Hail Hail






    legal preceden is set by case law, problem with sfa is they don’t use previous cases to judge future cases hence the inconsistency witnessed every time they decide to make a decision. This leaves a lots of grey areas to make decisions they want rather than decisions based on fact. Or in other words they have a systems that gives them an unquestionable monopoly on all decisions they make, based on individuals interpretation of events and that is just wrong.



    If brown had done what more or less done at ibrox he would have been sent off 3 times over, kick on christie, his yellow cards and inciting violence with threatening behaviour.



    Also is there not some sort of time limit on the actions because that’s been several weeks and nothing from the sfa, while said organisation has managed to bring others in for retrospective punishment?




  24. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    I suppose we can’t blame the board for not upsetting their business plan to maximize income, regardless of the implications for the game and supporters who should be used to the back of the bus anyway.


    Please make yourselves comfortable

  25. Celtic40me. None as far as I can see. Just the initial Sun story & Celtic Fan sites.


    I know the SFA are a law into themselves but this is a bit crazy even for them.


    Personally I’ll hold my counsel until this is either confirmed or denied.

  26. KINGLUBO on 17TH JANUARY 2020 1:21 PM


    Any news on Sporar please. If Lubo says he’s good, that’s good enough for me






    Away to Sporting Lisbon

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