Thistle: every dog has its day


A lot of water has flowed since September, when Celtic eliminated Partick Thistle from the League Cup.  Celtic went on to win the Cup and claim their 10th successive trophy, topped their Europa League group, but slipped last time out, Thistle have dropped into the play-off position, second bottom of the Championship.

Despite this, tomorrow’s Scottish Cup opponents beat second placed Inverness home and away since they lost 5-0 at Celtic Park and recorded a win a Dens.  So they are a team who can get their act together on occasion.

Celtic should be in peak condition after the winter break.  Firhill is a ground most of the team will be familiar with, the only note of caution will be our performance against Dunfermline at Celtic Park in August.  Dunfermline are only three points ahead of Partick but took Celtic to extra time in this season’s League Cup, the only side in four seasons of domestic cup football to be level at the end of normal time.

Thistle, on the other hand, are likely to remember what happened when they faced Jock Stein’s Celtic in the 1971 League Cup Final.  Every dog has its day.

It will be good to see our former player, Kenny Miller in a Thistle shirt, the fourth Glasgow team he’s represented.

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  1. White dog hunch







    Not SFA rule. Laws say 2 yellows = red. Another card whether yellow or red can still be given after the sending off as is Morelos case.


    If he had punched someone in way off he would have received his second red card. Ref thought the cut throat gesture only worth a yellow.


    I would have given a 2nd red.

  2. Scenario…


    the next game v Sevco, they get a corner right in front of the Celtic support. Their player is faced with at LEAST 20 or 30 Celtic fans at the front opf the away section, giving the Manky Hun ” Cut Throat and Bullet in the head” gestures.



    The Manky home fans are OUTRAGED…so much so that the Cops dive into the Celtic support and arrest 6 or 7 Celtic fans.


    The Celtic fans appear in Court and their defending Counsel “CITES” the previous behaviour/gestures by Morelos and Kent ( who have NOT been punished), and claim that they did NOTHING more ( or less) than what those two Huns did at Celtic park on Dec. 29th 2019.



    The Judge and the Court are baffled…..so they decide NOT to punish the 6 or 7 Celtic fans and they walk free from Court…however their Parents get Fined by the Court for not ensuring that their offspring behaved themselves ?



    In this scenario above…. That is what has happened Today….Total corruption that makes the SFA LOOK to outsiders as having DEALT with matters, whilst all the while Sevco get a small fine…and BOTH OFFENDERS are Free to play…SIMPLES !



    I WANT ALL Celtic supporters and Neil Lennon and ALL his coaching staff etc…..to make the very same “gestures” at the next game at Ipox….ESPECIALLY after we have scored and/or won the game !



    I cant express how pissed off I am with all of this and the silence from the Celtic Board since Dec 2019.


    IF those “gestures” had been made by some Celtic supporters inside Celtic Park ( especially the GB)….towards any Hun player etc…..Celtic would have been under severe pressure to BAN those Celtic fans for life etc !



    Pissed 0ff CSC.



  3. Time Celtic brought in the big barrister from London – the one they used to protect Broonie last year with the Italian sounding name. And why didn’t they use him for Ryan.


    Asleep at the wheel doesn’t cover it – time to find reverse gear, find full steam ahead and get our dignity back. ( excuse the mixed metaphors)

  4. weebobbycollins on

    A cowardly disgrace…


    Lawwell said Maxwell and Mulraney were good guys…


    Why the fear?

  5. Macjay there is no 3rd booking or equivalent within SFA regulations…this is a mass squirrel that our compliant/non-investigative journalists swallow swallow up



    The BBC has not been fit for purpose for a long time…they no longer report news…their editing of the 1st Johnson/Corbyn debate on ITV shows this…they changed a background laugh at a Johnson comment to applause




  6. Is the SFA` s response definitely to do with the players or is it more to do with the behaviour of their (Huns) coaching staff?

  7. Apologises for the very POOR Scenario that I posted a few minutes ago, but I am so pissed off that I cant even think straight.


    As other posters have stated….This

  8. I hadnt really seen the Morelos throat slitting gesture (even though I was there) until I just watched it on STV news. That clip showed him doing it twice. I wondered if I was mistaken and found a clip on the Web, where I can see he actually does it four times. I don’t wear green coloured specs and like others, I despair at our lack of combatting the propaganda war against us. We’re not even in the ring. Let’s get back to blowing everyone away on the park, starting tomorrow. A wee psychological lift on the transfer front (which we achieved last year) would help.

  9. Sorry…



    The SFA decisions Today are just simply CORRUPT etc…to make sure that no hun player is suspended…while giving their employer a token fine.



  10. Big jimmy


    No need to apologise. I liked this analogy `…however their Parents get Fined by the Court for not ensuring that their offspring behaved themselves….`


    Very good . :-)))


    Keep on keeping on.

  11. Big Jimmy – So good to see you still posting whilst awaiting your decision/next move. You’re a brave mhan. I’m sure BT will be in touch. Meanwhile,keep sticking it to the hun- you know it makes sense.

  12. Sevco and the sfa are a joke together they combine to make a bad joke. Surprised by the recent shite? not at all the only surprise is it took so long to come up with such a poor plan.



    I don’t care if the ref saw it and dealt with it, clearly he did not deal with it at all. How a player can make such threats towards supporters in incite violence yet walk away with a yellow card, it is beyond me.



    Anyway, on the bright side it’s good to see the sfa started to favour other clubs outside rangers, ya zombie




  13. Good evening all, this is the opinion of a former SFA referee on social media.






    Several Notice of Complaints issued for this match as well as the New Year game. That some hangover Clare Whyte has had






    Let’s put this to bed as soon as Clancy clicked submit on the Scottish FA extranet for the New Year game. All disciplinary is submitted from him. Both clubs have instant access to this information that he submitted. He or no one else can change it as soon as submit button pressed.



    My response to this is let’s be having them Celtic.

  14. BigBhoy at 5:11


    You mention Brian Wilson as a director to either take on the ftSFA or join the cabal to change from within. Brian made his name as an investigative journalist and I would love it if he returned to his roots. I fear, however, that his time in mainstream politics has diluted his natural stance against injustice but I would love to be proved wrong. Still a good guy in my books.

  15. Embramike – thanks for reply.



    In all my time watching and playing football when younger at Amateur, Junior and semi pro I have never seen it or heard of it.



    Has it ever been used in Profesional football where there is more responsibility on players to set good examples??? Question is to anyone, has anyone seen this rule used in pro football?






    D. :)

  16. Good evening, friends.


    Much as it pains me to say it, there looks to be a very healthy attendance in Govan tonight.

  17. fixed it




    Much as it pains me to say it, there looks to be a very ugly attendance in Govan tonight.

  18. In any other country the commentators would try to talk up the minnows and encourage an upset. Not in tonight’s Scottish Cup fare where its like watching Sevco TV. Was going to bet Stranraer at +4 goals (5/4) and starting to wish I had.


    Sevco will win. But perhaps not by the margin that their ugly followers expected.

  19. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Don’t know where to start with this latest farce, but never


    mind i’m sure our clubs custodians are all over it.


    Aren’t they ??????




    As you know Paddymac was in a similar situation to yourself, and


    you’ve both had a torrid time of it, he’s had his triple byepass and


    now in recovery, and although there’s still some after effects he’s


    hoping to catch up with our bhoys this coming Sunday down the




    As others who have had a similar op have told you on here, you’ll be


    like a new mhan and those sprightly ghirls down in ye aul Shipbank


    better have their skates on lol.


    Best of luck.


    H.H . Mick

  20. Jobo


    `… there looks to be a very healthy attendance in Govan tonight.`


    Perhaps not the adjective I would have used but the Huns DO, IMO, attract thousands more to this type of game than we would. I suppose it is a result of their desperation for success and and our growing sense of expectancy.

  21. Melbourne Mick on

    Quite like that ” Ugly attendance of huns ”


    A new collective term for thems he he he


    H.H . Mick

  22. Haven’t read back so forgive me if it’s been covered…



    Can anyone EVER remember a player being booked after being red carded?


    I’ve seen players receiving another red but never an additional yellow.



    Have we ever found out abour an in the tunnel booking 3 weeks after the fixture?


    Especially in such a high profile game.



    The charge against sevco as a club is a squirrel imo.


    They’ll be fined 20k ( which will just be subtracted from their end of season money).



    This is absolutely astonishing and a brilliant result for sevco.


    They are skint beyond belief and are desperate to even get £5m for this eejit.



    Before anyone blames Celtic n PL…. WTF are the other clubs saying about this?



    Dougie-dougie-gate was down to individuals but this is Jim Traynor bullying the whole of Scottish football.



    I DON’T want Celtic as a vlub matching these crackpots statement for statement for a million reasons but we must now have a vehicle that we as fans have a vehicle to question this continual sh*te….. Something like club 1782 or whatever they’re called do but obviously without the hysteria and inflammation.



    The press would print it.


    The papers are given directives and then are allowed to run n run n run with it.



    Kevin Clancy better be sure about this.

  23. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    It happened at Celtic Park the threats were aimed at Celtic supporters.

  24. Scaniel



    I met Brian in the security at GLA a couple of years back after a game. I didn’t recognize him at first but I had the Hoops on so he was asking me about the game. Same craic as any fan



    Great guy but Labour guys are not wanted in the UK any more. Especially Scotland



    I’ll have one more crack in the upcoming Irish election but Western Europe isn’t interested in Socialism any more. USA all the way. Sad

  25. Stranraer, quite afew points adrift of the team second bottom of the third tier of Scottish football, kept Sevco without a goal for 44 minutes. Perhaps those among our support who just expect us to steamroll over nearly all Scottish opposition will learn something from this. People don`t get to play at professional/sem- professional level unless they are much better than the vast majority of amateur players. Sevco MIGHT go on to score a handful but that doesn`t invalidate my comment ( IMO, of course).

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