Thistle: every dog has its day


A lot of water has flowed since September, when Celtic eliminated Partick Thistle from the League Cup.  Celtic went on to win the Cup and claim their 10th successive trophy, topped their Europa League group, but slipped last time out, Thistle have dropped into the play-off position, second bottom of the Championship.

Despite this, tomorrow’s Scottish Cup opponents beat second placed Inverness home and away since they lost 5-0 at Celtic Park and recorded a win a Dens.  So they are a team who can get their act together on occasion.

Celtic should be in peak condition after the winter break.  Firhill is a ground most of the team will be familiar with, the only note of caution will be our performance against Dunfermline at Celtic Park in August.  Dunfermline are only three points ahead of Partick but took Celtic to extra time in this season’s League Cup, the only side in four seasons of domestic cup football to be level at the end of normal time.

Thistle, on the other hand, are likely to remember what happened when they faced Jock Stein’s Celtic in the 1971 League Cup Final.  Every dog has its day.

It will be good to see our former player, Kenny Miller in a Thistle shirt, the fourth Glasgow team he’s represented.

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  1. Sipsini,



    Certain Iconic songs.






    The ole Sunshine Was Bright.



    Keep the Faith…… not talking about Celtic.



    The 2 Popes is a Good Movie.



    Noone knows Anything but everyone realises wrong from right.



    LOVE is the actual LAW.



    Allow it.

  2. AN TEARMANN on 17TH JANUARY 2020 7:35 PM


    Thanks for the link. It looks like the lad has had a rough recovery.


    Unfortunately I would be surprised if he sees any game time with us anytime this year..

  3. Aipple,


    Aird Tong? Had to google that one.


    Thought that I might have been chased by them in the seventies. 😂


    Never been there before – Ole Hebcelt’s neck of the woods.


    Hope you’re well my friend.



  4. MELBOURNE MICK on 17TH JANUARY 2020 8:36 PM




    Cheers Mick and thank you for your good wishes etc.


    Please pass on my Best Wishes to PADDY.









    Thanks mate, but I am not a “Brave” man…..although I did once eat a ” After Eight” Mint at 6.30 !




  5. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Great day out today, lovely wee drive and a visit to Gumbuya World


    with our wee Celtic family.


    It’s a huge park with the usual waterslides, wavepools, dodgems, roller


    coasters and a wildlife adventure section which wee Grace was keen to


    go to first and hug a Koala.


    Sun shining 26 degs ,a few Coybigs from fellow hoopies and then it went


    pearshaped, just because we had seen a hairy pigfaced Wombat, a long


    nosed Tasmanian Devil, and a ferocious sharp tusked Boar, so wee Grace


    said ” what will we see now Papa?


    And i just happened to let slip ” maybe a wee rat faced hun darling so be


    careful ”


    The princess is still not talking


    Wimmen eh?


    H.H . Mick

  6. Celtic “Gestures”…


    Tonights cup tie v Thistle could provide us with the perfect opportunity to really the “Test the waters” in relation to the Corrupt SFA.


    IF/WHEN Celtic score I want our goalscorer to do a “Kent”, and see the reaction of the Maryhill Mob.


    Likewise, if/When Celtic are winning and we make a substitution, I want to see our Player coming off, giving the Thistle fans the “Cut throat Gestures”.



    Lets put this to the test TONIGHT, if we are in those positions to do so.


    Surely the ONLY action the Ref can take is to yellow card our player(s) for doing the “Cut Throat Crap”….but then again….did Ref Clancy REALLY give Morelos that Phantom Third Yellow Card” ?



  7. Good morning CQN from a cold Garngad



    COYBIG – I am hearing story’s Forrest and Ajer injured???



    Anyone know anything?



    Grandkids just turned up, so must dash hail hail to all.



    D. :)

  8. Gerrard was surprised by the timing of the citation – coming weeks after both fixtures – but will allow the club’s hierarchy to “deal” with it.




    He added: “The club will deal with them and we’ll accept anything that’s going to come our way.



    “I’m a bit surprised by the timing of it and how long it’s taken, but that’s the way it is.”






    See the huns general lack of self awareness has rubbed off on Gerrard.




  9. Or being cute talking in critical terms about something that will have no effect on his players.



    Shameless FC.




  10. Good morning, friends and Happy Matchday from a suddenly, worryingly, very dark cloud covered east Kilbride. And here was I expecting a nice pleasant, dry ParkRun. We’ll see….

  11. Were the Stranraer fans subjected to ANY Gun to the head or Cut Throat Gestures when the Huns scored last night, or when a Hun player was being substituted……………….or are those “Gestures” ONLY aimed at the Celtic support ?



  12. Mustn’t run – Strathclyde ParkRun cancelled as too icy. Which is annoying as I could have beered up last night after all!

  13. Grandkids – Baby Layla sleeping and Rebel Riley in his room upstairs.😂😂😂



    Doing ma Granda bit before heading to pub at 3.30pm for game😂😂😂



    I was discussing away tickets with wee (7year old) Riley and him and his dad go to every home game and have been trying to get away tickets for league games all season to no avail.



    How the feck do you get an away ticket now a days.




    In my day you either joined an affiliated supporters club or started up your own and paid a fee to Celtic and would get an allocation, but I also remember standing in the pissing wind and rain at ticket office at CP for tickets and sometimes at the stadium etc.



    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  14. Collective names for the hun


    an Intrusion


    a Shiver


    a Fall


    an Unkindness


    A siege


    A risk

  15. Well Jobo. You can have one more sleep now, or a we nap on the recliner at least.


    Frosty here as well. I’m due to take my 2 youngest grand kids for a walk. Might stick ’em in the back of the car and take them for a drive instead, It’s all about improvising.

  16. CONEYBHOY on 17TH JANUARY 2020 9:11 PM






    I met Brian in the security at GLA a couple of years back after a game. I didn’t recognize him at first but I had the Hoops on so he was asking me about the game. Same craic as any fan



    Great guy but Labour guys are not wanted in the UK any more. Especially Scotland



    I’ll have one more crack in the upcoming Irish election but Western Europe isn’t interested in Socialism any more. USA all the way. Sad



    Coney,there is still a strong thread of socialism in Scotland.it is to deep and knowledgeable it just finds “Murdoch” friendly socialism(Blair at al) is not socialism.


    Brian is doing well with his part in the growth and regeneration of Harris Tweed,a gentleman indeed.




  17. -A ‘crimplene’ of Huns


    -A ‘sweat’of Huns


    -The failure


    – a ‘cheat’ of Huns


    -a ‘froth’ of self harm



    That’s a couple o seconds I’ll no get back lol




    Is the game on tv tonight.





    MATT STEWART……………………………………GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Today’s CQN Coupon from The Magnificent 7 ;-)


    Jobo – Arbroath


    BMCUWP – Rotherham


    GFTB – Lincoln


    LB – Bristol City


    Pog – Millwall


    AWATR – Swansea


    TET – Plymouth

  20. Too busy to post much lately but WTF is going on with this third yellow card thing?



    It feels like the season when levein called it out at Ibrox with his ‘what’s the point’ interview. Last time he said anything worthy of our respect. That was the high water mark of honest mistakery. It so sure their on field antics are there yet but the curious decisions off the park are nothing short of corrupt. The cutting short of games where we are cruising and looking to add to the goals for column, some very obvious penalties not given, the usual low threshold for booking our players as compared to others (the stats prove this), the high threshold for booking sevconians, the christie hypocrisy, the usual disrupting the flow of our games by blowing up for fouls far too often and so on.



    We are going to have to be very very good between now and May because any encouragement we offer the refs will be used to change the outcome of games. Gifts a plenty will go to Slippy G.



    We will win this league but we need to be totally united.



    Those in the know – what, if anything, are the employees of the club saying or doing to challenge this?

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