Those who live on in our hearts never die


Thousands will gather at Celtic Park and along the funeral cortege route this morning to pay their final respects to Billy McNeill.  My guess is that he will have met most of them at one point in his life.  He was available to at least three generations of Celtic fans.  Hundreds of thousands shook his hand, got an autograph or photo and listened to the great man talk about Stein, Jinky, Paul McStay, Seville or whatever the subject of the day was.

All the greats of the future will not have lived in our communities as kids, or remain here as they grow old.  They will fleet in and out our lives.

When we lost Jock Stein 34 years ago, we knew there would never be another like him.  The same is true of Billy.  We can hope and dream for European greatness again.  Nine-in-a-row will surely be ours soon, but it will never be the same.  There will never be another titan like Billy McNeill.

Those who live on in our hearts never die.

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  1. Tontine Tim on

    This last week is another in the tumultuous ones we’ve had this season, a season IMHO like no other.



    The week started with another game where blatant cheating, including serious assault and simulation both in the penalty box, took place.



    The following day the scorer again IMHO of the greatest and most important goal in our history left us for hopefully that other Paradise.



    We were then hit with a double whammy, in that dreadful game on December 29 where physical assaults, plural, took place with no retribution plus the mitb who went out that night laughing and joking celebrating in a hun pub is in charge for our crucial game tomorrow, then the scottish freemasons association have the audacity tae fine us for our players again being assaulted by trailer trash players in hun strips.



    After that, today we buried the greatest captain of our fine club in my lifetime.



    Hopefully, this time the morra we are once again 8-in-a-row champions, as the song says we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again.



    I truly hope we are not looking for that precious point in the bigot dome next week, if we are Broonie will be absent as he’ll have been red carded up at the pen.



    That truly would end the week in hades that we have suffered so far.



    Looking back, as I am want to do, in our honest and true niar years there were only 3 seasons when deidco didnae finish runners up, they were our 9th when it was the Hibbees who would also finish 2nd the following year and 2 years in succession the sheep.



    In the latter of those against the sheep we won by 10 points however it was a lot closer the season before.



    The sheep with only 2 games left for them were 3 points ahead of us (2 points for a win back then); we had 2 games in hand though. However, we lose and we cannae win the League, they can only throw it away.



    So with trepidation our support heads up tae the pen. At that time there were no major highways from the Glasgow area tae Aberdeen so this usually meant that supporters stayed the night travelling back down the following morning.



    I had 2 wee weans at the time and also a “great” job, you know the kind that offered 2 nights late, Saturday morning and Sunday shifts lol, so there was no way I was losing a bit of precious OT and making that journey.



    This was generally a trip for the young single supporters or older married men, one they usually relished and looked forward tae.



    This was a really really good sheep side which included, national team goalie Bobby Clark, future Celt Stevie Murray, upcoming manure captain and record signing Martin Buchan, former deidco cousins forrest and willoughby, Celtic minded Davie Robb and Arthur “bumper” Graham and Martin Buchan’s brother George who also played briefly for manure and on the bench “harpers a barrel”.



    They also had the 2nd best manager in the country, a more fiery and vociferous man than Jock who after his side had defeated us a year before, almost to the day, in Right Hun davidshun’s most disgraceful 90 minutes stated after Jock had been fined for his verbal attack on the airdrie hun at the end of the game, if it had been him it would have been at least twice that.



    Our form had been a bit iffy tying 3-3 with mid table Airdrie in the semis of the SC, although we won the replay 4 days later with a young KD at right half, and dropping a point at hame tae the our old adversaries the Arabs 3 days after that.



    As a young TT was heading out for his Saturday morning shift our huge travelling support made its way tae the great white north, 5 hours or so later I made my way home, stopping off tae put a line on and settled down tae watch Grandstand.



    Around 5 past 3 a news flash, we had taken the lead through a harry harry goal fae a Jinky corner, now the onus was on the sheep.



    Just before half time Evan Williams drapped the ball at the feet of his former school team mate Stevie Murray who passed tae the silky willoughby, a good player that the huns didnae appreciate, who slotted the ball home, and at that the tele’s aff.



    The last half hour of a game was usually broadcast on the wireless, nae chance, my nerves couldnae handle it.



    At around 4:40 the tele’s back on, nae sound though, and I’m glued tae the teleprinter, the results usually came out with the division played first and then the score.



    Scottish League One, it read, Aberdeen 1 and that was enough for me as I leapt up in the air, we had at least got the draw we wanted, it was now up tae us, but what I didnae know was the drama involved.



    With almost an hour on the clock “bumper” Graham through on the counter attack fired a shot at goal which big Evan stopped but couldnae hold, the Castlemilk Celt grabbed the rebound then rounded Evan who managed tae cause him tae lose momentum a bit before shooting intae the empty net, or so he thought, as the Big Mhan we buried the day got back tae make the save of the season by blocking the shot on the line.



    There truly was only one King Billy that afternoon, after that we knew the title was ours as Billy and the Quiet Assassin tightened up at the back and kept the sheep attackers at bay while big Tid and the Fife Beckenbauer marshaled the midfield.



    The following Saturday, Aberdeen, now gutted, lost their last game at Falkirk, our game was washed out however, so with 3 games left we only required 3 points as we had a far superior goal difference, we did draw our next game at Love Street which relegated the home side. So as good as we were we still slipped up, just like this season and others, in the run in.



    However, 2 days later a 2-0 victory over the Honest Men at hunden allowed us tae equal Wullie Maley’s 61 year old record. And another 2 days after that the Lisbon Lions would appear on our hallowed turf for the final time as we walloped the Bully Wee 6-1 in ten thirty, Luggy and Stevie’s final League game as well, our 6th and final goal that day being scored by Stevie, how fitting.



    In the end we won the League by 2 points with a 16 GD, Sheep 2nd and St Johnstone 3rd, meanwhile deidco were in 4th place 15 points and a 42 GD behind us.



    A similar result and performance will do me the morra, we have the players now it’s up tae the management team. As I said “we’ve done it before and we’ll do it again”.

  2. townheadbhoy on




    I was at the Falkirk Aberdeen game you referred to. My dad and Uncle Pat took me as our game was off.



    Falkirk scored with a penalty that George Miller thumped home. The star man as I recall was John McLauchlin? nicknamed Tiger” who I believe went to Everton. This seemed to be the longest second half, but we knew were were going to be champions that day.



    There were other times in the 9 that we won it at Brockville but that was special because I thought Aberdeen were a tough team and didn’t concede many goals.




  3. Jobo Baldie on

    Good evening, friends.


    Given the spooky happenings in recent games – Jozo(5 – Billy) in 67th min and Johnston (9 – Stevie) in 19th – I had a look on bet365. If we avoid defeat tomorrow it’s a double 8 (88!) – 8 titles in a row, 8 domestic trophies in a row. Surely Broonie (8) couldn’t open the scoring in the 8th??? Can’t get a bet as precise as that, however Broonie to score first and the first goal to be before 20 minutes is 50/1. Not to be sniffed at! X

  4. Neustadt-Braw on

    CQN ….a blog like no other….thank you for all your braw posts ….very touching and also inspiring…..words are our bricks and mortar in this ever changing world…it is a great comfort that here at least there is calm and fortitude and love in abundance….



    smiley those who live in our hearts never die thing






    Rest in Peace Gerald Griffin.

  5. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BSR- when you think you’ve cried your final tears……lovely commentary on that.

  6. Good evening CQN!


    It has been a very sad week for all CQN / Celtic folk – Cesar, MAH, Stevie, NB and Bluegrass Celt – YWNWA.


    Back in late October last year I was diagnosed with colo / rectal cancer and underwent some radical surgeries in November.


    I got a wonderful “get well” card from a lorry load of CQN’ers (© CRC) attending the Hootenanny in Glasgow. It was very uplifting and at a time I really needed it. Thank you all so very much!!


    So…. a wee bit of GOOD news!! Following two months of daily radiation and chemo treatments, I had a batch of scans and other tests last week and yesterday I spent a long session with my oncologist to review the results.


    Because of early intervention and great treatment…. this auld body is totally clear of cancer!!!


    One very relieved and happy Bhoy and family!!!!


    Got a way to go to get back to a regular lifestyle, grow some hair back (mibees) and pile on some pounds, but so happy to have these wee problems


    Thank you all for your words of support and encouragement, very much appreciated!!


    Y’all know who ye are!!



    Just do it Bhoys…3 points and wrap it up this weekend!!



    Meta Sou, Maria, Nikhsomen





  7. bankiebhoy1 on

    I’m normally first in the queue to give it tight to the meeja with regards to Our Great Club but Archie’s emotional eulogy and Bernard Ponsonby’s respectful commentary were top drawer.




  8. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on




    You have brought light to a very sad day. I now have a “lorry load” of happiness and a massive smile to add to my earlier feelings from earlier today.



    God Bless MAH, Billy, Stevie Chalmers and indeed The Celtic 45 and a big thank you to BRTH for doing Stephen’s eulogy this morning. It was touching, sad, emotional and humorous at the same time and you did you squeeze your 5 mins slot out to 16 mins.







  9. Celticrollercoaster......Hail, Hail Cesar on

    …and that last line should have read ” you did well to squeeze…..




  10. Neustadt-Braw on

    TheCelt45……I will visit the burn tomorrow …through the blue door…..that is the brawest of news …take good care my sooth texas pal…



    smiley smiley thing





  11. THECELT45


    Thanks for some really great news after such a horrible couple of weeks.


    Please continue your rehab and stay strong, Brilliant





  12. TC45 6.30pm



    Great news and certainly most welcome, NB & BGC as Paul’s leader stated they all live on in our hearts



    TC45 the day CRC appeared with your card he actually couldn’t stay was only popping in to get card signed think he had a family doo later and wasn’t drinking, delighted the card gave you a wee pick-up, CRC is probably one of the very few people who would have even thought about that, he even said to me that day “am no looking for money the day just a wee signature” he is some bhoy for doing many many things for others, especially lazy punters like myself :-)



    Hail Hail

  13. CRC


    Need to echo the sentiments


    Awesome performance by BRTH, in Delivering Stephens Eulogy, and a very special send off for our own MA&H.


    Also very special effort by ACGR to travel down for Stephen



    Now caught up what we missed at Celtic Park


    Looks like Big Billy, also had a very Specail Celtic send off



    rest In Peace to both



  14. I cannot do the copy and paste thingy on here…. Yet



    I have been sent a photo of the Garngad bar on Royston road with a Stevie Chalmers Banner on it.



    Hail Hail COYBIG mañana let’s get this league sewn up for our wonderful club.?



    D. :)

  15. TheCelt45



    Brilliant, fantastic news. thanks for sharing



    HH Mo Chara



  16. Jobo Baldie on

    So, here’s your single quiz question for this Friday Night…


    Mrs Baldie’s out and, having the house to myself I thought I’d take the opportunity to watch the “full game” of one of our European ties from the past. But who were we playing and what was the score – here’s the starting line up…




    Wilson, Caldwell, McManus, Naylor


    Nakamura, Donati, Brown, McGeady


    McDonald, Vennegoor of Hesselink


    I’ll check back at full time ;-)

  17. Jobo 7.56pm



    Boruc, Caldwell & Naka



    All took penalties against… Spartak Moscow ??

  18. Neustadt-Braw on 3rd May 2019 7:11 pm


    Thanks NB. Wish I could join ye!!


    Sincere condolences to all family and friends on the passing of your brother.





  19. Jobo Baldie on

    GFTB – shortest quiz ever! Congratulations. Played a completely different style then. We could even take corners! But how msny of that 11 would get into our current starting 11? Naka and maybe Boruc? Anyway, 13ins gone and no goals…

  20. Fool Time Whistle on

    THECELT45 on 3RD MAY 2019 6:30 PM



    Wonderful news about getting the all clear.




  21. Fool Time Whistle on

    Anyone got Archie McPherson’s eulogy they can share?




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