Those who live on in our hearts never die


Thousands will gather at Celtic Park and along the funeral cortege route this morning to pay their final respects to Billy McNeill.  My guess is that he will have met most of them at one point in his life.  He was available to at least three generations of Celtic fans.  Hundreds of thousands shook his hand, got an autograph or photo and listened to the great man talk about Stein, Jinky, Paul McStay, Seville or whatever the subject of the day was.

All the greats of the future will not have lived in our communities as kids, or remain here as they grow old.  They will fleet in and out our lives.

When we lost Jock Stein 34 years ago, we knew there would never be another like him.  The same is true of Billy.  We can hope and dream for European greatness again.  Nine-in-a-row will surely be ours soon, but it will never be the same.  There will never be another titan like Billy McNeill.

Those who live on in our hearts never die.

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  1. Early rise again tomorrow.


    Why are we playing before Sevco in these post split fixtures?


    It sets the scene for “Honest, or more accurately heinous, mistakes” from the MIB.

  2. jinkyredstar on

    Jobo – Bernard was excellent – my comment was about the main BBC 10.00 news – really bad running together of a very short clip from Glasgow to a piece about the guy who played Chewbacca, nothing wrong with that tribute but the edit was completely tasteless.

  3. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebel.



    Catching up on the blog as usual this wet Melbourne morning.


    What a sad week, losing two of our lions and reading back another


    two fine CQN’rs have lost family members.


    Condolences to BLUEGRASS CELT and NEUSTAD BRAW.


    It’s also been a very busy week for our bhoys down at the local


    soccer ground with extra training sessions for them with a game


    against the Brighton huns coming up.


    We’re sitting top of the league and they’ve been told very forcefully


    if they don’t leather the stickies extra training won’t be the only


    thing they will have to worry about lol.




    Our CSC are showing the game against seethin’s eleven or should


    that be 12 in the Re-Publican Main St Mornington.


    It’s sure to be a full house so get there early.


    H.H Mick

  4. So, with a few interruptions, I’ve been spending most of this evening reliving Celtic v Spartak Moscow (Champions League qualifier) from August 2007., courtesy of YouTube! After getting a well earned 1-1 draw in Moscow, here’s how the 2nd leg at Celtic Park played out…..


    First obervation – no Green Brigade / Singing Section and yet a fantastic atmosphere!


    25 mins – shocking decision to award a penalty to Spartak for a hand ball against Heid Caldwell. Justice done when the penalty hits the post


    26 mins – our first pass back to the Holy Goalie


    27 mins – GOAL Celtic – Skippy McDonald!


    43 mins – Equaliser for Spartak


    44 mins – on field fisticuffs between Boruc and Naylor!!


    81/82 mins – Nakamura contrives to miss 3 gilt edged goalscoring chances in the space of 90 seconds. Unbelievable!


    91 mins – Full Time – extra time required


    96 mins – 100 mins – 3 substitutions; on come Zurawski, Riordan and O’dea for McDonald, McGeady and NAylor


    110 mins – brilliant save from Boric keeps us in the tie


    114 mins – penalty Celtic!!!! But big Jan V of H misses, off the bar!


    120 mims – all over – penalty shoot out





    1. CALDWELL – HARD LEFT – goal 1-0


    2. Mozart sends Boruc the wrong way 1-1


    3. Naka – pressure on – hits the bar!! Advantage Spartak.


    4. Titof – poor effort, saved by Aryur, so remains 1-1


    5. JVoH – batters one down the middle 2-1 Celtic


    6. A wee chink by the Russina and it’s 2-2


    7. Riorden – low to the right, brilliant penalty 3-2


    8. Soava – top right, keeper no chance, 3-3 and effectively sudden death


    9. Zurawski (the crowd chanting his name) – no mistake, powerful penalty, 4-3 to the good guys


    10. Spartak have to score, poor penalty low and right, Artur Boruc saves and dances the night away!!!!!



    If you have a spare couple of hours search for it on YouTube, a game that had everything!!



    Good night and God bless! Tomorrow we have the opportunity of securing 8 (EIGHT)

  5. Just watched a few of the links.



    The Celtic Family is Mourning right now with so many departing.



    It is a very difficult Time but be consoled that All those who have recently Passed will have the most Executive Suite to see Celtic (hopefully) win the League (please be the morra – Aidan wants Ibrox) and then (hopefully) the Scottish Cup.



    A truly remarkable event will perhaps happen.



    One game at a Time, c’mon the leather belts the morra.



    Best wishes to all going through health things.

  6. Well bhoys we have the sheep manaña and I think it will be 3-1 to thr Tic☘⚽️??






    D :)

  7. Melbourne Mick on

    Catching up on most of the posts now and i’ll echo


    what PETEC said.


    ” Best wishes to all going through health things ”


    H.H Mick

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    DAVID 66



    I’m thinking after such a traumatic week and some poor displays


    recently our bhoys will be inspired tomorrow.


    4-0 to the leather belts 8-))


    H.H Mick

  9. Jobo Baldie on 3rd May 2019 11:37 pm



    The Champions League group stage Qualifier against Spartak sticks most in my Mind.



    BSR had said that there were Available tickets, I was luckily enough TO BE online @ that Time.



    I got 5 Tickets and the wee guy had his whole Family with him that night. Amazing.



    We were Standing the whole game. No Problemo about that.






    KC was very well respected by me @ that Time. Not after the Ronny Deila stuff. Not right.

  10. It would be Great if I could sit with a dude that supports Rangers (sevco) and just dissect the fitba play.



    My Dad said not to go out on the nights Celtic played them. I can only pass on what he says.

  11. Best ever bargaining chips – to get access and we had SNP in Powaaaa.



    The Big Man is In Control @ All levels…….



    Scots cannae handle having money well perhaps…. ;))

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Jobo- fantastic summary of a game i was at…..need to watch it…..the ole Celtic TV when it was on Sky, was brilliant for these games. I would be happy to pay a fiver a month to bring it back..HH

  13. BADABING – Time to Makepeace. Dempsey is mega.



    Celtic and Rangers Together is pretty powerful.



    Forgiveness is Yeshua jibber jabber.

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I hope to say, Polis Scotland, got today’s event spot on,re road closures,escorts, credit where it’s due.

  15. I used to get a bunch of football minded colleagues together to watch the Celtic v TFOD games, here in Oz.



    We all dressed up in our appropriate colours, be they green, blue, red or whatever.


    The nights were good fun, even though Celtic lost way too often.



    And then one night, a supporter of TFOD, hailing from Belfast originally, joined us.


    He arrived a little late. At that time, there was only one seat available, next to my good self, adorned in green & white. He actually left the room, went to the kitchen, found a chair, brought it back and sat at the other end of the room to me.



    That was the last time we got together. It totally killed it for me.



    It wasn’t just that he was a TFOD supporter, I had another colleague who supported them and often came to those nights. We had many good laughs, a bit of banter etc… we got on very well. I even endured the sight of him dancing around my living room after TFOD had beaten us.



    But this guy, he just poisoned the whole thing.


    In those days, Celtic fans had to endure years of them ramming their arrogance down our throats day after day. That is the primary reason why there is so little sympathy for them now.



    Scottish society can well do without all such narrow minded people.


    I don’t think it’ll happen in my lifetime.

  16. A hardcore Sporting Rivalry sounds good.



    The knifemen need to be put away for Life+.






    We have crackin’ youngsters coming through on both sides so it seems.

  17. Accept each referendum and make the best of?



    Spoilt Brat Parliamentarians.



    At Least everyone knows they are now TWO Party Liars.



    Gravy Train…….



    SAD from a petec perspective.



    How do you get them out?

  18. The SNP are the Ultimate chameleons.



    Hyenas and leopards dinnae change spots.



    They will swing left and swing right….. to get what they want.



    And beg to get in to Europe.



    c’est terrible.

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