Three again outshines four at the back


Celtic were at their scintillating best as they hit St Johnstone with a treble of goals in the opening 26 minutes; the home team were fortunate the score was as low as three when Leigh Griffiths volleyed Greg Taylor’s cross into the net.

The link-play between Odsonne Edouard and Griffiths, as well as the crossing from Taylor and James Forrest set the tone.  The silky pitch encouraged Callum McGregor and Olivier Ntcham to display their range of passing, but for me, the formation is the most consistent predictor of Celtic’s performance.  When we play three at the back we play better than when we have a back four.

On Saturday we play on the bumpiest acre of Lanarkshire, so Neil has my sympathies in having to decide how to approach that game, but I would make last night’s formation the default from now on.

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  1. GENE on 30TH JANUARY 2020 7:11 PM




    Don’t worry next season we’ll be in the unbiased and fair handed SKY with wall to wall Boydino



    Yeah Gene Chris Boyd is another Hun who moans his head off if Celtic gets a positive result &


    smiles when we have a bad day on the pitch no doubt Sly will probably hire Hannah/McCoist


    & That ugly ‘ex’ gobshite Motherwell player who hates us nah also inform Sly no neutral


    presenters/commentators/pundits then no subscription just watch the matches elsewere

  2. !!BADA BING!!



    Thanks for your reply.



    We don’t half waste a pile of money on a regular basis.



    Think what we could do if we were well run!




  3. Super Sutton your correct the Mikey Johnston chalange/tackle was clumsy to say the least


    & if he is not fit to carry on in a match then he should make that matter clear instead of I’m


    okay nah I’m no okay response the young man seams to be like a wee kid psycological


    wise the young chap needs to ‘Man Up’ & also build up his physic/build & not get shoved


    about so easly time will tell as regards to his physic & his maturity & his approach &


    future performances anyway good luck & all the best to young Mikey Johnston go on


    young Mikey & show us what you can do yeah put the ball in the oppositions net Go


    On The Bhoys Get It In There !

  4. Have any of you ever seen a Movie called “Beach Bum” it’s a crazy & mad Movie


    with Mathew McConnigle & Snoop Dog anyway what I think our Club should


    do is empty out our Credit Bank Balance of 40 Million pounds & have a small


    wee Bombfire outside CP aye no right we need to box clever with our finances

  5. ROCK TREE BHOY on 30TH JANUARY 2020 6:08 PM




    Ref Shankland,not sure,based on some of his comments,we would be a destination which would have him bust a gut.

  6. Lee Congerton can’t get the blame for Shved or Arzani, these were 2 signings Brendan knew nothing about. We have a nameless, mystery, unaccountable recruitment officer at our club. CQN draws in a number of experts from various different fields, I’m sure we must have a budding Colombo in our ranks. Is it the mild mannered janitor?



    I’m disappointed not to see our Sydney Tim acknowledge the contribution of James Forrest last night. I think he has been correct about JF on a number of performances this season.


    Last night however he was electric, great goal, great assist and what i liked most of all was when Celtics performance dropped dramatically second half , James was one of our better performers.

  7. I would take a punt on the Motherwell Centre Half, ex Celtic Bhoys club


    Declan Gallagher- Scottish international, would do for FtSPFL


    And much better player than the lump of wood at Aberdeen we are allegedly interested in

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Actually watched, and enjoyed, Sportscene there.



    Good to see more than 4:59 minutes of action.



    Like the old days.



    Very strange pictures from Ibrokes.



    The Angel Alberto appears to be calling the referee a “hijo de puta”.



    For complete clarity, this does not mean “son of a whore” – the most disparaging insult in Spanish there is.



    In Morelos’ case it means “brotherly love to you”.



    He is compassion and piety personified.

  9. Why would hibs loan sevco a player they use all the time, where exactly is the benefit for them, oh wait do they not play sevco on Wednesday

  10. prestonpans bhoys on




    Thought Hibs had already knocked back actual bids for the boy, whom I think is crap anyway, so why would they loan him😱

  11. So Genk loan a Celtic player midfielder Eboue Koussie and then loan out a midfielder Hagi to Sevco



    Are we helping Sevco or are they scraping the barrell? Suppose time will tell.

  12. 30TH JANUARY 2020 7:41 PM



    Shandon baptiste!, is he no a silver heided psychic??.



    Thought he was a mexican ‘baddie’ from Champion the wonder horse 😊,could be wrong mind ye😊



  13. Will be interesting to see if the same Hibs who played hard ball with John McGinn play hard ball with Kamberi. A derisory loan offer is laughable. However, Dempster was an ex Oldco season ticket holder.

  14. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Pannysbhoy – was going to post on this earlier but thought it might be mischievous.



    Just checked out Genk Quick News.



    They’ve vowed to come out of each transfer weaker than they went in !



    For that reason they’ve taken (on loan) a player who can’t get a Euro squad number at Celtic while loaning out the finest young footballer EVER.

  15. Wonder if whoever is reffin’ the Hibs huns game will deny the huns two penalties or rather gift thum two penalties!?




  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    What stephbhoy67 said.



    They did this with McKenna (Aberdeen) and Hickey (Hearts) already this season.



    Shameless unsettling.

  17. Just one more day to go.



    The window shuts at midnight tomorrow and all discourse about what the transfer window did bring/ ought to have brung/ never does bring, should end ( well maybe a bit of moaning for a few days after it shuts, and after every match, but apart from that…….).



    This league will not be won by the mythical oven ready turkey.



    It will be won by the squad and management with the strongest mentality and the best, most sustained form and resilience.



    There are no guarantees.


    There are no sure fire hits acompanied by big price tags.


    There are no “No Brainers”.




    Just judgement, luck, effort, form, strength and talent. Strong hearts and cool heads.



    The guys who wear the jerseys have got more of this than most of us do.



    Otherwise we’d be the ones getting slagged off here rather than the ones doing the slagging.



    Let’s beat Hamilton and keep the mental pressure on.

  18. SFTB…



    We do have a strong pool, if most are fit.



    That’s our problem though.. Injuries.



    Be it the thuggish manner that some tackles go in, the dreaded plastic pitches or is our training methods causing problems?



    For all that, we need a centre back in.



    Blind man and his dug can see it.

  19. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2019-20 ***





    Well, wasn’t it just fantastic to have the game already won by 8.11pm last night when Leigh’s beautiful controlled side footed volley put us 3 up. Little did we expect that there’d be no more goals but another 3 – 0 win keeps us firmly on course for The Nine!


    Half an hour into the game I think it would have been very difficult to decide who our best 3 performers had been. And whilst it wasn’t that much easier after full time I am reassured, for once, to see that 7 or 8 folk had the same opinion as me.


    There was increased interest in voicing your opinion on this latest game. There have been only 3 games where more votes came in, so an extra special big thank you for the 66 voters who have kept me busy tonight.


    The votes have been distributed as follows, with my own selections asterisked –


    Forster: 0


    Ajer: 2


    Jullien: 1


    Simunovic: 0


    Forrest*: 24


    Brown: 6


    McGregor: 29


    Ntcham*: 45


    Taylor*: 56


    Griffiths: 25


    Edouard: 10


    Bauer: 0


    Johnston: 0


    Klimala: 0


    Unused subs – Gordon, Hayes, Rogic, Christie


    So, the players receiving points for the St Johnstone game are –


    Taylor – 5 points


    Ntcham – 4 points


    McGregor – 3 points


    Griffiths – 2 points


    Forrest – 1 point



    That leaves the overall table reading as follows –


    1st – Brown – 65 points


    2nd – Edouard – 50 points


    3rd – McGregor – 44 points


    4th – Christie – 38 points


    4th – Frimpong – 38 points


    6th – Jullien – 36 points


    7th – Forrest – 29 points


    8th – Ntcham – 26 points


    9th – Ajer – 22 points


    9th – Elyounoussi – 22 points


    11th – Forster – 20 points


    12th – Taylor – 13 points


    12th – Bolingoli-Mbombo – 13 points


    12th – Bauer – 13 points


    12th – Griffiths – 13 points


    16th – Rogic – 9 points


    17th – Hayes – 8 points


    17th – Elhamed – 8 points


    19th – Bitton – 4 points


    19th – Johnston – 4 points


    21st – Bayo – 3 points


    22nd – Morgan – 2 points


    22nd – Robertson – 2 points


    24th – Simunovic, Gordon, Klimala, Sinclair, Ralston, Arzani, Hendry, Dembele, Shved – all on 0 points





    1 cup game, 3 league games and 4 victories mean that January has been decent. We came back from the winter break 2 points clear at the top of the league having played 1 game more. We’ve since picked up 9 points with a goal difference of 8. Sevco have secured 6 points with a goal difference of 2. Looking like same old, same old 😉


    The Player Of The Month award is based purely on the total votes given to each player during that month’s games. The top 3 in previous months were:


    September – JAMES FORREST, Jullien, Christie


    October – SCOTT BROWN, Edouard, Elyounoussi


    November – SCOTT BROWN, Frimpong, Elyounoussi


    December – SCOTT BROWN, Ajer, Jullien/McGregor (tied 3rd)


    For January, in 3rd place on 77 votes we have Olivier Ntcham. Runner up on 98 votes is Callum McGregor. And this month’s winner on 106 votes, winning his first CQN Player Of The Month title is ODSONNE EDOUARD.


    The caravan now rolls on to Hamilton on Sunday lunchtime. I look forward to hearing from all of you following the final whistle.


    Hail Hail!

  20. prestonpans bhoys on

    Any Police news on Buffalo’s car. Has slim Jim been found under his car or is it more PR pish when he’s eventually sold for peanuts;victimized in Scotland by the refs, supporters and they even tried to break his breaks on his car😵😱

  21. Jobo – brilliant and interesting Competetion, again thanks for all the hard work.



    Interesting to see how we all see a game and players differently.






    D. :)

  22. The spread of votes is the real surprise.


    As sumbdy who knows nowt about fitba I love these types of things, similarly the great Celtic By Numbers….



    BTW – any sign of The Clumpin’ ?

  23. Sipsini



    Every Scottish Club has a big injury list with the blood and snotters approach to fitba up here. That cannot be cured by the transfer window.



    We have the largest squad already and the one best equipped to deal with yhe ravages that occur each and every year.



    That said- I wouldn’t say no to another CB being recruited – apart from that we’re good to go for 9iar