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Have we progressed since the early season shambles against Legia and Maribor?  Of course, we are winning regularly and playing with confidence, but it’s clear there’s also a lot more work to do.  Celtic’s best performance of the season so far was in Salzburg, a more favourable wind would have seen us leave with three points, but that performance also stung Salzburg, who saw their aspirations to win the group take a hit.

It will take our best performance of the season to return a win tonight, but I’m expecting nothing less.

Sir David Murray has stuck to his “duped” story.  Craig Whyte’s chosen path for Rangers was a surprise to him.  This account is now to be explored in the witness box at the trial of the Ibrox Five.  I suspect I could script Murray’s evidence myself, “duped”, “shocked”, “best interests of…”

Of vastly more interest will be Alastair Johnston’s evidence.  Johnston and his independent board committee opposed Whyte’s takeover and made representations to Murray, which will also be revealed in the witness box.

News that Craig Whyte was arrested in Mexico and is now likely to be subject to extradition proceedings will be welcomed by few of the characters in this messy business.  Whyte, as we know, recorded everything.  He will be a difficult man to setup as a patsy.

The only questions is, how do I get court tickets?

Three points tonight, please, Celtic.

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  1. Blindlemonchitlin on

    Jury selection will be a hoot.



    ‘What school did you go to?’ will be the least of it.

  2. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Craigy Boy found in Mexico hiding out with his pals from the Shawshank Redemption. Love it.


    Unexpected blindsider from Swindon!



    Well done,bud.




  4. Mintys lawyers will be all over those tapes . Wouldn’t surprise me if they were deemed as inadmissible evidence.

  5. 50 shades of green on

    Maybe sky will cover it Paul. Did they not cover one from south Africa a while back .



    If only.



    Scepovic up front for me tonight With ” Joe Hanson ” playing behind him and pressing their mids.



    Mon the hoops

  6. weet weet weet(gbwo)



    12:22 on 27 November, 2014





    I wish it was all over.. I really hope when we do meet them we make them wish it was all over for them aswel .



    Guidetti and griffiths up top against that lot will have a field day.. Just hope ronnie gives the 2 them a couple games together in nxt few home matches

  7. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    Best wishes to Sean T and his brother



    RIP Phil Hughes



    Celtic to win tonight – Hail Hail



    PS: Sean if you looking in, If I get a ticket for the semi final, your brother can have it.

  8. corkcelt



    12:32 on 27 November, 2014







    Then new article



    I laughed when i saw that.. Safe trip and enjoy the game. 3 pts please.



    4am rise here… Cant wait .

  9. Roll on tonight. Hoping for a tidy victory and confirm qualification. Every point helps our coefficent in the long run.




    Interesting point about the jury selection (as will the selection of Judges). Number one son just had a selection indication letter!



    Subtle (or not so!) hint dropped last night re the CQN album.



    Enjoy game tonight everyone.




  10. Any news on Wakaso for tonight? I read that he was possibly out with illness, which is a shame in my opinion, as I’d like to have seen him play at some stage.

  11. The Red Telephone on




    Wasn’t Arthur Montford with the horse at Hampden, it was Alex Cameron.



    Arthur RIP

  12. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    Juror Seamus O’Malley, “Mr. Whyte’s innocent, I tell ye.”



    Judge, “Let’s wait for the trial to begin, shall we.”

  13. If Denayer is fit then 9 of the starters pick themselves with only striker and wide left to be decided. If Denayer is out then RD has a lot of thinking to do.

  14. RIP Arthur Montford.


    Remember one April Fool on Scotsport.Had Bernard Gallagher with him displaying the new rubber -shafted clubs which could drive the ball almost 500 yards and called for a redesign of golf courses. It was very well done. Scotsport was good with Arthur, Bob, Dick Lowden, Nick Larkin and Mr Second Division himself, George Steel.

  15. quantum @ 12.37



    I think if they are somehow mysteriously leaked onto the internet by an unscrupulous bounder then they may be admissible due to their public circulation.




  16. I read we have no injury worries but also read we have lustig and wakaso missing…



    So which is it ?

  17. If Denayer is fit then 9 of the starters pick themselves with only striker and wide left to be decided. And Stokes will play in one of these two positions leaving one more to choose. Commons? Scepovic? Griffiths? McGregor?



    If Denayer is out then RD has a lot of thinking to do in defence and possibly midfield

  18. proudbhoy



    12:52 on 27 November, 2014



    RD said at press conference yesterday that Lustig and Wakaso are out and Denayer doubtful

  19. The DR refers to to the Craig Whyte affair as “what is shaping up as the trial of the century”.



    Gie’s a break it’s not that big a deal. I think (and have since the beginning) that the Duff and Phelps guys are in serious trouble for not acting in the best interest of the creditors.

  20. Griffiths wasent even on the bench on Sat. So I doubt if he will start, and yet KC walks right on to a start, I don’t get it, only thing I can make of it is Griffiths is either injured, or been misbehaving?

  21. P67,



    Yesterday I suggested that a home draw against the Austrians would be an improvement compared to our early season euro “doings”.



    Salburg are not Barca or Bayern class, indeed they are probably not even Benfica or Basle class either, but I believe that they are significantly better than the domestic opposition that we face week in week out, in this hunless league title chase.



    Ronny has been getting it easy for the last few weeks, often less than impressive displays but still grinding out wins have seen us finally take pole position in the mighty Scottish league.



    However tonights game will go a long way to showing us if Ronnys Celtic have improved since the start of the year or not.



    We are not asking if Ronnys Celtic are as good as Lennys team of last season, we are only asking if Ronnys current Celtic are better than the side who took such early season maulings.



    In my opinion a home draw would suggest improvement



    Would a home draw suggest enough of an improvement that I would begin to feel we could qualify for next seasons CL group stages? That’s a whole new blog page !