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Have we progressed since the early season shambles against Legia and Maribor?  Of course, we are winning regularly and playing with confidence, but it’s clear there’s also a lot more work to do.  Celtic’s best performance of the season so far was in Salzburg, a more favourable wind would have seen us leave with three points, but that performance also stung Salzburg, who saw their aspirations to win the group take a hit.

It will take our best performance of the season to return a win tonight, but I’m expecting nothing less.

Sir David Murray has stuck to his “duped” story.  Craig Whyte’s chosen path for Rangers was a surprise to him.  This account is now to be explored in the witness box at the trial of the Ibrox Five.  I suspect I could script Murray’s evidence myself, “duped”, “shocked”, “best interests of…”

Of vastly more interest will be Alastair Johnston’s evidence.  Johnston and his independent board committee opposed Whyte’s takeover and made representations to Murray, which will also be revealed in the witness box.

News that Craig Whyte was arrested in Mexico and is now likely to be subject to extradition proceedings will be welcomed by few of the characters in this messy business.  Whyte, as we know, recorded everything.  He will be a difficult man to setup as a patsy.

The only questions is, how do I get court tickets?

Three points tonight, please, Celtic.

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  1. Hope the bhoys come good tonight, unfortunately can’t be there to cheer them on as I’m going to see a “tribute act” at the King’s Theatre. (Bad planning). Off work tomorrow so will try and not find out the score and watch recording later.



    Jury duty on Tuesday; agent Whyte coming back to Scotland to face court.



    Not guilty your honour!



    Hail Hail



  2. Daily Sevco reporting he had been in Mexico for months – BBC now saying he was arrested trying to enter the country

  3. Also hearing about some plan the bitter ones have to leave ipox to whomsoever owns it……CW ? and to decant to Hampden, not sure on details etc, i smell more sh**te

  4. Craig Whyte never profused to being a billionaire.



    Or even professed to being one!



    Absolookly not!




  5. connaire12



    God Bless you Sir.


    Giving Oldtim your ticket was a kind gesture!






    Mexican Wave tonight.


    That would be too funny!



    Getting accidental calls from the BV CSC No1. Must be game night!



    HH jamesgang

  6. BSR



    You’re on fire tonight youngster!


    So sharp I’d start you up front!






    HH jamesgang

  7. Frank Fajita makes his 1st start tonight alongside Declan Sanchez.



    HUNderay HUNderay Amigo Amigo






    HH jamesgang

  8. Nobody can raise even an eyebrow when Burghbhoy makes what is ostensibly a whacky prediction after his previous prediction…..was it 6-0 v Partick?

  9. bournesouprecipe on




    Mathews Van Dijk Ambrose Izzaguirre



    Brown Mulgrew



    Forrest Johansen McGregor




  10. I do hope our resident CP dj is ‘goin loco down in Acapulco’ tonight as he sips ….. ‘another tequila sunrise’

  11. Marrakesh Express on

    After Murray, Keith Jackson did most to lead the gullible Clive Dunns up the garden path.



    Its always baffled me why he never gets a mention on their hate hitlist. No, to them its…Craigy Chucky, PL, The Vatican, Reid, NL, Doncaster, Hutton, Dundee Utd, the sheep, etc, everyone bar the real culprits.

  12. Original Sadiesboy





    Arthur Monford’s famous Hunty-Gout about the rubber golf clubs was 1962.


    Knew it was a Sunday and checked old calendars on the net. Tempus fugit !

  13. bournesouprecipe



    Like that team.



    I get a buzz of confidence when I see Gordon in goal.



    C’Mon the Celts !!!