Ticketus secure their £40m of tickets


None of you will be surprised at today’s opinion from the Court of Session in Edinburgh that Rangers’ deal with Ticketus cannot be set aside, despite some absolutely pitiful reporting to the contrary.  It’s fine to get things wrong every now and then, we all get Duff information on occasion, but please….

It’s worth recording, Ticketus may only have paid £20m + vat but the tickets they own are worth in the region of £40m. High risk investments require a high return.

Rangers’ administrators argued that the deal inhibited their ability to rescue the company but the heroic Blue Knights submitted a bid accommodating Ticketus, undermining the administrators’ argument. If only the Blue Knights were in a position to strike a deal with Craig Whyte they could be regarded as helping the situation instead of being hapless fools.

Next up is HMRC, who have not capitulated and agreed to accept a few pennies in the pound.  They have not agreed to accept anything less than all monies owed.  Soon after that we will hear that no court has been able to set aside Craig Whyte’s security over Ibrox.  The most underappreciated man no longer in Scotland remains the only person with a reasonable chance of phoenix-ing Rangers.

The first 26,000 (approx.) tickets sold to each Rangers game for the next three years are owned by Ticketus.  In the event a phoenix occurs, Rangers will have to revert back to budgets from their glory days of the 1950s – we will soon be told this is a great omen.

If you are going to Ibrox on Sunday, take care and enjoy your visit.  Take photographs of the occasion and send them in, we’ll perhaps use them on a future edition of CQN Magazine.  It may prove to be the end of an era.

If you’ve not read the article below, about one of Jinky’s great performances, do so now.

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  1. Agent Craig "Green and" Whyte!! on

    I like this Alex Thomson fella, i like the cut of his jib.


    I get the feeling that once he starts on a story he wont stop till he gets to the very bottom of it.


    So sadly for the huns and the laptop loyal…..


    he doesn’t do walking away!!



    Also if he feels there is something that needs looking at regarding us, then i hope he looks into it and lets us know about any wrong doings at Celtic.


    I dont think he’ll find anything too serious, if anything at all.



    Took Chelsea Spurs both to score, another coupon gubbed before its even started.


    Best league in the world…its not even the best league in England!!

  2. Mr.Thompson ,is telling it..”As it Lays”



    The Bald….Hairless.. Trewth!



    Ah hiv fur Years..oan here… Bin Tellin .. you Guys..


    Much the Same thing,as the Brave Mr. Thompson,has…



    in his revelations of the Conditions Extant in the Journalistic


    Jungle.. prevailing in Scotland.



    and which.. Explain…




    Why.. Mr. Keevins or Mr. Nicholas.. or Mr. Guidi.. or Andy Walker..



    Are Forced tae be So Sickenly Reverent and Obsequious..tae the Blue side o’ Glesca… in the Manner of their Reportage.



    And they Damn well


    Bettah Be!



    That is ..if they Wanna Haud oantie Thur Joab!

  3. The threat to Alex Thomson came from our old friend David Leggat



    I’m not going to link to it but txt is below



    “PHILMACGIOLLABHAIN and Matt McGlone’s pal, Channel Four’s Alex Thomson is in town preparing his hatchet job on Rangers.



    He was prowling around the hall in Govan last night when a BBC Five Live debate on Rangers was broadcast.



    Check him out on Twitter for identification purposes should he try his wee sleekit trick anywhere where he isn’t welcome.



    A polite, you’re not welcome here, old chap, please leave, should do the trick.”

  4. feedthebhear on 24 March, 2012 at 13:24 said:


    Bhoys and ghirls



    First time ever I’m not getting supporters bus and wondered where’s best to park the morra?



    Cheers and Hail Hail



    I wouldn’t stray too far from Asda, KFC or Pizza Hut. A lot of huns park in there, but far more of us. You’ll be safe there. Try not to get trapped in any side street around Helen St. The police like to get the buses out in one go and you’ll be sitting there for a while.


    At full time the police usually hold back the huns that live and park at our end for 15mins or so until we’ve got onto our buses or into our cars. If you’ve parked somewhere off the beaten track, you’re likely to feel the wrath of the hun hordes as they are finally allowed through. Not pleasant I can assure you! Lock your doors and don’t wear colours if you’re unsure of where you are.


    And if we win, wipe that smug grin off your face! You could be arrested for causing a sectarian related offence in so much that you provoked an orc into attacking you!!




  5. I`m listening to Kilmarnock v Motherwell on Shortbread. It`s all Motherwell at the moment.


    Hold on, Motherwell have just been called `the steelmen`, very Sunday Post!

  6. Timabhoy on 24 March, 2012 at 15:18 said:


    ernie lynch


    “id just buy a union jack



    ‘if you vote yes to independence you dont need to’




    The huns are happy to wrap themselves in the saltire when it suits them.



    They have saltires in their Nuremberg rally style pre match display.

  7. EN



    Yes, I sure am – accompanied by Mr G O’Neill, amongst others. Thoroughly looking forward to it, though it’s alcohol free – driving to it, then working tomorrow night. I will care not a jot though, party time at Pestilence Park. :-)






  8. Many thanks to Alex Thomson. I know he is only doing his job, but it was always going to be an outsider who exposed this culture of “succulent lamb”.


    The feeling of vindication I feel right now is overwhelming. I was never paranoid, although I always knew that, but now everyone I know is being told that, especially those from the who follow TFOD.


    If you are lucky enough to be going tomorrow, firstly stay together, stay safe.


    Secondly, PARTY. That is all.


    Enjoy tomorrow.

  9. Estadio Nacional on

    GiggsyBhoy 15:25



    Nice, Im sure you will enjoy. It was only last week I gave up looking for ticket and flights. A coupon win today and it might be back on…





  10. Kilbowie Kelt on

    Kojo on 24 March, 2012 at 15:14 said:





    O wad some Power the giftie gie us


    To see oursels as ithers see us!


    It wad frae monie a blunder free us,


    An’ foolish notion:



    I suppose it is fitting that The Bard included these lines in his ode To A Louse.

  11. The Comfortable Collective on 24 March, 2012 at 14:56



    Thanks i thought it might have been a mib with a surname as a christian name somehow :)


    You posted last night about the arrest of the lone soldier spirited out of afghanistan, the reports i’ve read suggest the crime was committed by many soldiers in retaliation for one of their comrades losing his leg in an attack the previous day. Nazi justice but we won’t read about that in our free press, long live the internet bampots.



  12. listening to shortbread



    your call will dick n dom…



    or was it Chic n Tom..

  13. GourockEmeraldBhoy on

    adi_dasler on 24 March, 2012 at 11:45 said:



    Cheers for that, hopefully that will be tomorrow then :-)