Tierney pain is for more than just an injury


I occasionally meet Celtic fans who “have heard KT is coming back this summer”.  Kieran Tierney is the best left back Celtic have had in 40 years, possibly longer.  We will not sign a better left back this summer, or in any window for a long time.  Still, the reasons why he will not be seen in green and white hoops anytime soon are many.

He has two years on his Arsenal contract, which is worth at least three times what Celtic would be able to offer.  Does anyone seriously think he would walk away from what is the majority of what he is likely to earn for the rest of his life?

After a successful loan spell at Real Sociedad, Arsenal are likely to want another loan fee, or transfer fee, to move him again.  Kieran only turned 27 this month, he should have six years in his legs, but he is not a player who will appreciate in value.  His next permanent club will expect to write off any transfer fee to zero by the time he leaves.

Then there is the real reason.  We sold Kieran with known injury problems.  There was no guarantee he would pass his Arsenal medical, it was astonishing that Celtic received £25m for a talented player with such an injury history.

Even if Kieran took a pay cut, down to the level of the other senior players, and Arsenal were happy to move him on for a token, would you want a big wage, a place in the squad and our hopes for the left back position hanging on a player who will inevitably miss significant amounts of football?

Love him, though I do, Kieran would be nowhere near my Celtic plans and I doubt very much anyone at Lennoxtown thinks differently.  The pain we saw in his face last night reflects more than just his hamstring injury.

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  1. Happy Friday eve all.



    Hope we beat the HUN on Sunday.



    Best wishes to KT.




  2. Paul67 et al



    In ol Parlance this is what is known as…..


    Kicking a Man when he is already down




  3. bournesouprecipe on

    Bit unfair on Kieran Tierney, who managed to stay fit for Celtic and attract a £25M fee partly due to having no previous injury record. Real troubles started at Arsenal, and a third serious hamstring in a year is up to them and their cash rich club where he was even before yesterday, unwanted.



    His transfer window move to Celtic, or anywhere else surely slammed shut. Thought he struggled last night, before he was injured.

  4. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Crystal Palace. A few beers with Leggy, how I suffer for my art.

  5. bournesouprecipe



    Widely discussed on here back in the day, Kieran Tierney did in fact have injury problems prior to moving to Arsenal back in 2019. Had some kind of hip injury late 2018 early 2019. Was ruled out of the Scottish Cup Final, (2-1 against Hearts) despite Neil Lennon saying he would play the day before. He had a double hernia operation shortly after. I thought then and still think now, that his problems derive from playing a lot of football while still physically growing, and were all hip, pelvis, hernia, hamstring related. Maybe still are.


    Mad Mitch, in probably his only perceptive post on here, pointed out that in his last season at Celtic Kieran changed the way he was running. Not good. And not dealt with satisfactorily under either Rodgers or latterly Lennon. Neil did the same with James Forrest kept playing him with a fracture, ended up having surgery.


    Of course Neil was old school, if you said you weren’t fit enough to play he got the needle.


    So did you. And the damage done




  6. I doubt I am unique in this but for me to be able to read the last page of comments on the blog I must login first on page 1.



    mostly I wont know what topics are being discussed, or what comments have been made, so I am posting not is response to something I am just posting a small brief quick couple of words to get logged in.



    last night, i had on my mind to comment that I thought Switzerland after half-time had settled for the draw, it was all they needed really and were content to hit on the break. Scotland I felt celbrated the draw too much. Like I said though this would be a longish post, but to login I would use something short.



    But then I couldnt be arsed, so havnt looked at CQN until now,



    to login in I might use a




    back in the room,



    login again



    or indeed



    a dearie me.



    i think i will go back to keep it lit.



    then again if dearie me on its own in isolation, with no context applied or directed at any post or poster, well ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, get over yourseld, god knows what is going on in your head



    and that is a big dearie me from me.




    Didn’t he have a hip injury and a hernia operation which resulted in him missing most of his last months with us?



    I think the problems had started before he signed for Arsenal.

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Buy a young athletic left back to challenge and support Greg?



    Turn him into a star over next two years and sell him for profit?



    Give Kieran two years to overcome his injuries and accumulate his wealth?



    Then sign him on a free when he is 29 ?

  9. garygillespieshamstring on

    Kieran also had injury issues before he made the Celtic first team squad.

  10. the long wait is over on

    Really felt gutted for KT last night.



    A horrible bit of play from Hendry ( an aside , but I thought Hendry was really poor) put KT in all sorts of trouble , having to change his body position inside out.



    For me, all that matters for KT now is that he works out what is the best for him financially, for as many years as he can secure. Where that is or with whom is irrelevant. I suspect it will be with Arsenal.



    Sadly, and it gives me no pleasure whatsoever to say this about a fantastic footballer and man, I think his career is not on anything other than a downward trajectory from here because of , and only of, his proneness to injury.



    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be proved wrong but I do think his bravery and willingness to go full gas at everything work against him.



    Celtic Mac



    “Mad Mitch, in probably his only perceptive post on here, pointed out that in his last season at Celtic Kieran changed the way he was running.”



    That can’t be good , can it? I seem to remember the same being said about the late Phil O’Donnell so perhaps it isn’t quite as rare as you might think.

  11. the long wait is over



    It’s no laughing matter…I remember the story…


    About the guy wi a limp who went into an Ice Cream Parlour and ordered a banana split


    “Crushed Nuts?”


    Naw, pulled a hamstring…




    I think he was posting on SC dont know if he still is but it was the usual stuff.

  13. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tim Horton – cheers.



    I look in on Sentinel Celts very infrequently.



    Was recently reflecting on the relative calm and positivity here on CQN.



    Clearly, after an angst ridden season, winning the double had a lot to do with that.



    Had a quick look at SC just now and think I’ve seen another reason.



    Lots of negative posts from monikers who used to post here.



    This one in particular caught my eye.



    “lawell and his cohorts are ruining my club”

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Huns playing all games in August away from home,as a delay in work on one of the stands

  15. Sad news about Sevco, potentially seeking an alternative ground for August games.


    Thoughts are with them at this difficult time.


    Broadwood may work

  16. i mentioned a wee while ago, when the project works were in the public domain for the stand reworks at ibrox it is not a simple job to add new seats on a cantilever or indeed to change the angle of exisitng steps.



    I thought the two month schedule a tad over optimistic, as to the budget, with all things sevco, and akin to new edminston house that was held up as some sort of financial game changer for thems, materials and cash in short supply, leads to construction delays, obviously.



    apparantely though, having opened up the structure they are finidn issues with the original steelworks, that would suprise me, but then again who knows,

  17. Interesting listen to ITV comperr there


    She said Serbia may withdraw from Euros if Croatia and Albanian fans are not fined for their fans singin Anti serbian songs.


    This was after Serb fans got fined for their singin







    Kieran also had injury issues before he made the Celtic first team squad.



    *didn’t he not have heath issues akin tae Daniel Fergus and used tae have a bottle of liquid on the touchline to replenish himself no matter should he cum back now or in a couple of years it should only be a pay as you play contract

  19. Have a bit of sympathy for folk who in all kinds of weather selling the Big Issue ,it’s a cheap sarcastic joke ,but I think your obsessed with Sevco

  20. the long wait is over on

    CELTIC MAC on 20TH JUNE 2024 1:55 PM


    the long wait is over




    Boom boom!




  21. Celtic PLC could help their neighbours by offering up Celtic Park to host their “home games” say at a small fee of a million pounds per match.

  22. bigrailroadblues on

    I would suggest that the hun use Newlandsfield. Capacity may be too big after their first few games.

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