Time for an inquest into fragile Celtic limbs


One of the things Neil Lennon may have on his agenda for the international break is an inquest into the physical condition of his playing squad.  The season is a month old and Celtic have an injury list which would wipe out pretty much every other team in the country.  If this was an isolated occurrence it would be no more than curious but we have written about, and discussed, the fragile limbs of Celtic players since the Lennoxtown Training Centre opened nearly five years ago.

Since then Celtic ‘lost’ (more on that at a later date) three leagues by a maximum of six points and lost valuable form and points due to first choice players sitting in the stands on match day.

On Saturday our central midfield was without Ledley, Brown, Wanyama, Kayal and McGeouch (on a non-fitness related injury), while even auxiliary stand-in for central mid, Charlie Mulgrew, was on the list of others getting treatment.

The run of bad luck has moved clearly into the realms of statistical relevance.  It is not luck at all, we are doing something wrong.

Football clubs look to sports science to deliver multiple objectives.  Competitive pressure is put on players to become faster and to be able to run as effectively late in games as they can in the opening minutes (which for now is a physical impossibility but remains a key target), but we are clearly missing a trick.

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  1. And so Doctor Philvis finds himself leaping from podium to podium, striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap… will be the leap to FIRST. (thumbsup)

  2. Kilbowie Kelt – …or that they did not even win the national cup that would have qualified them to play in that ‘piddly’ competition.



    And they never will again, because they’re deid. (thumbsup)

  3. Rather than question the injurious qualities of the Lennoxtown air or grass a look at the arbiters of the game may be more revealing.



    Masons in black allowing our opponents to kick lumps out of our players with impunity will account for most injuries IMHO.

  4. jimmybhoycampbell on

    i thought id send this message before Paul put a new article but he beat me to it, no shame in being beaten by a better man…… but i’ll post it anyway :)






    since everyone seems bored and waiting for a new article can i just tell everyone that im coaching the Cambodian Homeless World Cup





    team who are trying to get to Mexico City 2012 http://www.homelessworldcup.org/mexicocity-2012



    any help, support or kind words are greatly appreciated…



    any Tims in Mexico City?.. hoping to watch the game v hertz on Oct. 7th






  5. Hi All,



    Might have already been posted before but I stumbled on this beauty of a site. Jist is, this guy is a wrong-yins creditor and with such a relevant interest, seems to be logging all the quotes regarding what folks have publicly stated about the newco status of The Wrong-yins; being just that, a new club altogether. I found it quite amusing and ample ammunition against the rampant delusional horde.







  6. big nan,


    was just about to post the same, some of the brutality of socalled tackles and not being punished has a big part to play in this, in my opinion ofcourse.

  7. weeshauns freekick that decked b bag barry on

    ref the cats and dogs question once again it said new article before I had time to post so repeating just in case.



    It was those nasty budgie’s up until 1785 no one liked budgie’s. Then they told the dog’s that the cat’s said they were manky for licking their bits, then the budgie’s told the cat’s that the dog’s said the cat’s always called round to see their missus when he was at the pub.



    In the ensuing melee people lost their respect for the cat’s and dog’s and started keeping budgie’s. The peace between these three species has been an uneasy one ever since.



    (The budgie’s then created Tom and Jerry to continue their prpoganda campaign against the dogs and cats, since then everybody thinks they don’t get on, in reality they both still blame each other for being duped by a bloody budgie)

  8. Paul – I’m still convinced a lot of the injuries that are occurring are due to a complete negligence of protection from MIB’s. Opposition players know they will get away with it and use it to gain any kind advantage that they can, as skill wise they are not at the races.

  9. Lennoxtown was built on the wrong side of the campsie hills and does not dry out because of lack of the sun. I have this from one of the larger farms in the areas. Barrowfield it is for me.

  10. Did Lenny not say something previously about the training surfaces at Lennoxtown?I know that new modern golf greens laid in recent years in some courses in scotland have a more compacted structure than older greens to assist better drainage and cope with heavier rainfall and to allow more playing time through autumn and winter..are the surfaces at Lennoxtown perhaps similar?..just a guess…HH




  11. Time for an inquest into why my limbs enabled me to run 10 miles like Georgios Samaras in full flight followed by the final 3 miles like David Weir with his laces tied together in Sunday’s Great Scottish Run.

  12. Sir Paul



    Hiya. Kiddo..???



    Nice tae Greet Ye..



    Okay.. So ye wanna reason ..



    Fur.. Awe those Injuries… ??



    The Fault.. lies.. Not.. in the Stars.. Dear.. well.. Paul..



    But.. in



    the Machinations of



    The Three Sisters..



    Ye know them well…’



    Clotho..Atropos..an’… Lachesis.



    they used tae live… doon aroon.. the Garscube road.



    But. Ah think they hiv Moved..






    it Behooves us.. no .. tae look fur a remedy.. tae solve this terrible .. run o


    injuries tae oor key personell…. anywhere else..



    than that o’ Going oot. .and Baggin’.. a Few Sheep.. in the Campsies..






    Offering up a Sacrificial Lamb or two.. tae those Wild and Crazy GALS..



    Well. that is whit.. Alyss Done tole me.. is how we should solve this pesky problem.



    and.. as ye know..




    Alyss… KNOWS .. YE KNOW!



    Nice Chattin’…









    Still Laughin’

  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Refs giving permission to cripple players does not help but preeseason intensive training cant be helping, the players should be given a training regime they stick too during their holidays

  14. Paul67



    I thought last season they established the pitches were to blame and they were replacing them?



    Maybe it is just the curse of the modern footballer…

  15. Gordon J —— 13 51 .



    Mmm ——-



    I think that Grayling being given the Justice gig suggests a wee move to the right..



    It has long been traditional for a lawyer to get the Justice gig ——- Grayling isn’t a lawyer

  16. asonofdan,


    stars on strips dont actually mean anything official, there is no rule or regulation . What each star represents is a personal choice for that club . If you want you can interpret 1 star represents 5 league championships or 8 or 2 or 15 league cups, no-one cares.



    Unless of course it’s one star.

  17. One needs first to identify if the injuries sustained are contact or strains .



    Are the injuries happening on match day or training days ?



    Now if strains are purely muscle or joint related (ligaments n tendons ) then training should be adapted . I would find it increadable if each player has not got specific warm up/down. Training routines specific to body type and previous injury history .



    Could it be as simple as simple as the astro turf?




    Or indeed lifestyle of individual player a involved




  18. Gordon_J – Aha! Good old politics.



    Reshuffles aint the answer, getting rid of Mr Cameron and his fake Tories is the answer.



    Really, in what sense would an Ed Milivanilli government be significantly any different, other than the additional merriment generated by having the gurning fratricide at the helm, and Ed Balls taking over shortly thereafter? We’ll still be broke, still be taking orders from the EU, still be spending money we don’t have, still be wasting billions and impoverishing the masses to appease the lunatic cult and cash scam that is the climate change lobby, and still have an open door and open wallet to medieval religious fanatics and Al Qeda sympathisers (they have human rights, doncha know) while treating honest immigrants who don’t want to blow us up like dirt.



    I’m puzzled by your assertion though that:Ian Duncan Smith was apparently offered the Justice brief, but decided to stay at Work and Pensions. And that has to be bad news for everyone as his “reforms” bite.



    I think that’s pretty good news for everyone. IDS strikes me as a genuinely decent man, doing his best. Also why the scare quotes around “reforms”? Are they not reforms because you don’t like them?



    The reshuffle will not affect the governments popularity, or lack of it, greatly.



    Cameron is doomed. He’s been a bigger failure than his counterpart and sometime political love interest Obama, and that’s saying something. Even a small war wouldn’t save him now, because thanks to his government’s gutting of the armed forces, we’d probably lose.



    I have never in my lifetime seen a major political leader seemingly so determined to give his natural constituency no reason whatsoever to support him.



    How did it come to pass that the three big parties in our democracy should be led by Lord Snooty, Adrian Mole, and Nick “Cry Me A River” Clegg? Would you buy a car from any of these losers? (thumbsup)

  19. And as predicted here on CQN yesterday…



    STUART McCALL has made Rangers firm favourites for the Scottish Communities League Cup third round clash with his Motherwell side.



    While Well lead the SPL and Rangers sit only third in the Irn-Bru Third Division, former Ibrox midfielder McCall says his side’s dreadful away record at Ibrox makes Ally McCoist’s men the bookies tip.

  20. Afternoon Celts,



    Paul67, part of the problem is the savage tackles allowed by our Men in Black, the skilful players in Scottish football are being lost or at least diminished by the hit them hard tactics in order to level the playing field, it’s not a new phenomenon of course as I remember McLean complaining about his players being damaged by the thuggish tactics of some and wanted protection by the refs.


    Something has changed since we moved to Lennoxtown though, it’s curious and needs identified and sorted.



  21. lucky cody


    13:57 on


    4 September, 2012


    Lennoxtown was built on the wrong side of the campsie hills and does not dry out because of lack of the sun. I have this from one of the larger farms in the areas. Barrowfield it is for me.




    LC – Lennoxtown is on the south side of the campsies, and therefore would be in the best position to receive sunlight. Of course unfortunately we live in a climate where that is in rather short supply.

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