Time for an inquest into fragile Celtic limbs


One of the things Neil Lennon may have on his agenda for the international break is an inquest into the physical condition of his playing squad.  The season is a month old and Celtic have an injury list which would wipe out pretty much every other team in the country.  If this was an isolated occurrence it would be no more than curious but we have written about, and discussed, the fragile limbs of Celtic players since the Lennoxtown Training Centre opened nearly five years ago.

Since then Celtic ‘lost’ (more on that at a later date) three leagues by a maximum of six points and lost valuable form and points due to first choice players sitting in the stands on match day.

On Saturday our central midfield was without Ledley, Brown, Wanyama, Kayal and McGeouch (on a non-fitness related injury), while even auxiliary stand-in for central mid, Charlie Mulgrew, was on the list of others getting treatment.

The run of bad luck has moved clearly into the realms of statistical relevance.  It is not luck at all, we are doing something wrong.

Football clubs look to sports science to deliver multiple objectives.  Competitive pressure is put on players to become faster and to be able to run as effectively late in games as they can in the opening minutes (which for now is a physical impossibility but remains a key target), but we are clearly missing a trick.

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  1. Apologies if it’s already been mentioned but John Thomson played for amateur club Wellesley Juniors who had links with Celtic and played in green a white hoops.

  2. China match the announcer struggled really badly going through the Chinese team, only in time honoured fashion to re- read the team, possible worse second time round. We lost an early goal at the H#n end and then rallied quickly.



    Happy dayscfc

  3. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/



    13:03 on 5 September, 2012




    Yellow Pages.



    Under G.



    For genius.

  4. Monaghan1900


    09:17 on


    5 September, 2012


    Finally, a definitive and coherent explanation from FF:



    Tell them point 3 is a fallacy. The football club IS the company (RFCIA = The Rangers Football Club PLC/RFC 2012 PLC) as it is that which is the predominant vehicle of income for the company and it is that the football governing bodies recognise as the entity in which they regulate. MIH was a holding company of RFCIA. The argument would have been valid if it were entering into liquidation. RFCIA was the entity that was incorporated into companies house and hence is liable for Corporation Tax, VAT and other duties. As it were unable to continue as a going concern then it ceases to exist – its quite simple. The resulting assets can then be sold on – brown brogues, training tops with initials on etc. to another club/company who wish to use them.



    But the new company (The Rangers Football Club Ltd) cannot trade and masquerade as the old company. The Insolvency Act 1986 sees to that for 5 YEARS following the liquidation event. Since RFCIA have yet to be liquidated, then I trust that Chuck is able to carry on using all livery of the now defunct team. Thus allowing him to hoodwink the hordes that nothing has changed, bag the season ticket money and then do the runner. Merely adding “The” to the name does not detract that “Rangers Football Club” will become a “prohibited name”. There are a couple of exceptions to this, most notably that directors of the new company can apply to use the old name if they have bought wholly/substantially the old business. Chuck will hence need to apply to BDO to continue to use the name.

  5. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/……….12:32 on 5 September, 2012


    greenjedi…………….12:43 on 5 September, 2012


    Lennon n Mc….Mjallby………..12:50 on 5 September, 2012



    Will respond, only to say that I acknowledge your reciprocal response(s) but to debate the issue at length, I feel, is not going to make one iota of difference to what seems to be your fairly entrenched and anecdotal viewpoints……….


    “A punch in the mooth”………….Indeed!




  6. AikiBhoy



    12:59 on 5 September, 2012



    The Talking Bird might see that image as an adulteration of his Aryan ideal.


    You seem to forget that he doesn’t approve of ‘crossing carthorses with thoroughbreds’.

  7. Jeezo…..some of youse are right hard cases. 90% of addicts die young. So that’ll be alright then?


    Smoking? Drinking? No drain on NHS resources there, I suppose.


    Average male life expectancy in the east end of Glasgow : 48yrs.


    Average male life expectancy in the west end of Glasgow : 84yrs.


    I don’t know who needs “a punch in the mooth and sent out to work” but I know for sure it’s not some poor wee sod in so much mental anguish that they play russian roulette with a hit of gear like it was comin’ out of a machine gun.


    Compassion, man. Compasion. Or yer nuthin’!



  8. weeshauns freekick that decked b bag barry on

    Awe naw cheers for your articles, I had a look mate but was very dissappointed that you are using guys who use the same standard of proof to makew their case as they do discrediting Simoncini.



    Notice the poor little girl (who had been receiving chemo etc – I mean no way that could have killed the poor girl or indeed the cancer that she had according to you it was Simoncini) had no second name which was weird, also she died of her cancer what does that prove about Simoncini?



    There are many many more testimonials that say the complete opposite to your claim of uselessness. Whataboutery as you should be aware serves no real purpose.



    Odd that he got to practise his voodoo medicine for all those years without anyone else claiming he killed them isn’t it Awe no? Especially in a state hospital.



    You’d have thought those caring medical professionals would have piped up before.



    The site it was hosted on seemed slightly suspect too if I say so myself but thats just personal opinion from years of trwling through such material.



    Final point –



    Would it not be really easy for the “Experts” to show medically that his (non patentable incidentally) and free (odd that the guy would make nothing from his cure yet you think its a scam) easy and harmless cure was rubbish instead of attacking the individual?



    In my experience when this happens you can be pretty sure that the guy is onto something.



    But each to their own, I hope neither of us ever gets the dreaded disease, but if I did I would defo try his method before taking chemo (80% of doctors won’t take it I wonder why?)



    So where do you think cancer came from annoni mate as it is a 100% modern (20th century) occurance.



    I formed my opinion based on years of research mate hope yours was too.

  9. Lennon n Mc....Mjallby on




    I realise the situation is a wee bit more complex,I was only having a joke pal and there comes a time to admit the answer to misery isn’t to fill your body with the stuff.



    No offence intended.



    Hail Hail

  10. weeshauns freekick that decked b bag barry on

    One other thing Awe No



    My mum has cancer right now and I had to fight like hell to change the opinion of the worlds most stubborn women – if you need the amount of material it took to convince her of the legitimacy of this theory I’m fluffed but I will still do it if you wish



    the whole ph balance thing is in my opinion def the way we need to go.



    You can test Mr Simoncini’s theory without having cancer too if you wish. Athletes foot is a fungus too, as is a wart – use a solution of water and baking soda to bathe and soak your feet or wart in for a week or two.



    Apparently both of these conditions are incurable too (only treatable which you may realise only benefits the big pharma concerns, cant have them curing anything – much better to “treat” it perpetually)

  11. BRTH @ 23.33 (last night),


    Thanks for the comment – nice to have one from such an erudite, frequent poster.


    I knew that the Grand Ducal family of Tuscany were related to Austria’s Habsburgs, but not that its current representative lives in Scotland. As you say, the Grand Ducal robes would be “de troppo” for shopping or work. I take it that he’s not a hun!


    I know a lot more about the annexation of the Kingdom of Naples by Savoy-Piedmont than about the annexation of Tuscany. I hope to learn more from this discussion (but from what I already know of the history of the House of Savoy, I assume that it involved some dirty work).

  12. Hi Bhoys



    Someone posted I think that it was last night about a driving job with a funereal business and I know someone that is definitely interested and I think they would be very suitable. If they are on just now or can remember who it was give me a shout. Will be lurking for the next hour or two.

  13. ItaliaBhoy @ 22.18,


    I wasn’t criticising your use of “liberal”!


    We seem to be in a fair measure of agreement. Your mention of disastrous colonial adventures reminds me that one of the things I loath about the House of Savoy was its military arrogance, quite unmatched by any ability to deliver victory. I don’t know how much the victory over Austria in 1859 depended on French aid.


    In 1866, they went to war with Austria again, over Venice: Austria had offered Venice to Italy, as it faced war with Prussia on its Northern front, but the Savoyard government insisted on war “for the honour of the army”. When war broke out, that army was defeated by a smaller Austrian force: Italy gained Venice only because its Prussian ally was victorious. BTW Prussia did not take one square metre of Austrian territory.


    Before Italy’s entry into WWI in 1915, Austria offered a just solution of the one territorial issue remaining between it and Italy: this would have given Italian-speaking Trento to Italy & left German-speaking South Tyrol (incidentally a stunningly beautiful area) with Austria. Unfortunately, Italy’s government was not interested in justice & lauched the country into a war which left hundreds of thousands dead, even more wounded, the finances in a disastrous state & the way open for Fascism. The only wars waged by Savoyard Italy that were indisputable victories were against fellow-Italians.


    Italy’s wars under Mussolini followed the same disastrous pattern of arrogance with incompetence. Poorly-armed Ethiopa was eventually defeated, but Italian attacks against France in 1940 failed completely & when Greece was attacked later the same year, Musso’s forces were soon on the receiving end of a drubbing until the Germans pulled their fat out of the fire. Likewise, after advancing a short distance into Egypt, they were soundly beaten by the British. The failure of Italian armies was not due to the soldiers, however: they fought well in North Africa once they had the able leadership of Rommel, who rated them quite highly (but not their officiers!).


    You probably know all this already – I’m just trying to show why I rate the House of Savoy a total disaster for Italy, which was very well rid of them as a result of the 1946 plebiscite. Anyway, over to you for now: I’m interested in finding out what you know that I don’t (& apologies for going on at such length).

  14. lennon and mjallby@12.50,are you being serious in your suggested treatment of people suffering from the DISEASE.of addiction?,if so,I can only assume you are one of the more fortunate among us,in as much as you have been untouched by the horror that is addiction.If this is the case,then you should thank your lucky stars,but please,do not advocate violence and intolerance as a “cure”.