Time for an inquest into fragile Celtic limbs


One of the things Neil Lennon may have on his agenda for the international break is an inquest into the physical condition of his playing squad.  The season is a month old and Celtic have an injury list which would wipe out pretty much every other team in the country.  If this was an isolated occurrence it would be no more than curious but we have written about, and discussed, the fragile limbs of Celtic players since the Lennoxtown Training Centre opened nearly five years ago.

Since then Celtic ‘lost’ (more on that at a later date) three leagues by a maximum of six points and lost valuable form and points due to first choice players sitting in the stands on match day.

On Saturday our central midfield was without Ledley, Brown, Wanyama, Kayal and McGeouch (on a non-fitness related injury), while even auxiliary stand-in for central mid, Charlie Mulgrew, was on the list of others getting treatment.

The run of bad luck has moved clearly into the realms of statistical relevance.  It is not luck at all, we are doing something wrong.

Football clubs look to sports science to deliver multiple objectives.  Competitive pressure is put on players to become faster and to be able to run as effectively late in games as they can in the opening minutes (which for now is a physical impossibility but remains a key target), but we are clearly missing a trick.

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  1. The Holy Goalie is a free agent! Did not know that.




    FORMER Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc is looking forward to a new challenge after turning down a contract extension at Fiorentina.




    • Former Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc turns down contract extension at Fiorentina



    • Polish international is now a free agent after move to QPR fell through




    The 32-year-old’s move to QPR foundered when Inter Milan’s Julio Cesar became available but the Poland international remains optimistic about his next move having had interest from Ukrainian club FC Dnipro and Germany’s Werder Bremen.




    “I’m fit and available and a little bit surprised to be in this situation following two good seasons in Serie A with Fiorentina,” Boruc said.




    “I was offered an extension with Fiorentina but felt it was the right time for a change and have had several other offers which just didn’t feel right at the time.




    “I almost signed with QPR before Julio Cesar became available but despite that I am looking forward to my next challenge.”

  2. JossyBhoy67



    Hi mate looking at Barca website now,,,are you thinking away fans are the greyed-out section in the gods top right curving round to top centre?

  3. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors


    15:09 on


    4 September, 2012



    In my experience the success of these procedures relies greatly on the skill of the surgeon involved. Choosing the right surgeon is the key to success.




  4. JossyBhoy67 —–



    Barcelona ?



    I don’t have a season ticket .



    I live in Italy .



    I am going to the game in Barcelona . I have a ” home ” ticket



    I have been to previous Barca / Celtic games. I always had a home ticket. I never experienced any difficulties /problems / hassles etc.

  5. JossyBhoy67



    I travelled over to the last game against Barcelona without a ticket and went down to the Nou Camp early in the morning of the game. Queued for about an hour to buy a ticket in the Barca end but told it was only for Spanish nationals.



    Luckily there were quite a few spanish nationals queuing as well willing to buy tickets for many others in a similar boat. We did have to pay a bit extra, think it was €100 each per ticket rather than €50 but some were getting them cheaper.



    Worth a go anyway.



    There was also a fanzone set up in the centre of the town with a band playing all day and beer flowing wonderfully so even if you don’t get tickets you could stay there all day (provided they do it again) and have a ball.





    Big Nan




    13:54 on 4 September, 2012




    Rather than question the injurious qualities of the Lennoxtown air or grass a look at the arbiters of the game may be more revealing.



    Masons in black allowing our opponents to kick lumps out of our players with impunity will account for most injuries IMHO.


    ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~






    We’re taking a knife to a gunfight.



    And then being told that we’re not even allowed to use it.

  7. I believe the injuries are a consequence of overtraining. Problem is we have a short close season and then asked to get up to speed quickly for Europe. I think the sports science team took a bit of a necessary gamble which has not paid off. Limbs were not rested enough then asked to get up to speed quicker than desirable. We should use squad rotation this season to mitigate for the circumstances next season. This will ease the situation.

  8. StumptownBhoy-(ex-SanDiegoBhoy)For_wee_Oscar on

    Thanks to those who replied to my concerns over the online order and Kitbag. Looks like I’ll be on the phone and sending off a few emails.

  9. Philvis @ 15:11,



    We are broke, tis true so you propose/agree with cut backs on DLA, yet bemoan the fact that we are cutting back on the Army.



    Interesting priorities.

  10. They should take a leaf out the Sevco book and drop THE and rename themselves Wig & Pen and reapply…



    A FORMER champion dominoes team fell from grace yesterday as they found themselves thrown out of their pub league amid allegations of cheating.




    • Dominoes team accused of cheating thrown out of pub league



    • Decision could put pub at risk of closure, claims Wig and Pen landlady




    The Wig and Pen pub in Paisley were exiled from the Paisley and District Dominoes League after rivals said the team had hidden – or ‘palmed’ – dominoes during a game.




    The team have denied the allegations, made during a game last season, saying the claims were never proven.




    And when a new team was formed by Wig and Pen punters not involved in the team during the time of the allegations, they were turned back by the league.




    Jim O’Donnell, one of the ousted Wig and Pen players, said: “I’ve been playing the game for almost 30 years and this is the most shocking decision I’ve ever heard.




    “It all started during a game last season when an opposition player accused one of our players of ‘palming’ a domino. Basically, that means hiding one of the dominoes, which is against the rules.




    “We have always denied that happened and it was one player’s word against the other’s, but the league committee took the decision to boot us out.




    “There wasn’t a lot we could do about it so the players who were banned – including guys who weren’t even at the game when the alleged cheating took place – stepped aside to allow a new team to be formed because we’d been told it was the players who were banned, not the pub.




    “However, when a couple of members of staff went along to a meeting to register for a new season, they were told the league was full and there would be no place for the Wig and Pen.




    The decision to throw out the team could lead to the closure of the pub, according to owner Marie Convery.




    “The Wig and Pen is a dominoes pub. My regulars come here to practice and, on Tuesday nights, we have our games here,” Ms Convery said.




    “It’s the lifeblood of the pub. Without dominoes, the number of customers through the doors is going to fall and that will have serious implications for us, especially in this financial climate, when pubs all over the town are having to close their doors.




    “I was promised that, even if the squad of players from last season weren’t allowed to play next season, the pub itself wouldn’t be banned from the league.




    “Now, after taking the time to start a new team of players, we’re suddenly being told there’s no space for the Wig and Pen.




    “Last year, we won every cup going and the year before we won the league. We have a great bunch of players who were being punished unfairly and now the pub is being punished too. I’d like to know the reason why, it’s a disgrace.”




    Meanwhile, 50-year-old Thomas Tutty, another Wig and Pen player, added: “It was sickening to be told that we couldn’t play dominoes in the first place, but now to be told the pub has been removed from the league is shocking.




    “There’s nowhere in the rule book that states a pub should be banned if a player is caught cheating, never mind a pub being kicked out because of one claim of one player cheating.”

  11. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    “Disability Living Allowance has increased from £9 billion in 2003 to over £12 billion now, and is still rising, in real terms”


    any idea on the breakdown,


    howmuch of that is paid for restructuring and paying private consultants

  12. Chairbhoy – We are broke, tis true so you propose/agree with cut backs on DLA, yet bemoan the fact that we are cutting back on the Army.



    But we’re not cutting back on DLA, we’re spending more than ever, in real terms. (thumbsup)

  13. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective




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    Yep.. kiddo.. ye Goat THAT RIGHT.. awe.. well.. Right!



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    Nice Chattin’.. as always.. Pally.





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    Still. Laughin’…of course.

  14. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire – No idea I’m afraid. From what I gather the number of claimants has risen dramatically over the past few years, so that probably has something to do with the sharply rising cost to the taxpayer.



    Either we as a society are becoming increasingly seriously disabled at an alarming rate, or some people are “at it”. (thumbsup)

  15. StumptownBhoy-(ex-SanDiegoBhoy)For_wee_Oscar on

    Lacking in sports science at Lennoxtown? Don’t think so.



    Too many SFA refs in need of glasses and a correct reading of the rules regarding the “physical” aspect of the game.

  16. philvisreturns



    Funny how that dramatic increase has coincided with the Polish and Slovaks being granted EU status and settling in the UK in huge numbers.



    Just saying like before anyone gets on their high horse…

  17. scotlands shame on

    all our midfielders (apart from brown who is basically paying for playing while unfit as a youngster at hibs) were missing due to injuries they received during games.


    Perhaps we need to look at how referees let our players get roughed up as well as point finger at lennoxtown.

  18. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    there are always some people at it, a bit like tax evasion, but your idea that seriously disabled people should suffer because of a few thieves is the same argument you use for every welfare assistance case.


    I expect there will be a few billion stolen by Atos but you probably contend they deserve it for their sterling work in reducing seriously disabled peoples live to misery.

  19. ASonOfDan – Funny how that dramatic increase has coincided with the Polish and Slovaks being granted EU status and settling in the UK in huge numbers.



    Could be linked, I don’t honestly know. We experienced rapid growth of the welfare state before Poles and Slovaks came here in large numbers though. When you subsidise something, you get more of it. (thumbsup)




    Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire – your idea that seriously disabled people should suffer



    I’ll stop you there.



    Nobody is arguing that seriously disabled people should suffer.



    Get that out of your head. (thumbsup)

  20. saltires en sevilla


    15:47 on


    4 September, 2012


    for non-buddies



    the Wig & Pen is a Celtic pub,,,,






    Not just a Celtic pub, the ONLY Celtic pub in Paisley, to the best of my knowledge.

  21. Is anybody actually saying going after those who claim DLA when the only thing wrong with them is their heart problem (aka being heart lazy)is a bad thing?

  22. Philvis @ 15:36,



    I was meaning the DLA recipients rather than the money spent by the DWP.



    Part of the reason for the rise was due to the fact that new labour wanted to get the Unemployment figures down, so the less employable with disabilities looking for work were transferred to DLA.



    Now of course the Tories don’t want to service the huge bill, but don’t want unemployment rising either.



    Do you like the idea of the Government as guarantor for Business loans, with our money? The entrepreneur struggling while the Capitalists sit atop of their huge piles of cash.



    Something amiss with those systems I would suggest.

  23. Let’s No Over Desiccate this Issue..under review.



    Let’s Face it..



    Injuries, are the Direct Result of Players Being.. well.. INJURED..



    No Mystery, here… Move oan..folks.




    Ah say..



    Stoap a Player fae Receiving An Injury…and



    We wull find that the Problem .. of Players being Injured.. will



    Magically.. Disappear..



    Maks Sense.. tae Me!







    philvis returns 1414



    Blinkin’ flip.






    Didnae miss a target,and took out a fair few.



    Thanks,mate. That needed saying.



    All you left out was the old mantra of “We get the politicians we deserve”,but I suspect that is because NO-ONE deserves this lot………..

  25. greenjedi – It’s a good thing to try to weed out benefit fraudsters and inappropriate claims when a Labour government does it, helps save that money for those who genuinely need it, etc. But it’s a vicious assault on decency and kindness itself, motivated by nothing more than an evil urge to inflict misery on the helpless, when a Tory-led government does it. (thumbsup)

  26. Paul



    “On Saturday our central midfield was without Ledley, Brown, Wanyama, Kayal and McGeouch (on a non-fitness related injury), while even auxiliary stand-in for central mid, Charlie Mulgrew, was on the list of others getting treatment”.



    Ledley- injured in awkward clash and fall in Sweden


    Brown- Degenerative hip condition


    Wanyama- Dead leg in challenge during Hibs game


    Kayal- Injured in challenge in Sweden


    McGeouch- Freak challenge



    I fail to see a connection to Lennoxtown. Indeed the very point you highlighted about young players development after Hibs game is as a direct result of the hugely improved training facilities at Lennoxtown surely?

  27. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    swiss tony



    15:27 on 4 September, 2012



    If I EVER decide to let them open me up, let me tell you, bhoy, I’ll be VERY careful on who does it, LLOOLLL …..sure now, a wee bit of sciatica never killed a mham……. LOL



    My problem is that I have always had an aversion to pain killers, for some reason ……. Which has probably contributed greatly to my general VERY good health……touch wood..!!

  28. emusanorphan



    That’s what you call cognitive dissonance.



    Lennoxtown bad re injuries but good for bringing through youth players. :-)



    Agree with you regarding the injuries.




  29. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    you advocte reductions and it appears regardless of the consequence, and the justification is, some are stealing.

  30. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective..




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    Right noo… things couldnae be any brighter fur Celtic..



    So.. Ah believe it is Time.. tae Relax. .Kick Back



    And Jist Enjoy this.


    well. Let’s Say..



    Summer of Celtic….






    Celtic, are Battin A Thousand.. in Europe… and Neil is Hitting.. Dinger after Dinger..



    Oota the Park..



    Things are Great.. Things Are Swell..



    Ever.eee.. Thing is Comin’ up .. Roses~



    Nice chattin





    Yer pal.. who likes the Wey ye THINK.



    Still. Laughin’






    15:19 on 4 September, 2012




    BOBBY MURDOCH’S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS – Those grapes were probably sour anyway. :) (thumbsup)


    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



    Aye,but the beer was ok………

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