Time for an inquest into fragile Celtic limbs


One of the things Neil Lennon may have on his agenda for the international break is an inquest into the physical condition of his playing squad.  The season is a month old and Celtic have an injury list which would wipe out pretty much every other team in the country.  If this was an isolated occurrence it would be no more than curious but we have written about, and discussed, the fragile limbs of Celtic players since the Lennoxtown Training Centre opened nearly five years ago.

Since then Celtic ‘lost’ (more on that at a later date) three leagues by a maximum of six points and lost valuable form and points due to first choice players sitting in the stands on match day.

On Saturday our central midfield was without Ledley, Brown, Wanyama, Kayal and McGeouch (on a non-fitness related injury), while even auxiliary stand-in for central mid, Charlie Mulgrew, was on the list of others getting treatment.

The run of bad luck has moved clearly into the realms of statistical relevance.  It is not luck at all, we are doing something wrong.

Football clubs look to sports science to deliver multiple objectives.  Competitive pressure is put on players to become faster and to be able to run as effectively late in games as they can in the opening minutes (which for now is a physical impossibility but remains a key target), but we are clearly missing a trick.

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  1. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    I expect benfica have had a shipment of south americans recently

  2. blantyretim



    17:25 on 4 September, 2012



    ‘I have been in the Felons club on more than 1 occasion..’





    I think the point the huns were making is that PhilMCG had got the postal address wrong ergo he was a liar ergo what he had to say about the huns was untrue.



    They are that stupid.

  3. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. The Singing Detective..


    Pal. .Ah done tole ye..



    Ah nevah .. Blush..



    Only.. Flush..and at every chance that a get…



    there is Difference..ye know..



    And..Vive La Differ.. Ence~



    thanks, fur the Shimmerin’ and Glistenin’ Testimonial.. Ah wull Copy it doon.. and use it at Ma Next .. Joab Interview!





    Yer pal.. who likes everything that ye write oan Here..




  4. Neil canamalar…



    I know they have.



    Anyone who tries to ‘tell it like it is’ is immediately tarred with the same brush: an IRA sympathiser, a member of Opus Dei, a servant of the Church of Rome…



    Over the last few months, though, they have gone into overdrive and they will continue to do so!



    I am glad I spend most of the year abroad, but my wife and daughter live in ‘the best little bigotted country in the world’ – and I often worry for their wellbeing tbh although they are in a part of the country which is, thankfully, for the most part, tolerant.




  5. OG Rafferty – The post has probably been removed by moderators on the Amazon site. Unfortunately a vector has been created on CQN, from which god knows how many people have copied to other sites/emails etc. This is how internet rumours take seed.



    This is mission accomplished by the author of those remarks.

  6. neil canamalar lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    17:28 on


    4 September, 2012




    I expect benfica have had a shipment of south americans recently



    May well be the case. The coach did say the replacements were in the reserve team.

  7. O.G. Rafferty


    I followed your link posted at 14.15


    please read my post at 15.20


    I just looked on Amazon it´s still there



  8. danso


    Your earlier post was right from the heart and is one with which I can sympathise. I, too, would like Celtic to join another League but, as I simply cannot see that happening, I continue to support my team. Whether that will remain the case after all the matters involving Rangers have been finalised is a different matter.




  9. BTB



    Say all those points ARE true; so what? What does that have to do with Phil being right and the only one doing the work on Rangers’ situation?



    As an eejit on the radio says “what’s your point caller?”

  10. TerryONeill Neil ah love yae on

    Celtic should investigate the vitamin d status of its players.



    Given that in Scotland for most of the year that between our weather an the angle of the suns rays given our latitude we dont get nearly enough vitamin d.



    Lack of vitamin d can affect traing recovery time,injury recovery time susceptibilty to injury,degenerative injury maybe slowed with proper vitamin d levels.



    Our players will almost certainly be deficient.



    Issy may well be taking longer to recover from injury and have his mood affected by the undoubted drop in his vitanin d levels since moving to Scotland.



    If ah wer king Celtic players would have their vitamin d status checked and put on 5000 iu/ day vitamin d capsules to rectify any deficiency. or perhaps Celtic could invest in uvb lamps to boost levels.



    How do i know this ,extensive reading for a few years.



    Ah know the natural reaction is to dismiss,but Celtic and anyone else interested in optimising their health should as a starting point read



    Michael F. Holick, Ph.D., M.D.,he is one of the foremost experts in the subject.

  11. MB


    I agree with you. I´ve ordered the book. I feel you´re coming in halfway through a story here.

  12. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    WC Melville Welcome to CQN



    Paul67 I hope you delete that post on the basis of lazy journalism



    Hail Hail

  13. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    would that coincide with operation Save The Hun ?



    HAil Hail

  14. TootingTim


    It was the 0-0 game which put us through to the next round of the UEFA cup.


    We paid £70 each for the tickets, but they were very good seats and there was a huge demand for them. We were also desperate as there was only 1hr to ko!


    Barca fans get these games on their ST’s, or it used to be, and I believe quite a few would rather have the cash.




  15. TerryONeill Neil ah love yae on

    malonebhoy @ 17.47 ,ah take a 5000 capsule of vitamin d everyday.



    East Germany and Russia noticed that their athletes tended to perform better in the summer.



    They now use it extensively.



    Av emailed Lenny,but he probably thinks am aff ma rocket.





    Chicago blackhaws winning the stanley cup final after a 50 year draught was put down to their Vitamin D supplementation.



    Ah want Celtic to have every edge goin and for me this is a no brainer.

  16. Quote:


    Levante to challenge Nouioui’s Celtic move



    Spanish club Levante admit they will fight for their right to have Lassad Nouioui join them.



    Levante director Alberto Gill claims that the 26-year old Tunisian forward signed with them from Deportivo La Coruna prior to joining Celtic late last week and will challenge the players move to Glasgow.



    “Our club reserves the right to use legal matters to investigate this transfer,” he said.



    “And it is possible it could be reported to FIFA.



    “We were told by his representatives that he would be in for training, only to later discover he was already on a plane to Scotland.”





  17. For months now we’ve been reading about the troubles with the defunct Rangers and the newco, from Phil himself, Rangers Tax Case and Paul McConville. All excellent work and I’ll always be grateful to them. However, the thought of sitting and reading it all again in book form just scunners me. I’m saturated with it all. Perhaps in two or three years time or even when it’s all over, but now! Help ma boab.

  18. Celtic_Cross , actually changed ends at half-time – just wandered round the concourse . Met a couple of tims wearing t-shirts and beach shorts – don’t know how they stuck it out.



    That was my last away trip , possibly influenced by the fact that i had neglected to tell Mrs Sanna where i was off too when i left for work on the monday morning !!



    Not too difficult really as i was working in Barnsley and just headed off on the Tuesday for Barca , via Germany .



    Arrived in Barca and met up with some good friends (Cammy from Perth) and checked into hotel pre-match.


    Phoned home at the usual time (even accounting for time difference)



    Me : Hi Darling


    Mrs S : Where are you ?


    Me: Barcelona ( not being one to lie to Mrs S and never having been asked a direct question about the trip , or the possibility of it)


    Mrs S: Phone hung up and yours truly in ‘el casa de perro’ for the rest of the week until I made it back to Glasgow.



    Moral of the story . Get permission in advance or lie ! Think I’ve got some bargaining to do .




  19. Benthebishop



    Thanks for posting the gist of the crap posted about Phil ,any other


    amazing revelations on those taigs and tarriers ,numbnuts?

  20. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    I think it would be nice for Phil to become a millionaire on the back of the death of Rangers.




    It would be right and fitting ;-)




    HAil HAil

  21. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo


    17:58 on


    4 September, 2012



    You might just be on to something there;-)

  22. benthebishop



    16:48 on


    4 September, 2012



    The questions Wc Melville raises in his review are the usual hunguffery trying to discredit the reporter when they cannot discredit the report.


    I don’t care if you are or are not a Hun, but I do question your motives bringing that review to this site, it has no credence here or anywhere else.


    It is simply an attack on the man because the reviewer cannot make any coherent arguements regarding the substance of the material covered in the book.




  23. BTB


    There is a story in The Herald today about a bad review of Scottish crime writer Stuart MacBride’s latest thriller getting a bad review on Amazon. The story reveals that the review was written by another author using a false name. The same author, RJ Ellory then went on to write good reviews of his own book under a pseudonym. I was surprised to read that it is a relatively common practice on Amazon that books are praised or panned in this way on Amazon, a practice that has been criticised by a number of well known authors. From this I take it that it is easy to fake an ID on Amazon and say pretty much what you like about any writer. As has been previously stated: whatever the truth about the claims it has no relevance to the content of Phil’s book.


    I like Stuart MacBride’s books and have his latest but not read it yet. I’ve never heard of the other guy. If he has to resort to those kind of tactics to get a good review I don’t think I’ll be reading his stuff any time soon

  24. terryoneill neil ah love yae



    17:55 on


    4 September, 2012


    malonebhoy @ 17.47 ,ah take a 5000 capsule of vitamin d everyday.




    Me and yer pal Shuggy are taking them everyday. It allows us to work long hours on the taxis here in Manchester.



    Regards from Shuggy.



    You are making a seriously good point btw.

  25. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on




    Bloke109 called it a tidbit. I call it the final solution.



    Hail Hail

  26. Re Phil ‘allegations’ on Amazon.


    I think a similar situation occured not so long ago with questions being asked by huns about Juninho and the EBT.


    People argued on here that the club should comment on the allegations.


    In my opinion, Celtic were correct on not answering any allegations unless asked to do so by the SFA/SPL.


    To do so would be to validate those asking the questions; huns with an agenda.


    Now we have huns throwing about allegations about Phil and we have people on here wanting answers direct from him.


    Again, in my opinion, Phil shouldn’t answer any of the so called allegations.


    To do so would be to detract attention from book itself.




  27. No point getting upset about the abuse of P McG – he is no8. in Amazon books right now, between 50 shades of Grey and the Hunger Games box set.



    I wonder how many pre-sold copies that takes?

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