Time for Celtic to box clever


Salzburg got back to winning ways on Sunday after losing 4-1 away to third-placed Rheindorf Altach immediately before the international break.  The stats from that game are interesting.  Salzburg enjoyed 60% possession but Rheindorf forced 66% more chances by playing on the break, scoring twice in the closing 10 minutes as Salzburg pushed for an equaliser.

A point on Thursday would be an acceptable result for Salzburg so they could be caught between trying to defend and playing their normal game.  Either way it’s likely they will hold possession for long periods.

No team is completely dependent on one player but this truism is probably tested more by Salzburg and their talismanic striker, Jonathan Soriano, who has scored 26 times in 27 outings this season.  Consider for a moment if we had such a prodigious striker………..

Salzburg coach Adolf Hutter must decide how far tp change his usual game plan.  Salzburg’s entire strategy is to attack.  They have scored 50 league goals already this season, twice as many as any other team, while their goals against record is within a handful of the majority of teams in the league.

My preference would be to tempt them out, have them fall between the two stools of playing their natural offensive game and the more cautious approach they may be tempted to play away in Europe.  One note of caution, the Ajax team who beat Celtic comfortably in Amsterdam last season were shredded 0-3 by a counter-attacking Salzburg in the same venue a few months later.

Ajax failed to box clever, we can be smarter.  Stop Soriano, closed-down space at the back and play on the counter.

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  1. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Not confident, fear we may have blown it in Romania but always hopeful

  2. weet weet weet(GBWO) on

    It’s tough getting auld



    A senior citizen goes in for his yearly physical with his wife tagging along.



    When the doctor enters the examination room he says, “I will need a urine sample, a stool sample, and a sperm sample.”



    The man, being hard of hearing, turns to his wife and asks, “What did he say?”



    The wife yells back to him,



    He wants yir underpants




  3. Let’s hope the bold Adolf has signed his name clearly on his passport or he might find that he attracts more favourable attention from the Southside than he’s anticipated.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on

    Call it remarkable coincidence but…



    I was reminiscing about Ed’s Diner on the blog this morning, and lo and behold, they’ve opened a diner in Glasgow this very day.



    Changed days, and indeed changed company, from the early 90s in London, but will need to swing by and check it out.



    That’ll be a burger for lunch then…

  5. Its going to be a tough game and like BT i think Astra could come back to haunt us, but we are at Home and hopefully the crowd will get behind the team and make the atmosphere good from start to finish and help the team onto a win and qualification for the last 32!



    Really dont want to have to go to Zagreb needing a result to qualify!






  6. We should have gone for Soriano when we had the chance.


    We need a second goalscorer as well as Guidetti.



    Agree we need to play on the break.

  7. BT,



    im twice the man i was back then …..unfortunately that t-shirt seems to be half the size it was back then…..






  8. The Battered Bunnet



    If you’re into your burgers, try Burger meets bun in Edinburgh! im sure there is one in Glasgow to, but never been to that. The stuff they churn out is unreal!

  9. Bookies have Salzburg slight favourites for Thursday.


    Are we opening the top tier as a decent support could assist our players?



    Maybe Efe can man mark Soriano seeing as wee Leo was so easy!




  10. Livibhoy (FTLT)



    Yep Ekeren was a good trip indeed. Cracking strike from Oh Mikey, Mikey saw us through.


    Even though its on the outskirts of Antwerp, we stayed in Ghent. The wee town of Ekeren didnt know what had hit it though. Bars and carry-out shops probably made more dosh that day than in a normal month!






  11. The Battered Bunnet on




    Yip, was in the Glasgow store a couple of months ago.






    Although Ketchup pips them imo

  12. south of tunis



    12:31 on 25 November, 2014


    tonydonnelly67 @ 12 44 .



    Wee Windaes was a boozer on the High St ?



    Bunkies ?????


    Yes that was the boozers I drank, well we drank in, and Bunkies, it could have been, Bungies, I’ll find out, it was a night club, just across from another popular one at the time called The Hole In The Wall.

  13. Agree with playing cautious and on the break come Salzburg. This means pace all over so no start for KC.



    Wakasso and Forrest wide of Johansen, and I’d play Griffiths through the middle but suspect that Stokes will get a start despite his poor engine and scoring record in Europe.



    If Denayer is unfit, I’d go for Mulgrew alongside VvD, with Kayal (can move at pace when necessary) and Broony protecting the back 4.



    And no Efe – we cannot afford a ‘bomb scare’ moment – they are too sharp up front.



    Above all, we must be mobile, pass crisply and take no chances.



    The crowd can play a big part by being there, being noisy and being patient.




  14. Salzburg ?.



    Soriano is a very good player -as are Kampl and Alan .



    Made a point of watching them ———– they dont look that great at defending corners and fast moving balls from out wide.

  15. Tully57 (FTLT)



    Assuming we qualify im hoping that Santa is particularly good to me and leaves a wee “Trip to Europe” pressie in my stocking!



    Plenty brownie points required to be built up between now and then though.






  16. Out in ML3 we drank in the Clachan across the road from Holy Cross.


    Us in the lounge, teachers in the bar. Any unintentional eye contact whilst attending the bar, servicing both sections, meant pupil departure. Unwritten law abided by all.


    Particularly fraught before a school disco.



    You were however allowed to acknowledge each other once leaving the premises of a normal evening.




  17. What a shower






    Police in Paris have arrested 95 Ajax supporters before the Champions League match with Paris Saint-Germain. The detained fans, who were all Dutch, had iron bars, knuckledusters and ski masks. They were not allowed to travel to Tuesday night’s game at Parc des Princes.



    Only 850 Ajax fans have been authorised to travel to Paris under police supervision. Police released 41 supporters overnight while 54 remained in custody on Tuesday.



    PSG hooligans have a history of violence with their Dutch counterparts and police fear they will arrange fights before the game kicks off.

  18. I think we have a good chance of picking up all three points on Thursday night at home, they are not a bad team, but they are not that mutch better than us IMO, no use looking back and saying what could have happened, what’s done canny be undone, onwards and upwards lads, 2-0 celtic.

  19. eurochamps67



    12:59 on 25 November, 2014



    Used to live in the sandstone house next to the pub…trendy pub now called ML3… I have moved to another trendy suburb not far from my favourite local..The Railway Tavern.




  20. Red Bull Salzburg are our worst nightmare at this point in time and it’s a game i have real fears over. Paul’s suggestion to tempt them out? Have no fears, they won’t need tempting. They will be all over our backline like a rash.



    We have often over achieved in Europe but we struggle badly when the opposition pressurise us in possession. In years gone by, when faced with a team capable of doing so, we would opt to go long and play off of someone – Sammy, JVOH and even Jiri Jarosik have been used for this purpose.



    The current team set up does not really allow for that.



    Red Bull will harry and press our defenders and midfielders as soon as they get possession, they are the best pressing team I have seen. That, coupled with our midfielders being used to (and requiring) time on the ball makes for a daunting prospect.



    The key will be getting the ball forward quickly. If you look at goals we have lost when trying to press up the park and getting caught short at the back, it will be vital to get Wakaso and Forrest on the pitch to take advantage of them when they press, as teams have done to us.



    I will be delighted with a draw and it will be an achievement. At this level, RBS are about as good as it gets.

  21. timaloy29



    13:01 on 25 November, 2014



    What a shower






    Police in Paris have arrested 95 Ajax supporters before the Champions League match with Paris Saint-Germain. The detained fans, who were all Dutch, had iron bars, knuckledusters and ski masks.






    86 of them were undercover Amsterdam cops, ‘blending in’…

  22. 12.48 txt


    Remember the ekeren trip well.Quaint we stadium,if I remember right.six stands all different heights.galloway scored a screamer and remember thinking,at long last witnessing celtic win away in Europe for my first time, after plenty of trips.Alas,it wasn’t to be.injury time equaliser saw to that.Stayed in Louven,university town,home of a famous beer,travelled on the down craig.


    It was to be many trips and many years later before getting that first away victory.It was worth waiting for right enough. AJAX. 1. CELTIC. 3

  23. guernica



    13:11 on 25 November, 2014


    I will be delighted with a draw and it will be an achievement. At this level, RBS are about as good as it gets.






    Don’t know… Halifax and Lloyds might give us a game too…




  24. tonydonnelly67 @ 12 50 .



    Thanks ————- your mention of the Hole In the Wall helped me remember Bungies ..



    A place with a very good resident jazz band and a resident RnB band called the Crusaders who included Mike Heron ( later of the Incredible String Band).



    Some of those 60s Edinburgh venues werent the best place to have a Glasgow accent.

  25. Toor a Loo,



    haha definitely! I saw the pics of that about a year ago.





    Although did you bhoys not go together in a minibus rather than with us on the Heraghty’s bus?



    BTW how you doing anyway? Long time no see. Need to see about a wee Christmas swally in the Suave.






  26. Kikinthenakas,



    Is Motherwell a trendy suburb of Hamilton? Not a place I know really. Are you ex Holy Cross?




  27. south of tunis


    I called my mate there, it was Bungies it was an all night club, the other one was called The Place, but was known as the hole in the wall, he has a great me,pry, he said Bungies was near the old fish market on high street, Al take his word for it, cause he’s allways right, lol.

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