Time for coterie of creative Celts


Leipzig went into the Europa League campaign third seed but favourites to win the group.  All that changed when they lost 2-3 at home to Salzburg in the opening game, but a 1-3 win in Rosenborg and a 2-0 win over Celtic last time out in Germany steadied the ship.

That defeat to Salzburg is one of only two defeats in all competitions for Leipzig, the other coming against Bundesliga toppers Borussia Dortmund.  Leipzig are fourth in the domestic league, a point behind both Bayern Munich and Borussia Monchengladbach.

Since that game in Trondheim, they have gone six games without conceding, this is a team who know how to defend.  A point should be enough for them tonight, so Celtic can expect to work for whatever opportunities they get.

Celtic are also a team on form.  Their early season woes are behind them, as they have hit 6, 4, 3, 5 and 5 goals in successive domestic games.  The game has the look for ‘irresistible force meets immovable object’ about it.

Unlike the qualifications games against AEK Athens, or even Suduva, Celtic can play unburdened by pressure tonight.  They can afford to allow the coterie of creative Celts to take the game to Leipzig, knowing that there is little to be earned from closing the game down.  Give Callum McGregor, Tom Rogic, Ryan Christie, Scott Sinclair and James Forrest and opportunity to test their attacking prowess against what is currently the best defence in Germany.

Are we going to win?  I’ve no idea, but I want to know how well we can perform when the shackles are off.

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  1. If Olli is fit, I expect Master Christie to be warming pine. 60min double substitution with RC replacing Mtcham and Mulumbu helping defend our 2-1 lead. HH;)

  2. ‘Coterie of Creative Celts’……. I do love the sound of alliteration in the morning.



    Perhaps it’ll be one itresistable Force pitted against another?



    HH jg

  3. If those creative players are anything near their best, then we have a chance under the disco lights. The Germans are a good team but at home we need to get back to winning ways .


    I’m looking forward to this one.

  4. Coterie



    clique, set, circle, inner circle, crowd, in-crowd, gang, band, pack, crew, clan, club, fellowship, brotherhood, fraternity, sorority, sect, camp, community, league, alliance, faction, cabal, junta, caucus, syndicate, nucleus,



    Coterie Csc

  5. patmcgrathtakesapenalty on

    I couldn’t agree more. Be creative. Let it flow and not just pass, pass, backwards and sideways. I know that has its place but Leipzig know how to exploit let’s play keepie and try to draw them out and see if anything happens. They press us fiercely in our own half and make me very nervous. Look to get the ball forward. If you are fast, if you can dribble, use your skills, beat men. Be Celtic.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    As punishment for not wanting to be picked for Scotland, Craig Brown thinks Alex McLeish should, errr, not pick the players……

  7. Yes, we are on form but only against low quality domestic opposition. I have my doubts about tonight but still hope we can get a good result.




  8. STEPHBHOY on 8TH NOVEMBER 2018 12:20 PM



    What were the circumstances of Torbett leaving the boys club on the first occasion?



    Was anyone from CFC involved in that decision or process?



    If so, why were they involved, if there was no connection between the two organisations?

  9. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Just watched the interview with Patrick McGuire, ambulance chasing at it’s finest. These guys care not a bit about the victims, a good proportion of any damages received would find it’s way into Mr McGuire and his colleagues pockets. He states that Celtic’s assertion that the boys club was a separate entity is “legally questionable”. He then goes on to say Celtic should meet their legal obligations. Eh? I thought he just said that Celtic’s links to the boys club were not established in law? Then he talks about financial justice, eh? What ever happened to justice where the perpetrators went to prison? Are there two different standards of justice?


    Ambulance chasing. Celtic should support the victims but should in no way be bullied into by these charlatans.

  10. I think that Brendan will change the team and take Christie out and replace him with Nt’cham Brown or Mulumba. We need some tacklers in the midfield as the front 6 in the last 2 games are not known for their tackling ability.




    Concentration is all important

  11. I wouldn’t mind knowing if the victim/s approached Thomsons or the other way around. If Thomsons were approached it would put a different slant on Mr. McGuire.

  12. I had RS news on in the car there, Cosgrove and Dr Eammon O’Neill were on talking about Torbett and the Celtic Boy’s Club case, O’Neill states” I know nothing about football” but goes on to say, and I am paraphrasing here, I would have thought due to links between both, so someone who knows nothing about football but assumes there are links between both is being broadcast on the National Broadcaster, this is getting less and less about the issue of sexual abuse of children and a smear campaign on Celtic FC. he also went on to praise the investigators.


    Dr O’Neill plenty needs investigating however you employer will not do it.

  13. Reporting Scotland actually said : Celtic and Rangers today.That`s right. Celtic, The Champions of Scotland, were really mentioned first. This usually happens only when the story is negative.


    Their even-handedness was short-lived,however, as they then went live to their reporter in Moscow to update us on Steven Gerrard`s Rangers. Celtic? No mention.





  14. Ticket available for tonight if anyone’s interested,donation to Mary’s Meals all that’s required

  15. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Ernie, don’t ask about the abuse as most Celtic fans want it swept under the carpet.



    I’ve heard Celtic fans in the past revel in the fact that JOck threw Torbett out of Celtic yet those sameness ppl now claim no link between club and him despite Kelly’s and McGinn being in his employ.


    Are there still questions to be answered? In my opinion undoubtedly.





    If you were one of Torbett’s victims would you be happy with Celtic’s expression of sympathy and be prepared to leave it at that?



    If not would you be able and willing to fight your own corner, with all the horror that would entail, or would you rather someone like Patrick McGuire did it for you?

  17. In my opinion bhoys the team should not be altered, let the team who has been banging in the goals lately and entertaining us start the game, then if its not working Brendan can change it.hh.

  18. ERNIE LYNCH on 8TH NOVEMBER 2018 1:04 PM


    STEPHBHOY on 8TH NOVEMBER 2018 12:20 PM



    What were the circumstances of Torbett leaving the boys club on the first occasion?



    No idea, only people who could answer that question are those involved in the boys club itself. I would expect people come and go all the time in such organisations. it could be for sinister reason or not, he may have been pushed or not. There is public presumption that celtic fc pushed him, but no evidence of any such action.



    Was anyone from CFC involved in that decision or process?



    No idea but I dont see why someone from cfc would be involved. This was not celtic fc academy as we know it today, This was a boys club that had a good rep for developing good players. That is the link but I am sure many of the players moved to other professional clubs as well. Maybe those clubs should br held liable too then.



    If so, why were they involved, if there was no connection between the two organisations?



    As above, there has never been anything more that a questionable link.



    I dont think for a minute that 70s scotland dealt with any form of abuse as it should,


    Men could not rape their wives, dimestic abuse was not pushed and children abusers were often kicked fuck out off and chased from their homes, communities etc… With a blinf eye turned. Non of which excuses what happened but context of that generation is required.



    Am glad today we have checks and balances in place to reduce the risks to children from bastards who would abuse them.



    Still I Am not sure that a true linkage can be formed between cfc and celtic boys club and certainly not one that would allow cfc to safeguard players.

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