Time for coterie of creative Celts


Leipzig went into the Europa League campaign third seed but favourites to win the group.  All that changed when they lost 2-3 at home to Salzburg in the opening game, but a 1-3 win in Rosenborg and a 2-0 win over Celtic last time out in Germany steadied the ship.

That defeat to Salzburg is one of only two defeats in all competitions for Leipzig, the other coming against Bundesliga toppers Borussia Dortmund.  Leipzig are fourth in the domestic league, a point behind both Bayern Munich and Borussia Monchengladbach.

Since that game in Trondheim, they have gone six games without conceding, this is a team who know how to defend.  A point should be enough for them tonight, so Celtic can expect to work for whatever opportunities they get.

Celtic are also a team on form.  Their early season woes are behind them, as they have hit 6, 4, 3, 5 and 5 goals in successive domestic games.  The game has the look for ‘irresistible force meets immovable object’ about it.

Unlike the qualifications games against AEK Athens, or even Suduva, Celtic can play unburdened by pressure tonight.  They can afford to allow the coterie of creative Celts to take the game to Leipzig, knowing that there is little to be earned from closing the game down.  Give Callum McGregor, Tom Rogic, Ryan Christie, Scott Sinclair and James Forrest and opportunity to test their attacking prowess against what is currently the best defence in Germany.

Are we going to win?  I’ve no idea, but I want to know how well we can perform when the shackles are off.


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    I dont automatically accept a link between the clubs and I will not accept unless there is proof to that affect.



    The police carried out investigations and convicted the perp. If anyone from our clubs or anyone else was involved I would not only accept, but would want them up in front of the courts.



    Trying to get celtic fc to accept liability and pay victims is not even remotely dealing with the issue.

  2. Stephbhoy



    I remember Jock Stein looking after John Mc Luskey (ie he stayed with JS) when he was with the boys club and they also played out of Barrowfield . I think there was a link but as you say, it may not be official. But I bet it will be tested to see if it is the case.




  3. POGMATHONYAHUN AKA LAIRD OF THE SMILES. unfortunately nobody has got bottle to stand up to the NRA.

  4. I think tonight if we play the same team with CMcG sitting deep as a playmaker and no real defensive midfielder for us will lead to an open attacking game from the Celtic, give it a right go bhoys.

  5. Major ask tonight as Celtic don’t often beat Bundesliga teams, particularly in form ones, who the bookies make clear favourites.


    However, Celtic are also in decent form and Brendan has targeted winning all three home games, by way of progressing from the group.


    So really looking forward to attending tonight and enjoying Celtic at their best.







  6. The Star above The Crest on

    Really looking forward to tonight’s game and to see how CalMac performs in his deep lying playmakers role. We’ll need some big performances but if we can avoid the traditional defensive errors then I reckon we’ve got a chance. 2-1 to the Hoops 🍀🍀 Forrest and Eddy getting the goals 🍀🍀

  7. Incredible to think that Celtic play their 16th game in Europe to-night since the campaign first began away back in early July in comparison to teams from the big leagues just into their respective campaigns. This is what the fans want big European nights where Celtic can test their mettle against quality continental opposition.



    Leipzig looked a reasonably ok team to me but nothing to fear and of course we presented them. with two handy scores with poor defending. Celtic will be at full strength to-night and it should be a different ball game.


    We have got to compete and put ’em under pressure as the legendary ROI manager Jack Charlton might say if he was giving a teamtalk in the Celtic dressing room.

  8. Be nice to do an imitation of Sporting Lisbon, lost 2.0 away and won 5.0 at home, this when it was a knockout competition.

  9. BIG PACKY 1 on 8TH NOVEMBER 2018 2:54 PM


    POGMATHONYAHUN AKA LAIRD OF THE SMILES. unfortunately nobody has got bottle to stand up to the NRA.



    Unfortunately I think I’m right in saying that more people think that the NRA have the right amount, or not enough influence over gun control policy than think they have too much



    And that, apart from in the aftermath of one of these senseless massacres, only just over half of Americans think gun control laws aren’t strict enough.

  10. The Arbroath Emerald Bus awaits so


    I`m off to see the Celtic




    The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.


    Cheerio for now.



  11. Uterrly ashamed …thought i brought my kids up better …the Rebs getting belted out of the Shadows room :((



    2-2 tonight , if they do get anything tonight i just hope we make them work for it



    COYBIG ⚽️🇮🇪😀👍🍻

  12. Let positivity reign …


    My thoughts are that we will win tonight.



    Huge game but we have a settled team with players in form.


    No excuses — this is ours to win — all we need to do is lose the fear.



    That includes the support — we are very jumpy at the moment.


    If we are reduced to silence after 10 minutes it will be a long night.

  13. Mad Mitch, You are a gas man, a couple of weeks ago you were calling for a total clear out of the squad & the need to build a new team from scratch.


    Anyway I think I prefer the positive Mad Mitch so as you say let Positivity reign.

  14. ADI_DASSLER on 8TH NOVEMBER 2018 2:53 PM


    And now that PPI is nearly exhausted…..next project…







    Could you maybe clarify what you mean by that?



    It’s just that it could be construed as a suggestion that sexual abuse of children is somehow comparable to being mis sold a financial product.



    I’m assuming that’s not what you were trying to say but it might be best if you could make that clear.

  15. Celtic Champs Elect on




    The best ever Italian house tuuuunnnneee







    Not seen Neganon or the usual suspects on for a while Ah that’s right the green and white machine are pummelling teams and playing attacking scoring fitba just like old times. Canny beat it

  16. Perhaps the Red Bull fix is already in rather than waiting for game 2? The more you look at that 2-3 result the stranger it looks…




  17. EL,


    You know fine well what ADI_DASSLER meant! He’s basically saying that the solicitors in question are only interested in the bottom line for themselves. They care not a jot about the victims or the claimants they are only interested in financial remuneration.


    If there was a case to answer why wasn’t a claim made against the Club the first time Torbett was put away?

  18. Good evening friends – an exciting few hours lie ahead!


    Given our recent excellent form then (injuries aside) the only change to be considered, if any, is whether a 2nd deep lying centre mid is required. If so I’d hope Mulumbu gets the shout rather than Ntcham. I think Ntcham is clearly a far better player but for the specific task required tonight ole Joseph might be the better option.


    But who to leave out – one of Rogic, Sinclair or Christie. Well, Christie can at least tackle so I hope he keeps his place. And with Sinclair’s return to form I think he’d shade it over Tom.


    So for me its either (a) same starting 11 or (b) 1 change – Mulumbu for Rogic.


    A Spartak / Celtic double @ 7/1 is worth considering…. ;-)

  19. prestonpans bhoys on

    Bus off and running, always good to get a seat with a cup holder, somewhere to put your wine😀

  20. Nicola Sturgeon re Neil Lennon claims of racism/sectarianism



    “ I thought he conducted himself with great dignity. Nobody should have to suffer that. I unequivocally condemn anti catholic bigotry and anti Irish racism.”



    BetterLateThanNever CSC

  21. Delaneys Dunky on

    Had a chat with some friendly Leipzig fans in Central Station there. They fancy a draw tonight. I fancy a Celtic win. Seem just like the Bayern support I met in Munich last year.



  22. This stuff really writes its self Sevco appeal a yellow card knowing full well that they can’t, then say they lost on the technicality of not being able to appeal a yellow?, and make an impassioned Jabbaesque aggressive statement calling for the rules to be changed.



    Maybe they are still mad about the eleven players that got assaulted in the cup final?



    StoneMadSevconia csc

  23. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    Ernie Lynch, just reading back. Since when has justice equated to making people happy. It’s about punishing the people responsible for the crime. Will a bundle of money take away the victim’s pain?


    The victim’s should get compensated appropriately, absolutely. I just don’t happen to believe it’s Celtic’s obligation. If not from Torbett then doesn’t the criminal justice system offer recompense?


    I think the solicitor’s sniff a payday here, and know it will be more lucrative if they can shame Celtic into providing it.

  24. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    borrocks to that, we can raoster the fuggers.



    well done the celtic and police for successfully prosecuting the child abuser ! we’re not going to sweep under the carpet.

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