Time for expensive signings, the 1254125 10k


Motherwell travel to Celtic Park tomorrow on a mission.  A win would see them draw level with Celtic, and after a physically and mentally draining Champions League midweek game, they will fancy their chances.  Inverness remain top of the league on goal difference, but this is the third consecutive season Motherwell have tucked in below Celtic.  They will not finish above Celtic, of course, but this is likely to be our toughest test of the season.

As well as the result, there should be other objectives from tomorrow’s game.  We are eight games into our European campaign but our two most expensive summer signings, Teemu Pukki and Derk Boerrigter, and still to settle into the team.  Both should start against Motherwell.

For reasons you know too well, I thought it would be a good idea to do the Great Scottish Run on Sunday in aid of 1254125.  I have (just) setup a Mydonate page, if you have been unable to participate in any event so far, you can do so online now.

Many thanks for your support.

Order the excellent new biography, Sean Fallon: Celtic’s Iron Man, below:

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  1. i see tesco launched a new Android Tablet this week called the ‘Hudl’.



    Tesco next on the FF banned list?!

  2. Tomorrow should be used to give Biton and/or Kayal game time ahead of Ajax. Motherwell & Hibs away in a fortnight are our only games ahead of the biggest game of our season so everything should be in preparation for that. That of course will mean our captain missing out, but so be it.

  3. brilliant news bout big Efe,I hope both he and big virgil go on now from strength to strength in the centre of our defence



    hail hail

  4. effortless.



    Now can we get the awesome, possum, V signed up as well, for just a little bit longer.



    Amazing news. Efe is one of the finest players ever to grace the SPL, IMO.



    Really over the mOON (feck the ss and their celestial deities).

  5. Good to see Efe committing to the club for another 4 years. Next up, get Joe Ledley on a new deal or he will need to be sold in January. Likewise Sammi, Commons & Stokes all of whom are out of contract in the summer.

  6. Great news – hopefully Joe to follow suit!



    was thinking Paul 67 was calling for an expensive signing – i.e. a playmaker and a goalscorer!!!

  7. Need some help fellas, because I live in SW Engerland and don’t get up to CP as often as I would like, I’m finding it difficult to renew my subs for the Association on London Rd, my cousin has my membership card and has tried a couple of times but no one seems to know the routine. He will be at the game tomorrow and will try again, does anyone know who to contact or the routine for renewing subs, thanking you in anticipation.



    Hail! Hail!

  8. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on

    PF AYR



    My thoughts exactly. Delighted that Efe has signed,delighted that his form makes him worth that.



    Next up must be Joe and Sammi. In fact,extend the contracts of ALL the players who would be more expensive to replace.



    Fed up wi players leaving for reduced fees due to their contract running down.

  9. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    ….PFayr supports WeeOscar


    Starting with Adam & Mikael would be fine by me.



    Till later all

  10. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I have the phone number for it,though not with me right now.



    I won’t post it on here,but if you need it,mail me






    and I will forward it around 3pm

  11. Good luck on Sunday Paul67, all for a great cause.


    It was good to see Sean Fallon Jnr win the Paradise windfall on Tuesday,


    I take it that was Sean’s grandson ?


    Tomorrow will be tough, but we need our games to be so. Keeps us on out toes for the


    Ajax games, which will be the 2 most important games of our season.


    Looking forward to them all.


    And you are spot on Paul, Tuesday’s team with the exception of Virgil, was the same as last year. Time to get the new lads up to speed.


    Hail Hail

  12. Sally says



    “I would like to point out that my decision to take a wage cut has nothing to do with the accounts,” said McCoist.



    Liar liar pants on fire




    Sally gives the impression Sevco offered him 850 grand a year at first time of asking



    Aye right



    He negotiated this super sally salary with Sevco



    Sevco needed a “celebrity” rangers man as much as a coach to help put the show on the road



    Sally knew that



    And that type of “commitment” does not come cheap



    Sally will not do any walking away on even half those wages till he is pushed



    And when he walks away because all coaches do eventually



    If he is stuck for a bob or two while he is unemployed he can always cash in those shares

  13. Kayal33



    12:44 on 4 October, 2013



    Tomorrow should be used to give Biton and/or Kayal game time ahead of Ajax. Motherwell & Hibs away in a fortnight are our only games ahead of the biggest game of our season so everything should be in preparation for that. That of course will mean our captain missing out, but so be it.





    Beram is ready to Rock and Roll, Neil forgives everyone because he is a Sinner himself, he really acknowledges this FACT.


    The push for Crowleyism is horrific.



    Freemasons Want the Perfected Man, I say Freemasons but thats just the entry level.



    Put yer Cashboolah on Celtic gettin’ oot the group stages.

  14. I watched the Clare Balding show last night on BT Sports. She had Ian Thorpe, Michael Owen and Hayley Turner as guests.



    Each had their own stories.



    Ian Thorpe, apart from wining so many Olympic and major championships, was in the World Trade Centre the morning it was attacked for morning coffee and just left 30 minutes earlier. He was sitting with a broken back on the show.



    Michael Owen was goo but nothing special.



    Hayley Turner was on crutches after a fall which broke her pelvis and talked about other “little things” like broken ankles .



    What really stood out was that Clare Balding asked her guests a question and then let them answer it without interrupting or trying to be clever. It lead to the best interview show I have seen for a long time.



    It will never catch on.

  15. If I had my time to live over again I would be an insurance salesman and would target my clients from the Rangers FC Bulk sharholders list.



    Starting with the major shareholders I would go to them with the most lucrative (for me) contract proposals and they would simply put pen to paper, leaving me laughing all the way to the bank.



    Well that is what we are to believe Robert Campbell Ogilvie did with player EBTs when secretary at Ibrox.



    And that is what Alastair did when signing his contract of remuneration.



    And SDM didn’t even do that because Craig Whyte “was not a foreigner” and passed the sniff test!




  16. That Chuck has bought an 18th Century mansion plus 27 acres in Normandy for €400k, and that it makes the front pages, is a surprise only to note how cheap it is.



    The same amount of money gets you a 4-bedroom house in Bearsden (see http://www.rightmove.co.uk/new-homes-for-sale/property-37377361.html?premiumA=true for example).



    Where’s the story? This does not appear simultaneously in the 3 major Scottish papers because someone has trawled through a French local newspaper. I don’t understand.

  17. Philbhoy - Bring it on!!!! on

    Glad Efe signed a new 4 year deal.



    It maximises the transfer fee we will get inthe january window.



    Well done Celts.

  18. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on

    Agree about the new boys Paul but still unsure about Boerrigter, seems to lack the necessary desire and application required up here. Still, its early days, and I wasnt too keen about Lustig for long enough

  19. Just ordered the Sean Fallon book. Met him in the 1950s when he spoke at a Mens Confraternity social in the Sailors Rest, Greenock, later to be used as the Celtic Supporters Club. He was a great gentleman then and always remained so. I think he must have been a great support to Mr Stein during all those years that they brought greatness to the club. He will never be forgotten in the history of this great club.



    By the way, BMA now worked out who you are.

  20. glasgowdave



    12:53 on 4 October, 2013




    ‘It was good to see Sean Fallon Jnr win the Paradise windfall on Tuesday,


    I take it that was Sean’s grandson ?’







    I think it was Neil Mochan’s son.

  21. Apricale


    13:00 on


    4 October, 2013



    Well Apricale it seems that the true sale price might have been 800k, but for some reason this private purchase was discussed at boardroom level over at Ibrox. Why would that be? One can only guess.

  22. Efe Ambrose speaking to media after signing


    new four-year deal: “Delighted to sign new deal. Like to thank club and management.”

  23. Apricale



    Chucks the bad guy living the high life in France in a cheap chateau



    Its newsworthy if you have an agenda to steer the news about greedy Sevco employees in another direction preferably away from anyone making even more money from Sevco closer to home

  24. twentyfirstofmaynineteenseventynine on




    He was apparently injured for Tuesday, though he obviously wouldnt have started anyway, seems to pick them up a bit too easily

  25. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Hi Paul67



    I think you are too cute for that headline to not be anything but a subtly provocative one aimed at the Club rather than the perhaps incomplete Headline of ‘Time for expensive signings to perform’.



    Yours in Celtic,




  26. CultsBhoy loves being 1st forever & ever on




    I’m more intrigued by Ally’s payments than Green’s. Nobody can claim that Charles pretended to be anything other than a money maker – ‘his big ‘ands’ were made for grabbing money – he told us all.



    Ally on the other hand has depicted himself as the saviour of Rangers and man who bleeds blue blood and only wants ‘rangers men with the clubs interests at heart… blah blah blah’. Total BS!



    He fool the hun supportes in to parting wit their cashWalter have their noses well and truly in the trough and were bought by Charles and Craigey to fool the Hun supoport to part with their cash.



    Ally then compounds matters by claiming he didn’t even look at his contract before he signed it…entering comedy zone at this point. Would he have noticed if it was £100K a year – probably still the highest paid manager in 3rd Division?



    I have many Hun pals, it doesn’t change my view on RFC (or whatever name it now goes under)but I find it appalling that ordinary punters have been robbed by Ally and walter given the blind trust they placed in these guys.



    Imagine Celtic were in the Hun situation and Lenny was found to have done same as Ally…How would it have been portrayed?

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