Time for our other two international strikers


10 September 2016.  Five years ago today you were almost certainly worried about the absence of Leigh Griffiths ahead of Newco visiting Celtic Park that day.  In the previous season, Leigh scored 31 league goals in 32 starts and two substitute appearances, he was on fire and the indisputable top striker in the country.  No one in Scottish football has scored at this rate since.

When he was next available for selection four games later, there was a new sheriff in town.  Moussa Dembele used those games to make sure he became indispensable to Brendan Rodger’s Celtic.  From then on, Leigh, still only 26, would be used as filler.

The prospect of a month without Kyogo Furuhashi is not the news Ange Postecoglou wanted.  Pittodrie, where we visit at the start of next month, will be testing, as will the game in Seville against Real Betis and the home tie against Bayer Leverkusen this month.  We have two other international strikers at the club, it is time for one of them to step up.

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  1. i see that Sturgeon has said Godley made a ‘dignified’ apology






    PS that is the unfunniest comedian I’ve ever heard

  2. CoViD19 — Scotland is leading the world at the moment regarding the race for herd immunity by way of school related transmission.



    Not-Jacinda has plenty good to say about her favourite erse wipe / comic JG but little comment regarding our current CoViD19 performance.



    Huge opportunity to give out jabs to 15 to 17 year olds before the schools went back and Not-Jacinda hid behind the JCVI freak show — not good.



    Vaccine passports — better late than never.


    Half hearted effort though — again — with plenty of headlines but little detail.

  3. JG — political shape shifter like far too many in the Natland cult.


    Maggie lover back in the 80’s who got “relevant” by suggesting that DT was a “lady part”.


    She really does have a classy agent.

  4. Apart from the strikers stepping up we also need the wide men and the midfielders to maintain their contribution in front of goal. As a team we need to be taking a better percentage of our chances.



    I’m confident we are developing a style of play that will bring domestic success and that we can win without Kyogo. The system is primary. It has to be robust enough to survive the absence of one player or even a clutch of them.



    It’s a chance for Albi or Giakoumis to get in among it but I doubt either will be first pick ahead of Kyogo once he is fit.

  5. CONEYBHOY on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 1:31 PM


    i see that Sturgeon has said Godley made a ‘dignified’ apology





    PS that is the unfunniest comedian I’ve ever heard




    SNPcult & Godley – one begats the other – both exist by having hate-figures. Scottish Nationalism needs hate-figures and cheerleaders like Godley to rally support and deflect from the tsunami of incompetence and maladministration that engulfs it.



    There is no trace of a “dignified” marker antwhere in their DNA.



    Humza Yumza strangely quiet, too busy suing a nursery for racism – you couldn’t make it up!

  6. JHB on 10th September 2021 1:54 pm



    Still maintaining a spreadsheet on your post content and quantity?



    18% weirdo.

  7. Regardless of political preferences, few could argue that Scotlands covid results are dreadful, relative to other countries.


    Whether UK, Europe or even worldwide, our numbers are shocking by comparison.


    Unsure why they are so bad.

  8. Dignified apology vs 10 years of absolute trash talk on Twitter.



    In the eyes of Not Jacinda the former makes up for the latter.


    Aye right — ya low rent / low ability lawyer who is phoning it in.

  9. My late father was born in 1930. During his time Celtic won 2 titles before the war, they were very poor after the war until 1951 when Jock Stein arrived when we won Coronation cup and a Double in 53/54, We then won very little until 1965 when Big Jock returned,



    My Dad had a great faith in Jock having been the single most successful player and manager in his time, As we know European champions and 9 in a row followed. It wasn’t just the trophies but the style of play which was fabulous. Celtic have since then been the dominant team 31 championships and Jock our Dominant person.



    Jock Stein RIP

  10. CONEYBHOY on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 1:31 PM


    ‘i see that Sturgeon has said Godley made a ‘dignified’ apology’






    The level of public prominence that a no mark like Godley can achieve tells you all you need to know about how bad Scotland has become under the cult.

  11. UJ @ 2.06



    Why are our CoViD19 results so bad — start at the top and work down.


    After the Nike shambles / the care home catastrophe you would have thought that they would have learned.



    But no — the pandemic comes second to fighting with Westminster.



    Secondary schools going back without jabs is just another schoolgirl howler to add to a very long list.

  12. EL @ 2.08



    JG is not just a no mark — she is a Maggie loving / 1980’s Tory no mark.


    Career going nowhere so she follows the Cult to big up her profile.



    Erse of a woman — allegedly she is getting banged harder than an Orange drum.


    I think not — for various reasons but heaven help the male sex if she is.


    She must be spending a fortune on biscuits for the guide dog.

  13. If only there was some moderation of this dear green place.



    What is the definition of Misogyny ?

  14. SAINT STIVS on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 2:26 PM



    Is it when someone says something you don’t like about a fellow cult member?

  15. Fur fox ache now he’s blaming the government for the standard of comedian in the country.



    Aye ok then.




    You should hang your head in shame for that comment.



    And I bet you and your 2 pals consider yourselves to be REAL men.

  17. SUPERSUTTON 12.46 PM



    Like Ernie, I don’t quite get your medic friends argument. Mutations are random. The ones that thrive are the ones that have a survival advantage over whatever they have mutated from. The proportion of the total population to have died, while awful and tragic for every family affected, is so small that there would be no survival advantage for a less fatal mutation. Did your friend go into any detail about that, I’m genuinely interested and only have a basic understanding of how evolution works?

  18. Play Juranovic at right-back and Scales left-back tomorrow. Ange might rest Ralston after his comment a couple of weeks ago.

  19. If Paul is looking in……………..



    He might consider rinsing some of the multi – monikers………..?



    Some awful stuff, from the unpleasant simple swords of “opinion”……






  20. …of-course, thull only fade to rebrand and pop up again in time…………..


    like the faux tearaway o’ the terracin’……..the scourge o’ the season buik……..


    ………it’s the limelight they need


    and must get………..



    They despise Celtic Quick News as much as they despise a successful Celtic…………



    IMO of course CSC




  21. TMcL @ 2.40



    Blow it oot yer erse ya zoomer.



    Not-Jacinda should be nick-named Bubbles — she is totally out of her depth.


    JG is just a low rent jester at the Court of the Cult of Natland — not clever / not funny..



    Both are worthy of critical comment in the current pandemic.


    For their performance / actions and not their sex / gender.

  22. In the UK – population 65m, Scotland – population 6m, has the five highest Covid hotspots and nine out of the top twelve.



    In Europe – population 750m, Scotland- population 6m, has the five highest Covid hotspots and nine out of the top twenty.



    What a record! Add in drugs & alcohol deaths at world record levels and we get a picture of SNPcult Scotland.



    Meanwhile these ‘comedians’ think they can cover it up by talking about Indy & IndyRef 2.

  23. I saw an interview with Jane Godley in which she talked about being sexually abused by an uncle when she was very young. When asked if he had been prosecuted she said no, but years later, he could not go into his local pub because she made sure everyone knew about the abuse and he was basically run out of town. I admired her for that.



    I don’t find her particularly funny, but that doesn’t mean I have the right to publicly slaughter her for her looks or the shape of her body.



    Social media and insecure, inadequate men. Seriously.

  24. Madmitch – your comment on Jane Godley and the orange drum is just plain misogyny. Not nice and the kind of thing that is more at home on follow follow.



    She’s not my cup of comedic tea and by all means make your point about her politics etc She has put those views out and they are fair game. But you’ve no right to make the other comments ‘alleged’ or not. In fact your post is exactly the kind of thing a public figure would be publicly apologising for if historic comments on line were uncovered and exposed. Ironic really.

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