Time for our other two international strikers


10 September 2016.  Five years ago today you were almost certainly worried about the absence of Leigh Griffiths ahead of Newco visiting Celtic Park that day.  In the previous season, Leigh scored 31 league goals in 32 starts and two substitute appearances, he was on fire and the indisputable top striker in the country.  No one in Scottish football has scored at this rate since.

When he was next available for selection four games later, there was a new sheriff in town.  Moussa Dembele used those games to make sure he became indispensable to Brendan Rodger’s Celtic.  From then on, Leigh, still only 26, would be used as filler.

The prospect of a month without Kyogo Furuhashi is not the news Ange Postecoglou wanted.  Pittodrie, where we visit at the start of next month, will be testing, as will the game in Seville against Real Betis and the home tie against Bayer Leverkusen this month.  We have two other international strikers at the club, it is time for one of them to step up.

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  1. MADMITCH on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:08 PM


    JG is just a low rent jester at the Court of the Cult of Natland — not clever / not funny..


    Both are worthy of critical comment in the current pandemic.


    For their performance / actions and not their sex / gender.




    So are you going to deny posting this?



    “Erse of a woman — allegedly she is getting banged harder than an Orange drum.


    I think not — for various reasons but heaven help the male sex if she is.


    She must be spending a fortune on biscuits for the guide dog.”

  2. Have any studies been carried out on he connection between pre existing poor health profiles and high incidences of covid infection/ death? I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a factor. You would probably want to also look at economic factors involved in those poor health profiles too.



    When you take into account that the poor and sick suffer most because they are least able to protect themselves from the unexpected crises that life presents to individuals and societies you’ll begin to understand the recklessness displayed by the Conservative govt but also the difficulty the poorer parts of what is currently the UK have had in limiting death and high rates of infection.

  3. RT @ 3.14



    Been banged harder than an orange drum — that is what she said about herself regarding the physical relationships available to women of a certain vintage / from memory 58.5 plus.



    That is what she said about herself.


    I haven’t made anything up.



    She is — above all else — an attention seeker.


    Plus she sent her daughter to a private school.


    And she is a political shape shifter.


    Once a Tory now a Nat.



    Sorry but she is a complete erse.

  4. A good few members of my CSC had booked and paid for flights to Seville next week. Now they’ve been told the Spanish authorities have ordered the club to withold match tickets from visiting fans.

  5. Tom,



    Anthony has done nothing wrong to suggest he will miss the game – he is fresh too. I could be right, I might be wrong but Anthony will definitely start at right back the morra.



    I totally agree that Juranovic is a player you want on the pitch. We have a Belter there and, IMO, is made to play in front of an adoring Celtic Park crowd.

  6. JG — “Banged harder than an orange drum”.


    She tweeted the comment in June 2018.



    The tweet is unavailable but others who quoted from it can still be seen.


    Straight out of central casting — attention seeker shouting about her physical relationship.



    The Nats are welcome to her.

  7. !!BADA BING!! on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 2:54 PM




    ‘Real Betis not allowing Celtic fans in next week’







    They won’t have made that decision lightly.

  8. TMcL @ 3.17



    A small apology would be well received.


    Hopefully you are big enough to deliver it.




    I was once Labour, now a Nat.



    What’s wrong with that?makes sense.



    Especially when the SNP is the socialist party Labour always dreamed of being.











    ‘Especially when the SNP is the socialist party Labour always dreamed of being.’







    Aye well come back when it happens and we can talk about it.



    Anyone who thinks the SNP is a socialist party is deluded.

  11. Regarding covid my wife’s a PA in one of the biggest hospitals in the Central belt she sits in all the meetings with the big wigs apparently its not if you catch covid but when and that’s with both jabs.

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Attention Seeker 😂😂😂😂😂😂






    That reminds me.



    What did I post about you that prompted you to call me a liar?



    I’ve asked you this previously but you’ve never provided an answer.

  14. Just watched the press conference. Looks like big George isn’t ready so it Albian Ajeti up front it is.



    “I don’t give them cuddles but I do give them opportunities”



    – Big Ange













    It’s not. But you’ll never get the point I was making.





    The point you were making is that the SNP is a socialist Party, even though you agree it isn’t?



    Thanks for clearing that up.

  16. I’ve seen Janey Godley live and she is funny despite our differences in politics.



    Van Morrison is still a superb musician despite his dodgy anti-vaxx views. Eric Capton is still a superb guitarist .



    It is possible to credit people with being good at what they do even as we disagree with their politics. Ken Dodd, Jimmy Tarbuck and Bob Monkhouse could all craft a joke even though they donated to the Tories. Glen Campbell could sing, act and play a good guitar despite being a right wing republican



    And Di Canio could play despite his dodgy fascist tendencies.

  17. Attention Seeker Seeks attention, by calling a female politician names and denegrating a succesful women comedian an attention Seeker by using sexualised slurs and referenced to the less abled.



    I dont think its going to make a good stage play after all.

  18. SAINT STIVS on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 3:54 PM




    Have you read her tweets?



    What do you think of them?

  19. but ken dodd was a rubbish left back and couldnt hold down a place in the Knotty Ash Sunday League team.

  20. I have not read her tweets.


    I did read what was reported about her tweets.


    Without doing much digging we could find a million comedic views from the past that would not sit well with todays values.



    A bit like the Heart and Hand people getting “caught” for being a bit racist in the past (2 weeks last sunday) , or indeed them in turn chasing the record reporters to even it up (took them overnight)



    A bit like myself, I dont think I will ever get my dream job of celtic historian because they could check my blogging contributions and construe that 5,10,15 years ago, i said some really bad, obnoxious things about people in blue being ugly or people on here being interlopers. I wont get the job.



    However, what I dont understand is whatever her politics are, whatever offensive joke she makes (Frankie Boyle anyone ? Bing Hitler ? Jerry Sadowich ? Leigh Francis ) I do not understand why someone things it is ok to comment on her looks and other such things.

  21. Some of Janey Godley’s tweets, like 95% of twitter generally, are unacceptable and she has lost her position with the Scottish Govt. campaign, and some gigs as a result.



    As we have seen witht he Union Bears campaign against their perceived enemies, nobody escapes scrutiny for long or has earned a paa on past racism, sexism and bullying.



    We can go overboard on thinking the law can make us all acceptable on this. It is an area for light touch censorship

  22. MadMitch on 10th September 2021 2:16 pm



    What a complete arsehole, you have the cheek to call anyone a no mark?




    The chap Edgar video refusing to step down from H&H, with his ever increasing annoyance at the people that are out to get him, with a kind of menacing I will get youse first “father ted golden cleric acceptance speech” (or maybe not the right reference point) type of rant was comedy gold.



    his dressing gown on the back of the door of his room , old rangers memorabilia on show,



    lando f hope and glory on in the background.

  24. The Battered Bunnet on

    Mad Mitch at 2.16pm



    You rather give yourself away there. I suppose the Celtic support is a broad church and it’s inevitable it will have its constituent nasty little misogynists, but CQN doesn’t need to and frankly pal, you can go do one.



    Fuck off.

  25. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Alas, we live in a world where no publicity is bad publicity.



    I’d never heard of Godley before today. I’m sure I’ll have forgotten her by tomorrow, but you get my drift.

  26. HI y’all I have just written to PAUL 67 to say he can have THE 3 STOOGIES or me.



    So it looks like farewell my lovelies .It has been nice up till now.

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