Time for our other two international strikers


10 September 2016.  Five years ago today you were almost certainly worried about the absence of Leigh Griffiths ahead of Newco visiting Celtic Park that day.  In the previous season, Leigh scored 31 league goals in 32 starts and two substitute appearances, he was on fire and the indisputable top striker in the country.  No one in Scottish football has scored at this rate since.

When he was next available for selection four games later, there was a new sheriff in town.  Moussa Dembele used those games to make sure he became indispensable to Brendan Rodger’s Celtic.  From then on, Leigh, still only 26, would be used as filler.

The prospect of a month without Kyogo Furuhashi is not the news Ange Postecoglou wanted.  Pittodrie, where we visit at the start of next month, will be testing, as will the game in Seville against Real Betis and the home tie against Bayer Leverkusen this month.  We have two other international strikers at the club, it is time for one of them to step up.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Oh FFS, here we go ‘The Board’.



    As I’ve stated before “The Board” is nothing other than a rubber stamping committee.



    If anything, it’s likely to be conflict with DD. That’s as maybe, but please say that rather than spewing cliches and soundbites you’ve read in “the papers”.

  2. What if it is Ange and Dom that didnt get on and it was a him or me type discussion.






    Here, Rosemary,


    yes mr d.


    can you get me that Celtic plc succession planning powerpoint that Peter used to talk about …


    sure coming right up,



    ha, i knew it, i knew it ………… Nicolson , it was always Nicolson.

  3. Has anyone got WH on the bat-phone / sorry fridge-phone?


    Another few years of DD’s arbitrage and we will be a shell of the club we could have been.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I suppose the logical question is how do you read a sound bite, but you get my drift😂😂

  5. Someone claiming 4:30pm announcement means the news is buried.



    WTF have we all been discussing for the last hour? The price of fish?



    Anyway, in this digital world, the timing of announcements means bugger all.




    Stock exchange not closed by 4:30 Friday??



    Dunno, only suggesting it may or may not be a factor??

  7. I’m starting to worry now about Ange. If things are that bad that the brand new CEO chucks it after so little time there must be something wrong. Bear in mind he couldn’t wait to start, leaving his last employ early. Is he the first DOMino?

  8. right home time, that was a fun filled day.



    i predict there will be some crossed swords and bad words on the blog tonight, and there will be a moderators purge akin a big purged thing from the past.



    i can feel it in my awters, it just too quiet out there, and we are going to need a bigger boat.



    jellyandicecream csc

  9. Who hired him – the same guy that recommended Barkas?



    No matter which way you look at it, our recruitment process once again is being questioned – and with good reason.



    Something fundamentally wrong at our club – the way last season unfolded I’m guessing we all know that.

  10. DMcK news — classic Friday night drop.



    Gives DD / PL two days to get their story straight and the football to take the heat off them.



    Most likely scenario has DMcK putting forward a plan for the future and the board aka DD saying no.


    DMcK then plays his joker — either back me or sack me …


    The rest is history.



    The club statement is ice cold.

  11. This is an incredible development, broken on a Friday evening to protect the share price no doubt.



    There’s no dressing this up. Dominic McKay has found it impossible to work with our major shareholder.



    I was concerned when Strachan reappeared like the ghost of Christmas past.



    I’m sure much more has gone on to make Dominic feel that he’s no option but step aside.



    I’m shocked that we’ve lost a CEO after a few months.



    Alarm bells should be ringing everywhere after this evenings news.

  12. Whatever the reasons, I hope Dom McKay is well as his family if there is something personal in all of this and our Club get someone in pronto to take the role permanently. All will out soon enough in the goldfish bowl that is Glasgow.

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Tom – shove your woke stuff where the sun don’t shine. Just appoint the best person to do the job. If it turns out to be a women, great, but let’s not work to a woke agenda and appoint people for to appease the mob.




    They need to produce evidence of a negative Lateral Flow Test before being admitted.




    It was a joke aimed at earlier comments. I wasn’t being serious.

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    What are you talking about, Mitch?



    It’s the first question AP will be asked in his pre-game interviews.

  17. I thought McKay was instrumental in getting Ange through the door.



    Which makes me worried for keeping Ange (happy).



    Just when it was all looking so good too.

  18. An T



    Thanks for a very civil and balanced, respectful response last night. I realise we don’t have the same views on the vax passport issues, never mind vax but you did not resort the kind of personal abuse normally more evident on Follow Follow.



    Hope all well with you.

  19. We got a new CEO in who has lasted a matter of months. Our new acting CEO has been a board member for years.



    Strachan carrying out a review and newspapers claiming Desmond was personally taking charge of recruitment were worrying developments.



    It’s clear Desmond has asserted his control and appointed his man now.



    I worry about our Club because Desmond is a clown when it comes to football as evidenced by last season. He’s a classless idiot and needs to be removed for the long term good of the club.



    I hope the support organise tomorrow and make their feelings clear.

  20. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Dom McKay did an excellent job in close to impossible circumstances, inheriting a hospital pass from his predecessor.



    A real shame he’s gone. Will reserve judgement till the facts are established, but it’s a horrible set back for the club. Last thing we needed as we sought to restore stability.

  21. An Dun, Mad Mitch etc – I don’t recall anyone giving any indication that McKay or the board were not working well and in synch. This news is right out of nowhere. Other options including serious illness are possible, and would also lean towards looking to keep it private.


    I think it is a bit knee jerk to go straight after the board unless you have inside knowledge your not sharing.


    The board have a poor track record which makes it easy to go after them, but I haven’t seen or heard anything that suggested that either he or the board couldn’t work together, unlike the Lawell and Rodgers situation.


    Let’s get some more detail and perspective before making such strong accusations.

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