Time for our other two international strikers


10 September 2016.  Five years ago today you were almost certainly worried about the absence of Leigh Griffiths ahead of Newco visiting Celtic Park that day.  In the previous season, Leigh scored 31 league goals in 32 starts and two substitute appearances, he was on fire and the indisputable top striker in the country.  No one in Scottish football has scored at this rate since.

When he was next available for selection four games later, there was a new sheriff in town.  Moussa Dembele used those games to make sure he became indispensable to Brendan Rodger’s Celtic.  From then on, Leigh, still only 26, would be used as filler.

The prospect of a month without Kyogo Furuhashi is not the news Ange Postecoglou wanted.  Pittodrie, where we visit at the start of next month, will be testing, as will the game in Seville against Real Betis and the home tie against Bayer Leverkusen this month.  We have two other international strikers at the club, it is time for one of them to step up.

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  1. BC @ LU = 44 days.


    DMcK @ CFC = 72 days.



    There must be a film screenplay in there somewhere?


    Arbitrage United — EPL or bust.

  2. At the moment nothing is clear – unless An Dun has comma from Desmond saying Dom must go and is keeping to himself

  3. From Ange’s presser; I can’t tell who will be striker tomorrow. Sounds like it won’t be Giorgios but he didn’t sound definite that it would be Albian

  4. PeterLatchfordsBelly on




    Agree. Need to await the facts. What’s clear is the Board has little goodwill to draw on, hence the assumption it’s their fault. Would be true to form.

  5. Flabbergasted by this news. I hope Dominic is in good health – though it doesn’t sound like a health issue.



    I hope Ange isnae unsettled by this.



    Celtic – Why?

  6. BB @ 5.58 — newbie dropped by on this big CEO losing day …



    The giveaway is the club statement — ice cold with nothing of note regarding our departing CEO.


    That to me is a great hint that he was shown the door due to differing priorities.

  7. My own experience is that Dom is not a quitter. Quite the opposite actually. I am disappointed. Any recent exchanges I had with him did not signpost any issues actually. This is a shock and a disappointment to me.

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    maybe the daily record has got hold of a 10 year old tweet where Dom said the fans of the old rangers were a shower of manky fat ugly racist thug rastards



    however i have no evidence to suggest the record does have hold of such a tweet



    and it wouldnt add up anyway, i went to dozens of games against the dead rangers back in the day and i can confirm that their fans were none of those things



    definitely not



    absolutely no chance



    no siree Bob

  9. CONEYBHOY on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 6:01 PM



    From Ange’s presser; I can’t tell who will be striker tomorrow. Sounds like it won’t be Giorgios but he didn’t sound definite that it would be Albian





    Maybe he won’t be here to pick the team!!

  10. Madmitch @ 6.05


    I am a very, very infrequent poster but have been posting on CQN since it was only 6 months old – at that time used the moniker pauldominic.


    I would like some cross referenced facts rather than “hints” that I glean from my reading of a press statement viewed through optic of unconscious bias against the board

  11. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    An Dun – maybe DM was out of his depth and these people had to assume these roles?



    His appointment always puzzled me.



    As I said earlier, there’s a world of difference between football and rugby on so many levels



    Until facts emerge, I’m inclined to think the job was too big for him and giving him the utmost respect for realising that.



    Tom – shove your woke stuff where the sun don’t shine. Just appoint the best person to do the job. If it turns out to be a women, great, but let’s not work to a woke agenda and appoint people for to appease the mob.





    The best person for the job based on ability only. That should be the only criteria.


    Don’t care if they are a zoomer, a rocket, a space cadet a roaster, a cybernat, a britnat, a euroyoon, a female, a male, a gender neutral, purple coloured, a trans, or even a TORY.



    Let the people sing and the best person win.

  13. SUPERSUTTON on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 5:54 PM


    I thought McKay was instrumental in getting Ange through the door.



    Which makes me worried for keeping Ange (happy).



    Just when it was all looking so good too






    When Wim left us , we feared that Henrik may leave also.


    The first question he was asked by our baying press…


    ” will you be leaving too ? ”



    Henrik with his usual layed back voice..


    ” I’m a big boy, I don’t need anyone to hold my hand”



    Dissapointment all round amongst the MSM.


    Relief all round amongst the Tims.



    The Onlooker

  14. Maybe Dom found certain emails that did not exist that no-one on the board had previously read ?




    Dom achieved much in his time and I’m really disappointed by his departure.



    The statement from the plc board was very poor.

  15. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Green piñata – agreed. I was a bit too hasty in my remarks to Tom. His were tongue in cheek.

  16. Quite correct that we don’t speculate over what ‘personal reasons’ could mean, until one of the primary actors breaks cover.


    However, we can discuss the decision not to appoint DoF or an entire management team over the summer.


    Ange appears a little more isolated this evening.


    Back the manager

  17. Michael Nicholson another St Als old boy accountant.


    With absolutely no experience of being to merit being made CEO.

  18. I thought the statement said Nicholson was ACTING Chief Executive?



    A temporary appointment shoorly?

  19. I suspect behind the scenes we were in the dark ages , resistant to change …. New CEO would pick a scalp to show everyone the way , he has been knocked back and walked would be the likely course of events

  20. I’m all for Covid passports if it keeps the moonhowling loons away from all busy events, not just Celtic Park.



    Doing the huddle is a health hazard at the best of times, but during a pandemic ?



    Turning up in 50,000 ( without a mask ) when the Delta variant was still running amok in Glasgow ?



    We’re way behind Germany Italy and France who already have passports for the jab, and its always catch up with Covid across the globe. The world has changed including going to see your favourite football team.



    Get the jab and STFU © WITS

  21. If Dominic McKay has a health issue then the statement this evening announcing his departure is an absolute disgrace, lacking empathy and any sort of warmth towards him.



    For me, this is the billionaire free stater asserting his control and once again harming the club to soothe his massive ego.

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on




    Very odd statement and a very odd situation.



    The old 1-2-6-2 formation.



    1st Para – “he’s off”



    Next 2 paras – “good luck Celts. Ta, Thanks for everything”



    I don’t have facts and I don’t really want to speculate but this is standard “hold your tongue and say the minimum” stuff.



    6 paragraphs about how good the new guy is followed by the last 2 containing some puff about how we move forward as a club.




    We went to great lengths to get Dominic McKay and it ends with less than a whimper?



    No answers. Just questions.

  23. Michael Nicholson is a lawyer not an accountant



    Interestingly, i looked at his LinkedIn and an ex colleague of mine here in Dublin popped up as a mutual. Suspect they were on one of the Harvard Bus School courses together. There was a spate of folks doing that a few years a =go. Not ‘middle of the bell curve’ Coneybhoy!!!

  24. Apologies, MN is an a lawyer.



    He actually thought he was getting the job when Lawwell retired.



    Doesn’t matter how you dress this up.



    It is bad news

  25. lets all do the huddle on

    plc boards are bawbags



    why would anyone have expected any better a statement from them?



    Dom will be a multi-millionaire so if there are personal reasons why he needs a lot of time off then he is in a financial position to do that and should be allowed to do so in peace



    we have got some players in



    so lets concentrate on the team until the next transfer window, when we can get back to PLC abuse again!

  26. Lawell apparently was asked to find a DoF.


    Dom not happy. Dermot backed Lawwell and not Dom.


    Could me made up pash.


    Needs to get sorted quick.

  27. glendalystonsils on

    Bit dismayed by the CEO news . Also dismayed by the club statement . Dom McKay barely given a mention while this fella Nicholson bigged up to high heaven . Hope they haven’t already decided on D M’s replacement without due process . Hope Nicholson wasn’t in the showers at the time .

  28. SCANIEL on 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021 6:37 PM


    Lawell apparently was asked to find a DoF.





    That is beyond all reason … utterly mad so ruling that one out