Time for Paddy, Emilio and Kelvin


Tomorrow Celtic have a Scottish Cup tie away to Peterhead, currently second bottom of the Third Division.  Peterhead have recorded their only two home wins of the season in the last two weeks, so Celtic’s scouts will have seen them at their best, but the break from league action will allow Neil Lennon to rest players who have been carrying niggling injuries, including James Forrest, whose terrific form could be jeopardised by the stresses of carrying such a prominent responsibility for Celtic.

The game in Peterhead will also give fringe players an opportunity to shine.  I suspect Paddy McCourt is still carrying the can for hitting the post against St Johnstone in August, the day it all started to go wrong.  We’ve missed him.  Emilio Izaguirre and Kelvin Wilson would also benefit from 90 minutes football as the squad reassembles itself, although the game might come too soon for Kris Commons.

News that Beram Kayal’s injury is likely to keep him out of action for four months was sickening.  This is the third serious injury Beram has suffered since joining Celtic 18 months ago.  I read a bit about grade 3 eversion ankle sprains yesterday.  He’ll need the best treatment and recuperation in the days and months to come.

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  1. As I posted earlier, the most important players in the Huns’ endgame will be HMRC – not the footballing authorities.



    If HMRC win the FTTT, and demand the cash immediately (as they are entitled to do, regardless of any appeal), then RFC dies.



    If a NewCo RFC is formed and shoe-horned into the SPL, HMRC can challenge the bona fides of the NewCo if it appears to be OldCo RFC in disguise.



    HMRC can also adopt punitive stances on the NewCo’s VAT and PAYE accounting.



    Whyte has no intention of paying the tax and penalties. He has all but admitted this. HMRC know this, and they know him and how he operates. there is history there…



    The question becomes how easy HMRC make it for Whyte and RFC to bodyswerve the tax bill and carry on as if nothing had happened.



    My guess would be they could tie NewCo RFC up in legal cases and red tape for years, if they so wanted, with profound implications for NewCo RFC’s trading and footballing licensing positions.



    Yes, the football authorities in Scotland will roll over and try to save RFC. But they are not the only players in this game.

  2. El Diego Bhoy , James F,


    Re Naka’s free kicks.



    I have read in several places that Naka stayed behind for an hour everyday, post training to practice free kicks.


    The two against Manure and the one against Killie are amongst my lifelong highlights.



    By contrast, I read Charlie Mulgrew earlier this week saying he tries to do ‘a quick 15 minute’ after training.



    I don’t know what exactly constitutes a quick 15 minutes, but , I would suggest that Naka’s one hour paid dividends , and added a really potent dimension to his game.


    On the other hand, excepting this week, Charlie’s free kick and set piece delivery looks to be a reflection on his ‘quick 15 minute’ mentality.


    If Charlie really wants to raise his game, he should take a lesson from Naka.


    Naka spent four times as long practising, but I would suggest the return was at least fivefold .

  3. ItaliaBhoy



    Agree HMRC will have a say in the matter of newco, and as others have said it could take years for the whole thing to unravel.



    Where does that leave us, playing derby games against a St Johnstone, Motherwell level of hun, not to sure that’e what Sky envisaged when they done their deal with the spl.



    The hun will NOT turn out in numbers if their team are not winning, so the only way the powers in scotland can ensure the hun win is through the referees, it’s no rocket science to work out, the cheating will carry on until the hun are back on top.



    We need to resign, for the good of the club.

  4. maisy dribble says:




    I mentioned the Moroccan Falkirk striker 3 days ago…


    Rangers are after him force replacement for jellylegs.


    Bosman at end of season,very very cheap wage and proven after Their win in lc were he scored.

  5. Lennybhoy



    Personal information


    Full name Hamdi Salihi


    Date of birth 19 January 1984 (1984-01-19) (age 27)


    Place of birth Shkodër, Albania


    Height 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in)


    Playing position Striker


    Club information


    Current club Rapid Wien


    Number 9


    Youth career


    -2002 KS Vllaznia Shkodër


    Senior career*


    Years Team Apps† (Gls)†


    2002–2004 KS Vllaznia Shkodër 54 (32)


    2004–2005 Panionios Athens 5 (0)


    2005–2006 KF Tirana 34 (28)


    2007–2009 SV Ried 81 (39)


    2009– Rapid Wien 66 (42)



    He can score goals

  6. To all those saying resign…….



    Why would our risk averse and unimaginative ‘custodians’ (shareholders not the board) do that…



    They avoided grasping the thorny nettle when we could have worked our ticket out of this despicable wee environment 5 or 6 years ago, taking the osterich option when we had real equity to offer…



    Now they would seriously risk their commercial equilibrium and run risk of bankrupting our club ? Even if it was to join the Unibond Northen league and be bankrolled as a long term EPL punt or similar it would not happen…….

  7. lennon's passion on

    Dexter says:


    7 January, 2012 at 18:53



    Its January the 7th ffs.



    How many teams have done all there business so far ?

  8. Good evening Kojo


    Your last post on Fri evening mentioned Andrew McCarran.


    I knew a fellow by that name, originally from the southside of Glasgow.


    Same fellow mibbees?




  9. The vision of our custodians will be tested in full over the next 18 months or so, for sure.



    Rangers, in whatever guise, will return with momentum in 2 or 3 years time as we suffer the handicap of European Football….



    We have missed out on Gendom part one through our own arrogance, now we must make the most of part two, on and off the park IMO.



    I have no belief that our custodians have the plan or appetite for this, but i really hope I am mistaken.

  10. Burnley78



    I agree that they probably won’t resign, but if they go along with a newco the club will be embarking on a suicide pact with them and death will follow.



    Better to die with pride than die with the devil.

  11. Clashcitybhoy says:



    I watched two interesting programmes on SKY over the holidays. one was interviewing Ray Parlour and he explained how watching the foreign players changed how the british players handled themselves. he mentioned how they were first in for training, how they ate well and how they stayed behind to practice. he actually admitted that he became a better player by following their example.



    also watched a SKY show interviewing Arrigo Sacchi. preparation was everything. he watched Benfica many times before AC Milan played them in the Euopean cup final in 1989. he noticed the two centre halves would follow the strikers if they came short, therefore he practised over and over the striker laying a short ball off for a midfielder runner, that’s how they won the game.






    44 seconds in



    Donati said there had been no discussion about the opposition prior to games under WGS, and Lenny seems to be cut from the same cloth as MON, i.e pick a team and hope for the best.




  12. pauloantony says:


    7 January, 2012 at 20:14


    maisy dribble says:



    I mentioned the Moroccan Falkirk striker 3 days ago…



    If Kojo wasn’t “off oot” he would be quick to remind you all that he was the first to mention this lad….and did so at some length I remember.

  13. Ulster-Celt



    When you look at what Trappatoni has done for the Irish team your point is reinforced, I saw an interview with Robbie Keane last year talking about how he knew every oposing players strenghts and weakneses, tis all in the preparation.

  14. Regarding the new co – would our games against them (young firm games?) satisfy the requirement for 4 old firm games per season in the TV contract? Does anyone know if this is this a break option at Sky’s discretion or an automatic get-out written into the contract? I’ve not seen a quote about it with any detail in it, only vague scare stories from unreliable sources.



    If the TV contract would be lost perhaps Celtic could offer a change to SPL rules for a split of home gate receipts to offset this loss and encourage a vote for integrity. In exchange we could look for individual TV and media rights which would likely gain us more than we lost in gate money?




  15. CultsBhoy loves being 1st says:


    7 January, 2012 at 20:36



    You brought back memories when you mentioned that place to Hamilton. 4 years I had in that location. Well before it finally closed though. A classmate of mine is buried there.

  16. lennon's passion on

    oglach says:


    7 January, 2012 at 18:18



    Can you show me where i can find the info that Fergus donated £1.5 m.

  17. Italian coaches appear to be particularly into the tactics and preparing players to execute their roles in matches. Vieira was asked recently about the difference between Wenger and Mancini, and he responded along these lines, saying that Wenger allowed more freedom on the park.



    Árd Macha

  18. CultsBhoy loves being 1st on




    You must have had an interesting time – it’s quite a place..

  19. The Spirit of Arthur Lee, The Exiled Tim and Setting Free The Bears:



    I note what you all say.



    I am hearing it is a possibility either this month or in the summer. As I say on all my information, just what I hear no guarantees that any of it will pass.



    Also hearing young Rhodes could be heading to an EPL side that have lost the services of one of their influential strikers for three or four weeks.



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  20. apologies, my post at 20.27 should have read 1990 European cup and not 89.



    good enough reason to mention the Huns were humped out at the first round by Bayern 3-1 on agg. after a 3-1 home defeat and a 0.0 away leg.



    22 years ago but GIRUY




  21. Burnley78 says:


    7 January, 2012 at 20:19



    To all those saying resign…….






    Notice of resignation is the ultimate option for Celtic, should Newco be allowed straight back in to the SPL.



    As I have said, on many occasions, it is the dilemma that Celtic will be placed in.



    All the forces in Scottish football are being aligned to create a soft landing.



    Celtic will only have one vote, therefore they have to employ the nuclear threat.



    Put it this way, if Celtic don’t threaten to resign, in the name of football integrity, then many of it’s supporters will “resign” from the club.



    Once we compromise our football integrity, Celtic, as it has always been, will be finished.



    It will no longer be the club of Walfrid, Mc.Grory and Kelly.



    I can’t believe that our directors won’t understand that.

  22. fergus slayed the blues on

    lennon’s passion says:


    7 January, 2012 at 20:44


    Fergus did not donate the 1.5m he said he would in the proviso that the new regime would set up an academy …….If I remember it correctly )


    So as far as I remember he did not donate .


    hail hail

  23. Great to see players doing nothing, going nowhere but picking up a great wage.



    Celtic charity at its’ best.

  24. CultsBhoy



    Has there been any advance on the proposed redevelopment I heard about some time ago?

  25. Lennybhoy



    There does seem to be something happening behind the scenes with Kris, the media want us to belive there has been a falling out, but whether true or not, I can’t fathom out what has gone wrong, unless he is just injured and the media crap is just that, crap.

  26. Steinreignedsupreme on

    THE EXILED TIM: 7 January, 2012 at 21:02



    Commons has been injured. I could see him pull up in the game against Dunfermline when he stretched to get to a ball across the six-yard box just before half-time.



    It will be great to have him back fully fit. I’m glad we are not rushing him back.