Time for the war face, Celtic


You can be sure that pretty much everyone at Celtic Park and Lennoxtown has been walking around with a smile on their face since Saturday. The players have delivered enormously this season and now have a few weeks to prepare for a cup final which could deliver the treble.

Before then they face one of the league’s most professional sides. St Johnstone were the last Scottish team to beat Celtic and can still eye the possibility of finishing third.

They will win at Celtic Park if we pitch up with anything short of a focussed and on form first team. I know the cup final is the priority, but we are five games from an incredible achievement.




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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Repost from last blog…





    Good morning CQN, from a gloriously sunny Central Highlands. The weather matches my disposition since Saturday afternoon :)




    I find myself wondering what the weather is like in East Kilbride. Why is that? Can anyone advise?




    I never knew The Barca Mole, but my thoughts are with his family and friends.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Ronaldo has scored more goals in the Champions League, than 113 of the 135 teams who have played in the competition

  3. Keving (from previous article)



     No doubt the punter who took Coral bookmakers to court, and lost, after they deemed his ‘Rangers to be relegated, season 2011/12′ to be a losing one, wishes Donkey had been the judge.



     From The Scotsman



     ‘His betting slip read: “From SPL – Rangers to be relegated” and maintained that relegation meant an SPL side started the next season in a lower league.



     Coral contended that relegation was confined to going down only one league on points, according to league rules.



     It said Rangers Football Club Plc sold its one share in the SPL to Sevco Scotland following the sale of assets by administrators, which required the approval of at least eight members of the SPL and the application was refused, making it no longer eligible to play in the top tier.



     It then applied to join the SFL and was permitted to come into the lowest league.



     Lord Bannatyne said: “The foregoing process cannot be described as being moved by anyone to a lower division, or being moved down or demoted.”



     The judge said: “I am satisfied that what did not happen was that the SPL moved or demoted Rangers to a lower division.” ‘

  4. Hunderbirds are Gone on




    Yeah, I did know that Jobo was in the Med. I just thought some holiday cover for him might have been arranged.



    I am well, thanks. Hope you and the family are all well.




  5. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on




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  6. Beat bhoy



    I’m sure Doncaster would agree with the judges ruling. R*ngers weren’t demoted the club lost their SPL share due to a financial melt down and regained their share after a transfers of assets to new owners who decided to continue as R*ngers.

  7. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Talking of the Med, myself and Mrs H are booked to go to Sardinia for ten days in July.


    Never been. Does anyone have any info on it? We are staying in Cagliari for a week, then somewhere else (can’t remember the name of the town) that is just around the coast. We are hiring a car for three days on the second leg, so would be able to travel around.



    Any experience anyone has of Sardinia would be welcome. We both like historical churches and pre history sites, good scenery and good food. Oh, and drink, we both like a drink or eight on holiday ;)




  8. I have no problem with the Huns singing the Tiffany song.



    In fact, I would encourage them to belt it out en masse at every opportunity.



    Just a bit of harmless fun, so go on – gorge yourselves.



    And we can sit back with some popcorn and watch those investors and sponsors fall over themselves to be associated with the Hate Bear Bunch.



    (see what I did there, 70s Saturday morning Hannah-Barberra fans?).

  9. Sad news re TBM. A passionate Celtic fan and committed socialist. Just like many of us on here. Condolences to his close friends and family. Bandiera rosa triumpherat!





    No-one likes them,they don’t care!



    Two reasons-



    they don’t do self-awareness



    they haven’t the brains to figure out why,nor the consequences.

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    A teenager has been reported after allegedly racially abusing Celtic player Scott Sinclair on social media.



    Police investigated a post on Twitter which contained a monkey gesture racial slur and made reference to the footballer.



    On Wednesday, officers confirmed they had reported a young woman in connection with an alleged breach of the Communications Act.

  12. A TEENAGE girl has been reported over alleged racial abuse towards Celtic star Scott Sinclair.



    Police say the 17-year-old is subject to a report to the Procurator Fiscal over alleged contravention of the communications act.



    It comes after a post which circulated social media last night which contained an alleged racist slur towards the Celtic star. The image featured a young girl.



    The woman accused of the post has since quit her social media accounts but football fans from both sides of the Old Firm took screen grabs of the image which has gone viral





    The kid in the photo,what age was she?



    She certainly looked a wee bit old to have a 17yo mother.



    Looks like she searched out an old photo from a trip to the zoo,with the intention of making the racist comment attributed. Not a case of posting something on the spur of the moment.



    Ingrained stupidity,the curse of the hunnish mindset.

  14. Hunderbirds are Gone on 3rd May 2017 11:31 am


















    That’s my head stuck in a loop for the rest of the day.

  15. TheLurkinTim on




    nah…i love my new password….I hate to say it but every. other team in the SPL should b treated as an irrelevance…..we should play our strongest team till season ends….and see where we are….a treble is in our grasp….;-))







  16. cathedral view on

    So both the racist and Scott Brown attacker have pled guilty to charges under the offensive behaviour at football act.



    Who decides the charges?



    Are there no laws on the books to deal with racism and assault?


    What would happen if those offences were not committed at a football stadium but on the street instead?






    Is the offensive behaviour at football act the better charge as it carries the more severe sentencing?






    Are serious offences being treated less seriously if they’re committed inside a football stadium?




  17. THE GREEN JEDI on 3RD MAY 2017 11:48 AM



    imagine what the Hordes would’ve done if we scored 7 or 8 on Saturday



    it could have easily been done,Calum cutback,sinky sitters,leigh miss,it should have bee a barrowload,



    i was suprised police did not start ringing the pitch at 3-0,


    the hun default position is violence(alas not only on themselves as per:-) Wolves,leeds,newcastle,69 SCF 3-0 down at h/t,birmingham(aston villa),Barcelona,villareal and many more european cities culminating in rioting in Manchester(…well sumdi switched the telly aff:-)



    The concerning thing is there should be a report into that game and its policing.there was a serious chance of disturbance on saturday..




  18. Asked this the other day but not sure if anyone had the answer already….



    IF we win all remaining league games, would this season be our biggest points total ever?





    We might have got more during the seasons with 44 games.



    I’ll have a wee look.

  20. NatKnow on 3rd May 2017 12:19 pm



    Asked this the other day but not sure if anyone had the answer already….




    IF we win all remaining league games, would this season be our biggest points total ever?




    Yes, we would finish with 106 points. Previous highest points total was 103 in 2001-02.


    It would be a Scottish Record (I think).



    Invoice is in the post…

  21. cathedral view on




    I think it was 2 points for a win in the ole 44 match leagues.





    More to the point,I don’t think we won any of them!