Time to circle the wagons


We all needed to get Tuesday night out of our system, but we must also put the result behind us and not allow it to bleed into the rest of the campaign.  Every game is important in the coming weeks, even the home cup-tie against Dunfermline, which in different circumstances would be viewed as an opportunity to exercise the squad.

Dunfermline, presumably AIK Stockholm, Hearts, AIK and Newco await.  We cannot afford to wallow in permanent introspective.  We need to get our act together and get on with it.

Five days ago, I was feeling good about the start to the season.  We had scored 12 goals in two league games, last season we scored seven in seven.  For all Neil made mistakes on Tuesday, he is not plotting behind our backs.  The manager, players and board will feel this as much as we do.  If things go against us in the coming weeks, you will know how alone we are.

Time to circle the wagons.

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  1. Ha – who wassit predicted there’d be a ‘circle the wagons’ article out any day now?


    Slick board PR indeedy…


    Reposting my last article comment with a fresh addendum:


    Patently, we’re hurting with an array of coping mechanisms…


    – Spleen venting


    – Gleeful vindication for feeling you were right about Lenny being all wrong


    – Seethin’ that them fatcat board profiteers are jamming us good and tight


    – Or still remember a very fresh treble x3, and the fact realistically attainable silverware is on for the taking.


    – Now, stop grieving, let’s re-focus


    All seemingly valid choices. But what of those still at different stages in the DABDA grief process P67??





    (def: loyal, constant, true, devoted, unswerving, unwavering, steadfast, dedicated, committed etc)

  2. traditionalist88 on

    FEEDTHEBHEAR on 15TH AUGUST 2019 10:36 AM



    Who seriously is looking EL group possibilities? AIK will present a tougher proposition than Cluj imo.






    I was, under the context of many saying that we should dismiss it as a competition due to its perceived lack of prestige, which is not necessarily the case.



    We need group stage EL group stage football and we need to be on the ball against our opponents in the playoff round.



    No one is taking qualification for granted that I can see.



    By the way, if you want to play that game, AIK haven’t qualified yet either for the next round, they only lead 2-1 going into the second leg I believe.




  3. TIMALOY29



    Spot on about the coach. We can talk about signings, balance sheets, speculating to accumulate etc etc all day.



    The bottom line is, if that Cluj squad had Lennon managing them and our squad had Petrescu managing us, we’d be preparing for Prague now and not them.

  4. We are ALONE P67……we are always alone…….


    …..I could be doing with a tad more introspection before we move on……..


    …and having some discussion on how we put things right to effect titles nine and ten………..



    Me, I’m no fitba- head but there is a lifetime, generational challenge that we owe to all those who came before us, and all those who come after us – Blessed with Celtic….to achieve. If we don’t do this we will have to hide or a very long time.



    If the Club is not set up to achieve 9 AND 10…… and obliterate, neutralise and negate Hundom in all its forms, then clearly there’s a strategy that we are buying into – that Extinct Norwegian Blues is not good for business.



    I still wanna be ” Ed Waard” but I’m still scunnered anaw…..



    Clarity required, and in no small measure please.






  5. Peter lawwell should have been fired long ago for not challenging the SFA over the david murray cheating years. Rangers knowingly, deliberately and systematically broke the rules on player registration. Every other breach of these rules before and since has been punished by a points deduction and results corrections.


    The nimmo-smith investigation was a sham. To report that there was no sporting advantage gained by rangers was dishonest. Celtic expressed surprise that there was no sporting advantage and to my knowledge this is the only comment made on this matter to this date.


    Of course, celtic should have stated that whether or not an advantage was gained was not a consideration. Did anyone ask legia warsaw if they gained an advantage when they brought on an incorrectly registered player with 5 minutes left in a tie when they were 6-1 up. They clearly didn’t gain an advantage. Rangers clearly did gain an advantage. In over 400 games.


    When you break the rules in sport you are disqualified.


    When you cheat in sports you are disqualified.


    Not in Scotland. Rules are rules but not when it is rangers who are breaking the rules.


    If you are reading this peter just do your job.


    You are paid well enough.

  6. P67- ‘NL is not plotting behind our backs’ ? Strange comments…..who is then? Or is it deflection from Peter Lawwell?

  7. I hope to be proven wrong but I fear we do not have the decisive leadership which is required to lead us forward, certainly in the very short term. Effective communication and decisive action is absolutely necessary. For all of the talk of strategies and European failure, which is undoubtedly important, the undercurrent is clear. The support are not going to accept a half ar**d attempt at 9 and 10 in a row. That is the bottom line and that is where the this implosion starts and ends. If the Board do not realise that then I’m afraid all hell is going to break loose in the coming weeks and months.

  8. BADA


    Hmmm. Is the inference or insinuation that NL would consider deliberately sabotage of playing Cal at LB to make a point about squad deficiencies?? I cannae entertain that but feck, hope I’ve not bitten the bait and helped sew that seed !!






    Agreed. You don’t risk your job and possibly even your career “to make a point”.



    And what point could he possibly be making? Lawwell didn’t put a £3m left-back on the bench.

  10. Serious question here.


    Does Paul67 actually read the blog these days or just post an editorial and leave everybody to it? The reason I ask is if he did read the blog he would try to address the numerous problems that posters are having with adverts, logging in, screen aberrations, constant reloading of content, loss of dialogue just before posting it on the blog to name but a few. Numerous posters have highlighted these problems but nothing seems to get done – a reason why many regulars do not post these days.


    I’m not expecting Paul to read each and every post but there was a time when there was some interaction from him with posters, the only time that happens nowadays is when someone is getting a final warning after falling foul of the moderators.


    To draw an analogy CQN is beginning to look like Celtic at the moment – dysfunctional 🙁

  11. i think its about time that we included a clause in our transfer dealings that after say 4 weeks we can return them to their previous club if the manager and his players think they are pish after having watched and trained with them.

  12. Quad- strangely enough, when i seen the team on Tuesday, i said to some guys,if he’s trying to send a message to PL,he’s picked the wrong game….

  13. ulysses mcghee - a demographic of one on

    There’s a plethora of articles today laying Celtic’s lack of strategy bare – from the mistake that was Congerton (including keeping him for 3 months after BR left) to the news that Boli was a rec from Shaun Maloney and Jullien was a rec to John Kennedy.



    Specifically – read – Stephen McGowan in the Daily Mail, Harry Brady & Paul Larkin – collectively they make for sobering reads.



    And within this context we can maturely take a stab at realising where we are strategically



    Meaning we can ask – what are we going to do about it.



    Short term & Long term



    To say we don’t need an immediate injection of quality into the team would be foolish – as these articles point to that need for 12 – 18 months



    But also – as more clearly defined by BRTH and others we need a clear and stable strategy that maturely embraces European challenges.



    We are a modern day example of Buridan’s Ass



    Or Claudius praying – And, like a man to double business bound,


    I stand in pause where I shall first begin, And both neglect.



    *** added to last post ***



    P67 – if other articles are to be believed – we clearly need to discuss the route that brought us to this – and to what level we can trust the folk in charge to put things right – and quickly…




  14. Strange comment re. Lennon and plotting behind our backs.



    In short – If he sabotaged the team as a message to Lawwell then he should be out of the door immediately.



    Circling the wagons is not what is needed. Clarity is required on why we have failed to prepare for a key stepping stone to our financial well being and continued prosperity.



    Look at it commercially – Brand damage is shocking. Loss of revenue – Sales of additional tickets, TV money, Entertainment and branded goods etc. is disgraceful and very avoidable.



    From a supporters perspective it’s the same old story. We invest our heard earned to the sum of thousands of pounds per year before a ball is kicked at the risk of losing our seat if we don’t. Turn that around and get the board investing in the players and staff well ahead of the qualifiers and ensure a sufficiency of games to allow players to gel. I appreciate there are limits due to the extended number of games our players have had but these bounce games can be used to get new players fitness up to the level required are surely something that can be managed.



    We are going backwards here and the Board and Management are equally culpable. They need to sort it out and any issues around personality/approach etc. be dealt with quickly.



    Sounds easy I know but most of us have to do it everyday in our working lives so why not Celtic.



    The Absentee Landlord needs to step up and put the squeeze on those responsible for another disaster. Either that or move on.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on

    Haven’t commented since Tuesday, still not over it TBH however as the article says time to move on, for Lenny bad day at the office.



    traditionalist88 on 15th August 2019 12:03 pm


    “I wanna be Edouard”



    That song was the highlight of the night !!



    Delaneys Dunky on 15th August 2019 10:28 am


    Did anyone notice the strange interaction between Jullien and Lenny at full time on Saturday at Fir Park? It looked like CJ snubbed Lenny’s attempted handshake



    I took that DD as a sign the big man was disappointed at their goal.

  16. I for one want to make Group Stages in Europa, we then have 6 more competitive games against good European opposition but at the same time games which we can realistically hope to win. Get out of Group & who knows after that.


    I can take a defeat (well after a couple of days of moaning) but Tuesday was harder than most because I genuinely believe we are a better team than Cluj but a series of horrid events, Lenny’s stupid team set up, Brooney’s general poor performance and crazy hand ball & Bain’s sudden inexplicable loss of form all conspired to cost us the game. I must admit I am really angry with Lenny, I hate feeling that way, but I do.


    The show must go on and Paul is right we have a few big games coming up and feeling sorry for ourselves is not an option.


    I have been reading some disturbing stuff about the behind the scenes activity at the Club, The Lawell/Lenny relationship the Lenny/Players relationship , etc I have no idea if any or all of this is true but this kind of crap if indeed it exists at all must be eliminated.


    The fan base is the heartbeat of the Club, the Financial & emotional Investment of the fans is huge, we can live with losing to better teams but not with self inflicted stupidity from well paid Prima Donnas .

  17. We’ve an absolutely crucial couple of weeks ahead of us. What went wrong on Tuesday must never be repeated. That means more signings and better decision making from our manager.



    Sevco and AIK will do exactly what Cluj did – push up and go down the wings giving little time for our central midfield to get their head up.



    If our management can’t counter that then some serious questions need to be asked – they’ve had their warning.



    I hope we’ve learned some valuable lessons from Tuesday or come the international break we’ll be out of Europe and trailing Sevco with the transfer window closed.



    That genuinely would be a crisis as opposed to a gut wrenching set back.

  18. BADA – stakes hi enough to make it the right one ?!


    GEEBEE – but he did say BB did ‘need time to settle’ (yet he had played LB for Rapid) ; a vote of no confience.


    Still cannae buy into the subversion theories – we’re still a decent team in rebuild that – 3 euro goals aside – had a stinker in line-up, strategy and individual performances HH

  19. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    My nagging fear is that Lenny’s time is past. His tactics – if they can be called such – this week transported me back to the 80s.



    Lawwell’s time is long up. Far too long in that role. Complacent. Self-serving. Takes his ‘customer base’ for granted. Zero strategy except ‘repeat last year’s mistakes’. There are people out there with better ideas and greater motivation towards a successful Celtic. It should be their time ASAP.



    Yes, we do need to circle the wagons, but patience is running thin with this annual charade.

  20. Garngad to Croy on

    Two wheels on my wagon


    And I’m still rolling along –


    Them Hun itees are after me


    Flaming spears


    Burn my ears


    But I’m singing the Celtic song!

  21. I’m old enough to have been through loads of circle the wagons moments, many when we were skint and suffered worse defeats than Tuesday.


    It’s not the game that’s getting to me most. It’s our continued lack of even maintaining a level of competency. Peter’s crap statement about being stronger at the end of every transfer window is laughable. Trust me, I’m a diehard, but I fear apathy will set in. No serious spend (too late now of course for the CL) and my season ticket renewal won’t happen (since the early 80s).


    I’ve invested in the club, buying tickets when I didn’t even live here for long periods. No more. Why should I invest if they board don’t. I’ll pick and choose my games from now on.

  22. traditionalist88 on




    Spot on. We have our place in the football food chain of course which means we are susceptible to losing our best players, but we are not in a position we are desperate for the money.



    Cluj and AEK Athens also have their place in the food chain and are susceptible to losing players as well and didnt resemble a patchworked mess at any stage of our encounters.



    We have cobbled a team together to get this far but as soon as the standard stepped up a bit and we met an organised, efficient yet hardly potent Romanian side we get papped out.



    Failings in the boardroom, in the dugout and on the pitch.



    We may have the resources but trust in those responsible for these failings to put them right and not repeat them is at an all time low.




  23. lets all do the huddle ? on

    the europa league is a step up from the domestic league and cup games, therefore it is a chance to improve our game, probably more so than playing PSG or Barca and getting pumped 6-0



    so i for one will be hoping we take it seriously and make good progress in it



    it doesnt excuse the team selection and game tactics the other night



    and it certainly doesnt take away the fact that something needs to be done with how the PLC board have such an unchallenged stranglehold on the signing policy



    Desmond doesnt appear to care as long as he sees a big pile of cash in the bank at the end of the year, which suits PL fine because its that scenario that results in him getting huge bonuses, so as a PLC CEO thats all he cares about



    we need someone in at the equivalent of his level who has the authority to stand up to that attitude and remind the board that its a football club they run, not a bank or a supermarket

  24. lets all do the huddle ? on

    Lawwell’s time is long up. Far too long in that role. Complacent. Self-serving. Takes his ‘customer base’ for granted. Zero strategy except ‘repeat last year’s mistakes’.





    thats the point



    PL doesnt see these things as ‘mistakes’ because there is a pile of money in the bank and so he’s getting a massive bonus, thats all he understands and cares about

  25. Merry-making, panto Guff-meisters…………………and sleekit, bhlog trolling huns……This Dear Green Place may cope with, …………………..but,BUT.. getting at the heart of all matters Celtica – with insight, reason, good fun, puns and the odd pic of a rubinesque redhead is a must for this “Go-To” safe seat in Timdom.



    I’d like some answers to the questions I can’t answer myself ( alone)…………and I still wanna be Edd Waard……






    PS – ( IMO) Any weakness in the Club will lead quickly to the destruction of Neil by our enemies,” here there and anywhere” – for this reason alone I was against Neil being allowed the frontline position he holds currently. He’s done his time.

  26. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Oh well, who needs the Champions League anyway, when you’ve got the old firm?


    And Leicester might lose their next game so we can have a good laugh at fraudgers.


    And Sevco will probably be back in court again so that will be good fun.


    And Levein might get the boot – how funny would that be!


    Yeah – always plenty going on elsewhere…….


    I see Bain getting a load of grief for the third goal, but when you have six players sucked to the ball at one side of the defence and only one on the other side and the one has allowed his man to get goal side of him then that’s just schoolboy stuff.


    So many things at our club (at all levels) could be so much better. We are performing way below our potential as a club.

  27. Paul67 et al



    Bournesouprecipe was circling those wagons a day ahead of you Paul. Then again he could be addicted to reruns of that old classic, “Wagon Train”. But you are right, the season had started brightly, good results in Europe, league campaign off with a bang, then boom. Dunfermline at home on a Saturday afternoon is as good a game as we could have picked, might be the last of them for a while if we get into the Europa League. And I say if, because that route does not look any easier than the CL route from here on in. Once again we find ourselves a couple of players short of having a very good squad and a pretty good team. and the answer is not as many on here believe, to throw millions upon millions at agents (eg I would not be happy if we had paid £25 million for Kieran Tierney given his problems might be chronic) but to find the players we need, not somebody in the Boardroom wants to sign, but need to improve the squad and the team. Do that and there is a good season ahead of us.

  28. not surprised at tuesdays result, think about it……this is celtic this is what we do.



    from a position of strength etc. whats the answer? i dont really know but a good start would be from top to bottom.



    coaching methods for the kids, we are behind other countries, we cant even go after a good scottish players in the spl because there are not any . this is my opinion but you know where i’m coming from.



    off to hit a wee white ball l hope better than the last few attempts.

  29. traditionalist88 on




    We are performing way below our potential as a club.





    Yep, in a nutshell. That and being innovative at finding new ways to assist our own downfall are what is making our supporters question whats going on at the club from top to bottom.




  30. Circle the wagons… another way to say move along.. noting to see here. We shouldn’t forget result and reasons. PL should have been sacked years ago, reason I voted against him in AGMs ..for his capitulation (or worse)to SFA /Huns . DD should have been hounded out when he said what a great club The Rangers are!

  31. Tim H- the worrying thing is we are giving Sevco and the MIBs hope ,and it’s all of our own making

  32. Worst fear – this year with all that’s going on and at stake………….


    The Huns will eventually beat more of the others than before – just…….



    There will be the usual plethora of head skratchin’ – decisive pennos, ‘ sending offs and red card rescindin’………….The scoddish gold fish bowl will be its usual fetid, sectarian sinkhole in time for our arrival at The Dilapidated Victorian Toilet Block and the league will be won or lost on our games with thems…………



    Where’sMaCouchI’mHidin’ CSC

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