Time to circle the wagons


We all needed to get Tuesday night out of our system, but we must also put the result behind us and not allow it to bleed into the rest of the campaign.  Every game is important in the coming weeks, even the home cup-tie against Dunfermline, which in different circumstances would be viewed as an opportunity to exercise the squad.

Dunfermline, presumably AIK Stockholm, Hearts, AIK and Newco await.  We cannot afford to wallow in permanent introspective.  We need to get our act together and get on with it.

Five days ago, I was feeling good about the start to the season.  We had scored 12 goals in two league games, last season we scored seven in seven.  For all Neil made mistakes on Tuesday, he is not plotting behind our backs.  The manager, players and board will feel this as much as we do.  If things go against us in the coming weeks, you will know how alone we are.

Time to circle the wagons.


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  1. traditionalist88 on

    On the flight back from their pre season trip to the USA, Frenkie De Jong was watching a rerun of Barcelonas (friendly) matches and scrutinising his own performance and that of the team on his laptop.



    Some of our, and Scotlands in general, young players, need to realise what it takes not just to make it in the game today but to reach the highest level and perform at the highest level consistently.



    Take one look at Ronaldo who everyone had pegged as a pretty boy/one trick pony when he signed for Man Utd but the guy is a machine and his dedication to his profession and being in the best shape possible is unwavering.



    Ours generally do the bare minimum, still look forward to a drinking session and return for pre season overweight (though Eden Hazard did this too so they can just say they’re following his example, he did cost £80m+ after all!).



    I’m sure the defeat the other night hurt the players but how many are staying behind to learn more about the tactical nuances of the game or practising their technique? How many are interested in getting the numbers relating to their performance as it is tracked?




  2. Chavez on 15th August 2019 4:23 pm





    What are you still doing here? The wummin were offered safe passage ffs

  3. The difference is though Paul, that the board and specifically PL can affect what happens and we can’t. We spend our money and sit and wait on others to try and meet our expectations.



    There is a serious ‘them and us’ scenario at Celtic whereby information and respect is in small supply to fans The European ticketing system is also a disgrace aimed at squeezing more cash out of us but thats for another day.



    There are some that can see no wrong in what the board do and some that detest how they operate and then there is the majority inbetween.



    For me the evidence shows that we have a cautious board that refuses to ever speculate. We factually have millions in the bank but most importantly to me we do not plan. We have tried to rebuild a defence in a matter of weeks rather than over 2 or 3 previous windows and we are suffering for it. Surely that is accepted ?



    What will happen is that if we win 7-0 tomorrow some people will think everything is fine just as they did because we scored goals against SJ and Motherwell.



    We’ve been here before and no doubt we will again.



    In truth its the same old. I would rejoice if PL left because i think he doesnt plan well enough. Stuart Armstrong replaced by Mulumbu?



    Even if – and i think its an if – we do buy 1 or 2 players they wont hit the ground running by Sep 1st which is a huge game. We are not signing top class players so to me it is as bizarre as it is depressing.

  4. Roll up for General Lawwells last stand. It’s not the dreaded barbarians trying to reach the arrogant CEO. It’s the Celtic fans who want to scalp him.



    I would imagine inside the wagons he may not be there but run off leaving trusted lieutenants Lennon & Kennedy to face Sitting Bull.



    Lawwell is a leach sucking the lifeblood out of Celtic. He has aided and abetted SFA on Res 12 and wants nothing more than a return to the Old Firm business model as an insurance policy. Absentee landlord about to hit 70 ; no marks in Boards, puppet manager, third rate back room staff and weakend team.



    No spin will save Lennon —- he’s finished. Lawwell can start counting down the days too. His beans-counter tactical approach has been laid bare.



    Paul67 need to start planning on somebody else to spoon feed you. Suggest you gauge the temperature of the Celtic support and you will not go far wrong with your own perspective.




  5. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    I see the Glory Hunters are out in force, what a shower of hypocrites, I really cant stomach them, they pretend to support Celtic but when the going gets tough and the team really needs our support its sack this one drop this one sack this one as well line the scape goats up against the wall and shoot the lot of them we must have our glory. Nauseating.

  6. I would say that to be in with a chance of CL Group stages is a stronger position than this time last year.



    Oh wait, that’s not right, is it Peter?



    Will struggle to make the EL if Tuesday night is anything to go by.



    Lack of professionalism (even pragmatism) in recruitment and preparation has cost us dearly again.



    As for team selection…God help us.



    Two days later and the sick feeling still there.



    Hate to say but I don’t think I want to be the circle of wagons with Lennon and Lawwell.

  7. onenightinlisbon on

    LUCKY CODY on 15TH AUGUST 2019 4:33 PM



    Absolutely spot on assessment.



    The big factor is the “need'” for the “Old Firm” brand to be alive and well. They never wanted Rangers to die and have actively allowed Sevco to be in a position to challenge us. After all, sectarian hatred is good for business don’t you know?

  8. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Why doesn’t PL sit down with the scout or soon to be scouts and plan for 2020-2021 season. That way the board can’t be accused of lack of forward planning.

  9. traditionalist88 on

    Given the financial disparity between the clubs, whereby Celtic are more or less in our best financial position ever even without CL this season and the huns essentially a financially distressed outfit, the fact we are seriously concerned about the title this season and about playing them in 3 weeks should set alarm bells ringing somewhere. Worryingly it doesn’t appear to be the case, at least not in the corridors of power at CP.



    Fine line between success and meltdown, especially when you make a habit of being your own worst enemy.




  10. Rock Tree Bhoy on 15th August 2019 4:35 pm




    Have you noticed they only ever pipe up after a bad result

  11. While our CL aspirations are once again prematurely deid, it’s good to see that irony is alive and well, in cqn’s leading article today.



    Following a plethora of thoughtful, evidence-based posts about how to successfully combine best commercial and football practice, we get ‘Circle the Wagons……’



    What the actual??? 🤷🏼‍♂️



    That’s the kind of dog whistle meaningless one liner that we’ve smugly attributed to the undead 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️of govan.



    Wagons are so 1690. I’d at least expected the promise of a floating pitch or casino.



    ‘The heated driveway does not shrink to fit an inferior horse drawn vehicle…..’



    We are underachieving massively. On the pitch against meaningful opposition. Off the pitch financially where selling our prized assets swells the coffers, but cannot disguise the tens of £millions lost through ‘Cluj type’ events.



    Remember our desperation to win 1IAR to prevent the ‘bastard 10’ by the tax dodgers. That desperation is now evident in govan, hampden and the Lanarkshire referees association. Unless we match it in resolve and outclass it on and off the field, we will fall short.



    Don’t take a wagon to a tank battle Celtic.



    HH jg

  12. Regardless of evidence on the field, the same people repeat the same criticisms every year.



    If you don’t think Celtic had the personnel to see through a game at home against Cluj then that’s a damning indictment of the squad.



    If I believed that this squad was incapable of getting that result then I’d want them all gone. Not just Brown, every single one.



    We had enough quality to win that game comfortably. The team lacked cohesion and structure.

  13. I’ve got a great idea, what if beer companys started to make concentrated versions of their beer like acme just add water things? it would be properly easy to sneak into games.

  14. On the football side of things, I think Neil Lennon owes Calum McGregor one.



    For the game at the wk.end I would make Calmac captain, and allow him to be the sole deep lying centre mid.







    Elhamed Jullien Ajer Boli






    Shved Christie Ntcham Forrest



    ————- Edouard————————–




    A couple of things, I noted… Thought Boli grew strongly in to the game vs Motherwell. When you have a new player, finding his feet, and he makes strides in a match, then you build from that. You don’t crucify the guy, and drop him. Confidence will be back to square one.



    Mickey Johnston, shows lots of potential. Young lad, learning his trade. Disappointing performance vs Cluj. The next stage for him, is to really cut the mustard against these better opponents. Whether its European games, or matches at Ibrox, he’ll be judged on these occasions, and needs to bring more to the table on such occasions.

  15. How the heck can you circle the wagons when they’ve been sold and replaced with wheel-barrows?




  16. HeknowsWHOknows on

    Nauseating you say…….. I tell you I find nauseating…. The feeling in your stomach when you wake up the morning after and realise you have lived the same dream time and time again.



    I want the squad strengthened by better players than we have. Players that bring something different.



    What we get is players played out of position in such a crucial period of the season. Yes that’s right “crucial”



    I will support our club however I’m now resigned to the fact this is now the NORM.

  17. VFR on 15TH AUGUST 2019 3:26 PM



    Regarding Scott Brown, i have watched their 3 goals back and he was poor at each of them. The handball for the second goal was down to a lack of discipline and i cannot help but think it would not have happened had Brendan been in charge. The truth is most of the more competent teams are targeting Brown and at 34 he is not the player he once was. He still has a part to play but we need to build the midfield around McGregor, Ntcham and Christie or another.

  18. Celtic will not buy any of the following:



    Robert Gumny



    José Cifuentes



    Birger Meling



    George Baldock



    They are all put out there to keep the support quiet and pretend that something serious is being done to improve the squad – get ready for another loanee from Man City.




    Good post.



    We used to dread the transfer window when we had no money, to spend under M.O.N . One window Michael Gray turned up the next morning after the deadline, on loan!



    ‘Life in the slow lane’ is a thing of the Celtic past, and now we have supporters still dreading the transfer window because we have unprecedented wealth.



    I’ve posted it many times it’s not a just a question of spending the money, it’s a question of not knowing how to spend it, and qualifying for the CL might have given ‘the board’ more of a headache than a thrill.



    The sales of Moussa Dembele and now Kieran Tierney, should have come with at the very least, a promise of investment instead we had a garbled press conference saying the opposite and that other players had to be sold.



    Knocking yourself out of the big money, in the week after selling your best player is a public relations disaster, for everyone running the club.

  20. TheLurkinTim on 15th August 2019 4:56 pm





    Just a wee joke to lighten things up mo chara




  21. McGregor needs rested, apart from Tuesday’s nonsense, he has looked a bit sluggish for me this season, played far too many games last season.

  22. Henry Joy…ok, taken as intended…though I am still hurting…no doubt that will receed the closer we get to the Dunfermline game.




  23. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Paul 67 is absolutely right, it is time to circle the wagons is it not, assuming of course you are a Celtic Supporter and not just another Glory Hunter.



    What a shower of hypocrites they are, I really cant stomach them, they pretend to support Celtic but when the going gets tough and the team really needs our support its sack this one fire this one never play this one again in short line the scapegoats up against a wall and shoot the lot of them.



    Glory Hunters and Sevco Supporters, this place is infested with them, a result such as Wednesday shows there is more of them on here than genuine Celtic Supporters, at a rough guess I would say this blog is made up of 40% Gory Hunters, 30% Sevconians and the rest genuine Celtic Supporters.

  24. 5 mins reading through this and I’m contemplating heading for the Erskine bridge ..



    We just have to face reality .. We’re not in with the big Bhoys anymore ..



    Out lack of investment over the past few years has led to our medriocrisy in the here and now ..



    Sadly. it’s 50/50 with Sevco who will win the league this season ..



    Maybe, that’s what Lawwells and DD’s plan was all along .




  25. As ONE defeat (albeit a very important one) has led to a massive loss of conidence in the collective psyche of our fragile support , will we see an end to the somewhat Hunnish `Ten-in-a-row` chant?



    Rock Tree Bhoy @ 4:35



    My kind of supporter…..though maybe the shooting of the `gloty-hunters`is taking it a bit far.


    As an old Auntie of mine used to say: hanging is too good for them, A good slap on the face is what they need !



  26. Fair enough rest McGregor… I agree he’s played too many games.



    Play Bitton then. Sitting deep. And have Ntcham and Christie doing their stuff.

  27. Puzzling article from P67.


    Celtic fans are well aware that there are many in Scotland who wish us ill fortune.


    However the suggestion that there may be some internal agents working against us is a new one on me. Unless Paul thinks that Lenny’s aberrations in team selection, substitutions and game management ( or rather complete lack of it) were a deliberate attempt to earn his own dismissal for gross incompetence!


    Lenny and his management team looked well out of their depth against a mediocre but well organised side.


    If the board really believe that he is the man for the job then they must demonstrate their support for him by bringing in some decent players pronto!




  28. RTB,



    There is another category which you have missed:



    The Gullible Celtic Fans.



    I reckon there is quite a few in that category.




  29. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Hot Smoked – no I wasn’t planning on shooting the Glory Hunters – but I wish they would be honest and admit at least to themselves that thats what they really are, never Celtic Supporters in a Million Years, its one thing kiddin us on on here, chances they are kiddin them selves on as well, a truly despicable bunch.

  30. AuroraBorealis79 on

    I would say this blog is made up of 40% Gory Hunters, 30% Sevconians and the rest genuine Celtic Supporters



    Those 40% Gory Hunters are a requirement to rid the blog of the “30% Sevconians.” They are the Hun Scalpers afterall

  31. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    CROPPYBHOY on 15TH AUGUST 2019 5:17 PM


    Puzzling article from P67.





    Celtic fans are well aware that there are many in Scotland who wish us ill fortune.





    However the suggestion that there may be some internal agents working against us is a new one on me




    Croppybhoy – He’s talking about Brendan Rodgers planning his escape whilst still employed as the Celtic Manager.

  32. AuroraBorealis79 on

    He’s talking about Brendan Rodgers planning his escape whilst still employed as the Celtic Manager.



    Surely that begs the question; What has Brendan Rodgers got to do with the current predicament?

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