Time to postpone Euros and prepare for domestic consequences


The next two rounds of games in La Liga have been suspended as the effects of the coronavirus grow in Spain.  Seven Bundesliga games will take place behind closed doors this weekend, as will all games in Ligue 1, while pretty much everything in Italy is shutdown.

This leaves England the only one of the big five leagues going ahead in front of full stadiums.  Infection rates in Italy, France, Spain and Germany are significantly higher than the UK, but it seems inevitable that public attendance at sporting events in the UK will be stopped within days.

As more players become infected, it will be impossible, and hazardous to players, to continue with football matches.  Uefa must accept that the Euros should be postponed, you cannot have tens of thousands travelling across the continent, then home again.  This competition is a crucial earner for Uefa and national associations; it will be a commercial washout if held this year.  Better on all counts to re-schedule for 2021.

Domestic competitions, as well as the Champions and Europa Leagues, should be allowed to run into June – all behind closed doors.

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  1. Ernie, Dena 29.



    I understand the need to strike an economic balance , but where’s the logic ? .



    Nobody can deny that main line train stations have enclosed gatherings of much,much more than 500 persons.

  2. Surely if UEFA have banned the game tonight then Sunday must be a no-go also, regardless of the blackhearted influences at the SFA?

  3. What does this actually mean for Ragers? Do they have to refund all monies earned by ticket sales tonight & Sunday?

  4. Silver City 1888 on

    I wonder how Scotland’s infection rate per head of population compares with England’s. If we are behind them on the curve, it is perfectly square and level to allow Sevco to have their paydays.

  5. Greenpinata on 12th March 2020 1:04 pm


    Ernie, Dena 29.




    I understand the need to strike an economic balance , but where’s the logic ?






    The need to strike a balance compromises the logic.



    But you shouldn’t make the perfect the enemy of the good ie doing something isn’t as good as doing everything but it’s better than doing nothing.



    Whether it’s enough, time will tell.

  6. The Battered Bunnet on

    As I understand it (and I don’t understand very much of it)…



    This virus is a new ‘thing’ that seems quite at home in us humans, jumping from one to the other quite readily given the chance. Given the way we live – close together in large groups and mobile across groups – the virus will happily jump round the world until most folk have been in contact with it.



    Unless you’ve been (and still are) living on a desert island for the past 3 months, with no contact from outsiders, the likelihood is that you’re going to have contact with it. That’s the nature of these things.



    The threat will pass when most of us have been exposed to it, with the main variables being how long that takes and how many become symptomatic in the meantime.



    If it progresses quickly and the rate of symptomatic illness is high (flu is around 8% symptomatic illness) the health service will be overwhelmed.



    If it’s slower to spread then just as many folk will become ill, just not all at once. Since health services are finite, the slower the spread the less stressed health care resources will be, and consequently the better the care provided.



    That’s been the approach adopted to date. Given the available (deficient cf Ernie) data showing that the spread is accelerating, we can expect more measures to slow it down to be taken in the coming days. Let’s hope they have the intended effect.

  7. Greenpinata,



    How do you think thousands of elderly and infirm dying each year from the flu effects the economy?



    G-D @ 1:15 PM,



    Not sure but think in this…



    If the EUL is canx this season will the prize money be split across all those left in the competition!?



    Of course with the highly lucrative last 16, quarters, semis and final not taking place is that pot going to shrink.



    If UEFA can’t complete their contracts to the Broadcasters does that mean the whole UEL and EUL pot shrinks and no Club gets paid out what they expect!?



    Lot’s of unknowns



    Hail Hail

  8. Solo is the new global sport. At £1.50 for a pack of cards at least its cheaper than a season ticket.

  9. CHAIRBHOY on 12TH MARCH 2020 1:27 PM



    Not a topic we want to contemplate, reminds me of Carousel in Logan’s Run.



    I then thank God for the NHS and all its dedicated staff. Truely the best thing in this whole country.




  10. GREENPINATA @ 1:34 PM,



    Agreed, but their resources are finite and in my experience Health Organisations and Clinicians are very use to making priority calls:(((



    Hail Hail

  11. South Of Tunis on

    Wildcat strikes happening at factories in Milan/Brescia/Mantova and several towns in Venezia..Fear of catching Covid 19 the stated reason.

  12. Just back from the doctor (for a bad cough!!??). I had to wait in the carpark for my appointment -contacting reception by phone -then the doctor came out complete with face-mask and gown ,and decide I could go into the check-up room. Very apologetic for the over-the-top measures . She gave me a prescription and sent me home.

  13. John1314


    Another experts opinion – who to believe – however for me logic would suggest that reducing social gathering would be a reasonable step

  14. Last year there was a big pandemic simulation exercise . Seems they were expecting this out-break.

  15. G-D on 12TH MARCH 2020 12:59 PM


    Sky News breaking tonight’s game is off.





    UEFA have literally said the opposite.

  16. UEFA are having a big powwow on the 17th to discuss suspending all competition.



    I still think the two money-spinning games for the Zombies will go ahead.

  17. The Battered Bunnet on

    “Slovakia is closing its borders to non-residents and shutting down international airports to prevent travel to and from the country, Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini has announced.



    Border checks will be introduced and schools, sports and leisure centres will close. Shopping centres will also only open on weekdays, the prime minister said.



    The country has reported 16 cases of coronavirus so far.”

  18. IF the league is voided and no title is awarded, what happens to the prize money?



    I can’t see how it could be distributed. Who would get what?

  19. Net Tuesday, UEFA, Will be discussing with all StakeHolders , futures of current European & Domestic Leagues.


    I don’t think the SFA can go off on a solo run regarding Scottish Competitions, I reckon there will be a Europe wide standard that all Associations will have to adhere to.

  20. Sevco will play tonight,


    Sevco will lose tonight;


    Sevco will be crestfallen;


    Sunday`s game will be postponed.

  21. Over here GAA have cancelled all games from wee kids up to Seniors, plus all collective Training,


    The closures here Schools/Childcare etc plus bans on gatherings over 100 indoor & 500 outdoor are only up to 29th March but are likely to be extended.

  22. HOT SMOKED on 12TH MARCH 2020 2:30 PM



    They’ve ran out of lives in the Europa imo, i expect the Germans will dispense with them, with ease.

  23. G-D on 12th March 2020 2:49 pm


    Apologies don’t know how I got it wrong it was breaking on Sky all matches!






    Lost in translation?

  24. La log a suspended


    Dutch eredivisie cancelled



    We sit on our hands.


    Profit is being put before public good.



    I thought tonight’s game would be cancelled


    With a large travelling audience from Germany


    Sundays game imo should be cancelled or played bcd imo.






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