Time to postpone Euros and prepare for domestic consequences


The next two rounds of games in La Liga have been suspended as the effects of the coronavirus grow in Spain.  Seven Bundesliga games will take place behind closed doors this weekend, as will all games in Ligue 1, while pretty much everything in Italy is shutdown.

This leaves England the only one of the big five leagues going ahead in front of full stadiums.  Infection rates in Italy, France, Spain and Germany are significantly higher than the UK, but it seems inevitable that public attendance at sporting events in the UK will be stopped within days.

As more players become infected, it will be impossible, and hazardous to players, to continue with football matches.  Uefa must accept that the Euros should be postponed, you cannot have tens of thousands travelling across the continent, then home again.  This competition is a crucial earner for Uefa and national associations; it will be a commercial washout if held this year.  Better on all counts to re-schedule for 2021.

Domestic competitions, as well as the Champions and Europa Leagues, should be allowed to run into June – all behind closed doors.

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  1. The Battered Bunnet on




    Thanks for that link. A good example of why maths is more important than biology when it comes to population health (in case anyone else is looking in).







  2. i'vehadtochangemynamebacktojackiemac on

    They are absolutely fucking raging



    Quote from little jackiemac


    Great to watch this game without any sycophantic establishment commentary.



    Can only hear the German fans going mental in the background singing.

  4. PETETHEBEAT on 12TH MARCH 2020 8:41 PM


    TBH, I think those sort of awards are daft.




    No way, the Sevco deender intended it and there wasn’t much of a goalscoring chance on






    Completely disagree, Pete.



    His hand is up, in an unnatural position and stops a cross from going into the box. 100% a pen for me.

  5. prestonpans bhoys on

    HT booos the Hun are loyal indeed😱 then they boo the ref which is fair enough

  6. bluegrass celt on

    Prestonpan: I thought they were booing the wee guy with the “Jesus is the way” tee shirt.


    I’ve never met one yet that’s ever taken a shine to my crucifix

  7. Watching the Huns on my phone in the pub; not the best view



    Edmundson is crap, crapping it and will be destroyed if he plays on Sunday



    The Hun press is decent but takes a lot of energy from older players and Sloth



    We will have a free run in centre mid after 60 mins on Sunday



    They have nothing but honest endeavour, admirable as that is



    3-0 to us on Sunday

  8. How bad is that bigot Rae.For that ridiculous penalty appeal by the Huns,it hit the guy straight on the back.Rae said it was in an unnatural position.For Bayers penalty no,no penalty for me.What is the point of having this bigot anywhere near a microphone.Ally saying it would not have been a penalty in the group’s??????


    Bayer in 1st gear.

  9. Hope the second half continues the same as the first. Instead of teams who were well on top coming out either mentally thinking they’ve already done enough or had a mickey slipped in their half time team. (Including us v Copenhagen first leg)

  10. A couple of crackers from the impartial BBC :



    `Rangers will have been really pleased with the first 35 minutes from a defensive point of view.


    Article Reactions`



    Then this belter:



    `They still look decent without the ball, but they need to step up when they have it.`

  11. Pog



    That’s because they haven’t sussed they are shite



    I played well in many games over the years in defence or in attack cos the guy didn’t know I was shite😎

  12. Only two things could stop us winning handsomely on Sunday


    – the ref


    – the pitch



    I’d like to think we are as good as Leverkusen, probably.

  13. Turkeybhoy.



    Agree about Rae. And agree about the pen.



    As for McCoist, he could just as easily have said, if that happens on Sunday it won’t be given.

  14. Someone saying the Hun press is good.Sorry,have not noticed it.The Bayer back 3 playing with their hat and coats on.

  15. The last time my Mother ironed my Jean’s,she put a big crease down each leg.


    That was a better press than the Huns.

  16. I’m only watching this as in a few days there’ll be bugger all sport on tv.



    If anybody gets withdrawal symptoms in the next few days and has BT Sport, they have some excellent football films – ‘Greavsie’, ‘The Crazy Gang’ and, my favourite ‘I believe in Miracles ‘ about the Forest EC winning team in the late 70’s.

  17. For the so-called form side in the Bundesliga, I’ve not been overly impressed by Leverkusen so far. Can understand why the penalty was given in the current interpretation climate, but a bit unfortunate. As for the alleged penalty at the other end, not in a month of Sundays – clearly hit him on the back..Huns applying a wee bit of pressure now.

  18. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    Probably won’t be the most popular for saying this, but I’m impressed by Sevco’s organisation and tactics. They are very well drilled and disciplined in their formation. They haven’t threatened and they have been happy to let Bayer pass the ball about. Still, up until the penalty (which was a clear penalty) – which came from nothing- Bayer hadn’t made any good chances. Sevco were clearly hoping to keep it tight and knick a goal.



    Bayer are playing a 3-5-2, so tonight’s game is a good indication as to how Sevco will match up against us, as I can’t see Neil dropping Leigh.



    The Sevco midfield 3 are very compact in the middle of the park and the front 3 tuck in and press. They are trying to funnel all play from each wide CB out to the full backs, who they then press. This was the tactic they used in the last two games against us. JF frequently received a ball with his back to goal and three men crowding him out. Very little of the ball tonight or indeed in those previous games against us, went through the middle of the park.



    I do wonder how Neil will try and combat these tactics. I think Sevco will try and funnel our play to whoever is playing left CB, as they will be right footed, and then on to Taylor who is probably the poorest passer in our team.



    I’m hoping we go long and put pressure on their CBs. Edmundson looks very average.

  19. Today, we have soccer in Portugal, the Eredivisie, La Liga and the MLS suspended. Now the NBA, NCAA, and NHL have joined them. What on earth is keeping UEFA and SFA from acting? Baseball will be next, and I just can’t see the NFL even starting. It’s beginning to dawn on me that there may be NO fitba’ next season.



    Dr. Fauci, heading up the health effort in the States was asked today how many fatalities he envisaged in the U.S. His reply? “Millions, if we don’t get this right.”



    As a 72 year old, with chronic asthma, one kidney, and a compromised immune system due to cancer treatment, my chances don’t look too good. The bonehead Trump lives for today, and is congenitally incapable of planning for tomorrow, so test kits are largely unavailable, even for individuals displaying symptoms. With tens of millions in the U.S. with no medical insurance, or access to a doctor, this pandemic has the potential to be one of the worst in human history.

  20. The huns are not out of this yet. I am also not too impressed by a team sitting fifth in the German league.



    Probably won’t be the most popular for saying this, but I’m impressed by Sevco’s organisation and tactics. They are very well drilled and disciplined in their formation.







    aye did yi.