Time to postpone Euros and prepare for domestic consequences


The next two rounds of games in La Liga have been suspended as the effects of the coronavirus grow in Spain.  Seven Bundesliga games will take place behind closed doors this weekend, as will all games in Ligue 1, while pretty much everything in Italy is shutdown.

This leaves England the only one of the big five leagues going ahead in front of full stadiums.  Infection rates in Italy, France, Spain and Germany are significantly higher than the UK, but it seems inevitable that public attendance at sporting events in the UK will be stopped within days.

As more players become infected, it will be impossible, and hazardous to players, to continue with football matches.  Uefa must accept that the Euros should be postponed, you cannot have tens of thousands travelling across the continent, then home again.  This competition is a crucial earner for Uefa and national associations; it will be a commercial washout if held this year.  Better on all counts to re-schedule for 2021.

Domestic competitions, as well as the Champions and Europa Leagues, should be allowed to run into June – all behind closed doors.

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  1. Huns place three men on the line for opposition corners. As against us, Davis heads a certain goal off the line. Didn’t matter, as the the Huns scored.

  2. The hands cant hit what the eyes cant see on

    @ SAINT STIVS on 12TH MARCH 2020 9:25 PM



    Still stand by it. Great finish for 2nd goal, but Sevco are hardly getting pulled apart.



    They have very average players but manage to put in decent performances. They are playing an Oldham CB, a 35 year old CM who is miles past in and a striker who is a stone overweight but were still keeping a very good German side honest.

  3. McShagger just stood & watched that go in.


    In fairness it would have been a hard one to get to but he didn’t move an inch.

  4. Anyone saying Sevco have been doing well isn’t paying attention. This is nothing more than a training exercise for BL, they are at walking pace.

  5. The Germans are winning comfortably against a team that for the most part have sat in on a bad pitch.



    It’s like watching us at McDiarmid Park. Clear gulf in class.

  6. Having seen 80 mins of this match, I’ve come to the conclusion that we won’t see much football on Sunday.



    That pitch is a disgrace.

  7. The falling over for free kicks tactic is in now. Classic Gerrard and England in the noughties



    Need to be cute on Sunday to avoid that; or defend it