Time to revise some plans


Having watched previous generations of Celtic teams park the bus at Barcelona I’m not one to criticise Hamilton Accies when they do the same at Celtic Park. They put on an effective defensive performance but although the game got nervy as Celtic defended a one goal lead in the final minutes, Accies were never able to pass the ball well enough to make a genuine attempt at goal.

The only goal of the game came from a deep run by Moussa Dembele, who had dropped behind Tom Rogic, before sprinting forward to collect a pass from the Aussie. The Accies back line were concentrating on catching Leigh Griffiths offside but didn’t have the response necessary to match Dembele’s run.

It was great play from Rogic, Dembele and Griffiths, who remained in control to finish. That aside, the incredibly high standard of passing Celtic have achieved in recent weeks wasn’t matched. That’s football, it’s impossible for players, or anyone else for that matter, to perform with machine-like consistency, even John Lennon wrote the lyric, “I am a walrus”.

As well as experiencing varying levels of performance, we are now far enough into the season for teams to face Celtic with some revised plans. We play three at the back in possession, so Premiership teams push three men up when Craig Gordon has the ball, forcing the keeper to kick to the halfway line, where possession is often lost. This happened against Aberdeen, Motherwell and Accies in recent weeks.

Brendan Rodgers is miles ahead of his competition, but elements of games between now and the break will be more like chess matches than football. Not least our visit to Hamilton’s artificial surface on Christmas Eve. In the whole of 2016 only Motherwell beat Accies in consecutive games, and indication of an astonishing level of resilience by a club without the resources normally associated with senior football. Coo coo ca choo.


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  1. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    KITALBA on 14TH DECEMBER 2016 11:12 AM



    The difference is that in 1994 people took action to ensure we did not behave like they did, so it’s now a hypothetical question.



    However that hypotheses is based upon the fact that we would have (necessarily) had to have willing compliance and assistance from the financial and footballing establishments in Scotland; as that was never, and is never likely to happen it’s a situation that will never arise.



    That and the fact that we are better people than them. Out Board may not be perfect but I don’t think they would ever willingly break the law or deliberately stiff their creditors to gain an advantage.









    Apocrypally,John Lennon wrote that after being told that there were university classes devoted to analysing his lyrics.



    He then said on completion of “I am the Walrus”,let’s see them analyse this!



    He was also mightily miffed-according to Johnny Walker the other day-that it was only on the B-side to another piece of McCartney whimsy,”Hello,Goodbye”



    It might also be the only track ever to be on both No 1 and 2 in the charts at the same time. Sure I read that somewhere,but I’ve never been able to figure out how.

  3. Ray Winstone's Big Disembodied Heid on

    Despite the standard of passing in recent games not being matched last night, Celtic still made at least seven clear cut chances suggesting that it is the converting of these into goals that is the area that requires addresssing.

  4. TimReaper – you appear to be podium sharper than Paddy Roberts! :-)



    My point about PR is that the “flashes” of his ability (eg. last night, first half in Manchester, brief “off the seat” moments in games) will all leave us with this “the boy’s a player” hope. I blame Jinky for ingraining it in our DNA.



    However, what frustrates me is for every one of those moments, there’s a wheen of others when he does what I said – fail to get that final ball in. Flatter to deceive fitba, for want o’ better words. (Paddy McCourt springs, most recently, to mind here)



    I’m not expecting we agree on this – it’s what makes us what we are. The Celtic family and if you can’t disagree with your family, who can you disagree with?

  5. VFR800;



    The scenario may be hypothetical but the question was not, the question was above hypothesis. It was a question of defined intent to blind obligation or devout principle above inherent bias.



    i suggest you re-read my question to Bobby and explain to me how hypothesis enters the equation.



    Bear in mind the 5 way agreement.

  6. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on
  7. VFR800;



    my apologies, my post should have read…



    blind obligation – as opposed – devout principle

  8. According to Wiki…



    “I Am the Walrus” is a song by the Beatles released in November 1967. It was featured in the Beatles’ television film Magical Mystery Tour (MMT) in December of that year, as a track on the associated British double EP of the same name and its American counterpart LP, and was the B-side to the number 1 hit single “Hello, Goodbye”. Since the single and the double EP held at one time in December 1967 the top two slots on the British singles chart, the song had the distinction of being at number 1 and number 2 simultaneously.



    Your welcome

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    SETANTABHOY on 14TH DECEMBER 2016 11:54 AM



    Yoko brought the Walrus


    There was magic in the air.

  10. RIOSKORRIE on 14TH DECEMBER 2016 11:50 AM



    James Forrest guilty of the same a lot more recently than my erstwhile near neighbour Mr McCourt.

  11. There should always be room in a Celtic team for a Paddy Roberts,Paddy Mc Court,Lubo,Jinky.Thats trying to play “Football the Glasgow Celtic way”.


    Lest we forget.

  12. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Clearly Brendan wants us playing a quick, high-tempo game.


    Definitely missing the pace of Sinclair and Forrest.


    This is when we need to be able to move the ball more quickly. Something that needs to be worked on.


    Still think McGregor is our best exponent of this type of play. Be good to see him get a run of starts, ideally in the middle.





    No,I said that. He said it was 1 & 2 in the U.K. charts at the same time.



    Drink had been taken,mind.



    Btw,who was the first British artist to be No 1 in both the single and album charts at the same time?



    Clue-Johnny Walker’s 70s show on R2 gets me through a Monday night!

  14. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    KITALBA on 14th December 2016 11:51 am



    The short answer to your question is no; principle would have over-ridden the desire to watch such a team.



    Hypotheses entered the equation because the question could only arise if a particular set events occurred that would allow the proposition to be reasonably assessed.





  15. I will be more than interested in the way Hamilton play on Friday night against the Monkey mob.They already got a draw at Ibrox ,easily,so on their own artificial pitch,which they usually play well on,it will be interesting,for me anyway,to see how they play.Will be looking at the odds,might get a surprisingly good bet.

  16. Turkeybhoy. Agree 100%, that’s what I was saying about the Jinky gene in our DNA. We expect that sort of player. Always. So when a Paddy R type player comes along our natural will to see them perform the Celtic Way, often blinds us to the shortcomings in their game.



    My point is that a lot of players never quite manage to live up to the weight of that expectation.



    And, in my limited opinion, Mr Roberts has the remainder of this season to prove whether he’ll be consigned to the “cudda been a contender” category, or not?





    Thanks,bud. Taken me a couple decades to figure that out-I should have asked on here earlier!




  18. VFR800;



    The first word in my question was ‘If’ that word in itself may introduce hypothesis but once accepted as a caveat it then negates the hypothesis because the question is not about scenarios it is about integrity. Personal integrity, regardless of circumstance or reward.



    Don’t forget the 5 way agreement in the hypothetical non-event.

  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    I thought that Hamilton showed themselves in a good light last night but there were very limited options available to them against our back three. Hope they’ll have the same energy levels on Friday because they did push on for the final ten minutes. I’d say the tues-fri gap is equivalent to a sat-tues schedule.






    Almore on 14th December 2016 at 11.21am



    I’d like to buy one of your calendars on Saturday, if possible. I’m heading to the kerrydale with my brother so will be at the ground from early on. It was you writing the other night it has a Lisbon theme made me think to have one.

  20. RIOSKORRIE on 14TH DECEMBER 2016 12:13 PM,



    You shouls still not lose sight of the fact that Paddy is still a teenager with not a great amount of experience.Dembele,only 20,falls into the same category.For all we love KT,he still has loads to learn in his game.I watched Jinky from his first game until his last,and he still remains my all time greatest,but he had a lot of “Stinkers”.I have noticed the changes in Paddy already,maybe BRs doing.When he first played he would run at defenders every time,take them on.Now he is more cautious.He will draw men to him and pass a lot more.All this is development.He has so much to learn,but all the basic ingredients are there for the boy to be really special.

  21. Turkeybhoy


    Agree with you and I’m sure you’ll know how much I hope you’re right and ahm wrang about the bhoyPaddy !

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