Time up for SFA bowling club committee


Yesterday’s Sunday Mail exposé on attempts by the SPFL to change the balance of power within the SFA in favour of the professional clubs, while changing their bowling club committee-approach to running the game, was worthy of some merit but clearly the result of an SFA leak designed to undermine the proposed changes.

Any organisation which has a built-in requirement for office-bearers to have enough spare time on their hands in the years before nomination to attend mind-numbingly boring committee meetings is set on a path for mediocrity.  Only those not busy enough with real world issues and challenges will qualify, meaning your best talent is never eligible, which is why we end up with a president like Campbell Ogilvie, who met the mediocre standards and is kept there by equally able under-achievers.

The Sunday Mail try to make out that the proposed move is a grab for cash, although they also explain why this cannot really be the case.  It’s not a grab for cash, it’s not a subversive plot by Premiership clubs, it is an acknowledgement by the professional clubs that the systems of governance and administration in the game is inept and that they do not currently have the control to change things.

Our game needs deliverance from the bowling club committee.

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  1. Paul67,


    Never been in a bowling club, didn’t hit the eligibility criteria :-)



    TonyDonnelly, from previous



    I don’t know whether Griffiths is capable of stepping up.


    Personally, I don’t think he will be still with Celtic in a year from now.

  2. tommytwiststommyturns on

    RC indeed…! Well done Roy! :-)



    Paul – I hope this is really the start of the changes from within. Would have preferred to see us taking a different and more aggressive stance, but if the end result is the removal of the blazers, then job done!




  3. Never liked bowling but the fans should have pushed this long ago!!they all must be happy with 5way agreements and rule bending makes me sick

  4. tommytwiststommyturns on

    Wee Oscar’s Dad Stephen has backed “Gallant Oscar” in the Irish National today at 18/1.


    Here’s hoping that comes in!




  5. Yesterday Simon Heffer was in the papers criticising the possibility of Scots Independence.



    Today George Peat was in the papers criticising the possibility of SFA reform.



    With friends like those….:)



    Happy Easter CQN

  6. !!Bada Bing!! on

    eddieinkirkmichael-the new album will break Paolo in the US market,genius at work.

  7. the unthank road on

    Good photograph in yesterdays “Mail on Sunday” , with Paul McGowan high fiving with the St Mirren fans after his goal. He left the field of play, yet referee Kevin Clancy didn’t book him????? level playing field?????

  8. I remember back in the 60s,70,80s,people like Gerry Mc Nee slaughtering the Blazers regularly.And I mean slaughtering.The decades of sheer neglect and head in the sand attitude,every bit as bad as their wee Masonic cabals.


    Hampden is a testimony to their sheer ineptness and stupidity.A hallmark of every mason that ever got a job through the handshake.Not clever enough or experienced enough to get jobs through their own wits.This is the result.

  9. Whilst the SFA requires root and branch reform, the SPFL are the last people we need to have more power. This is the organisation who have managed to make a complete balls up of something as simple as the play offs.

  10. celticrollercoaster luvs his luminious lime boots



    11:43 on 21 April, 2014





    Hope your enjoying your weekend and pass on my regards to Ton Che Dan and family. R u up for lions night on 6th?










    Cheers CRC, yes there are a few up from Blackpool for the Lions do, bawsman, ton Che Dan, Jonny and myself, should be a great do HH

  11. Afternoon Timland from a warm and wet hun free mountain valley.



    I think LG will score more than GH did, and he will do in europe as well.




  12. valentinesday on




    Funnily enough,when Gerry McNee’s name is raised


    on here,he gets slaughtered as well as the posters


    who talk him up…….funny ole game.

  13. Paul, I really must protest. This is a disgraceful slur on the good name of blowing clubs. I am sure there are some well managed ones there that could show the SFA a thing or two.



    Keep up the good work.




  14. Highland Tim


    13:22 on


    21 April, 2014


    Paul, I really must protest. This is a disgraceful slur on the good name of blowing clubs.




    Sounds like naughty establishments to me, I’m afraid.



    13:18 on


    21 April, 2014


    Afternoon Timland from a warm and wet hun free mountain valley.



    I think LG will score more than GH did, and he will do in europe as well.






    I heartily agree.

  16. the exiled tim



    I agree that LG will do well for us in Europe. He’s at his best playing as the lone striker, like he did at Hibs, and if we can get players with pace to get forward and support him quickly, Forrest and hopefully Snodgrass, it will make us more of a threat than the toothless efforts of this season.

  17. valentinesday


    13:20 on


    21 April, 2014





    Funnily enough,when Gerry McNee’s name is raised


    on here,he gets slaughtered as well as the posters


    who talk him up…….funny ole game.



    Yep,he had many faults,but he was merciless in his pursuit of that shower of inbreds.


    A wee story.Was in The Clutha Vaults with Charlie and The Bhoys one day,and Mc Nee came in.Came right over and asked if they had their new CD for himself.Delighted when they did.

  18. Hi Paul67,



    Once again you make a very telling point, we all knew that the SFA was a shambles but the way the crisis in Scottish Football was handled has exposed them for what they are.



    They are not fit for purpose and only a total clear out and wholesale changes will enable Scottish Football to make the progress it is undoubtedly able to make.



    In February 2012 I wrote to Mr Regan – at that time we suspected that Rangers were on the brink of collapse and that Scottish Football would be bent and skewered in every direction to ensure it’s survival.



    “Dear Mr Regan,



    There have been several Golden eras in Scottish football some in my lifetime some I was told about by Dad and Uncles, I mention this because there is a current generation of Scots for whom this is simply a history lesson and now there is seemingly a crisis in Scottish football and if the “hue and cry” is to be believed this deficit is not only set to continue but in fact get worse, some say much worse. Rangers F.C. have gone into administration and there is a premise that states Scottish football needs a strong Rangers, yet the reality doesn’t bear this out, quite the opposite in fact.



    The last Golden era was in the eighties, where club football was not dominated by one or two clubs but a very competitive Premier League saw Aberdeen, Celtic, Dundee United, Hearts as well as Rangers compete for honours – These teams competed at the highest level in Europe. In 1990 the Scotland national squad qualified for their fifth successive World Cup – many of the squad played at the highest level in Scottish, English and German football. This was directly before Sir David Murray’s Rangers distorted the whole balance of Scottish football with little evidence they cared for the good of the National game.



    It is a complete fallacy that a strong Rangers is necessary for the good of Scottish football, during the last Golden era Rangers was as poor as they have been in the last fifty years. I have read no facts to support the special pleadings assertion only rhetoric, and the evidence is to the contrary. With few exceptions a strong Rangers has led to two decades of under achievement in Scottish Football and the last time the National team looked like qualifying for a major tournament, the management team were poached by Rangers at a very decisive moment. They have every right to do what is right for their club but do they have to do it so ruthlessly, it has brought them to the point of financial meltdown. Below are a few examples where far from benefiting Scottish football Rangers and their fans have brought it into disrepute.



    • The censure of the Rangers fans by UEFA – in several European locations


    • Greater Manchester Police blocking their visit for a testimonial due to the riots of 2008


    • The Scottish Parliament introducing new legislation to deal with football hooliganism in general and sectarianism in particular


    • And as I stated before the poaching the SFA’s management team at a crucial time.



    Mr Regan you have been given a remit to become a new broom, sweeping through the reform of Scottish football, much of what you have already achieved and that which you propose can have huge benefits for our National sport. In several years time no one will be surprised to see a Rangers team back at the top of the SPL but I urge you not to be bow to misplaced sentiment when looking at Rangers current situation but look at the facts and implement the rules and regulations of the SFA in a manner that promotes good governance in Scottish Football Clubs and gives no truck to moral hazard.



    The way this situation is handled can be an exemplar not only for the game in Scotland but for British and European football, current changes in the balance of Premier League football could bring forth a reforming era. Few people have an opportunity to make their mark at the beginning of a new epoch, you may well be in that situation and for the greater good of Scottish football I wish you the best of luck with it.”



    No doubt Stewart Regan was put in a difficult position, but the opportunity was there. I could name you half a dozen great Scots who have made an indelible mark on European Football and a man of vision and substance could have made huge strides in re-inventing Football in one of the World’s footballing hotbeds.



    Instead we became exposed as a wee corrupt laughing stock.



    Still their poison hasn’t killed off Scottish Football – as you said t’uther day – it has been up to the Clubs, Chairman and Supporters to “do the right thing” and we are seeing green shoots of quality re-establish itself in Scotland.



    It is early days but I believe the progress and form of the National Squad and Aberdeen and Dundee United help make the case.



    Yet obviously the recent progress has been in-spite of the SFA rather than the governing body facilitating any improvements.



    They need to be swept aside and the Governance of Scottish put in the hands competent uncorrupted hands.



    My suggestion ~



    How about Sir Alex, if he can teach Harvard Business School in the subject of entertainment, media and sports. Maybe he could bring that experience to serve the Country and Sport he loves.



    Hail! Hail!

  19. a light insanity on

    Good article Paul. However I don’t know what will follow the demise of the SFA. Which non bowlers will step up to the plate?

  20. antipodean red on

    If George Peat is against these proposed changes then there has to be benefit for the overall game in Scotland, an absolute dinosaur of a man and certainly no friend of Celtic, in fact his hatred of our club and what we stand for was laid bare during the refereeing dispute a few years back.




  21. What a performance from Norwich yesterday.Snodgrass covered every inch of the park.Would be a great signing for us.I think only if Norwich go down,which is a strong possibility.

  22. My boss is Peter Principle on

    Premise 1 – Socrates is a man


    Premise 2 – All men are mortal


    Conclusion – Therefore Socrates is mortal



    Premise 1 – My brother in law is a Hun


    Premise 2 – All Huns are w@nkur#


    Conclusion – My brother in law is a w@nkur



    Just saying like :-)

  23. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on




    Oh dear, people with time to spare like our own J McGinn, for example?



    SFA Treasurer 1987-1993


    SFA Vice-President 1993-1997


    SFA President 1997-2003



    Never mind, no harm meant to Jack.



    Your post sent me over to the SFA web pages and I found the story below I hadn’t noticed before anywhere



    Scotland Under-17s to feature on Eurosport at finals



    UEFA have confirmed that all of Scotland’s matches at the UEFA European Under-17 Championship finals in Malta next month will be broadcast live on Eurosport.



    Scotland’s opening match at the finals is against Portugal at Gozo Stadium in Xewkija on Friday, 9 May with a 2.15pm kick-off (UK time) and is live on Eurosport 2.



    Scot Gemmill’s side then face Germany at Hibernians Stadium in Paola on Monday, 12 May, kick-off 5pm (UK time), and the match can be watched live on Eurosport International.



    The young Scots last group match is against Switzerland on Thursday, 15 May at Hibernians Stadium, kick-off 5pm (UK time), and this match is live on Eurosport 2.



    Both the semi-finals and final will also be broadcast live on Eurosport International on 18 May and 21 May respectively.



    Bet if I was on an SFA committee, I’d already be packed for two weeks in Malta during May. Cushty.



    Happy Eastertide to Celts everywhere.

  24. So who do we think is offski in the summer ? My picks would be











    Balde (loan)




    Id be happy we got in 3/4m for all them to be honest and free up probably least 60k a week in wages.



    Who i think will go












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