Title defence tested from the off


Aberdeen played three friendlies, scoring 10 and conceding a goal in each, before their four League Cup group games this month. They scored 12 without conceding in them.

Celtic Park on Sunday will be a whole different challenge, but as we remember from even recent times, getting the job done against lower league teams is seldom straightforward.

There have been more false dawns at Pittodrie over the last 30 years than sunny dawns, so we cannot expect too much from Jim Goodwin. Still, his team is close to full fitness, paying well, confident and will head to Celtic Park on Sunday as ready as they could hope to be.

The title defence will be tested from the off.

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  1. First class post from AIPPLE a couple of days ago ( good lad, btw ). I reflected on it today, as it epitomized how I viewed CQN for years. But not anymore.



    I viewed the blog as a platform for exchanging information, and for civil debate. I have enjoyably corresponded for years with many posters on line, and met others through this blog. That has been very fulfilling. SAINT STIVS’ historic pics have been a delight, and I have used them in many a Club quiz. “Geezo, whaur dae ye get a’ thay auld foties?!”



    Latterly, contributions have been met ( by a few posters ) with insults, snide comments, sneering derision, sarcasm, innuendo about ulterior motive, accusations of being an imposter, or risible psychobabble that criticism equates to personal underachievement. All variations on a theme of demeaning the poster. Suggestions that we are not being pragmatic enough in minimizing our chances of a third successive European Group Stage wooden spoon among 32 teams is construed as ‘wallowing in negativity.’



    I’m a big boy. I can deal with it. I could respond in kind and probably be carded by the Moderator chappie. I choose not to, so I am done.



    This is my last post.



    Sayonara and Good Luck.




  2. The long wait is almost over. We’ll see where both teams are come Sunday. Preseason has been forgotten about already.

  3. I hope Aberdeen are much better this year but I think we’ll win comfortably on Sunday. I watched their firat half yesterday. They were OK, nothing more.

  4. JOBO BALDIE on 24TH JULY 2022 10:03 PM







    Hi, I’ve just signed up the CQN Sentinels Pool and wondered how I pay the fee(s) to enter the competition?




    Cheers in advance.



    Sorry to see you go – you’re not the first and unfortunately not the last to leave the blog.



    It usually happens to posters who contribute the most and as such get caught up in things you describe.



    As for me I just lurk on the periphery making the odd comments. However I compose lots of stuff then delete before posting after I consider the likely response and where it will end up – maybe I’m too sensitive but it suits me.



    Good luck.

  6. Iniquitous,



    I liked your posts.Sure many other did.We all get some stick.I even get it for having the sheer audacity to live in Turkey,or as The Mad One calls it,Asia Minor.


    Calm your beans.

  7. Iniquitousiv.



    Good luck to you.if ever you are over visiting be in touch via Stivs


    Best of health to you and your family.




  8. Aberdeen will defend for the whole match, Goodwin’s St. Mirren did it as well, he wont be keen to come over the half way line at all, and, will see a point as a great start,it will be up to Celtic to run the legs off them pulling them all over the field, take on their full backs and be ruthless when presented with the chances.

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I watched a couple of Aberdeen Premier Cup ties,much bigger,more physical,better organised ,I’m sure Scales will be ineligible ,Hayes still very fit, a guy playing right WB was rapid,i thnk that they will be much improved.

  10. Adios Iniqu, would have preferred you to stay involved but completely understand your reasons for going, all the best fella.

  11. Another member of the Kev J family arrived,I see.Welcome.Are you all coming in on boats?.Some of the names,quite exotic sounding.

  12. The Dons of yesterday (watched the first half) will bear no resemblance to the quivering negativity that arrives on Sunday, sitting behind the ball and defending from their box.



    Flag day, full stadium TIFO, adrenalin pumping.



    I expect our bhoys to score at least 3 in that context.




  13. Is there any vehicle to raise the lack of diversity and representation of any club outside of the Ibrox club among the sports presenters/reporters on BBC Scotland’s football coverage on TV and Radio?

  14. BOGNORBHOY on 25TH JULY 2022 8:33 AM


    25 years ago today, Henrik Larsson signed for Celtic.



    BOGNORBHOY on 25TH JULY 2022 8:39 AM


    25th July 2005, Shunsuke Nakamura signs for Celtic.



    Ronaldo flew into Glasgow airport this morning

  15. !!Bada Bing!! on

    dessybhoy- Kris Boyd hosting the hun open day at Poundland, how’s that for impartiality from Sky…..

  16. kevinlasvegas on

    Mate, its just words, scroll past and only read or post what intrests you, lots of opinions and attention seekers/keyboard hard men have been on and off the site for years.



    hang around for the new season INIQUIT, its going to be a blast.







  17. Bada


    Boyd is probably not a Sky employee and is on a freelance basis – so he will pop up on other opportunities. Like Craigan who’s ll over BT, BBC etc

  18. Now that the shadow boxing is over, looking forward to the real thing.



    My hopes:



    1. Retain the title


    2. Europe after Christmas


    3. Europe after February


    4. Europe after March

  19. IniquitousIV



    Don’t cut off your nose. You post good stuff. Ignore the negative posts and scroll by. I scroll past any posts from a few posters and I’m certain that other posters will scroll past mine.



    Don’t post for the sake of it either. You should stay.

  20. !!Bada Bing!! on

    dessybhoy- I’m sure you know that Sky Sports has sole rights to SPFL ,Boyd is the main pundit, and he will be getting paid by a club to host a media event, it shouldn’t go unnoticed

  21. Bada


    No that wasnt my point, my point was that Sky is a subscription channel, in my opinion its football coverage is full of Sevco supporting presenters and heavily slanted in favour of Sevco, but you dont need to buy it, SKY know what the Celtic support feel as those who have cancelled tell them, they make no attempts to change your mind.


    BBC Sport Scotland is a fanzone of anything past or present of Rangers/Sevco, paid for by every licence payer in this country, Richard Wilson is the head of it look at the pundits presenters, the vast majority have a liink to the above club.

  22. Tom McLaughlin on

    My best/worst memory of Keevins was at the start of season 2005/06 when we lost 0-5 to Artmedia Bratislava in the first-leg of a CL qualifier, followed by a 4-4 draw away to Motherwell in our opening league fixture.



    After the Fir Park game, Keevins declared on Radio Clyde that “the League is over”. Even Derek Johnstone laughed at him, saying, “You can’t say that after one game.”



    Celtic went on to win the title, 17 points in front of Hearts in 2nd and Rangers 18 points behind Celtic in 3rd.



    Also, before the start of that season, Shunsuke Nakamura agreed to join Celtic, but wouldn’t arrive until a few weeks into the season due to contractual reasons. After Celtic narrowly failed to overcome the 5-goal deficit at home to Artmedia, Keevins said, “There is no chance of Nakamura coming to Celtic now that they are out of Europe at the first hurdle.”

  23. Tom McL



    I was in Bratislava (still not as much of a Celtic low as in Burnley 78 !) then at the 4-4 game on the Saturday.



    I had totally forgotten that we had won the league quite so handsomely in the end. Even more amazing given the ‘downsizing’ / ‘rightsizing’ of the squad which we were undertaking at the time. Even more amazing Hertz were 2nd.

  24. When I Posted earlier this morning on the previous Thread in relation to Mikey Johnston, I was NOT aware of ANY Transfer speculation about him from Standard Liege or any other club.


    I only Posted after reading a Post from another Bhoy on here ( PATRIOT ?) I think ?



    My post was only an opinion on a so called ” promising youngster” aged 23, and how much longer would it take for Mikey to step up, and lose that ” Promising Youngster” TAG ?


    You can only be a “Promising youngster” for so long…………just look at wee Karamoko Dembele.



    Over many, many years I have sadly watched many Players just NOT making it at Celtic, for one reason or other, young and older.


    I didnt like AJETI the first time that I watched him….I STILL dont think hes anywhere good enough to be a Celtic player.


    Likewise ” BORRINGER”, the Dutch laddie. I watched him shit himself on his Celtic debut, as he DUCKED OUT/Closed his eyes when 3 yards from goal, instead of HEADING the Ball into the net.


    He was hopeless, and I didnt need to see any more of him after THAT so called Celtic Debut.


    Same again with Frank Munro, Ian Andrews, Roy Kay, and many more no matter what Position they tried to play , and/or what AGE they were ?


    What happened to the VIC DAVIDSON Money ?






  25. !!Bada Bing!! on

    dessybhoy- agree,and the BBC will only get worse,now they have kissed and made up

  26. IniquitousIV………



    DONT let the CHUMPS on here get you down.


    The Trolls, The Multi Monikers, are ALL just sad CHUMPS….with NAE Mates.




    HH Mate.

  27. Go tell the Spartim on

    Ban both the BBC and Sky, couldnt be easier, if only id won last weeks Euromillions, id ban the sun, record, express, mail, scotsman (proof that its not a west coast problem) and any paper that has Roddie (Debenture holder) Forsyth working for them. In this day and age why do we pander to them, they’ll write their guff whether we’re nice to them or not. Id personally write to M Stewart and W Miller to express my appreciation that they at least try to remain impartial.

  28. !!Bada Bing!! on

    🚨EXCL DONE DEAL – Celtic have signed Highly Rated talent Justin Osagie from West Ham. The 17 year old joins on a permanent deal from the hammers. ⚒️🟢



    The player is eligible for England and Nigeria and can play Centre back and midfield 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇳🇬

  29. Melvin Udall on

    Hi all,



    I’ve just signed up to the CQN Sentinel Celts Predictor league and want to pay to enter the competition.



    Can anyone advise how to pay my £15/£30 fees please?



    Thanks in advance.

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