Toast and chips, if you’re lucky


So you have money left at the end of the month?  Enough for a holiday, for Christmas?  Chances are if you are a season ticket holder at a UK football club you do.  Even if this is the case, and if you have a full time wage coming into the house, you’ll have noticed the cost of living a normal, socially-connected, life in the UK is not cheap.

Housing, travel, energy are all expensive.  If you want to get or keep a job, a mobile phone is increasingly necessary.  If the only wage coming into the house is low, or if you are bringing up a family, or if you are unwaged, or on your own with kids, you’re struggling.  The heating will be rationed, Christmas is an annual worry you save for 11 months of the year, holidays are something other families talk about.

Life is miserable for many families, demeaningly so.

I heard a politician last week suggest food banks have burgeoned in recent years due to them being better advertised.  I respectfully disagree.  Food poverty exists across the UK, alongside heating and housing poverty.  People eat toast, a tin of beans or a plate of chips as their main daily meal.  Sometimes this is not even an option.

If you’re on a limited wage or keeping a family together on benefits your money will be gone before the next payment is in the bank, pretty much every week or month.  You put the heating up during the cold spell last month and have now paid the bill.  There’s will be no money for several days and there’s no food in the house.  What do you do?

Fortunately food banks exist, not because they are a well marketed business success story, because hundreds of thousands of people in towns and cities across the country have no food before the next tranche of money arrives.

The Penny Dinners Brother Walfrid provided to kids in the east end of Glasgow, which Celtic were started to fund, resonate today.  This is why today, on the 100th anniversary of Walfrid’s death, you are asked to bring a bag of provisions along to Celtic Park.  That food is your way of paying into the social fund that gave you Celtic.  There is a possibility that collectively, you will achieve something magnificent for some of the poorest families in Scotland.

While you’re in a listening mood, CQN’er Tommy Melly, an integral part of TeamOscar, is running the Great Edinburgh Run on Sunday for Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance.  He’s also doing the Glasgow 10k in June and the Great Scottish Run in October, all for NCCA.  You can do your bit in memory of Oscar, and for those kids who fight on, here.

Have a great day at the football, I hear the banners on the stadium at the top of Celtic Way will be worth photographing.

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  1. Morning train or car that is the question. Looking forward to tonight, I think the food request will be massive, hope so.



    Ayrshire is Green and White



    Dislike Killie…. kinda Huns




  2. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on

    Karl Marx spent much of his time advocating slavery, racism, ethnic hatreds, war and genocide.



    Just so you know.




  3. I find it heart breaking that food banks are needed in 2015. I have organised a couple of collections in my workplace, for a North Lanarkshire food bank, and the response was superb. I’ve no doubt the amazing Celtic support will walk in Walfrid’s footsteps tonight to help the needy of the east-end.




  4. embramike says "the Huns are Deid" on

    Let’s demonstrate our charity off the park tonight bhoys …



    … and our lack of charity on it.



    Celtic FC – more than just a club ! HH

  5. I read BGX last night attempting to say you couldnt prove that the hun gained a sporting advantage with the use of EBTs.



    Its easy – they used illegal and/or immoral means to gain a financial advantage to employ footballers they would have been otherwise been unable to employ. This gave them better players using illegal/immoral means that others wouldnt use. Therefore they gained a clear sporting advantage.



    This is clear and very easy to follow. The reason why LNS didnt find any sporting advantage was due to a technicality. It was a technicality he gladly accepted because it was completely in his power to rule on the bigger picture. That he didnt was because he didnt want to as he wanted to clear the hun. This in itself is of course more evidence of an institutionally racist scotland at work.



    So we are clear on LNS’ motive for finding no sporting advantage, however what is less clear is BGX’s motivation. I think this is due for his needed desire to disprove that scotland is institutionally racist because it hampers his nationalist agenda for scotland. If this wilful blindness is common amongst nationalists then god help us all.



    This flat earth society thinking is becoming rife on this site. Tom McLaughlin is keen on denying that celtic were not involved in the corruption surrounding the hun revival despite all the evidence to the contrary. Perhaps his motivation is to not hear anything bad about celtic.



    Interestingly it appears we are moving into a new phase in scotlands institutional racism (well at least when it comes to the SFA and scottish football). It seems the new tactic is to bury investigations and disciplinary hearings to allow the country to remain in denial – the hun sectarian singing charge has dissappeared without a trace as has the JG charge. I wonder why? Is this a dignified silence on difficult matters and did they learn this from PL?

  6. Bada Bing – LNS of course did not need to judge whether the players that the huns actually brought in where better or not. All he had to do was make a judgement on the fact that the huns could pay higher fees that they would not normally be able to.



    Its really not that difficult – but as with every enquiry into this the motivation is to find an out to protect them and of course in racist scotland thats very welcome.



    But its all just bluster and nonsense.

  7. Isnt it interesting that Paul chooses to post on poverty and foodbanks but doesnt appear to wish to discuss the season book rise at Celtic?





  8. 16 roads – Celtic über alles…



    11:08 on 15 April, 2015



    ‘Karl Marx spent much of his time advocating slavery, racism, ethnic hatreds, war and genocide.’







    And when he wasn’t doing that he was murdering priests, raping nuns and butchering orphans.



    And not in a nice way either.



    He was altogether an unspeakable cad and bounder.



    Mind you, that Gramsci was worse.


    bobby murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers



    11:30 on 15 April, 2015





    The answer is simple. Bookie tells him to eff off.



    They don’t deal wi political niceties,they don’t worry about newco or oldco.



    He placed a bet on a dead team. Had he placed it on a dead horse he would have got the same reply.



    Btw,I’m glad that so many Rangers fans now believe in resurrection…

  10. I can’t help wondering if the exponential growth of the betting industry might be partly responsible for the growing need for food banks.

  11. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    Why is food poverty more visible now than in previous decades?



    It’s to do with structural changes in welfare provision:



    first – giro at P.O. = hands on cash. BACS payment to a bank account means someone else controls your money.



    second – Your first ‘can’t pay’ default was rent. Right to buy changed many to owners not renters so rent default not possible when in trouble. Housing Associations ‘need’ the rent in a way councils didn’t. HA and council legislation now has penalties for non-collection.


    Being in unsecure accommodation sees the money go to the landlord so again less cash decisions.



    Third – Fuel default. The urban poor used to default on energy next in preference to food loss. Being disconnected was better than kids starving. Once in difficulty now arrears on fuel, loans etc are taken directly at source (to avoid default)



    Fourth – Loans not Grants for welfare assistance. Broken cooker? You get a loan whose payments are claimed back at source before you get cash.



    So, the options/choices on default/cut back have been reduced and changed so that now food is one of the very limited ‘options’ now to default on. A few decades back food would have been one of the last ‘default choices’ people would have taken but the systems have been deliberately changed to remove and limit other ‘default’ options.



    The poor are just as poor but options have been managed out and food is one of a very few remaining areas of ‘choice’. Food Banks are an appropriate response to those circumstances and are not a fad. Growth can be attributable to some ‘deliberately’ trying to address that situation and growth may have been slower without that effort. But one thing’s for sure. This ain’t no ‘fad’. It’s structural.



    So bring a bag tonight. It’s needed.








    Great article. We can all wring our hands or scream in outrage that foodbanks exist in this so perfect Panglossian society.



    But they do. And they need support,so that they can support those in need. I trust the troops will be heavily laden.



    Might be interesting in the nearby pubs,mind. Space is at a premium at the best of times!



    A wee reminder of another important anniversary today.






    09:55 on 15 April, 2015


    “It’s hard to believe it’s 26 years. #JFT96 #RIP”




  13. CELTIC will kick off their post-split Premiership fixtures with a trip to Tannadice on Sunday, April 26, and that will be followed by a Friday night home game against Dundee on May 1.



    Then it’s a trip to Pittodrie to play Aberdeen on Sunday, May 10, before another Friday night game, this time away to St Johnstone on May 15. And the league fixtures will be completed on Sunday, May 24 with a home game against Inverness Caley Thistle.



    Dundee United v Celtic, Sunday, April 26 (12.30pm)


    Celtic v Dundee, Friday, May 1 (7.45pm)


    Aberdeen v Celtic, Sunday, May 10 (2.30pm)


    St Johnstone v Celtic, Friday, May 15 (7.45pm)


    Celtic v Inverness Caley Thistle, Sunday, May 24 (12.30pm)

  14. Sunday April 26, 2015Top sixDundee United v Celtic – Live on Sky Sports, 12.30pmFriday May 1, 2015Top sixCeltic v Dundee – Live on Sky Sports, 7.45pmSaturday May 2, 2015Top sixDundee United v AberdeenSt Johnstone v Inverness CTBottom sixKilmarnock v Hamilton AcciesMotherwell v Ross CountyPartick Thistle v St MirrenFriday May 8, 2015Bottom sixMotherwell v Kilmarnock – Live on BT Sport, 7.45pmSaturday May 9, 2015Top sixDundee v Inverness CTSt Johnstone v Dundee UnitedBottom sixHamilton Accies v Partick ThistleRoss County v St MirrenSunday May 10, 2015Top sixAberdeen v Celtic – Live on Sky Sports, 2.30pmFriday May 15, 2015Top sixSt Johnstone v Celtic – Live on BT Sport, 7.45pmSaturday May 16, 2015Top sixDundee v AberdeenInverness CT v Dundee UnitedBottom sixPartick Thistle v KilmarnockRoss County v Hamilton AcciesSt Mirren v Motherwell** Saturday May 23, 2015Bottom sixHamilton Accies v St Mirren, kick-off TBCKilmarnock v Ross County, kick-off TBCMotherwell v Partick Thistle, kick-off TBCSunday May 24, 2015Top sixAberdeen v St Johnstone, kick-off 12.30pmCeltic v Inverness CT – Live on Sky Sports, 12.30pmDundee United v Dundee, kick-off 12.30pmRead more at http://spfl.co.uk/news/article/post-split-fixtures-201415

  15. I Thing its about time every man woman and youths down tools in there employment. This Tory and City mob are a heartless lot .hell bent on there own Bank balance.Food banks should have never started


    If we had proper leadership in this country. these things shouldn’t happen.but all of them politicians are on a cushy number so why rock the boat.I was thinking of a revolution but that would never happen.

  16. Good afternoon hoops. i am sure the Celtic support tonight will excel in the donations to the food banks.



    Everyone who is lucky enough to be heading to Celtic Park tonight should feel very proud.



    We ARE more than a club and i’m very grateful to be part of it.



    In other local news, i’m still waiting for the water bowsers to fill the pool, seems like everyone is filling up today -))))

  17. The Comfortable Collective on

    Only 2 of Celtic’s last 14 league fixtures of this season will have been played on a Saturday.

  18. BMCUW



    I’m fine buddy. Living quietly?!



    Been meaning to call you.



    Will do soon.




  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Not bad fixtures. No Caley away.


    St.Johnstone pitch much better.


    Friday night at CP should be a good crowd raiser.


    Hopefully last game v Caley a celebration.

  20. timmy7_noted11:06 on15 April, 2015


    Is there an opportunity to give a cash donation tonight or is it food only?



    Yes there is.




  21. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    So no Saturday games and no 3 kick off. That should ensure that the ‘winning’ game and the trophy are both available for the armchair fan. And we’re debating why crowds are down???



    But you can always pay another £50 for next season to help make sure the armchairs get the best possible experience.