Today, the homeless gather at Celtic Park


131 years ago today, in the hall of St Mary’s in the Calton area of Glasgow, Bro. Walfrid convened a meeting that concluded with the note: “A football club will be formed for the maintenance of dinner tables for the children and unemployed.”

While practically every other football club in the world formed because men wanted to play football, Celtic were formed to feed the poor.  We have a remarkable heritage.  This, more than European Cups or double trebles, is the greatest part of our history.

This afternoon, Glasgow’s homeless will descend on Celtic Park where your Foundation will provide a hot meal.  Winter brings acute problems for our homeless, each year, many do not survive the season.  But this time also marks the start of the most intense period of activiey for the Foundation.

The poor and underprivileged, the homeless and forgotten, across Scotland, the rest of the UK, Ireland and beyond are given whatever is possible.  All of this depends on the work of Celtic supporters and others, who see the work of the Foundation and commit to helping.

We are all busy getting on with our lives, but the Foundation makes it easy for us to be responsible for someone’s hot meal.  It makes it possible for us to bear witness as Celtic fans, not just for the goals and the glory, but for the reasons, which are today 131 years old.  What a great thing to be part of.

You can join today’s Founding Fathers’ Fast.  You don’t need to stop eating all day, just eat less than normal, and donate £5 to the Foundation here.  It is the most enjoyable money you will spend all week.

Or you can donate by texting ‘CELT07’ followed by ‘£5’ to 70070.

Thank you.


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  1. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    And, as for your final points. migration , even Westward enigration in the USA, was largely pioneered by single males seeking to mine or hunt their way to a fortune. Only later did families follow in bulk. Mexico has a large immigrant population from other South and Central American states but it is not as rich and offers fewer opportunites than the USA does.





    Asylum seekers must seek asylum in the first country they enter.


    Them`s the rules.



    Economic migrants don`t.


    Ergo ?

  2. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    And as for it being Trump’s economy…. if you genuinely valued even-handed analysis, as you say, you might care to acknowledge that the economy was set to improve under Obama’s watch.






    Do you really believe that ? Really ?


    So after 8 years of Obama , the American economy was finally ” set to improve”?


    Nothing to do with the dramatic changes introduced by Trump?


    Renegotiation of the NAFTA agreement.


    Nothing to do with the imposition of tariffs ( in principle undesirable I grant you ) on China , the EC et al et al.


    Nothing to do with the removal of restrictions on mining and the encouragement of the reopening of steel plants ?


    The stock market rise. Based on the confidence which Trump has inspired.


    Whether it is justified or not



    And you describe my arguments as ” simplistic unexamined rubbish ” .


    Wow .


    Physician. Heal thyself.

  3. I remember years ago heading to Loch Lomond from Central Glasgow, it was Spring. On the left hand side there were trees in front of the houses with blossoms. cant remember the name of the road. I think I know but if I get it wrong all you locals will laugh at me.



    Blossoms like this:




  4. Warning!!!! Classical music, scroll by if needed.



    From the massive audience hall in the Vatican. Pope Benedict in attendance.



    Wagner: Tannhäuser Overture – Thielemann / Münchner Philharmoniker






    Watch the orchestra, very intense. Its the job of their life.

  5. When I watch that I get that feeling of superiority the sons of William get when they watch an Orange Walk going by. And yet I still feel superior. can you imagine the moderator of the Church of Scotland (no harm to him/her) in the throne of St. Peter?

  6. I was once laid out in a wee hotel just outside Sydney, gut rot was my nemesis. Fortunately I met a saviour in the form of wee cockroach who shared the room wae me.



    For a few days as I recovered from a bad attack of whatdjyemecallit he was ma only pal.



    And then I remembered what it was about him that was so triggering…his sidey shuffle and wee whiney voice…so I called him Bazza…before I left I wrote him an ode..



    My mate Bazza



    He scuttles here, he scuttles there, beneath the fridge, beneath the chair


    His little legs no time for rest, his scratching on the tiles’ a pest,


    From left and right he makes his claim, each bit of floor to cross his aim


    He stops and checks for sign of foes, then off again he tos and fros



    “This space is mine, no welcome’s here”, wae wee man’s guts, nae sign o’ fear,


    He checks the gap beneath the door, and starts a final sweep once more.


    Beneath the bin, the bookshelves too, from living room to shower and loo


    No height too high, no depth too low, avoiding every stamp and blow!



    I sit and watch, reprieved him now, cos after all we must allow


    With shape that though we disagree, was made by God for all to see


    A beastie, till I wandered in, was lord of all that lay within


    This room where he played out his life, and all I’d brought unwelcome strife.



    It’s just that like the keystone cops, he runs and runs and never stops,


    It’s round and round like Benny Hill, no time to lose, no time to kill


    No time for sleep, no pain no gain, every inch is his domain


    Perhaps he’s got his sights set on the ugly bug triathalon!



    We’re settled now, in fact we’re mates, we stay in nights nae time for dates


    A laugh an’ joke, each wae oor dreams, like two big kids frae different schemes,


    Bows an’arras, cowboys tae, building’ dens tae while away,


    The sunny days, play hide an’ seek, try an’dae the biggest keek,



    Alas alack, for time does fly and all things change although we try


    To keep a hold on youth and past, when we were captain o’ the mast


    So when the day came to depart, my mate was hiding, broken heart?


    I wiped a tear and dimmed the light, a sudden crunch, …..aw Bazza!!!! …..Shite!



    Hail Hail




  7. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Wee sleekit courin` timorous cockroach.


    Naw . Disnae scan.



    I enjoyed thatt , Matt.



    Good stuff.



    I used to spray. Until I couldn`t stand the sight of it lying there on its back with its wee legs doing fresh air shots.

  8. Joints are achin’, hands are shakin’


    Knees are creakin’, bladder leakin’


    Walk’s a stumble, speech a mumble


    Sod this getting auld!



    Snotters runnin’, ankles done in


    Scalp aye itchin’, sides wae stitch in


    Bowels are seepin’, wind won’t keep in,


    Screw this getting auld



    Always grumpy, heartbeat jumpy


    last three teeth, gum-bleed beneath


    Hair weave rug frae nose an’ lug


    Stick this getting Auld



    Jawline saggy, eyes aw baggy


    Shoulders droopy, mind’s gone loopy,


    Death mask grinnin’, Reaper winnin’


    Feck this getting Auld



    Hail Hail




  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    Feck this getting Auld






    Beats the alternative.


    One would hope.





    When`s the book launch ?

  10. Good morning, friends. And a big shout out to Matt Stewart for those 2 fantastic poems at 3:26 and 4:19.



    Pretty dreich, wet and grey in East Kilbride this morning.

  11. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Good to read of MAH’s successful operation.


    Hopefully he will be swallowing a few Irn-brus to wet his whistle prior to speaking!

  12. Macjay @ 1.48



    Rather than merely assert my argument without adding any evidence, as you did, I offer



    The fact checked numbers for Obama




    More proof from those commies at Forbes</a




    Code to copy n paste



    Last of many available




    As an aside, you still refernece the Plantations as dividing Ireland- they did not any more than The Pale did. It was the agreement by Michael Collins, under duress andd with the intent to consolidate gains and avoid further bloodshed, that led to the division. The Plantastions did not help but they did not make it inevitable. Tory collusion with Carson’s gun running made it very, very very difficult but Seperation was not and still


    is not inevitab;e.




    I have to work now- catch replies later.

  13. From @TheDonsGiavanni



    What I’d like to know is what do they have over the SFA. Something isn’t right here.


    Bullying, intimidation & running roughshod over Maxwell, McRae & the rules & it’s being allowed.


    Worked for the old club just as it’s working for the new.

  14. On another level…



    News just in____________



    Ibrox club /company have issued a statement…







  15. Celtic and all other clubs need to ask the SFA,why existing rules are being changed to suit one klub.

  16. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on




    Your encyclopaedic knowledge of Irish history far outstrips my superficial knowledge. And understanding.


    That`s a blessing. It`s also a curse.


    Don`t ignore the past , but surely look to the future.


    I would venture to suggest that`s what the Queen did when she visited.



    The US economy.


    Sorry . I`m afraid I take a jaundiced view of sociological and other studies provided by Western Universities.


    They`re now generally populated by left leaning academics with political axes to grind.





    Anyway, let`s move on.

  17. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    First time I have caught up with the blog in ages.


    SANDMAN. If you see this I have been meaning to congratulate you for ages on your incomparable “Sandman Ratings”. More power to your typing fingers. My personal highlight on CQN.

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Reading the Der Spiegel article about the covert deceit of the Big Seven, I couldn’t help drawing a comparison with the lies and misinformation of the Brexit campaigners.



    However, the main thing they have in common is that both parties are making a power grab, where a select few will increase their wealth to the detriment of the rest.

  19. weebobbycollins on

    Seems another one doesn’t want to play for McLeish…


    And has no one got the balls to tell the huns to sod off?


    It’s really putting me off my football now…cheating from all angles…


    Oil money and rampant corruption destroying the (once) beautiful game…


    KevJ…you are not far away sir…he who laughs last…etc..etc…

  20. What is the Stars on



    I despair when a wise old man such as yourself has been brainwashed by Marxists who control all the universities in western Europe and America into believing that Brexit was a power grab by wealthy elites.


    When the dogs in the street will tell you it was the ordinary man in the street taking back his country

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    Well, if you put it that way.



    Down with street dogs, I say. Sure, what do they know?



    My cats sing a different tune, especially when they are hungry.

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