Today’s edition of, “Of course he did”


Today’s edition of, “Of course he did” is brought to you by Fabio Silva’s father, who told a Daily Mail journalist that Fabio rejected the chance to sign for Celtic in January, choosing Newco instead.

The tale is garnished by the revelation that an unnamed source advised Fabio to go to Celtic, “because he was a Catholic”.  As though Newco have ever had a problem signing Catholics!  Newco have signed players of all religions without prejudice since their inception, this was an undeserved slur on the club.

As you know, Celtic were in the market for a striker in January, signing Adam Idah on loan.  They were offered Silva and watched him but did not have the physical presence Celtic were looking for.  The wage ticket price, around £50k per week, was clearly ridiculous – you would need to be mad to agree to paying that for such a player.

Adam Idah was no consolation prize.  He scored nine goals across seven starts and 12 substitute appearances in league and cup, including crucial goals against Hibs, Motherwell and twice against Fabio Silva’s Newco.

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  1. Mon the Idahs!



    Off to Europe tomorrow with the family and quite excited at the prospect! 🇪🇺

  2. TEXASTIM has arrived!



    Doesn’t feel like I am talking to myself now. Enjoy the trip!

  3. bournesouprecipe on

    It seems the Celtic North curve was ‘ahead of the curve’ as Red card Ross’s position suddenly becomes untenable, – did he fall or was he pushed?



    Delicious irony that he’s been taken down with a handball, straight red, offside, own goal.

  4. fieldofdrams on

    BSR – greatly enjoying the falling apart of Red-card Ross’s plan to line his own pockets.



    The usual cliches are banal by nature – untenable, fall on his sword, dishonourable etc etc.



    But whatever you think of Alex Salmond, his comment nails it – “the first case of a rat deserting a sinking ship while simultaneously trying to clamber aboard a gravy train.”

  5. leftclicktic on

    I’m sure the tory member Red card Ross stabbed in the back last week, will be thinking of karma today.

  6. CL qualification analysis time! As we know sevco enter at the 3rd qualifying round for non-champions as a seeded team. The 4 unseeded teams they could draw are Dynamo Kyiv, FC Twente, Union SG and Fenerbahce.



    Looking at three separate metrics – UEFA coefficients, squad value, and best 11 value; the chances of sevco progressing against each of those metrics is currently 73%, 47% and 43% respectively. Each metric has its shortcomings but I’d put the UEFA coef. as the least reliable. Of that group you’d want to avoid Fenerbahce, Turkish teams have spent a while in the European wilderness but are returning to form. However there’s no easy tie, Union SG are a much better team than the one sevco faced two years ago after 2 more years consistently around the top of the Belgian league (they were promoted in 2021).



    If sevco make it through that round the 4 winners play-off against each other, and again sevco would be seeded. On the basis of UEFA coefficients the two most likely teams they could face here would be Lille or RB Salzburg (there’s no scenario where they can be paired with the other high coef. team, Slavia Prague). Chances of progressing against each metric of coefficient, squad value, and best 11 value are 56%, 30% and 24% respectively.



    Lots of things could change between now and kick-off, players sold/signed etc (their current squad value includes Silva @ £11m). Their overall chance of getting through both rounds and making the CL group stage is around 20%, or one in five.



    This is depressing news for sevco fans, which is why I did the maths for them. I’m a terrible person.

  7. SONSOFERIN on 10TH JUNE 2024 1:53 PM



    that was a quite interesting read,



    any analysis of celtic chances to get any points at all in an 8 match rota.

  8. as ithers see us.



    if i can recomend henri winters on the celtic exchange,



    really excellent interview, his insight into hart and rodgers were really intersting,



    he goes on to say the celtic left centre back, scales was it, had a great game



    good listen.

  9. bigrailroadblues on

    Good afternoon all from the Victoria Bar. Still no sign of the hun coming over the horizon. However, I shall remain vigilant .

  10. The TV went live to ballanter royal deeside you know to interview the good people.



    A couple of retired wealthy types very posh said it was a shame.



    A wee wife then pipes in with a Dinny like him.



    By the way the main street looked like larkhall orange lodge. Nice union flags.



    Feckin weirdos

  11. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    What is the motivation for this latest in the long line of “I chose Sevco over Celtic” yarns?



    Standard operating procedure is to spit out this stuff at the point of signing.



    … when being heralded as a world beater


    … to boost the irretrievably stupid


    … regardless of subsequent performance



    Coming out with this nonsense after you’ve flopped (no pun intended)?



    … and the team you “rejected” wiped the floor with the team you signed for?



    Defies logic.

  12. the other defies logic ……………



    the party leader a la ross says, i am not standing in the general election.



    he then steps in to bump the incumbent as being unfit



    he thenfinally gets caught, because lets be honest, that is not the first time he has done these fiddling expemses (watch for it getting blamed on some paid lackey)



    but says, i am still standing for parliament, and will resging after the results..



    anyone up there who votes for him must be related, i mean seriously what an ugly hearted man

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  14. SAINT STIVS on 10TH JUNE 2024 2:29 PM



    The TV went live to ballanter royal deeside you know to interview the good people. A couple of retired wealthy types very posh said it was a shame. A wee wife then pipes in with a Dinny like him. By the way the main street looked like larkhall orange lodge. Nice union flags. Feckin weirdos



    *2 year ago Mrs TT wanted tae go tae balmoral just tae see it and like many of our generation although avowed socialists and nae luver of royalty we didnae mind the queen as she has always been there, now bear in mid our last trip over prior tae this I took her and the younger TT’s tae Culloden via Glencoe, primarily as they had all watched plus read the Outlander books, and that really left an indelible mark on them, so it was a surprise when she asked if I would take her up tae the other side of the country as she really wanted tae see Ballater as she had seen on the tele diana and her weans walkin about freely there.



    Now I had hired a car at GLA but the one I had previously booked wisnae available, so they gave me a merc complete with sat nav, unfortunately the volume on it had been disconnected so never having driven in that part of the country I kept getting lost but no matter who I spoke to they were all nice and helpful, eventually havin navigated our way through the Cairngorms we finally arrived at our destination a big house that had been converted intae an hotel on the outskirts of Ballater.



    We then took a trip into the town where we had an amazing pub lunch in the Balmoral Bar and in all honesty 1 serving would have done us 2 oul geriatrics, aye there was that much, now to answer your question SS, aye the place is festooned with butchers aprons which upset Mrs TT no end as on our journey up they were few and far between, especially in our home area of Dumbarton and the Bonnie Bonnie Banks, but as I explained to her as a result of their close proximity tae Balmoral its just a tourist ploy.



    Oh, and I should add the shops were full of “sheep” paraphernalia

  15. Quite enjoyed the first series of Icons of Football, not so sure of the latest one though. Perhaps because I made the mistake of watching the one featuring John Greig, or ‘Greggy’ or somesuch in some kind of faux Scots vernacular. (I read only today that Alan Hansen was known as ‘Jocky’ at Anfield, first time ever I heard that) Anyways this kind of format can get tiresome very quickly, very, in the case of ‘Greggy’, not least due to the contributors involved, Andy Cameron, Colin Stein and Willie Johnson were bad enough, not a brain cell between them, but a teary eyed Chic Young was just about enough to send me ower the edge. And him a Saint Mirren supporter at that. We’re not talking the likes of John Cairney or Hugh MacIlvanney here, And ‘Greggy’ himself, I mean, have you ever heard anybody, anyone actually describe himself as an “Icon”, no Greggy that is the name of the series, Jesus, where’s the sub-editor, or wiz that wee Chic? “i’m happy tae be a Rangers Icon”….dear oh dear Greggy, don’t ye even know the meaning of the word, or heard o the Reformation? John Knox wid be turning in his grave. And Erchie will no be too happy eether…

  16. KINGLUBO on 10TH JUNE 2024 7:24 PM


    Do fish ever get seasick I wonder




    Not got a scooby, but you could always drop one of them a line and ask. 😀

  17. CELTIC MAC on 10TH JUNE 2024 8:42 PM



    we bit of useless information here but steve nicol when at anfield was known as chops as thats the way he pronounced chips, true story.

  18. tontine tim



    Apparently not the brightest, though to be fair he wore it well, and took everything they threw at him with good humour. Would probably make a more interesting Icon than “Greggy” that’s for sure.




    Enrolled in the Pool and made payment.



    If you see this, LMK all good.



    Thanks TXT

  20. Weebobbycollins on

    “Rangers sign AC Milan defender on free transfer as Ibrox club win race for ‘exciting talent’ ”



    “The Light Blues fended off interest from clubs across Europe to convince him to head to Glasgow”



    Some things never change…I suppose he’ll be jetting in quite soon.


    Oh, and I imagine he will have snubbed approaches from Celtic.

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