Token of a wretched campaign


If ever 90 minutes told the story of a season, it was last night in Dingwall.  A miserable team, bottom of the league and who sacked the manager that won at Celtic Park in November, took to the field with a cunning masterplan: put numbers behind the ball and wait for a set piece.

Ross County’s goal was exasperating.  Diego Laxalt did not get close enough to Jordan White to impede the striker’s movement, perhaps taking lessons from the lumbering Tom Rogic, who was equally lax at a first half corner that went unpunished.  The speed of delivery caught Scott Brown cold as White rose behind him to score the only goal of the game.

Despite Celtic enjoying the vast majority of the ball and territorial advantage, County could consider themselves unlucky not to be ahead at the break, after Spittal’s shot was stopped by Scott Bain pulling off the finest save of the game.

Eduard and Christie both had gilt-edged chances before that to put Celtic ahead but neither troubled the keeper.  Both are stalling on a contract offer and will hope prospective employers were busy watching something else on TV last night.

The only consolation is that this wretched league campaign will be over soon.  Well done to John Hughes and his County players, never short of endeavour.

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    BSR + BGFC…yes, we won very little during Jimmy McGrory’s time but it was a great ‘learning to love Celtic’ experience…in those days we only hated the huns, never our own.



    *Hmmmm Jimmy McGrory‘s tenure as a manager has been much maligned, his record there is a lot better than has been noted.



    He took over a side that had been decimated as a result of WWII, no shipyard loyal players there. After saving us fae possible relegation he rebuilt the side tae include such luminaries as Bobby Evans, Bobby Collins, Neilly Mochan, Bertie Peacock, Sean Fallon, Willie Fernie and Charles Patrick.



    He then led us tae our first trophy since the 1938 Empire Exhibition Cup with a 1-0 SC victory over Motherwell followed up that summer with the St Mungo Cup a one-off tournament, something we are good at, held in Glasgow to celebrate the 1951 Festival of Britain.



    Before that year was out he signed a 29 year old journeyman centre half as an oul heid for the youngsters in the reserve, injuries in that position forced Jimmy tae give him a game in the first team which barring injury he never lost his place eventually becoming captain.



    15 months later he led us tae the “said lizzie tae philip” cup victory when all hunden was covered in banners of green against a Hibs side whose chairman had wanted the tricolour, a gift fae Eamon De Valera, removed and also much tae the disdain of big geordie whose durty big nose was truly a right shade of blue.



    He followed this up the following season with our first double in 40 years beating the sheep in the final with the Iron Mhan bundling the ball home. This was the same sheep that gubbed the famed iron curtain defence, including the soon tae be sine died willie woodbine, deidco 6-0 in the semis.



    Not to be done yet under his leadership we won our first LC in a 3-0 replay win over the Maryhill Magyars, as good as that was a year later it was hunden in the sun, the greatest cup final win in UK history.



    Jock missed both finals due tae injury and 3 months earlier had been appointed reserve team coach leading our youngster including pre Lions as well as a young ten thirty who Sir Bob hunted after Jock had left as well as a young Pat Crerand who he also chased only for the latter day Christ to allegedly insist Bertie be brought back tae before he took the job.



    I’ve always said that history and big Jock have been kind tae Bob and unfortunately oul Jimmy was bullied as we sunk to our lowest in my lifetime, however, he did guide us tae an amazing game in the Blue and White Trophy against the mighty Real who 16 month earlier put on a superlative performance at hunden in what was described as the finest EC Final, we would replace that around 5 year later in a game where oul Jimmy admitted tae unashamedly breaking down in tears of joy, “the first time in all my years in the game that I had cried” he would later say.



    19 month later Jimmy had led us tae a 3-0 win over MTK in the lavvy cup only for Bob tae interfere once again in the team selection where lost the away game 0-4.



    And yet a year later almost to the day under Jock we won our first trophy since October 19, 1957, big Jock got all the accolades but this was Jimmy’s side, he had led us tae the semis where in Jock’s first big game we struggled tae hold on tae gain a draw in a game where Joe McGoals tore big Billy a new one. We did win the replay comfortably and 9 weeks later Joe was signed.



    That wonderful day at hunden when goals from wee ten thirty and big Billy with assists fae Charlie Gallagher gave us the win as I watched grown mhen and womhen greet, it should not be forgotten that this was Jimmy’s side. In fact he originally tried Bobby Murdoch at right half but this was without a decent partner which would arrive when Bertie returned tae his spiritual home.



    James Edward McGrory was not just a great player but also a great manager who won us trophies under exceptional circumstances which the like of Jock would not have stood for.



    He did this for the love of the club and stepped aside for the same reason, Celtic came first. On hearing how the club disparaged him with the wage reduction for NOT going tae highbury he was said to have uttered “Well it was worth it just to pull on those Green and White Hoops”.

  2. Tontine.


    a superb piece on our world record goalscorer.the humble jimmy mcgrory of Celtic.






  3. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Celtic break the rules



    Sevco have individual errors of judgement



    The SFA “didn’t factor in differing protocols”.



    Next time one of ours is up on ANY kind of charge at any level – just trot out those five words.

  4. SAINT STIVS on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 8:37 PM






    you do know he worked with them for 18 months ? or did you not know that ?



    so from inside the club, having worked with them, upon leaving of his own accord, he took the time to praise them, many here and elsewhere thought Duff was behind an upturn in form, instrimental with tactics, but now he is a duff duffer because of his honest assessment of his former colleagues.






    Alex Ferguson once tipped Phil Jones to go on to be one of the greatest players ever for Manchester United. They don’t always get it right whether they’re in the game or not.

  5. one night


    you said lennie was just like McCoist taking money out the club .


    It’s the non stop abuse that does my head in. lennie could resign


    tomorrow and there would be no guarantee results would improve.


    We have a chairman that probably never paid at the gate at anytime


    that’s if he ever went to a game in the past,to me that’s our biggest


    problem, STV stated on the evening news sevco were closing in on


    their 55th title ,that says it all for me,Our chairman and his board


    don’t look like they ever will,i’ve supported Celtic for a very long time


    back to the 1940s when we couldn’t win two games in a row never


    mind a league title,I just feel like giving up and let the huns carry on


    as they always have done,i’m getting to old to keep on fighting them


    now, most of my mates i stood with. cheered with, sang with are


    now gone.One thing would make me happy before i join them


    our board to remember what our support endured since 1888


    and show the same loyalty to them

  6. TONTINE@10.40:


    Remember the MTK games as if it were yesterday.The away game we had two goals chalked off by a referee from Austria,who had enjoyed the food and drink laid on by the hosts.Yes,interference by Bob Kelly,and the referee’s inept performance cost us a place in the ECWC final.Few years later BOOM Lisbon.

  7. bournesouprecipe 


    “El Hamed failed to settle at Charleoi, Dinamo Bucharest, Gent, and……………………Celtic”



    It may well be that his choice in mattresses is suspect? 









    Good wee passages there. 




  8. tim horton



    i meant to thank for your post the other night regarding John Mcdermott the folk


    singer,his father also John was back here on holiday about 1975 i think. We were


    in the shandon bells pub in anderston and some photos were taken outside in


    front of the pub ,you know there were at least a dozen of us, A couple of John’s


    school mates from St Patricks three of my older brothers and my bro in law,.


    everyone now gone i wish i had that photo, i was in the M N then so i would


    have been back sailing probably


    cheers tim

  9. Gerry123 I’ve seen John on several occasions, seemingly his mum was a good singer and sung in the choir at chapel. His family was one of the largest tae come out here and a wee story came out that when his da went tae the bank for the deposit for a house when the manager asked for collateral he brought his weans in saying “there’s yer collateral”, he got the loan.

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on




    Just want to say thanks – that was wonderful.






  11. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    The wan before the wan aboot the weans :-)



    (Though that’s good too!!)



    Anyway – thanks for all your stories – priceless and unique.






  12. Tontime Tim


    I think he had about 8 when he emigrated then 4 born in Canada, did’,t know


    mrs McDermott but i did hear she was a very good singer there’s nobody left


    i know of from that generation i could ask,so it’s good to remember the good



  13. Good morning from a wet and windy Garngad



    Still nothing about the ipod 5?


    Still nothing about Booby Madhun’s Greek adventure and the debacle after it?



    That’s right our righteous custodians keep quiet and keep Timmy at the back of the bus.



    Spineless to a man and woman.



    Gut Parkhead of everyone of them.



    D :)

  14. Gerry123at 11:12 p.m. and Tontine at 10:40 (and, indeed any time)


    Faithful through and through.


    And through and through again.


    Thank You.

  15. Tontine,


    Good story about Mr McGrory and the trophies he won, unfortunately never saw any of them. My first Scottish Cup final was defeat in replay against Clyde. Harry Haddock, Clyde skipper, lived down the street in Govan so did get to see a winners medal.


    7-1 game, no way would an 11 year old get to Hampden against the huns. Mum would have murdered me ever mind them.


    1960/61 2 games against Dunfermline again no joy until finally 1965 and Big Jock at the helm.


    My lasting memory as a 19 year old seeing my team lift the cup was a little old man standing in the Celtic end with tears of joy streaming down his face. After 7 barren years we had finally won a trophy and our whole history was about to change.


    The barren years were not all bad, got to see Real Madrid beat Eintracht 7-3 at Hampden in the European final but enjoyed the semi final better. Lifted into zombieland and watched the Germans take 6 off the huns, walking out and not smiling was the difficult part.


    This season has been one of major disappointment after the 2nd 9 in a row, quadruple trebles and now we are left with a very disjointed team/management and support.


    We will regroup and ” Always look on the bright side of life” The New Huns International have went NINE ( 9 ) years winning HeeHaw.




  16. onenightinlisbon on

    GERRY123 on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 11:12 PM



    He is taking money out of the club whilst failing on every level. I never compared him to McCoist but the longer he stays the more like him he gets.

  17. onenightinlisbon on

    SAINT STIVS on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 8:49 PM



    I’ll stand by my last point to you – let’s see where Lennon and Kennedy end up when they finally exit the door at Celtic Park.

  18. ONIL



    I remember when we bagged Barnes, Dalglish said we’d made a big mistake and Barnes would go on to be a great manager.



    Mibbe we should ask Dalglish what he thinks.

  19. onenightinlisbon on

    PHILBHOY on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 8:36 AM



    I agree!



    Can’t see either lennon or Kennedy doing anything great in the future although I’m not Damien Duff….



    GERRY123 on 22ND FEBRUARY 2021 11:12 PM


    He is taking money out of the club whilst failing on every level. I never compared him to McCoist but the longer he stays the more like him he gets.



    Guys do you not think thats a bit much?………the huns were on their knees financially when sleekit was draining them, Celtic are not, they could afford to pay him off…give him what he’s contractually due.

  21. If Barkas is to be let go in the summer who is making that decision? The same team that signed him, Boli, Duffy, El Hamed and they now appear to be signing players for next season?



    This cluster of a season just continues to get worse, I never thought back in Jan that the season would deteriorate from there, but they managed to prove me wrong. Who would trust this team (whoever they are) to make these decisions?

  22. onenightinlisbon on




    Think it’s moving towards that situation.

  23. Tontine Tim,



    Thanks for your memories earlier. I have said on here more than once that, for me, our Cup win in 65 is the most important win in my lifetime of watching Celtic. I have never experienced the sheer joy of that day ever again. Even Lisbon didn’t eclipse it, wonderful though that was. When Big Billy soared to put that header into the net. delight took over.

  24. fourstonecoppi on 23rd February 2021 8:53 am



    Agreed, pay up what is owed and move on. Problem as ever with this board is they don’t have a plan. I’m sure we’ll get fed some moonbeams shortly via the usual pet journalists but everything we know and have experienced about this board for years tells us it will be a bunch of lies.



    The mismanagement of pretty much every close season and the lack of preparedness for European football have been as predictable as it was disappointing.

  25. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    In the good old days of CQN, posters were termed either Happy Clappers or Mineshafters.



    If i may so bold, may i suggest a third category : Moaning Minnies?


    If the cap fits…….

  26. Off topic and I hope i am not repeating what others have said on this. I am referring to Paul´s recent post on CQN about the sustained media attacks Celtic have had to face recently. The best way to challenge false information is to have your own means of communication and in theory Celtic have their own television outlet. It is the fact that this outlet is underachieving which exacerbates our problems with the press, radio etc. I hope the new CEO will reboot this area with a much, much greater involvement and participation of the lifeblood of the club, the fans. We do not need cheekie chappy reporters, we need reporters to shine the light on those who through thick and thin support the club. We should not be mimicking the established sports reporter style. The language the Michael Stewarts or Jim Whites of this world use will always be more suited to Bearsden or Edinburgh than to the Celtic heartlands. The club needs to reconnect with the fans in our own vernacular.

  27. RIMTIMTIM on 23RD FEBRUARY 2021 9:44 AM



    ‘The language the Michael Stewarts or Jim Whites of this world use will always be more suited to Bearsden or Edinburgh than to the Celtic heartlands.’






    I hope I’m not doing you a disservice here, but are you seriously suggesting Jim White is too posh for the Celtic support?



    Are Edinburgh and Bearsden no go areas for Celtic fans?



    I have a former colleague who’s from Bearsden and has two grown up Hun sons who are high up in the polis. It breaks the heart of one that his wee boy and all his classmates are al Celtic daft.



    The mammy has to bring the boy to Celtic Park as the dad refuses to do so.



    FWIW, and what I read of him, M Stewart is one of the less rabidly anti-Celtic media types.

  28. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    “I thought we defended quite well throughout the game, but it’s one set play and it’s those small margins in football that you lose concentration for a few seconds, and he (Jason White) gets a run on the lads and scores a header at the back post. He was between me and Kristoffer Ajer.”



    Scott Brown.



    Aye, did ye?

  29. One Saturday my pal and I walked over to Celtic Park nice and early just to hang around outside and see the players arrive and get an autograph or two. The first famous face we saw was Mr James McGrory…we were in awe, it was like watching the Pope…and he was smiling at us. I half expected us to be given a blessing.


    Jimmy McGrory, legend…and a gentleman.

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