Toljan here to secure silverware


Celtic made an eleventh hour (literally) signing by securing German right back, Jeremy Toljan (24), on loan from Borussia Dortmund until the end of the season.  The player was one of the hottest tickets in the Bundesliga 18 months ago when he joined Dortmund from Hoffenheim, making the kind of waves Kieran Tierney has here, but he has not enjoyed the same form since joining the league leaders.

The player and Napoli have been making eyes at each other for some time, but the Italians were not prepared to move this window; there is an expectation they may be back in the summer.

Brendan Rodgers is happy with what he gets from Kieran on the left, but clearly wants more on the right.  We have a league and a treble to compete for, and, of course, Valencia in the Europa League.  Jeremy is here to shore-up the silverware challenge.

Welcome to Celtic, Jeremy.  That’s all, folks!

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  1. Shameless repost of my cut out and keep summary!!



    Latest position (as I head to my scratcher…) –


    INS [7] – Weah (loan), Burke (loan), Bayo (£2M(e), 4 year deal), Shved (£2M(e), 4½ year deal – with us after the end of April), Gutman (£N/K – back to American club on loan), Perez (£N/K – back to American club on loan), Toljan (loan).


    OUTS (both on loan) – Morgan (to Sunderland) and Mulumbu (to Kilmarnock). Hopefully some more to come?


    CONTRACT EXTENSIONS (disclaimer – 1 or 2 might have been December?) – Dembele, McGregor, Christie, Henderson, Brown.


    Are we stronger than at the start of the window – evidently, yes. But with quite a churn of players expected in May – July.


    Sleep well!

  2. Fur goodness sake Paul67


    I was trying to send a message to CRC there ,


    4 blogs in 1 day, anymore coming ????

  3. celticrollercoaster on

    Shameless repost 2 :-)








    All good. Between Celtic, family, work, fatbhoysslim2019 and GG4 ( where Bateen Bhoy is doing all the real work), I am trying to walk 2222 miles this year to raise funds and awareness for kids cancer ( in memory of Wee Oscar, Eileidh Rose and so many other kids and their families).






    Already walked 201 miles (edited) this month and so has MrsCRC.



    So if anybody wants to sponsor us a penny a mile ( cost you £22.22 over the year), we would be delighted to accept your generous support. you can contact me at celticrollercoaster@yahoo.co.uk



    What are you up to?







  4. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Terrible window.



    We’ve not signed enough players AND the squad is too big.



    We don’t have strength in depth AND we won’t be able to keep everyone in a bloated squad happy.



    The manager’s record on signings is poor AND the head of recruitment is rubbish AND the CEO is always interfering with deals instead of letting poor and rubbish get on with it !



    And another thing …….



    Hail hail

  5. Right


    CRC, you know I don’t do that facebookie thingmy


    So I will give you the funds for the challenge at next weekend game ( won’t make Hibs game) but Jenna will ?

  6. Serious competition for places in the squad now. Hard to see how everyone gets a game. Think about the team that played on Wednesday and add KT, Boyata, Benkovic, Ralston, Toljan, Ntcham, Rogic and Bayo. Wow.

  7. Jobo


    Being pedantic




    Is is some more to come




    Some more to go ???


    ?????????. ??

  8. Mulumbu gone out on loan, can’t play against us but can play against the Huns, wouldn’t it be sweet if he torpedoed them.

  9. Shocking transfer winda:


    Weah (loan) – should have been bought;


    Burke (loan) -should have been bought;


    Bayo (£2M(e)) – should have been loaned out for experience;


    Shved (£2M(e))– with us after the end of April – should be with us now;


    Gutman (£N/K) – should be with us now;


    Perez (£N/K) – should be with us now;


    Toljan (loan) – should have been bought;


    Brown (extension) – should have been released;


    Henderson (extension) – should have been released.





    Onwards to eight?

  10. mike in toronto on




    Brilliant that you guys are doing the walk! Well done!



    Had too many friends and family affected by cancer of late, so would be happy to support you. Can you send me the link?

  11. David17


    That’s what our squad should be including subs from Wed)


    Supplemented with youths


    Clear the decks with the rest ?



    Still Work to be done in summer bough on defence

  12. Just like to mention that one our good friends and a great Celtic Man is celebrating his 80th birthday this weekend in sunny Melbourne. Stand up mr Shuggy Murney who has had an outstanding career playing and coaching the game we love.Shuggy also ran a pub called The Windsor Castle and hosted many famous football identities Including Jock Stein and Willie Wallace.He is my sons Godfather and I wish him well on this special occasion .HAIL HAIL SHUGGY.

  13. PeterLatchfordsBelly on

    Good window. Best in some time. Weah and Burke have added impetus and quality. The other 3 guys look to have pedigree. Good work by the club in a treacherous market.



    Disappointed we didn’t manage to move more of the fringe guys on, but wages hard to match.



    Also worried the number of loan deals might signal Brendan leaving in the summer. Hope not.

  14. NORRIEM on 31ST JANUARY 2019 11:37 PM


    Do we have a sell on deal with Stefan Johansen ?



    He’s just moved to West Brom





    Yes but he’s moved on loan…

  15. fairhill bhoy @ 9:24 pm



    “Sftb-BP might be wrong in numbers but I’m sure there were a few saying they had seen a video of the boy playing and weren’t impressed”




    Must have been at some other point in the blog. I went back to check Stebhoy’s comment and my reply n 2nd last page of the St. Johnstone live match blog, and I could not see any supportive comments for the Toljan is scheidt view.



    BTW- Stebhoy decries the signing as saying nobody else was in for him. Well Borrusia Dortmund are in for him because they’ve only given us him on loan. They were not too keen to get rid for good.



    As it happens, the video evidence that stebhoy saw may be accurate but, in these modern times, I suspect our club are a bit more professional than just looking at one video, whether it is of your good bits or your bad games, they will look for a more rounded picture.



    Me, I prefer to see how they perform in a Celtic shirt before I condemn them. Pukki was ridiculed as a non-scorer and a mistake when he came from Schalke to us, but if he was transferred today he would fetch a sum of 3 or 4 times what Leigh Griffiths, a more reliable and prolific scorer, would fetch in htis window.

  16. whit? we’ve signed plenty of players having studied them for months …….and they have been useless. How can we trust based on the recent signing. remember the mantra – we only sign players that can improve the team. Maybe the dortmund lad does, I hope so – but I have no confidence that we can sign a quality defensive player – its BR weakness. See euro rankings

  17. Not had even a glance here for yonks, but with the window now shut, the blinds down the curtains drawn and the wine uncorked I thought I would have a wee gander at the ruminations and wisdom on offer.



    Not much has changed since January 2007 when the angst and warped humour even inveigled my own thoughts….viz…



    A wee keek through the window!



    With midnight approachin’, our midfield’s still hoachin’ wae journeymen, cloggers, and mugs,


    Not wan Ronaldinho or even Robinho, just Willies and Tommys and Shugs.


    Disaster’s now pending, there’s nae happy ending and nae tanned Adonis has signed,


    He stayed in Milan as part of his plan, tae Sauchiehall’s charms he wis blind.



    It’s really a pity The Vatican City amongst the great towns of God’s sphere,


    Has also the weather that helps them tae tether, the ball-jugglers who’ve been placed here!


    Michelangelo’s art, of St Peter’s a part, and the Pope there tae keep you frae Hell


    Has but wan thing of sin, that we chucked in the bin, they created the name ‘Raphael’.



    The rumours were flyin’ that we wid be buyin’ some sixteen-year-old wunderyouth,


    Frae Rio tae Darvel tae let us all marvel, but reality fell short of truth,


    The tabloids were messin’, he wis really depressin’, as he played with his two big left feet,


    His dribbling appallin’, his passin’ wis gallin’, if it wisnae sae funny ye’d greet .



    And so we unloaded, splay-footed hen-toed’d, tae some millionaire wae the dosh,


    Our man wae the tan, who we threw in a van and sent him tae sleep…. wae a cosh.


    We tied his haunds tight and drove through the night, we left him ootside this big grun’,


    We picked up the cheque, got back in our wreck and left him for Fergie tae fun’.



    Sir Alex wis fraught when he seen whit he’d bought, a player we’d called the new Pele


    Wae sinister limbs and bi-focal rims and a beach ball….. instead of a belly,


    His face quickly drained, his expression so pained, as he thought of those Sundays in Govan,


    The stark truth then dawned, he’d really been conned, he’d bought a stuffed fowl fur the oven!



    He stared at the sky, said prayers tae on high, “jist how will I get back ma cash?”


    A knight of the realm, he’d jist huvtae tell’m, “I wis mugged at a wine tasting bash”.


    They never would suss it, for the ‘nose’ that wis russet, after all was the man at the tiller,


    They were obviously daft, and quite a bit saft,…. like that time when he’d bought Liam Miller!



    So now I sit here, wae hot dogs and beer, an’ ah hope as the minutes tick by,


    Ma mood will get better when we sign a jet-setter and midnight can pass on a high!


    But wae no Robbie Keane tae play in the green, I fear that the windae’s nae just,


    Wae Villa and MON about tae nick Shaun……my God six mair months tae August!



    Take care everyone and just enjoy supporting Celtic.



    It puts a smile on my face and is better than any other infusion I can think of….well apart that is from the glow of the Slabbery Wummin!



    Hail Hail




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