Tom, Brendan and don’t ask Chic Charnley for a job reference


What is the cost of Tom Rogic’s continuing absence for another two months?  Tom has scored more than a few winning or equalising goals over the last two years.  We could need him to deliver the third leg of the treble, or to keep the winning run in the league going, but this will not be the real cost.

Tom has been robbed of a precious three months during the most effective spell of his professional life.  He improved with every passing month, got stronger, lasted the entire game and even scored a last minute winner.

With competition as it is at Celtic, he’ll be distraught.  The personal target of all those who have been on an upward trajectory this season is to put their name on the team sheet for the summer’s Champions League qualifiers.  For a player who the manager insisted worked for months before he was relied upon to last 90 minutes, any time he gets before the end of the season will be about recuperation.

For now, there should be no personal targets for Tom apart from being fully fit come June.

You know when you read a nugget which encapsulates much of the journey Scottish football has been on in recent decades?  Chick Charnley yesterday on Jim Duffy: “When I played for him at Dundee and Hibs, he would give me Mondays off because he knew I enjoyed my weekends.”

And that was Chic making the case that Jim should have a higher job!  Cheers.

Another quote to consider, this time from Brendan:

“There are three types of supporters. The first type who absolutely love you because you are the manager of Celtic.  It doesn’t matter what you do, they’ll give you shirts and want you to sign everything.

“The second group are: ‘Okay, we’ll give you a chance and let’s see how you do. See if you win games and I’ll decide’.

“The third group, that’s the group who if you won five they’ll say you should have won seven. ‘You won 5-2? Why did you let in the two goals?’ You can never win!”

I wonder if he’s spoken to Gordon Strachan?


A question for those of you who have been here since the early days:

Oldtim made a significant first post on CQN but neither he nor I have a copy of it.  It was, however, copied and referred to by many in the months that followed.  If you have a copy, let me know.  Thanks.


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  1. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH FEBRUARY 2017 12:23 PM


    From memory it was the City of London Plod (not the Met) who raided Ipox.






    Who do you think gave them the green light to go after the Hun?

  2. IMATIM on 10TH FEBRUARY 2017 12:33 PM



    The raids were to gather evidence about third parties. The clubs weren’t suspects. It’s just that, in the case of the huns, they uncovered documents which contradicted what they had been saying to Hector.

  3. So the bestest ever football scout in the whole history of all football of all time, is getting his Harry Potters?

  4. The striker position at Celtic is always one under constant scrutiny and we have been blessed over the years with many prolific scorers. Not many reach the 40 goal mark as Griffiths did last season, a target not reached since Larsson and before that McClair in 86/87. Now we have Dembele and whilst the focus in on the money the EPL may splurge on him, he has taken Griffiths’ place and does the performance data back that up?



    Have a look at http://celticbynumberscom.ipage.com/a-striking-success/



    Please share, comment.




  5. And low and behold the draw for the next round of the SC will be made at Ibrox after the game. I’m sure the ball is chilling as we talk……..so to speak

  6. Hehehehehehe, has he gone yet?



    RANGERS have ended their drawn out search for a chief scout with the appointment of Frank McParland, who will join the club at the end of the week.



    McParland, formerly the head of Liverpool’s scouting operations, will leave his current post as sporting director of Burnley to link up once again with Mark Warburton .




    Warburton and McParland have a close relationship, having worked together at Watford and Brentford for a total of five years, which was a major factor in his decision to head north of the border .



    He said: “This has been a tough decision, because I completely respect all that Burnley Football Club has done for me in my short time here.



    “However, Mark and I go back a long way. We’ve had a close friendship for nine years or so and we’ve worked together professionally for four or five years now. The lure of joining up with him again was just too great.”




    McParland comes with a quality pedigree, and is credited with the unearthing of talents such as Raheem Sterling and Jordan Ibe during his time on Merseyside.



    The arrival of McParland will be seen as a stepping stone on the road to recovery for Rangers, who have been operating under a skeletal infrastructure since 2012.



    The club released a statement this afternoon, saying “McParland is the latest appointment to be made at Rangers as the club strives to modernise, move forward and return to the highest echelons of the game.”

  7. ERNIE LYNCH on 10TH FEBRUARY 2017 12:43 PM


    IMATIM on 10TH FEBRUARY 2017 12:33 PM




    The raids were to gather evidence about third parties. The clubs weren’t suspects. It’s just that, in the case of the huns, they uncovered documents which contradicted what they had been saying to Hector.






    Rather than the raid being solely about gathering evidence re third parties do you think the raid could have been a guise to get what was on their computers re EBT’s and the like?

  8. McParland’s exceptional talents include, selling a condom to Raheem Sterling’s da wi a hole in it……the kind of attention to detail that other Super Scouts just don’t get…

  9. TONYDONNELLY67 on 10TH FEBRUARY 2017 12:52 PM


    Hehehehehehe, has he gone yet?






    Credos for the cut and paste as opposed to a link

  10. McParland must be on the glue the players he’s signed for the outfit pretending to be a big club:)))



    Rossiter is he the guy from Rising Damp, the caretaker fella:))




  11. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    he’s wetting his knickers because the manager is repeating platitudes made by all his predecessors, eg, the board are great, I speak to PL every day, I can spend what I want but the board have to finalise the deal.


    For whatever reason it is especially objectionable to the Celtic Trust, I have no idea why it would or should be but thats how the Dunning Kruger effect works.

  12. P67 I Wasn’t around in the early days but found this from 2013,


    Oldtim, hope you don’t mind this repost…



    oldtim67 on 16th October 2013 1:07 pm










    I used to come to Glasgow, watch the game then head home, I used to go in Supporter buses. but it was always repetative. I headed home after the game.







    I then purchased a computer because life at home was also becoming repetative.It was a bit of a life saver for me as I discovered that I could read all about my favoured team,one day I was reading NEWSNOW alway to get any news there was about Celtic.







    One day when perusing Newsnow -There appeared a new blog called, ‘Celtic Quick News Not lazy journalism’ or similar.So I tried it.







    From that day I have read CQN.







    I Didn’t post for a wee while but then I got the courage to do my first Post, I decided to tell my story regarding our trip to Lisbon in 1967, I spent a couple of hours writing my story, then I plucked up the Courage and pressed the button to send it on to the CQN forum, I think I sat at my computer, shellshocked, probably saying to myself ‘what have I done’ when I got up the courage to look if there were any replies, there were many, but the first post to came back was from Kitalba, what a great post Oldtim67, pity you forgot to put spacers, commas, or full stops.







    It didn’t offend me, I had been a worker, I had forgot all the niceties regarding writing , such as commas, and full stops through the fullness of time, not writing anything in my adult life, these little things, I forgot.







    But I was on CQN.







    It wasn’t long before I decided I’d like to meet these mystery posters, I’m sorry that I can’t remember who I met first, But I can safely sat that I have met well over a thousand. maybe, nearer two thousand that I’ve had the pleasure to meet, and they have all been good men, and true.







    I’m not sure what came first The Quiz Nights, Or the Aberdour Golf Tournement, I didn’t attend the first Aberdour Event but I haven’t missed once since, A highlight of my year, It’s becoming a bigger Tournement every year, it won’t be long until It becomes a by ‘invite only event’ I would dread that day, but it could happen, A very popular day.







    A strange thing happened about a year after my first post. Smart ass Kit, Posted on Cqn with. ‘Can you remember this post oldtim67′ and there was my first ever post up on the blog again, it reappeared a couple of years later, when Glasgow Dave reposted it again, If any of the two of you still have that first post of mine, could you mail it to me, I would love to read what I wrote that day, not so much about the post, but what I wrote regarding my journey To Lisbon all those years ago, but, because it would be a bit more truer then, than what I could have wrote now, I’ve forgotten most of what happened back then.







    The reason I started writing this post was to let Paul know what a wonderful outlet he gave to me, and probably others, an outlet to meet like minded people, Celtic Supporters all. As I’ve already written I went to the games in the last ten years and headed back home after the game, I travelled with my nephew for a couple of years, but it was still the same, Back home after the game, after CQN appeared on the scene I started meeting people at quizzes, and I made a point of introducing myself to each. What a grand bunch you are.





    I remember one year a foreign boy came on the site and asked for some help, He started his post by asking for the Moon, I mean the moon might have been an easier request. The post went something like, I’d like to come over with my brother in law and two other friends to watch Celtic play Barcelona, That was the Barcelona game about 5-6 years ago, and is there a chance of getting four tickets, I managed too get (I think three) of the tickets, where the other one came from I haven’t a clue, but we got them for Zbyszek, our new friend, that was about to appear on the scene.







    This is what CQN was becoming, Zbyszek wasn’t a stranger to CQN, he had posted before, but he was a stranger to us at that time, I think Pablophangue had been over in Poland and met Zbyszek, but he was a stranger to the rest of us. Anyway a few of use decided to try and give our friends from Poland a good time. We found out where they were staying, And I decided to book into the same hotel, El Diego Bhoy followed suit, and Pablophangue I think, Had already booked in . There were seven of us staying in the Hotel that night, what I can remember, it was a great night, they arrived in style, Paplo had hired a car for the day, well a seven seater, four wheel drive, a big flashie car, Pablo did it in style that day, I learned how to drink Polish style that night, straight over in one go. The Polish bhoys came bearing gifts for their new found friends, and no guesses what they brought, Polish Vodka, It went down a treat that night, and when I got up in the morning my head was splitting and I brought what was left of my bottle down to breakfast the next morning, I think I had to drink it myself, they were all to ill to have a glass.







    We gave them a tour of the shops, and somewhere we met Estadio, He may have come to the Hotel that morning, My recollection of what happened is to say the least vague, we went into a couple of pubs then headed for BBs, where everything became vaguer, I know that EDB was drunk, I was drunk, this is where it gets even more vaguer still. so I’d be telling lies if I continue on, there are plenty that were in BBs that night that can give juicier bits before the game.







    CQN. I love you, You have made me friends with hundreds of posters over the years, whom I would never had met but for you, some truly great friends, too many to mention, but I will mention only one, as he became a very good friend to me, He decided to pick me up for the football every week, Home and away games, I remembered the greeting I received every Saturday morning when came to pick me up, A shout up the stairs, ‘Are you in ya auld C**T’, door closes, and he comes up the stairs, never varied his greeting to me. Paplophangue.I loved him for the greeting.







    I doubt Paul would have had any idea how strong that CQN would become,When he started out on his Venture, He probably was just a man who would read the papers and got sick to the teeth with the Bias shown towards one team, and the contempt, and hatred shown towards us by some of the sports reporters of today, At least he acted when he had his brain wave for a bit of alternative reading, The title was a bullseye, Celtic Quick News (Not Lazy Jounalism). I discovered the trend about lazy journalism 16 years ago, and have refused to purchase a paper since, but Paul was on the ball with his introduction of the alternative read. I bet the Traynors, Keevins, and the rest of the Sports Reporters regret ever having chosen too favour one team against all others, It was the biggest mistake they ever come up with, and they’re still pepetrating it now, when will they ever learn, when they do, I’m affraid it will a bit late, they will have missed the boat.







    I thought that I’d would pay tribute to Paul at the start of my post, but I got a bit caught up thinking about all the good things that has happened to me since I ventured on here, I decided too change tack almost from the off.







    My idea was to thank people for being such a great bunch, then I thought better about that idea, there are too many who have been great to me and it would be great to name you, but to name you all, I don’t think I could.You know who you are, so give yourselves a pat on the back for making Our Celtic Quick News worth coming back too, day after day, and year after year.Hail,Hail.














    I could carry on for a while yet, but I can hear the cries

  13. That moment , when , domestic bliss ( real or imagined ) is shattered. The Dame (wife) has just informed me that she might file for divorce . On grounds of unreasonable behavior !



    Can anyone confirm if continual singing of the wonderful ,beautiful, magical , Scotty Sinclair song ,in the hoose constitutes unreasonable behavior ?

  14. *** GOALS FOR SHAY – WEEK 5 ***


    With 24 selections still to come in, it’s worth a reminder of Rule 6 from “Goals For Shay – The Rules”.


    6. If you fail to send in a pick then you will score ZERO for that week.


    Just sayin’ like…..

  15. Barney67 –



    Sincere thanks. I too wasn’t around at the start of CQN. But I distinctly remember that repost from 2013, coming as it did at a time when the site was a little fraught. How times change, eh?

  16. Thanx Starry, but all oldtims work. I just cut an pasted. It was one of the best I’d ever read though.

  17. Canamalar


    How did this happen. I have spent my whole life avoiding cliques and with a single tap of the Post Comment have found I have joined one.


    Do I have to fill out any forms or something. What is this clique called..Do we get wee badges or special tee shirts or maybe even special handshakes.


    Starting to like the sound of this. Wish I had joined earlier.


    Clinko with a C :)

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