Tom, Brendan and don’t ask Chic Charnley for a job reference


What is the cost of Tom Rogic’s continuing absence for another two months?  Tom has scored more than a few winning or equalising goals over the last two years.  We could need him to deliver the third leg of the treble, or to keep the winning run in the league going, but this will not be the real cost.

Tom has been robbed of a precious three months during the most effective spell of his professional life.  He improved with every passing month, got stronger, lasted the entire game and even scored a last minute winner.

With competition as it is at Celtic, he’ll be distraught.  The personal target of all those who have been on an upward trajectory this season is to put their name on the team sheet for the summer’s Champions League qualifiers.  For a player who the manager insisted worked for months before he was relied upon to last 90 minutes, any time he gets before the end of the season will be about recuperation.

For now, there should be no personal targets for Tom apart from being fully fit come June.

You know when you read a nugget which encapsulates much of the journey Scottish football has been on in recent decades?  Chick Charnley yesterday on Jim Duffy: “When I played for him at Dundee and Hibs, he would give me Mondays off because he knew I enjoyed my weekends.”

And that was Chic making the case that Jim should have a higher job!  Cheers.

Another quote to consider, this time from Brendan:

“There are three types of supporters. The first type who absolutely love you because you are the manager of Celtic.  It doesn’t matter what you do, they’ll give you shirts and want you to sign everything.

“The second group are: ‘Okay, we’ll give you a chance and let’s see how you do. See if you win games and I’ll decide’.

“The third group, that’s the group who if you won five they’ll say you should have won seven. ‘You won 5-2? Why did you let in the two goals?’ You can never win!”

I wonder if he’s spoken to Gordon Strachan?


A question for those of you who have been here since the early days:

Oldtim made a significant first post on CQN but neither he nor I have a copy of it.  It was, however, copied and referred to by many in the months that followed.  If you have a copy, let me know.  Thanks.


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  1. Thanks for posting Barney.



    CQN has had some wonderful moments and hopefully a lot more to come



    Hail Hail





    It depends. If she’s tone-deaf,mibbe. Takes a bit of work,that song. But divorce might be a tad strong.



    If she manages to sing it properly-and only on demand!-I would give her another chance.

  3. mike in toronto on

    My dad – the man who passed on his love of Celtic to me – would have been 75 today.



    I wish you guys could have met him. He was a good man.

  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Ooops sorry Clink\o/



    you officially become a member when it is decreed by old wet knickers :)





    I’ll raise a glass tomorrow for your smashin’ Dad while I’m meeting up wi my pal the morra. And to you and KT too.



    I’ve still got mine,at 78. Just like his old records(!) Puts OLDTIM into YOUNGTIM territory by six months!



    I hope to introduce you both in Lisbon.




  6. mike in toronto on

    Another glorious morning in paradise (lower case p, so St Lucia, not Celtic park)….



    Just finished reading Free Days withGeorge …about a fella who suffers a loss, adopts a 140 lb Newfoundland dog, and moves to California, where it turns out the dog learns to surf, and becomes a bit of a minor celebrity. And changes the owners life … a cute little read.



    So, I’m thinking that maybe I should stay here… I’ll bring Derry (my 100 lb golden retriever) down here … I’ll teach her to windsurf (right after someone teaches me!)… the resort will hire us… and we’ll stay down here ! perfect!



    And if CelticPlc want to sponsor Derry, I can get a little hopped doggie wet suit made!

  7. Enjoyed reading that post from Oldtim. I don’t know Paul’s reasons for looking for that post, maybe it was subtle hint to some posters, who knows? Anyway I suppose it got me thinking about why I use this site.

  8. mike in toronto on

    BMCUWP …



    Thanks pal!



    Off to see my lovely KT learn to windsurf, then we are off to explore the country today. Since tomorrow is our last night here, I have booked a nice romantic dinner for KT and I tomorrow night … the restaurant is built right over the water. I think KT will love it.



    I am truly blessed.



    I wont be around later, so could you do me a favour if you are on… ask RC to play Rainy Night in Soho for my dad?



    Hail hail

  9. Bmcuw


    Afraid it’s moi that’s tone deaf . ;-(



    From discussion on previous thread .


    Was the raid by the City of London polis on the Bigotdome concerned on investigating dodgy transfer dealings ? Souness buying a centre half , can’t remember who , for Newcastle from thems ? They then discovered the side letters , of which existence they denied.


    All prior to the shredding of many documents !


    All in all ,what a parcel of rogues . Dignity my arse .


    BARNEY67 et al,as namechecked in the post



    I remember your repost well. I only had the chance to converse briefly to PABLOPHANQUE before we lost him,so my main memory of him is the way he greeted OLDTIM!



    OLDTIM isn’t the only one on here to have met some fantastic people through this site.



    And my grateful thanks to all of you.




  11. There are a few people, actually Loads, in this World, that are Magical.



    Scott Sinclair is Magical.









    When he runs doon that wing, Lightning.



    He is so Amazing.



    ICT – Hard Lines.

  12. MIKE IN TORONTO on 10TH FEBRUARY 2017 2:20 PM


    My dad – the man who passed on his love of Celtic to me – would have been 75 today.




    I wish you guys could have met him. He was a good man.






    Here’s to my Dad and all the Dad’s who are no longer with us. May they RIP



    Hail Hail to good Celtic men.

  13. What is the Stars on




    It was the Boumsong transfer that got PC Plod involved



    French club lodged a complaint with UEFA about the transfer from Rangers to Newcastle

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Paul 67,



    I remember when Oldtim made his first post on here.



    However, I don’t remember the content.



    What I do remember is that he made an unnecessary apology for his typing skills, as. like a lot of us, it wasn’t his usual mode of written communication.



    Personally, I forget when I signed up for duty here, but i know it was within the first couple of months of the blog.



    I was merely Tom The Tim then, but added the extra “h” when I had to “reapply”.

  15. BARNEY 67 – Great Repost.


    MIKE IN T – A cyber glass raised to your Old Man


    I was trying to look back on old saved posts for P67 and Oldtim, and I came across this one from Kitalba almost exactly 8 years ago (actually it was a repost by Pablo, and was talking about another CQN legend – sadly neither of them with us today). I kept this because it hit home … apologies for the length, or if it seems unrelated …. But back then,we still went off script from Celtic – but never to the petty name calling sessions that seem constant today.


    I miss the old CQN ……


    By kitalba on February 6, 2009 10:35 AM


    Talking about marriage… our mate in Perth’s anniversary is coming up soon. Remember our mate in Perth… Kano… remember how littered with pavement language his posts were. How some on here were prone to accuse him of being a cyber-bully, and at times, until he was given the opportunity to explain himself, I too thought, ‘at times’, he walked a fine line – might have done it once or twice myself – pavement debate – if the truth be known, but then it makes for good blogging and a wee break from whom we should sign and what unique abuse we can sling Paul Telfer. Anyway, I’m digressing as I often do but there is always a point somewhere in the words that I type, but often I get lost in the haze of thoughts and I tend to lose my focus. No doubt in doing so… losing you guys too. For that I apologise and in my defence I submit the demon whisky and Irish blood. 50 percent pure and 50 percent jacobite Inverness.


    Anyways… who’d have thought that that pavement debater Kano would be so soft as to get himself married on such a soft day as Saint Valentines day. I know, I know, I had to ask Ramie twice to confirm it before I would believe it. Leaving me to conclude that that pavement debater Kano is in fact a charlatan cyber bully and is instead little more than a capable, and culpable, Glasgow romantic.


    Us Glasgow bhoys know how to smooth the women. Well Martin did at least.


    All I need now, to completely shatter my faith in humanity, is for some poster to come on here with irrefutable knowledge, but garnered, and presented, from un-discloseable sources, that will denounce Henrik Larsson a ‘Hun’. And I suspect there are one or two posters who, if they have not already done so, have it in mind to do so; and some of the more gullible amongst us will agree with it just because it is vogue, unorthodox, free thinking and is of course therefore in the best interests of Celtic that we do not blindly accept – for one moment – that Henrik Larsson did indeed have the unequivocal and unconditional best interests of Celtic Football Club in his heart – at all times. Instead he was in fact an Agent Orange. Some dick soon is going to post it, believe me.


    Anyway, to get back to the point of my post… – Kano and Carolyn – Wedding Anniversary – not this Saturday coming but the one following. Probably does not mean much to too many on here but it will mean something to some and a wee bit more to others when I tell you that the doctors have given tactful permission for Kano’s feed bag be supplemented with a wee drop of his favorite tipple – vodka – . Personaly I have an issue with that, I don’t think it is ethically quite correct. You see, my way of thinking is, that although I don’t really like the taste of it, I say drink whisky, or whiskey, and keep a Scotsman, or an Irishman, in a job. Kano, however, is more socialist than I. Anyway Vodka or whiskey, who really gives a tosh; whatever his family deem fit to buy him it’ll be good for him. He will have a good day even though the ambulance will be parked in Ramie’s drive and Kano will not be able to be separated from his medical umbilical for more than two hours, Kano will no doubt have a great day.


    I was thinking about him this morning as I made my kids breakfast (at 5.30 am – sad kids). I had a great time making them poached eggs and bacon and toast and orange jucie and laughing and talking about which girl would be their respective girlfriend for the week.


    And my mate Kano was lying in his bed, in Perth, no doubt too, awake… and looking at a big clock with an enormous ‘second’ hand.


    Then I took my kids to school. An absolute pleasure because I get to see my kids play ‘pre-bell’ in the big fort with all the other kids. Magic in perpetual motion, and a product of the heavens to defy even the staunchest of Thomasess. There is also the added bonus, whereby if I go in my site gear, even although I am on a few days off, I am always a contrast to all the suits and evening dresses that are prolific in the school yard at 8.30 am and I am a bit of a magnet for all the real wives who like a real man, or so I like to kid myself.


    And my mate Kano was lying in his bed, no doubt too, awake… and looking at a big clock with an enormous ‘second’ hand.


    Then I came home and cut my grass. I love cutting my grass; I love the smell, I love the physical effort, I love the inanity. I love the solitude and I love the finished article. I always take satisfaction of a job done when I cut my grass.


    And my mate Kano was lying in his bed, in Perth, no doubt too, awake… and looking at a big clock with an enormous ‘second’ hand.


    I didn’t quite finish cutting my grass but I had to stop somewhere for I had to go down town and meet up with seven of my mates in a city center boozer. When I got there my mates were all well watered as is the norm for a Friday post-lunch. They were having a great laugh and when I got there it was my round for the simple reason I was the only one employed. There were Scots, Irish, English and Australian, and their adversity, to them, was a temporary setback and paradoxically they found it humourous. I did not.


    And my mate Kano was lying in his bed, in Perth, no doubt too, awake… and looking at a big clock with an enormous ‘second’ hand.


    I could only have two beers because I had to go pick up the kids from school, stoping a couple of hundred meters from the school to change back into my site gear, before once again picking up my kids from school, and once again being the center of attention for all the ‘real’ mums. (if you don’t have site gear then take a puppy)



    And my mate Kano was lying in his bed, in Perth, no doubt too, awake… and looking at a big clock with an enormous ‘second’ hand.


    I came home via the bottle shop, a bottle of Grouse and a six pack of Sol. I had a night off to look forward to and maybe catch up on some Celtic and CQN. Pretty good stuff.


    And my mate Kano was lying in his bed, in Perth, no doubt too, awake… and looking at a big clock with an enormous ‘second’ hand.



    That was my day… I loved every moment of it. I smiled at my kids and they laughed back. I hugged my wife and said ‘Hi’ and she smiled and the day began. I had a few smokes and a couple of beers, a bit of trivia with my mates down the boozer, a bit of flirting with some of the nicer school-mums, and I came home and had a glass of Grouse and a wee cigar.


    And my mate Kano was lying in his bed, in Perth, no doubt too, awake… and looking at a big clock with an enormous ‘second’ hand.


    I spoke to Ramie not two hours ago, he’s away up to see my mate Kano. He goes every day. Like a puppy who knows nothing different than devotion and unadulterated love.


    I asked Ramie to pass my regards to Kano. I hope the mention of my name will take two or three seconds of pleasure to the mind of my mate.



    Anyway… the point of my post… well I thought that would be obvious by now… I’m not going to forget my mate.



    And my mate Kano ‘is’ lying in his bed in a Perth, Western Australian, Hospital. And the clock….


    I don’t think I am going to get the opportunity to wish Martin and Carolyn a ‘Happy Anniversary’ come their day, Saint Valentine’s day, so I am doing so now.


    Happy Anniversary Martin and Carolyn. (Not too many Vodies please) and I hope your eyes shine like a Southern sky.


    Oh! And one of Kano’s good mates, an Aberdonian, and an Aberdeen supporter to boot, had a horse come in. He left Perth gifting Kano the price of a beer and a game, well I too, had a wee horse come in, and I too, as God is my judge will gift Kano the price of a beer, a game, and a pie, and a Bovril too. No way does an Aberdeen supporter out support a Celtic supporter; EVER; it is just not the accepted way of things.


    I had a good day today, actually, I had a simply great day today, I hope Kano had a moment – or two – of pleasure too.

  16. One of the local businesses that I deal with is run by a chap who runs a Sevco supporters bus.



    He believes Red Bull are about to put big money into Sevco.



    He was wetting his breeks about it.




  17. What is the Stars on

    Oldtim is a great character


    Been at Mussleburgh races with him a couple of times


    I was actually in Babbity Bowsers before a Celtic Barcelona game,I spoke to Oldtim though he didnt know me then,the Polish guys were there also though I didnt speak to them


    I wonder was it the same night

  18. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Meetin’ ole old Tim on an ole Euro night is a bit like livin’ through the ole 60s- if you can remember it you probably weren’t there ;/)




  19. Mike in Toronto.


    Enjoy your hols fella . paradise sounds amazing.


    Just mentioned the book to my Dame , who tells me that further down the Ayrshire coast in Girvan ,the Lifeboat folk (RNLI) take a Newfoundland dog out on rescue missions. Think it’s called Finn. Seemingly Finn can assist on saving life’s in dangerous waters. HH

  20. VFR800 is now a Monster 821 on

    Barney67 thanks for reposting that magical post from





    That should remind everyone what CQN is actually about!








  21. What is the Stars on

    LOvely post from Kitalba


    I remember that one also



    And poor old Kit got banned …because he was goaded by a Troll



    Surely he deserves a second chance

  22. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    The breadman speaking on SSN saying the super scout


    is staying…….this season gets better and better.

  23. The repost of OLDTIM’s is a disgrace.Where is the puerile namecalleing?The tit-for-tat childish bravado?The “I know something you don’t know so you’re a fud” insults?


    Come on now,think the mods need to delete OLDTIM’s post.It’s just too,well,full of goodness and positivity and humanity.Can’t have that now…down with that sort of thing. ;))



    BARNEY67,thanks for that,a pleasure.


    OLDTIM,thanks for the original,a privilege.

  24. What is the Stars on 10th February 2017 2:49 pm



    LOvely post from Kitalba



    I remember that one also



    And poor old Kit got banned …because he was goaded by a Troll



    Surely he deserves a second chance





    One thing, from the little I know about C, he won’t go asking P67 for Anything.



    Paul67 made the call, I happen to think it was the wrong one.

  25. There’s more that bonds us together…………than that what would try to tear us apart.



    We are a broad Church.



    We are Celtic

  26. I’m flying up to Glasgow for the third time in three weeks – I know, i should just move home – and yet again my visit doesn’t coincide with a chance to go see Celtic (my mate’s wedding tomorrow). So for all you lucky Bhoys seeing the Celts this weekend; enjoy and appreciate these special times!



    Tom Rogic? Aye, that’s a blow, however maybe we will see some others shine? Headers? mcgregor? Ebb-way?

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