Tom, Brendan and don’t ask Chic Charnley for a job reference


What is the cost of Tom Rogic’s continuing absence for another two months?  Tom has scored more than a few winning or equalising goals over the last two years.  We could need him to deliver the third leg of the treble, or to keep the winning run in the league going, but this will not be the real cost.

Tom has been robbed of a precious three months during the most effective spell of his professional life.  He improved with every passing month, got stronger, lasted the entire game and even scored a last minute winner.

With competition as it is at Celtic, he’ll be distraught.  The personal target of all those who have been on an upward trajectory this season is to put their name on the team sheet for the summer’s Champions League qualifiers.  For a player who the manager insisted worked for months before he was relied upon to last 90 minutes, any time he gets before the end of the season will be about recuperation.

For now, there should be no personal targets for Tom apart from being fully fit come June.

You know when you read a nugget which encapsulates much of the journey Scottish football has been on in recent decades?  Chick Charnley yesterday on Jim Duffy: “When I played for him at Dundee and Hibs, he would give me Mondays off because he knew I enjoyed my weekends.”

And that was Chic making the case that Jim should have a higher job!  Cheers.

Another quote to consider, this time from Brendan:

“There are three types of supporters. The first type who absolutely love you because you are the manager of Celtic.  It doesn’t matter what you do, they’ll give you shirts and want you to sign everything.

“The second group are: ‘Okay, we’ll give you a chance and let’s see how you do. See if you win games and I’ll decide’.

“The third group, that’s the group who if you won five they’ll say you should have won seven. ‘You won 5-2? Why did you let in the two goals?’ You can never win!”

I wonder if he’s spoken to Gordon Strachan?


A question for those of you who have been here since the early days:

Oldtim made a significant first post on CQN but neither he nor I have a copy of it.  It was, however, copied and referred to by many in the months that followed.  If you have a copy, let me know.  Thanks.


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  1. WHAT IS THE STARS on 10TH FEBRUARY 2017 2:49 PM


    LOvely post from Kitalba



    I remember that one also




    And poor old Kit got banned …because he was goaded by a Troll




    Surely he deserves a second chance






    Well said. Indeed he does

  2. SHILTRUM 1. 2.43pm



    Wow. Thanks for re posting Kitalba’s post.


    Kitalba . If you’re looking in . Hope all health matters are ok. Total respect for that post . HH





    Oh,awww,and ouch!



    Welcome back,stiletto of wit in hand.




    I came here by accident but Kitalba’s post were one of the reasons I stayed, that and the welcome I received by many great Tims.



    We don’t welcome anyone any more:((




  5. thetimreaper on 10th February 2017 2:58 pm



    I never fouled Anyone in my Life. It is the only way to play the Beautiful game.



    I took Acid before playing that particular game of fitba. I was All over the place.



    The guy i mistimed a tackle on was a chunky Monkey as well. Hackett was his name as well.



    I never played another game with that bunch of Men.

  6. Nye Bevans' rebel soldier on

    Had a quick look at the link Barney67 posted with Oldtims


    post,there were 25 pages over 24 hour period with no game


    that day……they were the day’s eh!!!!





    I’ve had the pleasure of KITALBA’s company on occasions both too short and infrequent.



    I had never read that post,I signed up for service early 2009.



    ZSBYZEK’s Winnie-The-Pooh post deservedly won Post of the Decade at CQN.






    There’s yer Mentioned in Dispatches.

  8. Good shout on Gordon Strahan.


    Some of our support fell hook line and sinker for the ” Not Celtic Minded ” nonsense.


    Playing approaching his prime against us in an Aberdeen shirt didn’t make him anti – Celtic.


    I hadn’t realised how much he was a Celtic influenced player from early on and beyond in his career until reading the excellent chapter from Tommy Gemmell’s book posted on here yesterday.


    Signed to Dundee by Tommy Gemmell, taken to the boozer by Jimmy Johnstone and awarded his first Scotland cap by Jock Stein.


    Proper pedigree right there if such a thing was needed which it ain’t.

  9. Just seeing SOAL online took me back to WG’s great ‘Gate in the Wood’ stories faster than an 85 Delorean …..


    What next ….. NAFOS comes back ??

  10. And I leave you with……………



    When you walk through the storm


    Hold your head up high


    And don’t be afraid of the dawn



    You know the rest

  11. Interesting comment on the John James site. Don’t know the accuracy or veracity of the views printed but it fairly cheers up a bleak Friday afternoon!



    “It doesn’t matter if BDO win. What matters is that there will be NO NEW MONEY invested into RIFC while this hangs over them – 3 years, 5 years, 7 years – who knows. King doesn’t have the money (or will) to keep the lights on, TTB don’t have the money (or will) to keep the lights on and there will be no share issue/offer possible. And that means a rapidly accelerating spiral toward administration and liquidation – regardless of what Ashley does.



    The BDO Gratuitous Alienation Case is RIFC’s equivalent of the Big Tax Case. HMRC, driving BDO, understand well there is no money to pay off old Rangers’ tax debts – but they are sure as hell not going to allow the new piss-taking Rangers to prosper. This is Hector Salamanca’s revenge – served cold and at the last moment when the spivs and chancers thought Gratuitous Alienation was all over.”

  12. WITS.


    Boumsong . Correct ,that’s the one . HH


    Btw…..Enjoy Sunday with Park Road . The Gold Cup looks a tough call.


    Minella Rocco for moi . So avoid !

  13. This is a Must Win game for the CELTS.



    Everyone is.



    This is more.



    I didnae realise until my Son said he’d bought his last row ticket on Monday. We are the only ones to have bought. :)))




  14. just been through 9 years of mail to see if I’ve saved any of the waffle that old bugger had written and


    I was not that astute so lo siento my friend


    thanks though for sticking up for me when I had a comment pulled by the moderator in 2008





    You will get plenty of replies on where to watch the game,but do us both a favour.



    Have a pint of Guinness.



    In The Flowing Tide,



    Marlborough St,just down and left from a certain destroyed statue.



    At the,sorry,THE destroyed statue,just across from THE GPO.



    It’s where my Dad last year bought me my first pint of Guinness in Dublin



    As his Dad had done,aye,sixty years previously!



    Thankfully,a bunch of CQNers arrived-phone calls,where are ye?-or there could have been tears!

  16. Old Tim’s post reminds me of the first time I met him. It was also the first time I met Pablophanque and the aptly-named Curly. Without wishing to be maudlin, I’d like to post my memories of Steve which I first posted when he passed away.



    I first met Steve Reynolds in Babbity Bowsters just after opening time on a Saturday morning before a home game. My excuse for being there at that time was the early morning flight from London and subsequent arrival in Glasgow before 10 a.m. I suspect Steve’s reason may have been more along the lines of looking for a cure (ale for what ails you) as he had been out the previous night with Curly and Old Tim, both of whom were with him and looking equally bright and breezy. I think one of them may have been drinking coffee…..but it wasn’t Steve.



    Our introductions (real names and blog names) led naturally enough to my asking Steve if he was a Beatles fan. I think he was quite surprised and a bit chuffed that I’d got the reference since “Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite” is not the best known Beatles song. (Maybe he underestimated their fame). So it was that even before a round was ordered, we’d started talking about music. Needless to say, it was a subject we returned to often whenever we met.



    On another occasion we were in there after an early Sunday kick off when we beat the angry mob 3-2 with the Barry Robson penalty being the clincher. I had a night time flight and so was in no rush, happily sharing the euphoric atmosphere with the many Celtic fans there, all with their own version of the night time flight excuse. I recall there being a learned, but not heated, discussion about the Jesuits and their role in the Catholic Church. Having precisely zero of merit to contribute, Steve and I turned to the equally difficult subject of why Terence Trent D’Arby could have such a great voice yet be such a complete tit.



    That discussion probably lasted longer than it deserved, mainly because of frequent interruptions to get more beer but also because of my inability to remember the name of one of TTD’s albums. My memory finally lived up to its name and, flushed with success (well, flushed) I imparted said album title to Steve. As he thanked me profusely, and we hugged in that manly way that only comes about when someone passes on to another the name of a so-so album by a so-so performer, I felt pleased that Steve’s mantra-like repetition of “side one, track three” would ensure an addition to his already vast knowledge of popular music.



    I am not sure how we move the conversation on…..possibly we decided just to get more beer instead; maybe Steve went out the back for a roll-up, no doubt grateful for the fact that, for once, it wasn’t bloody raining.



    The following day, when I actually remembered the correct album title, I sent Steve a text to that effect. This was the reply: “????????????”. Feeling that I could go no further using text, I called him to expand.



    “When the f@@k were we talking about Terence Trent D’Arby?” said Steve. “And more to the point, why?.I have absolutely no recollection of the conversation at all.”


    I suppose if you’re going to forget something, it may as well be a conversation about Terence Whatsisname; the important things Steve did not forget.



    Given my living in Foreign and Steve living in Real Foreign, it has been over a year since we last met. Like many of you, I have spoken with him over that period by phone and email, occasionally with me answering his questions about tax and related matters and him promising to get his stuff in order. I don’t think he actually ever got round to it despite my occasional and gentle chiding of him about it.



    The last phone conversation we had was the night of the Scottish Cup replay. I had sent a text asking if he wanted updates. He said that he was on Skype to his daughter, Sarah, and anyway was only concerned about the league. Aye right! As the game developed and the controversies piled up (and I sent a text for each one), his sole focus on the league crumbled.


    ”WTF. What is going on?” was the request.


    In the end, texts couldn’t really convey what had gone on so I phoned him to tell him all the gory details. I’m not sure he believed me at first.



    You never think when you say “Talk to you later” or “I’ll speak to you soon” that you are going to be so terribly tragically mistaken. Sadly, there are many of us who are in that category now.



    CQN performs many functions; it provides a forum to discuss all things Celtic and non Celtic, football and non football, music and non music…if you include Radiohead! (Sorry,Steve). It allows people to exchange news and views and even rant and flounce if they are so inclined. Jeez, some people even doctor newspaper reports just a tad at the comical expense of Plucky FC.



    However, quite possibly the ability of CQN to bring people together and provide the platform for friendships to develop and flourish is the best thing about it……well that and finding out all you need to know about amortisation. Like most of us, I got to know Steve through CQN and I am very glad that I did. A truly good, good man without being a goody goody.



    Jonathan, Sarah and Anthony, my thoughts are with you and your extended family. I hope that you get some comfort from the clear evidence of how highly we all thought of your father and brother. You are all in my thoughts.



    Finally, for a while and just as a gentle joke, I occasionally posted as Leo Sayer. It was just a bit of daftness but Steve said that it “cracked him up” so I kept it going for a while since I knew Leo had one fan who was worth the effort. So, as Leo would say,



    Steve Reynolds! Hail Hail Hail



    A thoroughly decent, genuine and generous man. He shall be remembered by us all.




  17. If memory serves, Old Tim’s first post was an apology from him for his spelling and punctuation and the like. He has encouraged by each and every CQNer who responded to him, encouraging him to continue contributing, which he did to the great benefit of this site.



    He followed in a long line of great Celtic supporters, like WinningGemmell and DBBIA, both mentioned today. Ole DBBIA is, thank Ghod, making a regular appearance once again. Too many, not including those who have been red-carded recently, seem to have moved on or away. Is it because of what occurs here on a daily basis, where some seem to enjoy attacking venomously anyone who has an opposing opinion?



    Courtesy and good manners (and respect for Paul67’s creation) cost nothing.



    As Paul67 used to say whenever someone was in danger of being out of order: children read this site. People, imo, ought to remember that.

  18. Michael, it is ok to cry, just don’t let people see ye.



    When Dad lost his Mum, at the Funeral, Dad had to go aside for a minute.



    He is the Biggest and Strongest Man. Like yours is.




    As Paul67 used to say whenever someone was in danger of being out of order: children read this site. People, imo, ought to remember that.






    It’s the childish name calling and goading that proves some posters haven’t grown up





    I read your post just after reading the one from CADIZZY.



    A welcome return,as are they all.



    The Lord Loves The Prodigal,so they’re welcome to return anytime-like now!



    Have you noticed a troll-free zone since the feelgood zone started?



    Trolls can’t handle the light.

  21. Kitalbas post about kano & that bloody damned clock really hammered home how awful kano’s illness was at the time & I assume for others on here as well. Kit made a few references to it on this blog, hard hitting stuff it was as well & had a real impact on me & was one of the reasons why CQN showed it could make a real positive difference to people lives when the call went out .Lurkers & Posters on here showed what could be achieved & there efforts showed when we came together we were unstoppable .It was CQN at it’s finest

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