Tom, Brendan and don’t ask Chic Charnley for a job reference


What is the cost of Tom Rogic’s continuing absence for another two months?  Tom has scored more than a few winning or equalising goals over the last two years.  We could need him to deliver the third leg of the treble, or to keep the winning run in the league going, but this will not be the real cost.

Tom has been robbed of a precious three months during the most effective spell of his professional life.  He improved with every passing month, got stronger, lasted the entire game and even scored a last minute winner.

With competition as it is at Celtic, he’ll be distraught.  The personal target of all those who have been on an upward trajectory this season is to put their name on the team sheet for the summer’s Champions League qualifiers.  For a player who the manager insisted worked for months before he was relied upon to last 90 minutes, any time he gets before the end of the season will be about recuperation.

For now, there should be no personal targets for Tom apart from being fully fit come June.

You know when you read a nugget which encapsulates much of the journey Scottish football has been on in recent decades?  Chick Charnley yesterday on Jim Duffy: “When I played for him at Dundee and Hibs, he would give me Mondays off because he knew I enjoyed my weekends.”

And that was Chic making the case that Jim should have a higher job!  Cheers.

Another quote to consider, this time from Brendan:

“There are three types of supporters. The first type who absolutely love you because you are the manager of Celtic.  It doesn’t matter what you do, they’ll give you shirts and want you to sign everything.

“The second group are: ‘Okay, we’ll give you a chance and let’s see how you do. See if you win games and I’ll decide’.

“The third group, that’s the group who if you won five they’ll say you should have won seven. ‘You won 5-2? Why did you let in the two goals?’ You can never win!”

I wonder if he’s spoken to Gordon Strachan?


A question for those of you who have been here since the early days:

Oldtim made a significant first post on CQN but neither he nor I have a copy of it.  It was, however, copied and referred to by many in the months that followed.  If you have a copy, let me know.  Thanks.


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  1. Cheers Bhoys ye’ve aw fair cheered me up, nae end.



    Aw’ the very best tae you’s ‘n’ yours!!



    Starry Plough – next time in Hiroshima, aye gies a shot, bud.




  2. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    I wonder what kind of reception O Dea will get the next time he plays Celtic after he put Tom Rogic out for a long time??

  3. Good read today. Well as long as you ignore the insomniac’s, the troll/a, the clique/s, the CQN historians, the love in, the newbies, the oldbies, the wannabies and awebody else…




  4. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    your being in Japan reminds me of another all round good guy and poster I’ve no seen for a long time Unewmike,


    anyroadup are you a ??

  5. jude2005,



    I hope Darren isnae hated.



    Celtic is Strengthened being so Good, in Scotland.



    The SNP sung the EU anthem in Parliament.










  6. MoonbeamsWD on 10th February 2017 4:50 pm



    Good read today. Well as long as you ignore the insomniac’s, the troll/a, the clique/s, the CQN historians, the love in, the newbies, the oldbies, the wannabies and awebody else…










    aND THE fINEST – You.

  7. Petec



    They whistled it and hummed it. It was fawned mocking and quite humerus.



    But obviously not to everyone’s taste or SofH. I thought it was funny even though I know I’ll never vote for them again. Still hope they give me the chance of Indy2 and the opportunity to get a proper socialist party running oor wee effed up nation.



    Do you think Trump would lead it? He’d change his coat to suit if their was something him or Putin.




  8. HH bhoys glad oldtims post brought some unity to the blog.


    Over the past few years I’ve learned loads from this blog about all subjects, philosophy, art, music, books, politics sport, as well as Celtic. I even enjoy the arguments (well some). I’ve learned about US, Celtic Fans. There’s more that unites us than divides us. Thank you all.


    Now, its beer o’clock, HH. L8ers .

  9. Barney 67/Oldtim at 1.58


    Can i just say that was a really excellent read and as someone relatively new to the blog i found it uplifting, thankyou both.



  10. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Dont like the Celtic tv layout just now To many options very confusing for us old TIMS!!!

  11. For some strange reason I’m watching the Food Channel, ALL the Time now..




    Dano, Dano




    1994 on the technical Dancefloor. 1995……. The Truth is there. Bukem, Buckem. LOL



    The Truth1996.



    The BBC was discredited there and Then……




    Noone Left behind.CSC

  12. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on 10th February 2017 5:14 pm



    Development squad playing at Dumbarton tonight K off 6.





    Too Drunk to go there, just mingle in with the ol Music, just Mingle in with the Mood.

  13. For the first time in a long time, it was lovely reading back today. Thank you Barney for reposting Old Tim’s wonderful post, it set the scene & reminded us of what CQN was like & hopefully can be like again.


    Unfortunately there are some “Look at me” posters who think the blog is all about them, hopefully some of them will scroll back & maybe re think their attitude.


    The topics I really love are thoses recreating the atmosphere of a great Celtic occasion, such as Love Street or Ten men won the League.


    I missed a lot of those days and love to read the memories of ghuys who were there on the day.


    Anyway, Thanks to all & It would be most fitting if the gent & rascal Old Tim came out & paid us a visit to keep the nostalgia going a bit longer.

  14. On and iPhone and virtually impossible to access CQN today from Glasgow, due to adverts despite AdBlocker which is now getting by passed.



    WilliamHill and a load of other sites making it……………..



    CelticImpossibleNews CSC

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