Tom, Davie, Development Squad face Valencia


Good luck to the Development Squad for their Uefa Youth League one-off cup tie against Valencia this evening. A win would see Celtic proceed to the quarter final – no mean feat when you consider the way some bigger league clubs harvest scores of youth players from across the globe.

Kick-off is 5pm, if you can get to Celtic Park. It’s not THE Champions League, but it’s an important metric we should follow.

Delighted Davie Hay and Tom Boyd are  Celtic Ambassadors. I see enough of what the Celtic support to here to know the value of the club, but we can never take these values for granted. The Celtic Movement needs leaders. Davie and Tom have been informal ambassadors of the club for years, as many of you can testi

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  1. CELTIC academy star Fiacre Kelleher has no fear about facing Spanish giants Valencia tonight because his club has some of the best young players in the world.



    It is a bold statement from the quietly spoken Irishman, a cultured defender who many believe has a real chance of making it, but he is absolutely sure that the group Under-19 coaches Tommy McIntyre and Chris McCart work with every day at Lennoxtown have few betters.



    This evening is going to be interesting when the Celtic kids side face Valencia at Parkhead in the Uefa Youth League Cup, the winner gets through to the last 16, which would be some achievement from the academy players especially as two of the stars, Kiernan Tierney and Aiden Nesbitt, won’t be playing.



    Kelleher, who hails from Cork, is ready for the Spaniards and has utter belief in his team-mates.



    He said: “We can be a match for Valencia. I think we’ve got some of the best young players in the world. I definitely think that.



    “We’ve got a lot of confidence, we’ve not been beaten in the league this season.



    “We’ve had one or two bad results, but overall it’s been good, so that’s why we’re feeling confident.



    “I really believe they are among the best in the world. We’ve played a lot of good teams and I think we’ve matched up to them quite well.”



    So there you go. It’s been a while since any Celtic fans has heard such proud boasting about the players coming through the ranks. You really need to go back to the Quality Street days.



    The supporters would certainly love to see more like Tierney getting a run in the team, not just a few games here and there.



    Kelleher said: “I’ve played with Kieran and he’s an inspiration for us. Since the new manager’s come in, I think there’s more of a clear pathway to the first team.



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    “KT is one example, but there’s a few of us getting closer.



    “I definitely feel I’m close to the first team. But then I think there’s quite a few of us believing the same.



    “If you just go out and do well in the games then they always bring you into training with the first team. The path is there for us, it’s down to you.



    “Every so often I train with the first team while I’ve been in a few of the squads. The next step for me is to be training full time with the first team.”



    Kelleher’s mum Jackie will make the trip over the Irish Sea to watch her not so little boy, even for a centre-half the lad is tall, make his debut at Celtic Park.



    The 19-year-old hopes it will be the first of many appearances at the stadium.



    Kelleher said: “At the start of this season I set myself the goal of trying to play for the first team. Maybe now it’s going to be towards the end of the season if we get the league wrapped up.



    “I’d like to get off the bench a few times, maybe even a start. That would be great.



    “It’s a big deal for the family. My mum’s not seen me play at Celtic Park, so it will be something special for us all. It will be up there for me with the biggest games I’ve played in.



    “Winning is the most important thing, that’s our main aim always. If you can win these types of games then brilliant, it does more for your learning and education than most other games.



    “But, of course, Celtic have to go out and win every game. Hopefully, there will be a big crowd to see us.”



    Kelleher’s defensive partner is likely to be Jamie McCart, son of Chris his coach. He not only looks like his dad but also talks like him.



    There is a difference when it comes to his football – the younger man is naturally left footed.



    Also 19, McCart knows there will always be some who wonder if there is more pressure on him to make it because his dad had a great career, winning a Scottish Cup with Motherwell, a club where he is viewed as a legend.



    He said: “It is a massive help to have a dad who played at a decent level. He is always giving me tips, criticism when it’s due and praise when it’s due, so I am always learning from him.



    “It is more a blessing than added pressure because I get to know more things and quicker.”



    But just because your dad is on the staff doesn’t mean life is going to be easier.



    McCart revealed: “My contract is up at the end of this season so I need to wait and see what happens. It would be massive to make it at Celtic. I work hard every day and it’s all towards that goal of making at Celtic.



    “I have to keep working hard and hope that opportunity arises.



    “I have trained with the first team quite a few times over the course of the season. That’s been a great experience. You learn a lot from the older players and you also want to go in and stamp your authority and show that I can play in the first team.”



    His contract runs out soon and McCart is hopeful to have done enough to prolong his stay at the club.



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    He said: “I feel I have done enough and it’s all about what my dad and the other coaches think. All I can do is work hard every day to improve.



    “And this game is brilliant to be involved in. We have big domestic games but this is a real big deal – playing in Europe against the top academies – so it will be exciting to play in.”

  2. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    RANGERS and Celtic.



    I have a very simple litmus test …………… does anyone on here, who considers themselves a celtic supporter, ever ever use the terminology ……………















    Rangers and Celtic.



















    The Absentee Kaiser does ………………….






























    while mentioning MONEY, THE HOLY GRAIL.

  3. When we get a stable and fixed pair of centre backs we will go unbeaten. It’s like a few years ago when we kept losing full backs. Keep the faith, support the team and manager, the SMSM really are out to get us.

  4. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    I think Sutton is an ambassador for the Club – he has the interests of the club at heart not the Board… We shouldn’t confuse these things imo

  5. Bawsman on 10th February 2016 12:25 pm



    When we get a stable and fixed pair of centre backs we will go unbeaten.





    I think you’ll be proven right on that one. A consistent central pairing will help Gordon, might also give Lustig a platform to improve his recent level of performance.

  6. Great post on Johnjamessite:



    Cassandra’s Cat says:


    February 10, 2016 at 9:29 am


    I’m a big believer in business fundamentals – yes me and Warren Buffet. J



    That means ignore the details and the day to day stuff and step back – way, way back – and look at the BIG stuff in front of you. Now in the case of Rangers imagine:



    Imagine an Ibrox with no civil and criminal cases hanging over it.



    Imagine the refurb of Ibrox and Murray Park is complete.



    Imagine the books are balanced and all debt is cleared.



    Imagine a loan facility has been obtained from a major bank.



    Imagine no onerous contracts



    Imagine no Ashley merchandise deal



    Imagine a share listing has been restored on AIM or ISDX.



    Imagine the squad has been brought up to upper EPL / CL group stage standard within budget.



    Imagine there are no directors that liquidated a very similar company on the board.



    Imagine none of the directors have criminal records.



    Now, my question to you is simply this. Would you headhunt King and Murray to steer this imaginary stable business forward to great things over many years to come?



    They have no track record of doing anything positive in business.



    They have built nothing sustainable.



    They have maintained nothing sustainably.



    They have turned around nothing.



    They have delivered nothing promised



    They are the anti-matter of good business management, business integrity and business intelligence.



    Warren Buffet (a major Billionaire) will tell you that he first looks at the books of a take over target to understand WHERE IT IS. He then looks at the management team to understand WHERE IT IS GOING.



    King and Murray would take this imaginary stable company to the wall in a decade or less.



    So why, why, why does anyone think they can create this imaginary company from the cluster shambles they currently control?



    Answers on a worthless share certificate to ……..

  7. BCW


    Sorry but I disagree, he comes on here and starts calling posters parasites, that mi amigo is out of order.


    Who starts all the bother with his aggressive attitude toward anyone who has a differing view to his ?


    I may well be may things, but I object being told I am this or that, and that I put spin on things, the feckwit wouldn’t know spin if it smacked him in the face, I don’t come on here to be insulted by a feckwit, nor do I wish to see other good posters insulted either by the same feckwit.


    It’s obvious the yellow card and getting his account withdrawn have made not one iota of a difference to him, it’s hunnish the way he goes on, like he knows he can so he does.


    Feckit, out here for a while.





    I think Sutton is an ambassador for the Club – he has the interests of the club at heart not the Board… We shouldn’t confuse these things imo






    Whit??? The guy who got himself sent off against the Hun when we were 0-1 down???? Sorry mate, gave up his right to speak for Tims when he did that.



    HE has Chris Sutton’s best interests at heart.



    I was in the very privileged and fortunate position of spending an evening in the company of Tom Boyd at our Celtic Supporter function a few years ago. He is an absolute gent, a great bloke, a credit to himself and his family…………..and Celtic to the core.

  9. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    100% agree . Hold and express your views and differences with respect. Not much to expect. 99% of posters manage it.



    I’m well aware I’m not everybody’s cup of tea and that my views are not always shared. doesn’t mean I can’t tolerate posters or posts that differ to me or my views.



    Having said that I suspect TD67 needs understanding as much as he needs condemnation. He has issues I think.

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Tom Boyd was excellent on the radio last night.


    Good luck to the young bhoys tonight. Think we might be seeing a lot of progress in this area with Ronny.

  11. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on




    TB is a gent, a Celtic man through and through but he’s no PR front man when it comes to live media. I’m certain he is superb in amongst the fans. No doubting that from me.



    Sutton doesn’t hide that he is a Celtic supporter and he’s happy to question anything he sees as harming the team. I like that.





    ‘Bobby Murdoch




    Why would we reinstate grants to support essential public services when we can reinforce a divided society between those who can afford an education and those who can’t. Long live inequalities. Let’s get back to feudal society…




    Honestly your ideas are bonkers left wing nonsense …




    Hail Hail








    Comrade? Whit,I read The Telegraph,ffs!



    Anyway,divulging my political leanings might lead to my pal,16 ROADS,gaun in a cream puff wi me. And we canny have that…



    (Yer right,btw. But keep it a secret. You are in the masons,I hope?)

  13. “Think we might be seeing a lot of progress in this area with Ronny.”



    That’s the plan



    7 Scots in the starting line up v Aberdeen and Fenerbache.



    I’m all for that. Why not get our kids through rather than waste money on foreign journeyduds.

  14. tonydonnelly67 on 10th February 2016 12:15 pm



    The Green Man



    What part of the …you don’t know me…. Do you not get, you haven’t a clue what my capabilities are do you?






    I haven’t read back and I’m too busy to bother with this morning’s argument, but…



    I’d just like to point out that after a line like that in the Marvel universe someone usually morphs into a multi-limbed superbeing and a superhero boss-battle ensues.

  15. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    I guess we all hear what we want to hear when it comes to pundits / posters.. Etc.

  16. Tonydonnelly67



    I doubt there are many part-time jobs that pay enough for the loan repayment to start kicking in.



    For most people, it is taken at source by HMRC once a certain wage level is reached, just over 17k per annum.



    So your suggestion about getting a part-time job wouldn’t work.



    But I’m sure there are plenty of graduates who’d be glad to start paying it back, if only they were earning enough in the jobs they’re in to do so.

  17. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Bobby Murdoch



    I’ve been rolling my trouser leg up for years… Still theMasons ignore me…

  18. I think Lustig’s boat has sailed. Next year hopefully Janko and Fisher will be competing for the right back slot por cierto

  19. See, there yi go, Cults, you don’t know me mate, nor you I, I think we all have issues one way or another, with something or something,, but we deal wi it, yet again another drama queen exit from a poster, wits that awe aboot? You disagree with me fine, I disagree with you fine, I’ll not be giving it the Madona exit that’s for sure. I’ll just leave an come back later.

  20. Students only start paying off Student Loans once they are earning a certain amount. In England and Wales that amount is £21k and you only pay back 9% of the amount you earn above £21k.



    Maybe the amounts going unpaid says more about the number of good graduate jobs available? Maybe not though.



    Also, the amount estimated as being covered by the public purse is now closer to 25%.





    Are you suggesting that TONYDONNELLY might be wrong in one of his statements?



    Well,bugger me backwards,never saw that coming…

  22. por cierto on 10th February 2016 12:50 pm I think Lustig’s boat has sailed. Next year hopefully Janko and Fisher will be competing for the right back slot por cierto



    I think you may be right re. Lustig, unfortunately but the other two are not the answer IMO. Fisher can hardly get a game at St Johnstone when McKay’s been out injured for a while and Janko, in the few appearances he’s had, doesn’t look like a right back. Calum Paterson of Hearts should be bought as Lustig’s long term replacement.



    Then surely you look into these things before you start, and don’t just dive in head first, you have to have a plan, and a belts and braces one too, in case the first one falls, you go in knowing you can’t pay it back, living beyond your means, then like the Huns, your a parasite.



    Sutton doesn’t hide that he is a Celtic supporter and he’s happy to question anything he sees as harming the team. I like that.



    Why can he not see that the thing (outwith Rony’s control) that is “harming the team” is the constant changing of the centre back pairing due to injury then if he’s so bright?



    Has he had a great coaching/managerial career to his name?….not……….Kenny Dalglish wasn’t too bad and he backs Rony.



    It’s like DeJa Vu oan here.



    Back when we were 15 points behind the hun, I was saying EXACTLY the same thing (and getting slagged for it). Our full backs kept getting injured and the chopping/changing affected the whole team.



    Eric and Efe (yes I said Efe – he does and can defend corners in the middle) in the middle at the back till the end of the season will see us undefeated.

  25. 1. Do we go through to the quarter final if we win (as per Paul67’s article) or through to the last 16 if we win? (as per the first comment above). ?



    2. Re settled centre backs leading to us ‘going unbeaten’… I don’t share the enthusiasm. Simunovic for me is young, lightweight, can’t win a header and tries to be too clever for his own good. Sviachenko is small, very small for a modern top level centre back (especially in a physical league like ours) but appears to be aggressive and quick. Ambrose has for me, actually had a few good games recently, ahead of the Ross County debacle.



    However…. I think it comes down to structure/coaching. Our system means our centre backs play very far apart … about 2 thirds of the field between them a lot of the time. This leaves us constantly vulnerable to a quick striker getting in between. Due to our full backs pushing up so far, Ambrose has basically been playing in the right back slot for a lot of games. Against St Johnstone the other week, he was hugging the right touchline for most of the match, with Lustig pushed away up in front of him.



    A simple personnel change won’t fix what is for me, a problem with the way the team is set up.

  26. Good Luck to the development squad this evening, they’ve done very well…



    Think they’ll miss Aidan Nesbitt whose put in some stoking performances to get us here. Guess Patrick Roberts will be Cup tied.



    Still alot of good young players in that squad and they don’t lack fire power.



    Hail Hail


    CULTSBHOY. 1250



    Ooooops,nearly fell into your trap there by failing to reply!!!!





    Fair enough. We can all have our reasoned approaches and opinions. If reason, discussion is your style that’s pretty much what I gather of someone as an individual. if you see what I mean.



    If a poster consistently proves to be ignorant, hostile, inflammatory…………that equally will resonate with their target audience.



    In short, they have lost, so why react ?

  29. The payback in loans unpaid is 40% what some are not getting here is, here in Scotland you don’t need to pay the loan back till the coarse your taking is finished, that’s my point, get a job, pay back what you owe, doesent matter what you pay back cut a deal, but pay it back, don’t just walk away and not pay it, like Huns.

  30. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on




    Good to read two Celtic stories on the blog. Edit needed, we’re playing to reach the final 16.



    Happy to be heading to the game today with family so best of luck, bhoys.



    Celtic forever

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