Tom, Dedryck and the money sloshing around England


There is always a worry when your players go to the World Cup.  Every scout on the planet watches every kick of the ball.  Some will have databases, some work from spreadsheet, but most have notepads full of scribbles.

Eyes will be drawn to previously undervalued talent – you bet Iran’s players will be well researched today.  Eyes are also drawn to players with little time on their contracts, which is why getting Tom Rogic signed up before the tournament was so important.

It is a truism of the game that fortunes can change quickly for players.  Three months ago Dedryck Boyata struggled to find support, apart from Brendan Rodgers, who assured us he “would improve” following a difficult afternoon at Ibrox.

Today he is the defensive pivot of one of the tournament’s fancied teams.  He also has one year left on his Celtic contract.  There will be interest in him.  Such is the market in England (on ending his Aberdeen loan spell last year James Maddison played 44 lower league games for Norwich before Leicester bought him for £24m), anything could happen.

I hope Dedryck has a great tournament and I hope he signs a new long-term contract at Celtic when he returns.  But there is a lot of money sloshing around English football right now, let’s hope it all heads to Iran.

CQN Golf Annual Charity Open

This year’s CQN Open is set for Friday 29 June at the first class Aberdour Golf Club once again.  It is a day of sport, entertainment, Celtic chat and is always good fun.

After the golf, we head up the road to the CQN friendly Woodside Hotel for our evening meal. We’ve the usual round up of all things Celtic by Paul67, and our very funny after dinner speaker is Willie Allan. Then musical entertainment from Scoogz, who you may have seen if you’ve been to Celtic Park entertainment nights. Plus all the usual prizes and charity fundraising, for the Petrov Foundation this year. Cost is £40 night only and £80 all day including golf. Please contact cqnopen2018@outlook.com if you’d like to attend this fun event.

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  1. Hrvatski Jim on

    Thanks Mike



    First cut was self-inflcted but that was a great display of how to manage a game through to its end.



    Sorry for Messi but he didn’t do much tonight.



    Modric is close to iniesta as one of the best midfielders of this generation. He has scored that goal many times.

  2. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Thoroughly deserved win for Croatia. Excellent team performance, although I thought Lovren was particularly good. Modric goal very similar to one he got v Man Utd in the Champions League a few years ago.


    Still can’t believe they lost to Portugal in the Euros.

  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    david17 on 21st June 2018 8:40 pm




    Argentina coach Gus McPherson looks crestfallen




    There was me thinking it was Andre Agassi!

  4. The old Argies don’t half not like it up ’em – absolutely brutal. But thoroughly enjoyed that result. Some great play from Croatia, especially Modric, what a player. HH



    Rahman Bardwaj ….a Sevcophant. Strange one that. If his name had been Anderson McLaggan or Murray Struthers I could have understood it.






    GlenD, take a bow Sir.






  6. 16 Roads 8.53 pm



    Aye right….. Maradona would not have been able to do anything in that Argentina side tonight , same as Messi couldnt.

  7. weebobbycollins on

    Jerome67…if Maradona had been in that team tonight they would not have played so badly. Wee Diego had more presence and more personality than Lionel M…he drove teams on…Messi seems too quiet, no leadership qualities just a lovely footballer… there is an arrogance in most Argentinians which Diegito had in spades. Possibly, arriving in Spain at such an early age meant that arrogance never fully developed in master Messi…


    Maradona-still number one…

  8. glendalystonsils on

    BANKIEBHOY1 on 21ST JUNE 2018 9:55 PM



    Muchas Gracias amigo. I thought that one was going to slip by unnoticed-))

  9. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Hunderbirds- i heard a South American based pundit on Talkshite a few weeks ago and he was spot on, Messi carried them to qualify, crap defence , no decent GK, etc, Nigeria might beat them if they need to.HH

  10. mike in toronto on

    I know that he cant do it all by himself, and that that is a poorly coached Argentina team …. but, Messi looks disinterested… sad to see from such a great player.

  11. Weebobby collins



    Nope cannot agree…..No drug free player would have driven that Argentina team on tonight – they were absolutely rank rotten.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    MIT- I can see him chucking national team ….again….he is never injured and plays 60-70 games a season, time to manage his games now…

  13. mike in toronto on




    I can see that as well …. I think he will focus on the CL… if CR keeps winning those, he wins the GOAT race

  14. weebobbycollins on

    Jeromek67…yes they were rank tonight…but something serious is going on there. There seems to be no real desire, no passion…very surprising because Argentinians are amongst the most passionate on the planet…

  15. jimtim



    every team would love any of the two chs.



    and i mean teams in europe, not to many going around imo

  16. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Not been on much lately as I’m working in Kent. Anyone know of any Celtic friendly pubs near Maidstone/ Gillingham?

  17. aburntoutcase on

    Morning, everyone. Hope you are all enjoying the World Cup. Can`t wait for the real football to start. HH

  18. Delaneys Dunky on

    Good morning from a gloriously sunny Dalmuir. Great performance from the Croatians last night. Like 16roads, I think that Diego Maradona is the greatest. Last night’s result would never have happened in 1986. Messi is a wonderful player but not in Maradona’s class.





    Hope your sis gets better soon.

  19. Delaneys Dunky: Glorious here in Costa Del Sol. 22 degrees. Am going Soft Loans Co. hunting later on.

  20. Firstly for the sake of Clarity….


    I LOVE most animals…especially Dogs. If anyone wants to post that their dog is clever, lovely etc, then why not ?


    What I won’t accept is some Chump constantly posting about how his Dugs love other posters etc etc.


    I can be a bit daft sometimes ( we’ll most of the time ), but this place went very downhill for a while IMO, when feckin Roasters are posting absolute pash about themselves and their pets



    Football…..I think Celtic should sign up ISCO of Spain and Modric….Simples ! LOL


    But seriously, I have read the rumour about John Terry etc, and if it happens…then so be it as I trust Brendan to get MOST decisions correct.


    Has Brendan made some poor signings ?….probably “Yes”…..but I reckon he’ll get more right than wrong. Brendan won’t be the first manager to get it wrong, and sometimes in football ( especially with Celtic), a player who looks the part etc gets signed up, and then for some reason he can’t handle playing for The Famous…..it’s unfortunate, but it happens.


    I am 63 years old this year, and this last two years under Brendans management, it has been one of the Happiest periods in my long life of being a Celtic supporter, and I grew up watching the Lions and the Quality Street Gang etc.



    As for “Commentators” ???…..Laurierson was a an average player who got lucky by playing for a very good and successful team in Liverpool, surrounded by guys who knew their roles most weeks. The ONLY thing in his defence IMO, is that he does slag off those guys that drop as quickly as a two dollar whores knickers, when they haven’t been touched. But he is IMO a Chump that STILL thinks he’s qualified to comment on others tactics etc ? How did actually managing a team work out for him ?


    Hoddle also talks so much Gobblygook about “POSITIONSHIONS”…He’s obviously the English version of Sean Connery…he adds an “H” to words like “Position and Decisions”…Chump ! After his previous, he should never have been allowed back into football in any role, despite being an excellent player in his day.


    As for Number 1 CHUMP…McCoist ?……….if you listen to this Fraud Roaster, count how many times he will come out with…” I really have to say” ??????………all the while putting on a Fraudulent Poshy accent for his English friends on TV.


    Likewise, How did football management work out for the Fat Gardener ? What makes these TV companies think that these Roasters are qualified to tell viewers how other managers tactics are wrong etc ?



    Don’t forget, McCoist is a born LIAR. When alongside Wattie Smith at Oldco, and after maybe getting a good result against Celtic, he would be interviewed on TV AND HE ALWAYS TOOK THE TIME TO THANK THE “Magnificent Support from the rangers fans during the WHOLE game etc”……Sometimes the interviewer would ask…..” What about the secterian singing and chanting Ally” ?……McCoist would answer “I NEVER heard any” ?


    Wattie Smith was the very same when questioned about their mobs choice of songs.


    Rant over……


    MON the Mexico..I backed them at 40/1 to win the bloody thing !


    HH to everyone, except the Roasters and Chumps.

  21. I was gonny buy one of those Mexican Spit Dugs…………..but I don’t want to get beaten up every time the wee bassa meets someone and says ” Hey Senor……SPIT” !


    Aff oot.


    HH especially to those lovely World Cup Ladies in the Stands, I wish the camera man would focus more on those Beauties.



  22. AlbertKiddCSC on

    From last night / early this morning…



    eddieinkirkmichael on 22nd June 2018 12:49 am



    Not been on much lately as I’m working in Kent. Anyone know of any Celtic friendly pubs near Maidstone/ Gillingham?






    I was working in Chatham a few years ago and went to the Shipwright Arms (home of Medway Emerald CSC) for one of our Europa League games.



    Not the most pleasing on the eye pub but was full of Celts and a great atmosphere, not sure what it’s like on a non-matchday but it is certainly Celtic friendly!

  23. DELANEYS DUNKY @ 7:00 AM,



    Totally agree re:Maradonna.



    In years to come and folk look back on this era of football I guess they’ll say who was the best…



    Real Madrid or Barcelona?



    Ronaldo or Messi?



    Think they may argue that Messi looked great in a Sublime Barcelona team, surrounded by great players he’d been with from a kid…



    Christiano has did it for Man Utd, Real & Portugal…



    Gets you thinking…



    Hail Hail

  24. The gibbering monkeys are, out in force today.Goldson,the serial reserve,and bird bashing Flanagan,telling the world how they are going to take the title.Meanwhile shock news from Spain,as sick note Dorrans knee gives way again.Whoever managed to sell that pup to the unwashed Would have recieved ahefty bonus.


    Not the greatest transfer update from Brendan.Very low key.Shaer might be at the WC,but his agent ain’t.Has to worth a bid at £3.5 million.Why do we never get in first?Always frustrating with Celtic during the. Window.


    Impatient? You better believe I am.

  25. Great post Jimmy.4 “Chumps”,getting their just desserts.I have not heard of so many”Chumps”since I stopped watching the old Cagney films.



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