Tom, Nir, James. Identity in the dressing room


Tom Rogic (29) leaves us tomorrow, 8 months shy of a decade at Celtic.  After a couple of loan spells back in Australia he became a mainstay of the Celtic side in Ronny Delia’s second term.  Tom will be remembered as an artisan, a throwback to an earlier era, when grace was more common.

His goals stick in the mind more vividly than most.  The league winner at Kilmarnock, the last-minute winner at Motherwell, he was the scourge of Newco, scoring against them at three different venues.  He leaves Scottish football as one of four nominees by his fellow professionals as Player of the Year.  This season, outstanding performances against Hibs, Dundee United, Motherwell and Ross County all come to mind.  He harvested votes across the season.

Nir Bitton (30) also wears a Celtic shirt in battle for the final time tomorrow.  He arrived seven months after Tom and leaves on a high, bookending his career here with a controlled cameo at Ibrox that saw Celtic comfortably over the line.

Their contemporary, James Forrest (30), signed a new deal yesterday that will keep him at the club until 2025.  All three have more to offer the game.  None were likely to be first choice at Celtic next season, but, when fit, James has the ability, pace, experience and goalscoring threat that the manager values.

Having watched Scott Brown interact with the rest of the squad, I also believe there is an important role in maintaining an identity about the club, one that is best secured from within the dressing room.

You will have lots of memories to deal with tomorrow, none more than the incredible Hampden moment in May 2017, when Tom ran from 30 yards out, evaded two challenges and slipped the ball into the net to secure the invincible treble!  Some heroes are destined to inspire long after they leave.

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  1. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    They are not the men who stopped the 2.



    They are the men who started the 10😉




    My squad photo from 1718


    has got Nir, Calmac, Tom, James Forrest and Tony the Tiger



    Admittedly it may be the pic at start of second treble

  3. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Will be surprised if Tom and Nir start……coming on as subs the fans can show their appreciation to them as individuals rather than the team collective.



    Always been a fan of Bitton, never outstanding but Nir enough.

  4. Champion Day To Be Tim –



    Well done Ange and the bhoys, really enjoyed this season a Deliaesque end of season doing of the Mothers and we can go aff happy bhoys and ghirls.



    Of course there is now the speculation angst but that should be a welcome distraction to Lawwell’s Inferno that we endured for so long.



    It’s wonderful to see players been treated with the utmost respect and being allowed the send off they deserve – the Glasgow Celtic way. Good luck to Nir and Tom, two enigmas for sure but both with an individual super power, Nir so often shoring up a sieve and Tom was simply sublime drifting forward.



    Seen aul’ CJ having a pop at the manager, is he the first!?



    Anyways when fholk were fawning over the geezer I suggested he lacked bottle and wouldn’t be in the top dozen centre half’s this century, of course I got the usual pelters from the smartest ghuys in the room. Yet here’s Ange finding two better Centre Halves having just walked through the door….



    … go figure



    I stick by what I said, I know CJ’s tall and can header a ball, is useful in both boxes at set plays but improving our set play game was always going to be about defending as a team, attacking as a team and our breaks.



    Did this improvement make the difference in the Championship!?



    Hail Hail

  5. Garngad – Green and White. Yes



    Garthamlock – Green and White. Yes



    Condorrat – Green and White. Yes



    Feck it Glasgow is green and white.







    D :)

  6. CardboardCSC on

    A wee story about Nir Bitton



    At the recent Ross county game which we gubbed them at Paradise, Nir arranged for a dying man, a lifelong Celtic man to attend the game hospitality and all, this was one of his final wishes.


    He done everything to make the occasion as special as he good for the old bhoy and his family.


    The man died 2 days later.



    God bless and good luck Nir. HH 🍀

  7. Champions.



    This is the day…..



    Enjoy today Celts,💚



    God bless Brother Walfrid💚



    God bless Celtic




  8. Let’s all enjoy a Champions Day 🍀🍀🍀💚💚💚



    Connaire – if looking in


    Hope wee Orlaigh has a brilliant day celebrating her First Communion


    Laura and Stephen with bhaby Lyla heading through to Greenock just now 💚💚💚

  9. Larkin1907 on 14th May 2022 8:49 am



    I should have got Calmac!



    A joking response to the second question would be:




  10. There’s stupid and there’s stupid



    ‘Seville fan zone to show Rangers final for ticketless supporters’ BBC

  11. Drambowiecelt on

    @Cardboardcsc…Lovely mate …


    Always uplifting to hear behind the scenes thoughtful deeds


    Good on ye Nir…….The gents family will never forget you……










    They were stuck between a rock and a hard place and came up with cunning plan to host them in our Seville stadium.



    Should keep the streets free until they riot after their win/defeat.






    Aye Calmac and Tony the Tiger



    Given the overwhelming response to my second poser I’ll keep the competition open until we get the. Trophy today



    Can’t promise to be in any fit state by then tho 🇮🇪🍾🇮🇪

  13. Larkin1907 on 14th May 2022 9:59 am



    Give us a clue. Is it a player or someone in the management etc?

  14. Looks like this site is encouraging madcap ideas so….


    How about the Rangers get to take their penalty before the game starts….?



  15. Moderator1888 on

    CELTIC MAC on 14TH MAY 2022 10:35 AM · EDIT



    Looks like this site is encouraging madcap ideas so….



    How about the Rangers get to take their penalty before the game starts….?









    Thats madness



    Rumour is they getting penalties as mulligans throughout the season



    Anytime they need a goal, GVB produces the mulligan card



    Part of this entails the tying up of the opposition keeper, and the red card of Scott Brown from whichever league he is playing in

  16. MODERATOR1888 on 14TH MAY 2022 10:44 AM


    “……and the red card of Scott Brown from whichever league he is playing in.”



    MOD, I was in a pub on Thursday night and a numpty at the next table beside me, on being told by his mate that Scott Brown had a new managers job, made some reference to “that cnut!”



    I immediately rebuked him for his language and his assumption that everyone in a public house would be happy listening to his views on Scotty Bhoy and to be fair his mate immediately told him he was out of order.



    But ….. it just shows you the legacy feelings that those neanderthals stilly carry for out former capitano. He really REALLY got under their skin.



    Long may it continue.



    Ave Ave

  17. Larkin1907 on 14th May 2022 10:25 am



    It had something to do with England v Spain in Madrid on the eve of the final





    I looked up that game, but I didn’t see any clues. I am going to get ready to watch the game now, but I will keep trying to get you an answer.




  18. bigrailroadblues on

    The Victoria Bar is looking splendid this morning. Time to find a good seat.

  19. Enjoy the party today fellas…wherever you’re watching



    Wish we were there csc




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