Tommy Gemmell: “They’re all great goals”


Tommy Jinky Dukla

The first time I met Tommy Gemmell was back in the 90s. I made a comment that some recent goal was “a great goal”. Tommy replied, “Every goal is a great goal.

“It didn’t matter who I scored against or how inconsequential the goal was, every time I put the ball in the net was a great moment.”

Tommy couldn’t hide the joy he got from doing what he did.

Some tremendous photos surfaced online yesterday, including this one (above), taken 49 years and 11 months ago, a moment after Celtic’s 0-0 draw away to Dukla Prague in the second leg of the European Cup semi-final, a result that saw Celtic progress to the final 3-1 on aggregate.

This photo took pride of place on Tommy’s memento wall at his Dunblane home. It was framed but had clearly fallen, as there was a crack in the glass. But still, its prominence outranked images from Lisbon.

For Tommy, this image captured some of the things he treasured most. His face displays sheer joy; the team have already achieved more than any other British side in reaching the final of the Continent’s top tournament.

He’s carrying his great pal, Jimmy Johnstone, like a child, on his hip. It defines their achievement, friendship and an unfettered happiness.  If you ever had a photo like this of yourself, it would be on your wall too.

I’m pleased our next game is at Celtic Park. Many of us want to be there.

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  1. Thanks Paul67, Winning Captains and whoever else has been involved in providing all the wonderful information on the late, more than great, and Legendary Tommy Gemmel!



    Thanks also to all on CQN who have helped most of us remember what CQN is at its best, and what it hopefully can continue to be like.



    Yours in Celtic,




  2. That photo is one of my favorites of any Celtic player. It’s the joy on Tommy’s face that makes it for me. And strangely is the reason I have always had a soft spot for Dukla Prague.



    A legend of a man.



    hail hail

  3. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Good Morning.



    I was at the Celtic Charity Foundation Sporting dinner last night and it was a great occasion.



    Big Tam was fondly remembered by Bertie Auld, John Clark and Bobby Lennox along with all who gathered there.



    This was a very special Celtic night with Tommy and the Lions praised and lauded by many including our current manager who, once again, turned up for a Celtic charity do.



    We also heard from Jozo, Paddy and Gary McKay-Stevens who was ribbed mercilessly by Peter Martin for his suit.



    Andy Cameron, as usual, did the auctioneering, and I have to say no one does this better or with such great aplomb as Cameron. He was brilliant with the Celtic support, self mocking at every turn and of course absolutely laying into his own team and their failings on and off the park.



    He has been doing Celtic stuff for years and is simply brilliant at it.



    There were ex players there in abundance. Tosh, Tom Boyd, George McCluskey, Tom Callaghan, The great Danny McGrain, and the three lions.



    We were shown a wonderfully funny video, side splittingly funny, of the current squad trying to get a pre recorded video message over. I hope the foundation make this public because it was truly very funny.



    Peter Martin did a great job of hosting the whole event, but when you see the work that the foundation do with young disabled people you honestly sit there in awe of the effort put in by Celtic minded people.



    Most days, I am proud to be a Celtic fan, but last night I was very very proud to be a Celtic fan as the club, in whatever guise, does such an awful lot of good.



    And yes, I believe we have a manager and a momentum which could make the next few years very special, but in the more immediate future we will go and celebrate this team and remember the events of 1967 with great joy.



    In Lisbon in May, we will remember and celebrate like hell ……… in the real Celtic way.

  4. Another thing about Tommy that always struck me is that he always appeared to be the ‘coolest’ of the Lions.


    It’s a bit like James Coburn in the Magnificent Seven, just that wee bit cooler than the rest.

  5. Re-post from last article:


    It’s been a sad week – another great legend passes away.


    Raymond Kopa 3 times European Cup Winner and first player to win the Ballon d’Orr has passed away aged 85. R.I.P.

  6. I was telling someone about the guys cycling from Celtic Park to Lisbon last night but couldn’t remember when they start off? Anyone?

  7. Yesterday was a sad day when Tommy passed away.



    The outpouring of tributes to the mhan was testament to his legendary status as a Lisbon Lion, goalscorer on that memorable day, a genuine world class player who was, imo and the opinion of many others, the finest LB of his generation; and in 2002 he was voted into the ‘Greatest ever Celtic Team’ by the fans, myself included.



    Looking forward to the game tomorrow when we can all pay our respects to a true Celtic legend.



    One final thought: it would be marvellous, and very fitting, if young Kieran could get on the scoresheet, preferably with a 25 yard screamer!




  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Great photograph – Jimmy is like a happy wean in his daddy’s arms :-)







    MOONBEAMSWD on 3RD MARCH 2017 11:52 AM



    It’s all Celtics fault











    Strange stuff. The header suggests that “Attendances have collapsed all across the league”



    Now I’m no genius-you’ve met me!-but with the return of the huns and a resurgence in our attendances,I’m gonna take a flyer and call him a lying bastard



    Or,if you prefer,a typical MSM eejit wi an agenda employed by a failing organ.






    Btw,there seem to be a lot of anti-Celtic articles from Murdoch-owned sites. Inc Talksport,Sky,The Times et al.




  10. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Just watched the brilliant BBC documentary on AP McCoys final season, remarkable man.Probably on the iplayer, you will feel a wee bit different the next time you put a fiver on a horse

  11. Big game today for our Development Bhoys at 2pm.


    Away to Ross County, who we trail by 4 points albeit with a game in hand,


    If the young Bhoys don’t win today the destination of the Title is taken out of their hands.



  12. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    Was in sevco legends Willie Henderson company a few years ago and the craic was good and Willie said “aye Gemmill crossed a good winger and ive got the bruises to prove it” H H

  13. Tommy Gemmell


    goalkeeper v Clyde


    The Celtic Football Companion


    Season 1968-69


    12th Feb 1969


    Scottish Cup


    Second Round


    Clyde 0


    Celtic 0






















    Simpson had to go off with a


    Dislocated Shoulder and Gemmell had to go


    In goal for nearly all of the game .


    24th Feb 1969


    Scottish Cup


    Second Round Replay


    Celtic 3


    Steve Chalmers 24min


    John Hughes 74min


    Bobby Murdoch 83min


    Clyde 0


























    (Gemmell missed a Penalty)

  14. BRTH



    A lovely account of your night out with the Foundation. It’s great to know the work that’s going on out of the glare of publicity; even the Celtic fans are not very much aware of the grand work that’s done.



    BTW who is this guy ‘Peter Martin’ who hosted the event? Is he related in any way to Peter McGuire?

  15. Hugh Bonkle fae Dallas on

    MWD/BMCUW astonishingly poor article. The journalist claims that the SPFL is so poor because Celtic’s lead is almost unprecedented. He then reels of several examples including PSG, Al-Ahly and Ferencvaros who won by the same margin or more. So not unprecedented at all then!!!


    We should be grateful we had a representative in the CL group stages, many bigger countries were not represented at all.


    A very poor article.

  16. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on









    They have got to win all their games

  17. Jude I assume the Dev League is over 32 games, so after today they will have 10 games left. A win today will leave them in 2nd place, 2 points behind Hibs with a game in hand.


    At least then their destiny would then be in their own hands.


    A defeat would leave them 7 behind Ross County & 5 behind Hibs with a game in hand. So big game.


    Is Josh starting today?.

  18. My first ever cup final was the League Cup in 1973 V Dundee.



    It was a dire day in more ways than one, weather was atrocious and the result very disappointing.



    What I remember most though is my dad staying behind in the pouring sleet to applaud Tommy Gemmell going up to lift the trophy. he just said ‘ that’s Tommy Gemmell son’.

  19. Shooie



    That was my second final,roofless in the freezing sleet and rain, with no on -the -field exploits to warm us up!



    Apart from Tommy, I remember John Duncan, Jocky Scott and Gordon Wallace playing really well for Dundee that day.



    I had been at the 2-3 loss to in the SC final earlier that year, my first Glasgow Derby as it then was, and was starting to take a serious dislike to Hampden.



    Being at the victorious ’74 and ’75 Cup finals was a great consolation, right enough, against Dundee Utd and Airdrie respectively.

  20. Marrakesh Express on




    I remember dogging school (with about Fifty others) to go that game, Wednesday afternoon kick off.


    Couldn’t even get as gates were ocked with thousands outside. Found a vantage point outside to see one of the goalmouths, only for the fog to kybosh that. Two of the belt next day summed it up. Anyway cruised the replay, then 4-0 V Original huns in the final was special.

  21. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on






  22. Great wee story in MO’N’s tribute to Tommy Gemmell.



    “That was some goal in the European Cup Final”.



    “Which one, son?”

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